Best current mystery writers?

carmen_grower_2007May 27, 2009

I am newly retired and am able to read as much as my eyes put up with! I love political intrigue, detective mysteries and there have only been a few writers that I was disappointed in.

I love all of David Baldacci's novels and Vince Flynn, and Tess Gerritsen for example. If you have like tastes, please give me some ideas. Thanks!

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Right off the top of my head, I would recommend several series-and all benefit from being read in order. You can find a wealth of info about mystery authors at including a "if you like..., you might like..." feature.

These are writers writing now that I like-some write contemporary, some historical.
I suggest Louise Penny, Will Thomas, Jacqueline Winspear, Elizabeth Peters, P.D. James, Martha Grimes (the Jury series), Priscilla Royal. I also enjoyed the series written by Elliot Roosevelt about his mother.

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I don't know if Patricia Highsmith is considered "current." I really liked her "The Chimney Sweeper's Boy" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley."

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John Sandford's "prey" series - read them in order and Kate Sedley's Roger the Chapman (also read in order) are two favorites. I also like Margaret Yorke and Hazel Holt but they are "cozies" which may not be what you are looking to read. They are all still writing. The alphabet mysteries by Sue Grafton are also pretty good. Start with A is for Alibi and read in order for character development.

As far as dead mystery authors, a few that get my vote are:
Ellis Peters
C. L. Grace
Agatha Christie, especially The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

I second cece's recommendation of it is a fantastic resource. Another one to try is the literature map. Link below... simply type in the name of your favorite author and it will show you writers that are similar. The literature map suggests that Steve Martini is very similar to David Baldacci, and that Vince Flynn fans may enjoy Brad Thor, Richard Marchinko and Phillip Kerr.

Happy retirement!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Literature Map

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John Hart; Linwood Barclay; Jonathon King; Daniel Silva; & Andrew Gross are just a few of the current mystery writers I am reading & enjoying.


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Laura Lippman (read them in order), Tana Hoban and Dennis Lehane.

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I read thrillers more than mysteries but Baldacci, Flynn, and Gerritsen are all ones I like. Others include Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Stephen White, Stuart Woods, Perri O'Shaughnessy, Kathy Reichs, David Rosenfelt, and others that I will think of after I send this message!

Congratulations on your retirement and happy reading!

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James Lee Burke is one of my favorites. Again, he writes series books. I think the Dave Robichaux ones are the best--set in Louisiana.

I also like Deborah Crombie, Charles Todd, John Hart, Elizabeth George, and both of Anne Perry's series set in Victorian England.

As Frances said, I'll think of more as soon as I hit post.

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I second Daniel Silva and Louise Penny. I also like Frederick Forsyth, J A Konrath (books are a bit on the gory side but also funny) Jack Kerley, Mark Billingham (his forthcoming one is a beauty) and for dry British humour in a police procedural, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. All of these except Forsyth are series and best read in order.

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According to the Crime Writers of Scandinavia, Johan Theorin is one to read - he just won the Nordic crime award, the Glass Key. He has one book out in English, Echoes from the Dead. I haven't read it myself - I'm waiting for the Icelandic translation - but everyone who has read it recommends it.

I would also like to recommend Arnardur Indridason and Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Both are Icelandic crime writers who have received rave reviews abroad and I think they are both excellent. Arnaldur has several books translated into English and Yrsa's third book is due out in English this year.

Then there is Andrea Camilleri - he writes excellent mysteries that take place in Sicily, and while the Mafia is often mentioned, the crimes are usually individual ones.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Stuart M. Kaminsky. The Rostnikov novels are my favorite series and he had a new one out last year.

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How did I forget Stieg Larsson's trilogy, starting with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Wonderful books - literary mysteries.

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Elizabeth George again, Ruth Rendell, Nevada Barr, the Ben January series of Barbara Hambley

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I enjoy Ann Granger's Mitchell & Markby series (usually don't care for mysteries featuring a detective but he has his Foreign Office fiancee and her sleuthing stirring up the stories and making them more interesting); the Lucy Stone series up in Tinker's Cove, Maine with all the recurring characters who all grow in different ways through the series (I like that!); M C Beaton's Hamish MacBeth and agatha raisin series (she doesn't write as well as she did years ago but the recurring characters in each series are wonderful as are the actual mysteries); John Lescroart's dismas hardy series (set in San Francisco, a lawyer and his family, friends and clients, trials, and always a very good mystery); the Nameless Detective series (Pronzini is a beautiful, thoughtful narrator of his mysteries); and the early books in the "Cat Who" series (I lost interest after the Potato Mt mystery).

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There are several authors that I follow religously: Michael Connelly, J.A. Jance and Marcia Muller. Each has written a number of books and never once disappointed me. Their primary characters grow and experience. I used to belong to mystery book club, so have read a wide range -- but these three are the best. Wait! I just finished reading all the Jacqueline Winspear books in the Masie Dobbs series -- EXCELLENT!

So many books -- so little time!

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I enjoyed tremendously the Inspector Guarnaccia mysteries, set in Florence. They were written by Magdalen Nabb, an Englishwoman living in Florence, who died at a relatively young age less than two years ago.

These are great books, good mysteries, very current and lots of local color. All fourteen are based on true crimes and real Florence characters but are fiction. I'm so sorry there won't be any more. And as others have said, read them in order.

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P.J. Tracy! It's actually a mother and daughter writing team...writing is gritty and quirky, very fast paced.

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Bringing up for Iris

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How about Jeffery Deaver? He writes the Lincoln Rhyme books plus he has some other recurring characters also. and P.T. Deuterman is pretty good too. And, of course, Patricia Cornwell if you don't mind the gore.

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