Roman Numerals

dido1May 29, 2008

Please, what is CXVLV111 (The Game) meant to be in real numbers?

C=100. OK.



But are we adding X & V to C to make 115, then adding LV111 (58) = 173 (CLXX111)?

Or taking them from following L (keeping C) to make 145 plus8 = 153 (CL111)

Or are we adding them to L and V111(8) to make 158? (CLV111)

Or..... I'm totally confused now.


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Dido, I think the last Game had an extra V in it.
It should have read CXLVIII . . . and I never noticed despite seeing it every day.




So the next Game will be CXLIX . . .or something very similar
Take it away Dido.

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Thanks for addressing the Roman numeral question dido and vee. I was ready to face the wrath of the gods and go to Indo-Arabic numerals - perish the thought!

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Thank you, Vee. I know - after I'd posted, I thought to check back to your previous thread and that made perfect sense. It certainly will be CXL!X, next, and I'll do something about that betimes.


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