Any Feather craft sites???

mje769(z5 NE.)August 19, 2005


Do any of you know a good site for feather crafts? My Husband has feathers and I would love to make a swag with these. Any suggestions would be sooo appreciated.


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I have seen feather wreaths that was made out of styrofoam and trees out of the styrofoam tree forms. I made some trees out of white feathers. Haven't seen any swags. Good Luck!

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

"My Husband has feathers and I would love to make a swag with these." Now,just what kind of feathers does your husband have? LOL
Sorry,but I couldn't keep from laughing at that one! I can't help you on this one. I have never seen the swags or trees made from feathers. I have seen painted feathers where there is a scene or something painted on a feather.I would love to try that some day.Maybe you could Google feather swaggs or feather crafts and find something that way. I'd love to see the finished product though!....Lillie

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hmm- isn't a feather swag called a boa? ;)

seriously- that's such a huge category it would be hard to pin one site down...

is a very good catalog, great for seeing what's out there, and how feathers are sold... those wreaths that are showing up are made of feathers that are machine stitched very much like normal eyelash or boullion fringe is in the upholstry trade, and then sold by the yard.

ideas turn up in odd places...

and then ebay is a good source-

and fly-tying websites can have really neat ideas, too.

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