Modge Podge or Glue?

nedragz4(z4 MN)November 2, 2002

Got myself into a craft project and since I've never decoupaged before, I need help. I used Aileens Tacky glue to adhere pictures, also did some hand painting on the project. Now, I need to seal everything. Do I thin glue with water and paint over all??? or go back to the craft store to buy some modge podge to cover. I want to do some antique effect over all. Lastly, what do I use to seal and protect the entire project. Any help would be appreciated.

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Marvin(North East UK)

Just varnish or shellac the whole thing, if you want to antique the whole thing try a cracklelure technique, it kind of makes fine cracks appear all over, or stain the varnish with paint (dark brown would be good) for that aged varnish look.
And the choice of varnish depends on if the piece is for outdoor or indoor use.
And try to get yourself a book or two on the subject of ageing or paint effects they will probably give you some insight to creating those techniques at a cheaper price than those ready made from the stores.
I paint murals and stuff and it still amases me what you can do with paint.
Have fun:)

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LoverOfFlowers(coastal z9CA)


I always just use modge podge for the glue & the sealer. One product does it all. :-)
It has worked for me for vases, etc., without any problems.
As Marv said, if you want to get into the different finishes, that's a good post.


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nedragz4(z4 MN)

Thanks Marv and Sandi, I tried the regular varnish and got a sick headache even with a mask on and a fan. Since I already have everything glued on my project, I went to the hardware/paint store and picked up some water based Polycrylic semi-gloss finish to try. Michaels is quite a ways from me and if this finish makes me sick, will try the podge.

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I am desperately trying to find podge modge in Turkey but I don't know any brand names and it makes my search for the product more difficult as many crafts shops here don't understand what I am looking for. Could you suggest me any brands of modge podge. If I am not able to find any modge podge, is there any alternative product that can replace modge podge ?
Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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nedragz4(z4 MN)

I tried the Mod Podge by Plaid Enterprises, Inc., made in USA. The Mod Podge was okay, but some of it peeled off, so I probably did something wrong. I have also heard that white Elmer's glue works just as well.
The next project, will be done outside, with plenty of ventilation, so I can use varnish or shellac to finish.

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White Elmers Glue can also be described as casein glue.

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joyce58(Zone 5 NY)

I have always used Modge Podge as a glue and final coating on decoupage and ceramic hand painted surfaces. It is non-toxic (not like nasty, toxic, varnish or shellac) and water based, so the clean up is easy.
I recently purchased Outdoor-Indoor Gloss by Plaid( Acrylic Enamel), also water based, and am looking forward to trying it. Has anyone used this product?

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rosie_ga(GA 7)

Just to offer another suggestion.......I have found Plaid's Royal Coat to be supperior to Mod Podge. It also comes in a "antique" color that tints the paper you are using. There is also a product by US ArtQuest named Perfect Paper Adhesive. It is archival, no smells, both glue and sealer. Durable yet flexible film and dries transparent. Water soluble and water resistant when completlely dry.

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Posie(z3 MN)

I've used Mod Podge and have trouble with finished projects sticking together after they have dried. I've let them dry very well and have some things several years old and they still stick together if stacked on top of each other. I've had the same problem with water based varnish. Any ideas?

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I have been using Plaid brand Mod Podge. The directions say to eliminate the tackiness, although I don't have that problem, after completely dry apply a clear acrylic sealer over the Mod Podge. I believe slightly watered down Elmers white glue would work about the same as Mod Podge. JO

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angelfairy(Z-8 S.AL)

I've found that without a clear acrylic sealer over either of those products, if they get wet they turn a milky white and look and feel like wet glue so definitely seal after using these decoupage products.

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HI, I am new on here. I need help with my project that I started for my kids bathroom. I bought a ceramic set, trash can, toothbrush holder ect... I went to walmart and asked them what I needed to do to apply some Pottery Barn Appliques to them. They told me to use Mod Podge to apply them and that is what I did I applied 6 coats to each and then they told me to use a clear acrylic sealer. I used the Plaid Acrylic sealer Gloss and it has been a week and they still feel tacky. When I pick them up you can see my fingerprints on them. I followed the directions on how to apply. Can Anyone help and tell me what I need to do to get rid of the tackiness? Thanks! ttr917

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Give me Royal Coat any day!! Especially in Florida's humidity, Mod Podge just won't dry - ever.

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