My First Living Wreath

lbolanz(z6NY)August 4, 2004


I have been enjoying this forum (lurking, sorry) and have been inspired by all the wonderful ideas and creativity of this group. I made my first living wreath with semps and sedum and stachys and thought I'd share the picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Living Wreath Picture

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That is really pretty! Thanks for sharing!

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number_1_angel(z5 iowa)

WOW!!!! Very cool--will you bring it in this winter-or will they survive
outside?? I would love to have one!

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Hi Jeanette:
I made sure to use plants that generally overwinter here in my zone (6). Hens & Chicks, Sedum and Lamb's Ears are perennials here. I've read a few articles about overwintering them and will probably put it in my shed for the winter. Other sources say to put it on the ground in a shallow depression and put straw over it and let it cover with snow.

I anticipate that it might look a little rough in the spring (all perennials do, I suppose) but a little warm sunshine should bring it back! (Gardening optimism) :-)

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margayle65(z5 IL)

Hi, I have succulent gardens growing in shallow pans in the seats of two old wicker chairs and in cracked birdbath basins. In the winter, I just take the pans and basins off their perches and place them on the ground in my flower beds. In early spring I lift them out and put them back in place with no loss of plants, and I live in zone 5, so you should have no problem with your wreath. You might want to put something under it (a big tray or shallow pan) so it's easy to lift in the spring. Good Luck!

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Thank you, margayle for your advice. I will give it a try!

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This is so totally georgeous! I am also in zone five and have sedums and hens and chicks here and there in the garden, for a few years now. I also have a few succulents that are always indoors, and are tempted to arrange the new sprouts into a living wreath for the table. Thanks for the idea!

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