How to draw flowers?

Margret1x9July 25, 2003

I am not sure where to post this has to do with a "craft" so thought I'd try here.

Does anyone know where I could find a book that would "teach" me how to draw flowers? I would like to paint them on flower pots. (I have checked the library and there was nothing available.) I do not have an art backgound so I would need something easy to follow.

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dldm1123(z9 Albany, LA)

You could try buying a book on flowers and just draw what you see. It's a whole lot easier to draw a flower by looking at a flower picture rather than trying to draw it from the actual flower itself. Drawing from the pic means you won't have to compensate for space & dimension. As far as painting a flower, there again you could try painting the colors as you see them on a pic. If that doesn't help there's something called One Stroke by Donna Dewberry. She sells books on flower painting techniques & in some places, classes are available. That's your best bet. It's quick to do hence the name One Stroke but it comes out looking wonderful. Try the website or look at WalMart in the craft section. Dana

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Great idea...sounds "easy"... thanks for your advice. I will try checking the craft section at Walmart for the Dewbery book.

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garden_witch(z6a MI)

I have seen demonstrations on the "one-step-painting" and it does look very easy, something like "tole" painting, I think =) basically you load up your paint brush with dark and light shades of the same color, one shade on each side of the brush, and make curving strokes. The darker shade goes towards the inside of the petals and leaves, the light on the outside.

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lynnem(5 Ohio)


Check your library for tole painting books. They should have these.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Another source would be stained glass patterns. They are usually more simplified. Also some childrens coloring books will have flowers. Alos try flower clip art online

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I am not an artist, but can draw cartoony flowers! I just draw a circle, then make little tear drop shapes all around it, with the points of the tear drops pointing in towards the circle. Then simply draw a line down for a stem, and put a leaf on each side. Try it! Want to make a tulip?? Draw a capital "U", then start at the top left point of the u, and draw the letter "W", so that the far right point of the W, meets up with the right top point of the U. Sorry if it sounds confusing. You could also look up flower clip art on the net, then find what look to be simple flowers, and try to draw them.

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hi our PBS STATION CARRIES DONNA DEWBERRY INSTRUCTION.I TAPE THOSE .then i can practice at my is not a high price hobby and is really relaxing.

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Monique_CA(z9 CA mothrlode)

If you need an outline on your project, copy your pattern using carbon paper.

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This site has a little on flowers

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