Daisies in arrangements

denisecwJuly 18, 2013

I am having a terrible time cutting daisies for fresh flower arrangements. I have tried cutting at different times of day, cutting long stems and short stems, putting immediately into warm water, soaking in water over night before arranging, cutting the tips of their stems before arranging, using store-bought flower preservative and making my own. The daisies always look wonderful the morning I begin to arrange them, but the instant I take them from the water, they go limp about an inch or two from the base of the flower. Sometimes that portion of the stem is black. At present, I have a bouquet of daisies (dendranthemums) I cut over a week ago and put in water with preservative from a florist. They look as good as they did the day I cut them. I have several vases of daisies I cut just three days ago and arranged two days ago with a preservative recipe I made up myself. All the daisy stems have turned black and the stems are bent sharply about two inches from the base of the flower. In one vase, oddly, the flowers still look wonderful, perky and petals stiff. But upside down. What am I doing wrong?

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If I were you, I would contact the florist and perhaps ask what she uses in her preservative. It is possible that the preservative you are making is lacking in a specific element that the daisy needs, or perhaps has something in it that the daisy is not reacting with properly.
If your preservative is in a bottle, maybe you can look up the ingredients on the internet and see what it is that is making it work so well!

I never realized how difficult a daisy could be! Then again, I've always kept them in a glass of water with one (1) aspirin in the water and let it sit for approximately 3 days before dumping it and cutting fresh.

Do you do your arrangements as a hobby, or are they gifts or something you sell? I would love to get into flower arranging, I recently planted some seeds out of a packet I purchased called "cut flowers" that is a variety of flowers I can eventually turn into table centerpieces over the season as they grow. :)

On a quick google search, I found the following website:

It states that you should run floral wire up the stem and hook it back into the flower, as the stems are extremely delicate and can damage easily. Perhaps that can help you from having them wilt? As for the black, I am not really sure!

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