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rosefollyAugust 3, 2014

There is a new television series based on the Outlander books. You have to have access to the Starz network to see it. However, the first episode is available online at this point. Here is the link:



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I only read the first couple of books but it might be interesting to see how they adapt it for the screen. Thanks Rosefolly!

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I'm planning to watch it. My husband said he saw an ad for it on one of the cable channels, not Starz. Here's hoping he can remember (or find) which one it was.

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We got pay TV especially to watch this :)
I have been following the filming and it looks like it will be very good. The producer, Ron Moore, says his wife (who is the costume designer for the series) is a huge fan and his main concern is to get it right so he isn't in trouble.
Diana Gabaldon has also had more input than usual for an author.

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I read the first of the series and really enjoyed it but couldn't get into comitting to the rest of it.

Yet the HP series was addictive start to finish.

The Maisie Dobbs series was another addictive pleasure.

I would have to say that it's not the idea of a series that put me off....maybe I just got weary of all the burning loins and heaving breasts !!

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I got annoyed with it after a while. The way she started the book with the husband telling his wife about the scotsman looking at her through a window made me think the author was going to cycle back to it, but by the time the third book came along and it was obvious she was going to make this a very long series, I got bored and never went back.

And, yoyobon, I'm with you; I got tired of the burning loins etc. LOL

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Rouan,,,,,,It's true !
You want to say:
" Okay Diana, we get the picture, you have your average reader in a proper sweat ( for which her husband will thank you dearly) now let's just move it along ! "

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