Help!! mildew on my grapevine!!

gardenbug__(texas z8)October 6, 2003

I am getting ready to do a market days with my crafts and my friend and I cut some grapevine and made some wreaths, they have white mildew on them, I have soaked them in soapy water and brushed them and sprayed with water. the stuff is not coming off as easy as I expected. Does anyone have any ideas to loosen this stuff? I also have a question about making a certian wreath idea I came up with, I want to make on that people can use outside, and I was thinking of a birdfeeder wreath. I thought I would spread glue( I think I have read that you can use Elmers)on a wood cut out and cover with birdseed ,then I thought about using a twig for this and spreading the glue on the tips of twig and dipping into birdseed and attaching this to the wreath. Has anyone ever done this kind of project?? I would appreciate any ideas. ....thanks.....

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Birdlober(z 9 so. ca)

Hi. I wouldn't suggest glue for the birds to eat. That wouldn't be very good for them. I read somewhere, I think it was here, to use gelatin or lard. Peanut butter might work.

I wouldn't have any idea how to clean mildew off the vines. Did you try bleach?

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Soaking the vine in bleach will kill the mildew. THen you have to hang it in an open sunny area to dry out completely or the mildew could return.

I too wouldn't use glue of any kind. Peanut butter will work better than gelatin or lard b/c it won't melt and run if the sun hits it. THe birds can also get nourishment from the peanut butter. You can also fill little squares of nylon tulle (netting) with seed and tie those around the wreath. The birds can get the seed through the holes in the netting.

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