Farmers Market Ideas

wassthestory(Z9 EastFL)September 4, 2004

Any good ideas for making some items to sell at the local farmers market. We start up again in Oct. and it would be a good place to make some extra cash. I need some easy to make stuff. Already have the baking part down. Was thinking of medium pillows since I have a bit of extra fabric on hand. What do you think? Anyone done lots of markets and fairs before?

Thanks, Teresa

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kansasgail(z6 KS)

If you have a garden, why not sell bunches of flowers? I live near a city (but in a small town) and people there go crazy for dried stuff that I gather in the pastures and ditches. lololo None of them know what it is, it is just pretty. I sell it by the bunch. Good luck.


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buckeye78(z5 MI)

How about rice filled bags that can be heated in the microwave? I made some for Christmas gifts last year. I made muslin bags, filled them with rice and sewed them shut. Then I made covers from fleece, left one end open and sewed velcro on the end so the cover could be removed to be washed. Very easy and inexpensive to make. As long as you sew that is.


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Have you got some measurements for those bags? I would appreciate it!

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the eye pillows we did last year were 3.5 x 7.5"...

you can also do a horseshoe shape, or a dog-bone shape as 'neck pillows'

and I've just found out that 1" wide strips made from scraps work really well with an 'n' size crochet hook to make little coasters and 'soft trivets'. but I don't know how well they are going to sell, honestly- I was just doing them for housewarming presents (nice to have kitchen things made from the leftover scraps from the pillow-making frenzy of summer)

dried flower or botanical print cards seem to do fairly well, and can be as quick as spray-glue (or those little 'glue dots') on the back of a leaf, pressed on to the card, and the free edge sealed with clear, glitter, or colored fabric paint in those squirt-tips.

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I know I'm answering a little late, but how about making your pillows and filling them with lavender buds? They stay fragrant for years, and lavender is very, very popular. I make mine out of hand-embossed velvet, and they're a good craft-show seller.

I'm including a link to Atlantic Spice, which has lavender in bulk for not a whole lot of $$. You can try to grow your own, but stripping that quantity of buds will drive you nuts. Not that I'd know...;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Atlantic Spice Co.

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Hi Buckey, I think those bags are a great idea for gifts, but rice is so expensive. Do you know of anything else that would work as well and be cheaper?
Thank you

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Hi those heated bags sounded good but I made one out of fleece and it caught fire in the microwave. Maybe it's just fleece that doesn't go in the microwave. Just thought I'd warn you all about this.

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