Anyone Into Macrame???

tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)July 7, 2006

curious if anyone can recommend books and videos for learning how to macrame?


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My daughter just got a kit for making friendship bracelets and I quickly realized that the stitches were actually macrame stitches! It came with a really nice booklet that had lots and lots of easy to follow patterns in it.

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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

I have a lot of experience, but I havent done it in years. I got books at the library and made planter hangers, belts and wall hangings in the 1970's. I could do it from memory. Any Q's? Most of it can be done using square knots. Willie Nelson has a guitar strap that is made from half-hitches using red white and blue cord. I have always admired it and plan to copy it. Robin in NC

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melissajeanne(z5 NY)

This is slightly off the subject, but I am having a difficult time finding a pattern I need and posted this in the hopes someone would know -

would anyone know where I might find a macrema pattern to hang a basket off a walker? There is a center bar horizontal, that is a perfect starting point.

I can't find a pattern searching macrame, then thought maybe someone knows of an organization that might have patterns like that.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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the-light-lady(Michigan 4)

Tropicalfreak, Did you ever find out what you wanted to know?
Here is an awesome site! Just copy & paste. :)
Gosh I just realized this was from 2006!!! I am getting back into macrame & I'm starting with a lawn chair. Then I want to make a purse and a 3 section room divider. My mom gave me a metal frame & it's just waiting for something to be done to it, this winter.

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hello all.....I'm not into macrame...but a lady in my town redoes lawn chairs by macrame and instead of using the normal macrame cord she uses bailing twine, the kind used to put around bales of hay. It is very attract and last very well if left outdoors as it is a type of nylon. I have had her do many for me and my guestes never knows it's bailing twine until I tell them

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