Best book club discussion in 2013?

kathy_tDecember 15, 2013

I'd like to ask those who belong to book clubs, which one or two books of the last year led to your group's best discussion(s)? Here's my own answer:

1. The Midwife by Jennifer Worth - because so many women in my group were able to relate to the birthing experience on a personal level. Also, this book, which was originally published in the UK as Call the Midwife, I believe, was the basis for a popular PBS television series, which always seems to interest people. And last, it provided a view of the Docklands area of London that most of us were unfamiliar with.

2. Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante - because it attempted to put the reader in the mind of a person with Alzheimer's disease. Of course, one can't be certain how successfully this was done, but it was quite convincing. It turned out that most members of my book club have been affected by Alzheimer's disease in a family member, neighbor, or friend's relative, which made it easy for most of us to relate to this topic. (We are all in or close to the parental caregiver stage of our lives.) Also, the book has a fascinating mystery.

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This is really hard for me. I like all our book discussions, especially when the opinions are varied. Sometimes we go off on tangents -- there was a book last year that was actually not very good but had huge publicity, in part thanks to Costco. I think someone high up in Costco knew the author and therefore it appeared on its shelves. So we sort of panned the book but had a very interesting discussion on marketing and how much that influences the Top Ten etc. Then we sometimes talk a lot about the author, their background, how they came to write that particular book and whether it felt authentic. I will bring this topic up at our next meeting and see if I can get a consensus. Unfortunately, most of us don't remember titles that well.
Many of you received my homemade bookmarks. I made similar ones for my real life book club members but on each one wrote on the back, this year's book titles. So now we have an easy reference. The Midwife sounds very interesting.

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Kathy, I saw in another thread that you were sorry you hadn't had more posts here. I don't know if many RPers belong to book clubs. I have noticed that we seem to go our own way rather than join book reading groups.

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Thanks Annpan. I thought I remembered several people mentioning book groups, but perhaps not.

I enjoy hearing the different viewpoints expressed at my book group - ones I would not even have thought of on my own. - sort of like RP in person.

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"sort of like RP in person" ...and with refreshments ? :-)

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I would like you opinion about a book published this year by a new author, Lisa Lareau. It is entitled, "The Last Neanderthal Clan." The setting is in prehistoric times and it hypothesises the last struggle for survival of the last Neanderthal group. I find it a very good read, written in a new manner.

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Oh yes, always refreshments, Annpan! We often try to coordinate refreshments with the book in some way.

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Kathy, in that case I would always choose a book by that author whose main character runs a chocolate shop.

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Imagination that church...Our Lady of Perpetual Upsizing

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Ooops.....mean to type " Imagine" not imagination
Too much chocolate I fingers went wild !

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Afraid I've been attending that church this month. And I had really wanted to get back into a pretty pair of red slacks to wear during Christmas--maybe next year.

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