tree trellis

sea_of_green(9)October 6, 2008

I would like to make a trellis that looks like a tree with no leaves so that a vine could grow and create the look of a tree. does anyone know where i could find any type of plans on how to construct this tree?

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Get a large tree branch and stick it in the ground. Best if set it in concret.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

There was a very handsome design located at the Getty Museum in CA. I saw them on the Victory Garden. You can probably Google that up, see the trees in the pictures of the outside museum.

These were quite large to resemble real trees, with a modernistic look, and had flowering vines growing among the parts, quite lovely.

Started with a bundle of rerod for cement reinforcing. You have to decide how tall you want to make this tree shape, to decide on rerod lengths you buy.

For the home model, smaller,they had a circle of rerod about 12" and a piece of heavy wall steel pipe about 6-8" diameter, 12-15" tall. Then the bundle of straight rerod pieces. He put all the rerod into the pipe, then the circle above a foot or two, wired in place to the rerod. Then he went about the outside and pulled the rerod piece over like a weeping tree. Took some tweaking, moving the rerod pieces to be even, bending more, arranging to get a nice balanced look on all sides. Then wired each rerod length firmly into place and anchored the base pipe so arrangement couldn't blow over. I would get it all welded myself, wire might rust away with time. Welding would keep it all in place despite weather or getting bumped by lawn tractor.

I thought project came out quite nicely, and certainly would be even nicer with lovely flowering vines growing thru. Very sturdy. Would be very adaptable for making this tree design in a corner or only a half against a wall, instead of doing a whole tree look to be walked around.

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