Lip Balm Samples

Steve349December 30, 2011

I will be selling lip balm at our local Farmers Market and would like to be able to allow customers to try it. I need to find some type of applicator that can be used as a trial. I do not want the customers to use their fingers to dip into the balm. Any ideas on inexpensive items I could use for this purpose? I am going to be using lip tubes.

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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

Perhaps either Q tips or popsickle sticks could be used to remove a small amount of balm. You would be the one to remove the balm so no one takes a lot at once, and use/hand one per person. Q tips could be applied directly to lips, popsickle sticks could be applied by scooping with a finger from the stick, to the lips.

Hope this helps-Good luck!

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Beatrice, Great idea! It just so happens I have a whole bag of popcicle sticks from a project I did last year. Thanks so much.

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I hope your the people will like your lip balm samples. :) You can also use toothpick to scoop a little amount of lip balm.. :)

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Agree with Popsicle sticks, just want to add there is a wooden craft supply that looks like Popsicle sticks 2 inches long. They work better for me when I do hand cream samples.

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Hey thanks for that idea, next time Im in the big city at a craft store, I will look for them. I live in a very rural area and only have WalMart.

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