Never to old to learn something new !!

yoyobon_gwFebruary 4, 2014

You're never too old to learn something new !
And today I learned that I word I thought I knew all my life is not what I thought it was ........hmmmm.

I always believed the word was CUMBERBUND, that sash worn around the waist .

Today I discovered that it is actually CUMMERBUND.


Which leads to me to a personal story regarding my first cumberbund failure ( old habits die hard !).
In 9th grade I made a circle skirt ( didn't we all ) and a cumberbund for it.
While combing my hair before school I sneezed and felt like something popped. I assumed it was my rib.
In first period I was asked to bring papers up to the teacher from the back of my row.
As I walked up to the front of the class I thought to myself: "Hmmmm.....this skirt feels especially long for some reason."
Looking down at it near my ankles I realized that when I'd sneezed the button on my skirt popped off but that stinkin' cumberbund was still snug around my waist.
My skirt was falling off! and if it weren't for those stiff crinolines we wore underneath I would have been proudly marching up with my skirt puddled on the floor !!
Oh, the moritification.
Cumberbund, cummerbund......

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It is NOT cumberbund? Well I just learned something new today too. :)

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I had a circle skirt, too, and every time it was washed, it hung crooked at some point. My mother couldn't stand an uneven hem and kept cutting it off to make it hang right until she got it so short I wouldn't wear it anymore. This was the early 50s when skirts were so long that they scooped the tops of your turned-down bobby socks when you walked down the stairs. It surely wouldn't seem "short" today!

I didn't know cummerbund had two m's either. And I heard a woman tell the story of walking down an aisle to take her seat near the front in a meeting when a woman stopped her and told her she had tucked her skirt into the top of her pantyhose.

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Lol !

And on that note may I add that one Sunday , up in the choir loft, as I took my seat the lady next to me pointed out that something was coming out the bottom of my pant leg.
Not being one to use those pesky dryer sheets I suffered from terminal static cling......and low and behold a pair of unders had hitched a ride inside the pant leg !!

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Oh, I have terrible tuck-in tale to relate!
I had an examination in my doctor's room and she put down a long strip of paper on the couch for hygienic reasons.
You guessed it! I somehow got it caught in the waistband of my trousers as I sat up to get dressed and went out into the waiting room with a trailing train...

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Great stories--and all this from the correct spelling of cummerbund.

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I am still laughing ,...those are hilarious stories.

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