terra cotta paint for plastic?

merrydSeptember 25, 2005

I have some long plastic planters with drip trays that I'd like to paint a terra cotta color. Krylon doesn't have that in their Fusion line and wondered if there is another brand that does. I really don't want white and don't know if any other Fusion color wouldn't look plastic. I'd like the blue if it would end up looking like glazed pottery. The pots are smooth and now a light pinkish mushroom/taupe that doesn't look good against the very light yellowish beige of the house.

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Check to see if Kilz ( i think thats how its spelled) works on plastic. It works on alot of stuff. If it does use it as a primer and then cover it with acrylic paint.

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American Traditions makes a terra cotta color. I got mine at one of the big box stores. Hope this info hasn't come too late.

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