A New Funny Gag Gift

Posie(z3 MN)December 16, 2005

I forget to go to this site very often but I just thought of an old gag that I used a few years ago. This is a label for a small can. I use small cans from Tomatoe paste or tomatoe juice or jars that hold beef, chicken bouillon, or spices etc. Then make a label to fit, this you will need to eperiement with to make it to fit. I use regular paper and just glue it to the small jar. Leave the jars empty or put in only colored water (food coloring) in them. I don't have a copy of the label but it went like this:The front of the label: Add a small pic of a Jack Rabbit :

Genuine Tortilla Flats


A balanced diet for unbalanced people.

Contains Vitamins H, O and P. Richer in

Vitamin P than beer, coffee or watermelon

Price $495.00

You'll need to play with this to make your own label.

On the back side: Warning

A quick-acting stimulant for lagging,

dragging playboys, salesmen, hunters,

fishermen, golfers and bowlers. Do not give \ to movie stars, secretaries, beauty operators

waitresses,check-out girls or models. etc.

5.33 Fl. oz.

Contains only Jack Rabbit Milk

Do hope this makes sense!!

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