Homemade bird seed cakes

DrFruitCakeNovember 8, 2012

got inspired by an email from Burpee Seeds showing seed cake in the form of Snowmen and Christmas trees. These seem to be similar to seed bells and such where the binding is dry and not fat based. One site talked about egg whites as the binder. Does any have experience in this ? Tahnks

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hope picture makes it now

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I have made birdseed cakes with a recipe of flour & water & karo & seeds. The first ones were perfect. Then when I made some later, they turned whitish before I even got them out and the birds wouldn't eat them. Actually looked a little moldy. Anyone know why?

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Hi! I'm not sure what Karo is... but maybe they were whitish & a little moldy looking from having a bit too much of one of your ingredients in it? Did you make sure that you used the same measurements & same freshness of ingredients?

I'd love to know the actual reason!

I recently received 2KG of bird seed free w/ my purchase at the local garden shop, and I would love to make seed cakes for the birds in our backyard! The wind has been so high as of late that I feel like if I fill up my feeders the seed will just blow away and I won't get to watch them enjoy it!

Let me know if you figure out why this has happened! :)

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Best recipes use unflavoured gelatin
& cookie cutters as molds. If mixture does not dry quickly, you'll have a mold/fermentation situation...

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