dinajean(upstate SC -Zone 7b)August 3, 2007

Hi... I have been away from doing crafts for 4 years due to my job and being on the road. Just got together all my boxes out of storage and need some ideas. I was saving crayons from different jobs. Broken, paper torn off, a mess. I WAS going to make new crayons when I worked at the daycare, but that never happened. So now, a new state, a new home, and need help. I have a whole big tupperware container of messed up crayons.....Any ideas what I can do with them??

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!!!!

I also have some whole ones still intact...I always thought I wanted to do some sort of framed art in a white frame. Like spell YELLOW out with yellow crayons, and add some yellow flowers, or ducks, or whatever. What do you think of that?? One for each color. Would look cool in a kids room?

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I have a great idea.

You can melt the crayons down in a double boiler (by color) and make new crayons with candy molds. You can do leaves, flowers, hearts, stars, whatever! Make new, shaped crayons!

Im on the hunt for broken/old crayons so that I can do the same for my children at school!

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dinajean(upstate SC -Zone 7b)

If you live nearby me , Alieliza, you can come get the tupperware of broken ones to melt down.

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I would love to!!! But Im in NY! Thank you for the offer, though.

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Old crayons are great when making colored candles or to color wax for dipping pinecoes in for firestarters.

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We used to use them by melting them and then dribbling them on wine bottles and then use the bottles to hold candles.

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