Crafting with gourds anyone?

Rodent(z5 SE Iowa)July 6, 2010

This year my daughter, son and I have planted 14 different types of gourds. I cant wait till next year when they will be ready for crafting. They think I'm obessed cause I check on them everyday. I know it wont make them grow any faster LOL. I was wondering if anyone else does crafting with gourds or decorates gourds. And if so what do you make with them. We make Hot Air Balloons, Birdhouse, Bird feeders. Next year we're going try our hands at making lamps.


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You do not have to wait till next year to use them. I will dry some in my oven on low for a few hours/days depending on the size of the gourd.
I make all kinds of things with mine. This year I did bowels out of some for the boys in the family. Did the rims with dried pine needles that were braided, some in pine cone petels, some with leather strips around them.
We love to make piggy banks out of them too.
We try different things with them all the time.

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