Need bird bath ideas

melissad(4 Upstate NY)July 11, 2003

I want to create unique bird baths. Any ideas?


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melissa_NYS(4/5 NYS)

not sure

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Hi Melissa!
I just made one the other day, very easy! I bought a round drainage saucer for plant pot that is about 12" It has do be glazed inside. Then 2 large terra cotta pots 12". Now you can use as many pots as you want depending how high you want the birdbath, I only used 2. Turn one pot upside down, then glue the second one to that, with the bottome together~ I used liqiud nails available at the hardware store. so now you have two pots with the bottoms glued together, now put glue on the top edge of one pot and set the terra cotta saucer on it, let dry and you are set. You can paint it with those outdoor paints if you want, but I liked the terra cotta so I left it plain. Mine turned out well and the birds love it!! You can alter the size according to your needs or budget
You can also do up one of these and put a nice ribbon on it for a reasonably priced gift :)

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acmesharp(z6 ny)


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megsateennow(z5 Maine)

We made one this year by turning a tomato cage upside down and bending back the prongs into curly-Q's then setting a plant saucer down in what is now the top then stuck a pot of sweet potato vines underneath to grow up around the tomato cage.

Also, I've seen the hanging birdbath made out of a grapvine wreath that is hung from a tree and then had a plant saucer set down inside of it.

There are a couple of different birdbath ideas in the photos I took at this year's flower show you might like also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flower Show Pictures

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

I was into ceramics years ago and made a hanging birdbath I'd seen in a pricey garden gift catalog. I painted a large 16 inch diameter round shallow bowl with a pattern from Lenox china that I've always liked. I made 3 equidistant holes near the edge so after firing I could attach S hooks and thin brass chain. Another S hook held the 3 chains together at the top for hanging.

It hung outside my back sliders and the birds entertained me for many years. Then we had a bad storm and the wind blew it into the house and it shattered.

For other ideas, go to the hypertufa forum. They do incredible things over there and will help you with your project.

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Visited Walmart this weekend. Bought 2 14" pots and one 16" saucer; I chose plastic cause I thought there might be less problem with cracking. Of course that means they have no weight so perhaps a few rocks glued in.

While looking at craft paints, I ran across a "weathering" kits for pots. It comes with small amounts of different colors along with 3 bottles and a spray top. The idea is to dilute each color with water in each of the bottle. Then spray these "washes" onto the pots in different combinations to get a weathered look.

Good Luck,


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Pippy_Zone5(z5 WestPA)

For the "rustic" garden look you can sit a saucer on top of a log standing on end.

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Hi, check out the hypertufa folks---the birdbaths they make will knock your socks off.

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I have a GREAT birdbath plan from a book, I'd have to scan it in. You could email me if interested. You use blue glass peices (any craft store) and it's gorgeous.

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tansy_mi_zn5(zone 5)

Hi Melissa. I haven't made one of these yet, but am dying to get started on it! I have been wanting a ground birdbath for a couple of years of now. I was going to use ready mix cement, & make a small depression in it so the bath would be 3 inches deep at the most. a new idea yesterday. I thought about going to the pond supplier & buy a couple feet of pond liner to make one. (it's like 72 cents a foot)

I don't know how easy these would be to keep clean, I wouldn't think it would be too hard to keep clean. I hope this helps.


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kelleesgarden(z6 OH)

Traci, With it only being about 3 inches deep you might be able to take a broom and sweep it out when it gets dirty.

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HI y'all, I took a large terracota pot, turned it upside down for a base; a large plastic terracota color tray as the birdbath, and then added a beautiful painted bowl I got at Michaels on sale, upside down in the tray,(of course smaller in size than the saucer) and I use the tray for birdbath with water, and the bottom of the top bowl for food, yes it does get into the water, but hey I clean it out anyway, just my idea. wonderful ideas!!!

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This is the one I want to make!


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Here is an idea. I made one out of a lamp and an old sattilite dish. I went to a local thrift store and I found this really cool lamp. It was about two and a half feet tall and had these really neat swrils all over it. I removed the light kit cord and all. I poured concrete in it to add weight to it, that was my base. For the sattilite dish I broke up plates from the dollar store and did a mosaic on it. I never attached the top to the base I wasnt sure how to. I just had it sitting on top and one day during a storm the base blew over and broke. I had it for about 2 years before it broke. It was very easy and very cheap to make.

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Your ideas are really great!
Anyone have any pics share??


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use plant saucers or thrift store/dollar store plates. For the base I use 4 in or larger pvc pipe cheap and easily cut. pick height and cut away..On one end I cut triangles off each side which makes stakes to push in the ground...not sure if that makes sense...the top part I gently trim so bowl /plate sits it...taller ones you can put rocks a brick or even cement in for stability...can paint, mosaic etc to match plate. Really creative can cut maybe 2 in holes on sides above 1/2 way point, fill pipe with rock or cement 1/2 way ,push into ground..then put in some dirt no higher than the holes..push in ivy or whatever from the side holes and plants will fill out for coverage for the birds before they land and as they are bathing..sorta like a strawberry pot idea. you can also get a solar spotlight with a panel put spotlight in pipe, panel in sun and a glass pretty all the best

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See pic ..I get lot of bits in thi one three time a day. It's 3" deep and had three small fountains. Three Indians small running fountains. It 22'wide x 2& 1/2' wide.

Lined with black pond liner the filled with small pea gravel. Then add flag stone front and Montana rock for color. Easy to maintain with small pump to feed the small water running into basin fountains. Clean with p on. Eek add 3 cups to keep water clear.

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you can try coconut husks .. drill holes into both sides to string them up and trim a bit on top. The birds will love them.. .. i saw this in a magazine someplace .. u can even individualise each one by painting each one differently!

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