Does any white paint exist that will stick to terra cotta!

LauraZone5December 22, 2003

Does any white paint/enamel exist that will stick to terra cotta for longr than one season! I have tried several spray can type paints and they all bubbled or peeled off. I have several rather large urns that I would like to be white.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Hey Laura: Your best bet is to seal the terracotta first. There are many brands of stuff that will work if you just make sure it is for outside use. If the pot is really porus use two coats.-Sandy

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Pudge 2b

Try Patio Paint which is sold in craft stores. Use a foam brush and paint both the inside and outside of the pots. Follow the directions for drying time between coats.

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I use concrete/masonry sealer from Lowe's. It works and is inexpensive.

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I don't have a Lowe's center around here but I have a Menards and a Home Depot and both would have concrete paint/sealer. I never thought of that. Thanks.

I have seen the pation paints at Michael's and at Hobby Lobby but they always came in the tiniest little bottles. There has to be something out there in a larger size so that I don't have to buy 50 of this little bottles at those awful prices!

Thanks for all the help... now all I will need to do is get the residual paint off of the urns and planters that I painted with the spray paint.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Hey Laura: So far as I can tell Krylon spray paint is probably the best paint for what you want to do. You need to spray it outside since it isn't an acrylic paint but it will last a lo-o-o-ng time. Second best would be Rustoleum. -Sandy

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Hi Sandy, Krylon, which is so readily available, is what I did use BUT- I didn't have the foresight to use a sealer. I suspect any paint I would have used would have bubbled, peeled, and flaked off given I didn't use a sealer. I went to Home Depot and picked up a basement concrete sealer and this coming spring I will brush off all the loose paint and have a go at those urns and planters again. I think the Krylon will work if I seal the urns and planters from both the inside and the outside first. Bye for now- Laura.

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annabellesangels(7 SeattleWA)


It's no fun to work on a project of that magnitude and have it not work out!! I can sympathize.

I paint terra cotta all the time and have pots that I have had for years and years. I use them outdoors and indoors. I use acrylic craft paints (I get mine at Michael's Craft Store) and I know there are larger bottles of white paint that are not that costly. Clean the surface of the terra cotta pot and make sure it's smooth before painting (AND COMPLETELY DRY!!). Then apply several coats with a good paintbrush in smooth strokes. Let dry between coats. THEN, apply a waterbased lacquer for outdoor use with a brush. Several coats letting dry between. Paint and seal the inside and outside of the pot! All of the pot must be covered. This should do it! I don't care for sprays because the finish just isn't as nice. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me at Good luck!!

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Hi Laura :)

Everyone offered such good ideas, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents as well. I also paint my terra cotta, and also make bird baths using the same pots. I use a standard acrylic paint from the paint or hardward store, I find that these are the least expensive. I normally buy the pints, rather than gallons. I use two coats, followed by two coats of polyurethane varnish. Good luck :) (another)Laura :)

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

Laura, have you thought about doing a lime wash? I saw that recently in a Bunny Guiness garden book (I think it was Garden Trasformations or something like that) on large terracotta pots. It would take several (2-3-4) coats and would look "antique-y", if that's a look you like. I personally thought they looked very cool.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lime Wash info for you!

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