Transfering writting on dinnerware/plates?

kittymommy(z9LA)July 30, 2007

Does anyone know of a way to transfer a poem to a plate without having to use a kilm(is that the correct word?) as in making ceramics? I do not have a very attractive handwriting and if possible would like to print it out and put it on the plate. I tried decopauging but the paper didn't really blend in well. I tried using decal paper but that just smeared and was a major pain.LOL! If I could transfer a poem on to a plate in a method that would also allow the plate to be used(safe for using food items on) that would be a big plus!Any ideas?

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If you can use a clear glass plate there is a simple way to transfer using reverse painting. Simply print out your saying to fit the plate and lay the pattern down and set the plate on top so you can see the print. Trace over the words on the topside of the plate with a fine line sharpie marker(this will come right off when you are finished). Turn the plate over and use a good glass paint like Folk Art Enamels that you can bake on in your oven and a good quality fine brush. Follow the manufactures directions for baking. But first use rubbing alcohol to remove the tracing on the topside. This always works for me and is food safe since the paint never touches the food......good luck!

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Another way to do it is to obtain the plain glass plates, I believe that Walmart has them or perhaps Target. Print your poem on a very light weight paper. Using a glue for gluing paper to glass, glue it on the wrong side of the plate. The craft department at Walmarts should be able to tell you what glue to use. It will show through just fine and will be on the back side so it won't touch the food! Good Luck!

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