Flowers in epoxy

rini(Rochester, NY)November 17, 2003

I went to a jewelry exhibit and one artist had created pendants, necklaces, etc. using flowers in epoxy. One of the things that really struck me is how vibrant the flower colors looked. I initially thought that you would have to dry the flowers first to then be able to put epoxy over it but now I'm wondering if you could do it over non-dried flowers.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this or have any suggestions?

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rhine59(5 WI)

I tried it last sping with some columbines and tulips. I didnt use epoxy but a product called Eniro-tek Lite which is a laquer. After numerous coats they looked great, almost like a flower encased in glass. They lasted about a week and then the moisture in the flowers started to mold and the petals turned brown. I have since tried it with dried strawflowers and they still look great about 3 months later. So just from one persons experience, dried flowers are the way to go.

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rini(Rochester, NY)


Thanks for letting me know. I was curious if the fresh flowers would mold or not.

Do your dried flowers keep their color? I grew Playboy roses this year and their colors are spectacular. I tried to dry them and they looked -- not so great. I just did a basic flower between books approach and am wondering if a different approach would work better.


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rhine59(5 WI)

I put mine in a food dehydrator and some work while others don't. All of my strawflowers look great but I tried a dahlia and a zinnia and they came out terrible. It seems that whichever flowers are good for natural drying are the only ones that work good.

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