Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

pittsburgh(z5a)September 11, 2003

I've been looking for instructions on how to make the wine bottle hummingbird feeder. I couldn't find information on what gauge or length copper wire, or where I can buy it.

Does everyone use the same copper wire thickness? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I make feeders but not with the bottle. I do use copper wire. I use the 8 gauge solid core uninsulated wire from Home Depot. It is easy enough to bend but still sturdy enough to hold its shape under some weight. If you need sturdier wire go with the 6 gauge wire. You may have to experiment with the size bottle and the amount of nectar that you will be filling it with to see which one works best for you.

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Thanks Penny. I will try that. What do you make your feeders with?

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drew_pig(z6 wv)

just some info: i have also just starting making my own feeders out of glass bottles - and i posted a question several weeks ago on the "hummingbird garden" forum entitled "dangerous to hummers" - i wanted to know about the feeder tubes and if i could get around buying them and instead making them from copper tubing but some suggested not using that and going through suppliers.... check out the forum it was pretty informative. i just wouldnt want to hurt the little hummers or make them sick - they suggestes a few sites that sell the feeder tubes and stoppers pretty cheap! and it will make it easier to just purchase them....

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I've found the feeding tubes at any bird supply store. I recently started makeing feeders ont of bottles. I haven't made any using wine bottles (bottles are too big on my personal preference)but I have made some very cool ones using Tres Generacions Tequila bottles. There's a silver lable, (clear with blue tint) and a gold label (amber tint.) The glass is some what heavy, but 6 gauge copper wire worked fine. Check out some of the Vodka bottles, there are some very unique ones out there.
If you have acess to a bon fire or open pit fire of some kind, throw your spool of wire in it (minus the plactic spool) This process will burn off the outside insultation. No more razor blade cuts!!
Another tip,,, Find your self a pair of Wire Spinners. This is a tool my kids and husband use to spin the wire on their motor cycle handle bar grips. It spirels the wire very enenly and easy. Just don't let you familey know you took them!
Hope this helps

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drew_pig(z6 wv)

dirtdog - i didnt even think of using liquer bottles - they do have some intersting shapes - they would be beautiful!!!!
what is the name of the store that you get your tubes from? i am from west virginia and even though we have breath taking surrounding, we are limited to unique stores and thier products. so the only place i found them was on the net :-( so i guess ill have to order them soon. thank again

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Hi Rhonda,
I make the saucer styled feeders and I use the copper wire to make a hanger with. The feeder itself sits inside the copper hanger.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Rhonda and all,
Here is a web site that sells the stopper for hummingbird feeders and they are very reasonably priced.

Stacie is correct. I am a member of the hummingbird garden forum as well as other hummingbird groups.
You don't want to use the copper tubing as a feeder tube. If you are going to make your own feeders, please use something that can be sterilized such as glass or the clear medical plastic tubing b/c mold and fungus will grow in them and they need to be cleaned frequently especially in hot weather.

Here is a link that might be useful: hummingbird feeder stopper

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Judeth(Z8 B.C. Can)

To clean humming bird feeders, home made or bought, use pipe cleaners.

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becki_in_la(z8 Louisiana)

What about using plastic tubing wrapped with wire to keep its shape? Also thought the water bottles like what is used for hamsters....

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drew_pig(z6 wv)

Hi becky- I am positive that the idea with wrapping the tubing with wire will work but ive never tried it - but good idea - but as far as the water bottles for hamsters i dont know if it will work cause isnt there a ball bearing in the bottem of the tube? but try it anyway they are really cheap at wlly world arent they - you would only be out a few bucks! good luck and thanks for the plastic tubing wrapped in wire idea!

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I saw a feeder this weekend that used the blood tubes for the nectar. I think they were cute but they had to be filled often, not much storage.

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nature_farmer(z5b IL.)

Please show some photos of these feeders your making. Thanks,Jody

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Oh come on now, show us some pics!.........PLEASE


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We made a humming bird feeder today. We kept seeing them in the yard and decided to see what we had to make a feeder. We used a 16 oz water bottle and a small tupperware like dish. We glued the water bottles bottom to the middle of the dish. Then we put to holes near the bottom of the bottle. (one on each side). After hanging it we poured in the homemade nectar. I almost overflowed. As soon as we tightened the cap it stopped filling up the dish. It looks pretty full, but it never overflowed. Now we just have to sit back and see what happens.

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Here is site for instructions:

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Here are some sites with other hummingbird feeders to make.

This one is made out of a coat hanger, they are selling them, but the design looks so simple to make.

This is a beautiful one, you can put an etching on a clear bottle to make what design you like on it, but I think I would go a different route for the hanging wire, seems that would come apart in no time.

I hope this gives you some ideas. I like the little flower petal idea you don't have to use the tubes. Good luck to you all, Happy Spring!!!

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