rose preservation in water globe

sweet2000herbie(USDA zone 6)December 1, 2004

Help me, please!!!

My sister has always admired a water globe you put fresh flowers in. Our grandmother had one when we were growing up. Recently I stumbled upon one from BOWL O BEAUTY CO., which was one of the original designs for this style. It has a screw on lid and a three footed stand. I am desperate for any information by Christmas.

I have attempted to find info. on the company, or the method of preservation and come up with little other than this particular company still existed until the 80's. I had contacted the librarian in the town these were made and she had a cousin that worked their for a summer.

I have contacted local florists to no avail. Nothing so far in library how to books.

I am hoping against hope that one of you remember this type of design and can come up with the solution. Thank you in advance! Candace

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

Candace-A while back I posted a method for preserving leaves(can also be used for flowers)using glycerine.You imerse the leaves in warm glycerine and leave them for 3 weeks and it preserves them so they can be used in arrangements and they are soft and supple.I wonder if you could use glycerine as the liquid in the globe and preserve the rose that way? Might be worth trying.I did a search and also came up with nothing!LOL

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I have also been looking for one of these globes because I can no longer have cut flowers displayed in my home due to allergies. I'm desperately hoping that one of these companies will ship over to UK for me as I've searched high and low for a supplier over here and drawn a blank.
These are two companies I found when I did a search. You will need to cut and paste the addresses into your browser window as I can't do the link 'thingy'. I hope this helps.


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I have a Bowl o Beauty - roses in a globe preserved in liquid
My children bought it for me in the 80's at Service Merchandise - and may I say it wasnt cheap!
After about a year some of liquid seemed to vanish from it so it didnt look so nice and I put it in a cupboard - well I just got it out and the liquid is pure black cant even see the roses inside so I guess I will be dumping it!
the bottom says Bowl O Beauty Co. Melrose, Il 60160
But if I were any of you I wouldnt bother trying to buy one unless its something you want to only last for a year.
I wish I had a web address for them because if I did I would email and complain!

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If you are still looking for this Globe I just purchased one from This looks exactly as I remember the one of old days. I'm very pleased with it.

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My daughter has a Bowl o Beauty also...There is a number on the lid...The number on hers is "7632"...She payed $2.99 at a second hand store in Florida....She was told that it contained the same fluid that is used in bodies at Funeral Homes. I would try to spell it but it would be wrong...And that it also contained ashes of a person...How true this is ,,well I don't know...I'm still looking for more info on this subject also....alice54

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I have a Bowl O Beauty that I just out up for sale in my Etsy shop, in case anyone is still interested. Thanks for looking !

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My uncle, Clarence Bussert, invented Bowl O Beauty. As I have heard the story, he was a florist and sort of an amateur chemist; he started working for the Amlings flower people as a teenager or young man; he developed the preservative that kept the roses beautiful for years. Others copied the process, but with an inferior chemical which which was bad for the reputation of the product. Then people came out with products that had plastic flowers -- the whole thing went tacky and they finally disappeared at some point. My Uncle died in the 1960's. My cousin might have more detailed info.

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I have a bowl-o-beauty and am looking to buy more preservative. Anyone know?

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Mysister remembers that our mother's came with a packet of chemicals you mixed with water.

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I have my grandmothers globe,but I don't remember what she used to keep water clean.I was wondering if a small drop of bleach would help?I don't remember her keeping it for years?Is this possible?

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Am looking to buy a bowl o beauty. Need help in locating one. Help, please. Also, can't you just use water to preserve flowers?

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My mom worked for Bowl O Beauty. She dipped the flowers in wax and put them in the bowls. So of course, we had one. They were supposed to be well sealed and something added to the water to preserve. Ours lasted for at least 10 and only a bubble appeared at the top, apparently due to a bit of evaporation. They were absolutely beautiful.

I found a similar container at a thrift store, Made in Germany called Blumen Aquarium - Magic Flower Bowl. It is made for you to add your own flower. I put some orchids in it this weekend and they are lasting for a few days any how. Makes a beautiful display, although now as pretty as the original.

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