hypertufa hearts, moons and concrete leafs

sallywestside(Great Northwest)August 22, 2002


I am finally getting the hang of posting pics (I hope!!) I love these forums and have gotten so many great ideas.... thank you one and all. I've been busy this summer and here are some of my creations.... I'd love your feedback. Thanks everyone and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the pics will post (I have just uploaded pics of leafs and they don't seem to be showing, but the tufa is there and well, one leaf).

Here is a link that might be useful: hypertufa and leafs

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i really like your leafs, they look wonderful, how do you make them, how do you get the colors on them?? i would love to play around and try to make some i have hosta leaves and elephant ear leaves just waiting for such a project , pls share...

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Carol__(z8 liberty hill)

Your creations are really pretty !!! I have been wanting to make some leaf stepping stones. Do you use yours as stepping stones or just decorations ?? I was worried about them breaking if I used tem in a walk way. Did you just make them out of concrete ?? Also how did you get the red veins on that one? Thanks for sharing. ......carol

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I'd also like to hear how you colored your leaves, please? I love what you've done, and your hypertufa is just the look I'd like to achieve - may I ask please which recipe you use?


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I also like your leaves and there color and the hypertufa planters I would like to know the recipe for them please thanks

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I know it is somewhere, but can you email me direct the directions to make hypertufa. Thanks a bunch, Lucy

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dimples(z7 Okla.)

Will you please tell me how to make them too please. Thanks, dimples

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garden_mama(z5 OH)

WOW, what creativity, I do not want the directions, I just want you to come live with me and make all these neat things....

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Absolutely beautiful! Along with everyone else I want to know which cement recipe you used, which tufa recipe you used, what painting technique, what you used for molds for the planters, etc etc etc???? Did you find it easier to work with the cement or the tufa? Did you seal the leaves with something? Was your cement a clay-like consistancy?

One really important thing I want to know is... are these all of your "first" attempts or did you have a lot of failed attempts before you got this degree of perfection?? You can tell us... we won't tell a soul!! You definitely are very very talented and artistic! They are all done so perfectly!

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What absolutely lovely tufa objects you have made for your garden. I especially love the leaves. They are very realistic looking. How did you get the color veining to run through the Hosta & Rhubarb leaves?

Do you share your tufa receipes & painting techniques? I would love to try this out. Please contact me.

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urdge(z7 OK)

Very cool sally, like the others, I would like your instruction on this.

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Please go to HYPERTUFA forum and post this stuff ... they will love you

cajunmist (T A M I ) tufaholic

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Where did Sallywestside go? She was here, now she's gone and we don't know how she got that beautiful viening in the leaves. Hmmm....
They are nicely done.
Come back Sally, come back...

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Hi, sally, i do hope you'll come back to share with us how you did your stepping stone.

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Maybe Sally is on summer vacation??? I too, want to know the recipe, they are just gorgeous! Beautiful work, such detail and the colors!!! I want some, where's Sally??? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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eileen_(5 MI)

Okay you guys can all have the leaves I wan the HEART!!!!

It would look so cool by my pond.

I have not tried tufa yet as I am not sure I could pick everything up after molding....isn't the cement heavy?????

Any chance there are directions for the heart????

Just gorgeous....


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mardee(z7 E Okla)

The leaves are absolutely gorgeous!! I want to know how, too. The "hypertufa" forum has lots of great ideas - and I'm going to try it - after I make a few more garden totems (from "Garden Junk"). So-o-o many great projects, so-o-o-o-o little time.

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CandyWA(z8 WA)

Did any of you actually GET the instructions for making and coloring Sally's leaves? I'd sure like to have them. Sally? Are you out there? We all appear to LOVE your garden leaves.

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Can you supply information on sealing? What do you use to waterproof your birdbaths so that the paint will not rub off?


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