Enchanted Doors

enchanteddoorJuly 22, 2007

Hello everyone my family makes enchanted doors for gnomes, fairies and hobbits that live in your garden or home.

Please tell me what you all think or any ideas would help allot.

If you would ike to see them they are at EnchantedDoor!

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I love them! I just wish I had a yard and a tree to add one to. I currently live in a small apartment with a very small balcony. I will be sure to let friends and family with trees/yards about them. :)

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One idea was to use it has a mouse door in your house or let the tooth fairy in (my 6 year old's idea)
Thanks, Enchanted Door!

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I love your doors. I have a large redwood tree and a couple of gnomes who live at the base of it. They would LOVE a door to the tree!

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I am glad you love the doors we will be adding some new ones soon, Once i can get the camera working.
nice to hear you like them and thanks for your time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Enchanteddoor

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OH!!! I Love these!!! They are so cute!! I am a gnome freek and now I have to convince my husband why I should spend $20 on a door for the tree!! I will get it done, I just need to talk fast!! OH I can not tell you how much I love these!!!

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