fauz stain glass

habetsdzn(z6 PA)December 15, 2002

I have two side-windows to my front door that are leaded with a simple design. They measure 48" high x 7" wide each. I was thinking about trying to make them look like stain glass by adding paint to them but I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Has anyone done this before and how would you clean them? Does the paint chip off after a while?

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A craft supply store will have several products that can be applied to the glass.

Most of them work best if you can remove the window and lay it flat, so it's not usually a winter project.

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Pam Takacs

I hate to say this, (because I do real stained glass) but I have seen the "Gallery Glass" done with remarkable results and it is easily removed, kind of a plastic cling when cured. Something to look into. Pam

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I have done the gallery glass , and was pleased with the results, would recommend you take the door off and lay it flat for best results. over on the garden junk forum last week there was some nice examples of doors finished with the gallery glass, looked great.I beleive some one else on that forum also used ge clear silicone to add testure to her glass windows and I think she had used some real leaves in the design also, anyhow, go check out garden junk, there is some good ideas, or do a google serach for gallery glass, it is easy to use. pretty inexpensive at walmart, it goes a long way. Cindy

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habetsdzn(z6 PA)

Thanks guys! Much help. The windows are permanent windows on either side of the door so I can't remove them, but the suggestions give me a good start anyway. I'll post some pics if this turns out.

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My parents have the same kind of windows and had Gallery Glass done on them. It looks great, adds privacy and interest. My stepmother paid someone to do it but she needn't have; it's VERY easy to do yourself. It looks great and has been up for years now.

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annsb(zone 6)

Since the windows can't be removed and it is best to paint them when flat and gallery glass can be removed (and I assume put back on) why not paint on a piece of glass that is lying down then remove the gallery glass and put on permanent window? Does this make sense?

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annsb(zone 6)

Sorry I didn't realize that this post was so old when I posted.

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