Some RP Housekeeping...err Domesticity! thoughts

janalynJanuary 12, 2014

I do enjoy our discussion threads and as you know will be leading Call of the Midwife on February 1st.
I thought perhaps we could do this every two months. If someone wants to suggest a book and lead a discussion for April 1st please post here. If no one wants to, then I will pluck a book from titles I have been reading, and start another discussion in April. I know people are very busy irl and often cannot make a commitment. I have the time right now and also it is gray, miserable, cold and dark most of the time so it is prime reading time for me.

Secondly, often many of you do some very detailed book reviews in our monthly threads. Liz, Tim, Sheri, Mary etc etc. I was wondering if when any of you came across a book you particularly enjoyed you could post a separate thread on it? Just copy paste what you typed out in the monthly thread. If you are worried about it staying at the top of the page forever and ever, just do a short second post like "Down." This would help me find those books....recently I spent a lot of time searching the monthy threads for a particular book one of you had mentioned and really enjoyed. Very time consuming to have to reread all those threads. Also, then when I do read the book, I have some place to post my thoughts. Just a suggestion. :)

EDIT BUTTON Now works, hurrah!!

Anyone else have suggestions, comments, thoughts?

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I am very happy the edit button works! I am sure it will save me much embarrassment in the future.

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We used to have a thread that was specifically for book reviews. It was separate from the monthly threads in that the reviews were much more in-depth. Perhaps we could do a review thread again? And use it solely for those who wish to provide more info.


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Thanks, Pam for responding. I've missed you but was very glad to hear of your news. :)
I think we will just motor along as we have been. If people want to write separate posts, they will. Hope you get to join us in the Midwife discussion!

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Janalyn I have not seen anywhere the option of EDIT?
I do not pay to use the forums, would that be the reason? Do those of you using Edit pay for the priviledge?


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I think everyone has that ability Pat. I do not pay either. I don't think anyone does. Look at your post above. On the upper right of that post you should see "clippings" which allows you to "clip the post, email it, what is this? and seem most clipped and recent clippings"

Right under that it says "NEW! Edit post"

If you want to edit a particular post, you click on that and it will bring up your original post and you can modify it any want you want, and it will indicate when you edited it by some italics on the original post..

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This doesn't happen for me.
If I click onto 'clip this post . . .' nothing happens
If I click onto 'see most clipped . . .' a long list of previous posts comes up'
Nowhere is a message saying "NEW! Edit post".
"It's not fair" as the kids used to say. :-(

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It is only possible to edit your own posts so if you are reading a post made by someone else you won't see "edit post". That may be where the confusion lies.

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AH-I see it now!

As I see it you are only able to Edit after you have posted your message?
The NEW Edit option only shows to me after I have submitted my post.


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That is true because before you submit your post you can edit it when you Preview Message by going to the box in which your message is still displayed, down below the previewed message. I hope that makes sense.

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Thanks Francis, that makes perfect sense. I notice it also says I can post photos . . . which may be a move too far for me . . .!

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Thanks for the kind words Janalyn. It is nice to be with my friends at RP. I will be posting shortly on the monthly thread as I have been in one of those reading frenzies that consume all of my time.


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