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Jades on Sunday MorningUpdated just now
Posted by kaktuskris(5) February 22, 2015 144 Comments
Finally not ashamed of this end of the garden.Updated 11 minutes ago
Posted by dephora 42 minutes ago 1 Comment
Hello Again!Updated 13 minutes ago
Posted by Erin 2 hours ago 16 Comments
Variegated jade : LegolasUpdated 28 minutes ago
Posted by Laurent February 4, 2015 40 Comments
kalanchoe questionsUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by ianbeatty 22 hours ago 13 Comments
Saved from PerditionUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by fakechuchi(7) 3 hours ago 1 Comment
Gollum SurpriseUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by kaktuskris(5) 16 hours ago 4 Comments
water testing for succulents.Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by Britni Rice 1 hour ago 1 Comment
Spring repots anyone???Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by deva33 Z5 SE Iowa on Wednesday 7 Comments
Has anyone used Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate as an fungicide?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by addicted2plants(6) 18 hours ago 2 Comments
Large Jade Whack and RepotUpdated 4 hours ago
Posted by americangolden(ZONE 5B) May 27, 2012 117 Comments
Jades Surviving, but not ThrivingUpdated 4 hours ago
Posted by andelice 9 hours ago 1 Comment
Hobbits for NancyUpdated 5 hours ago
Posted by ehuns27 7a PA 22 hours ago 9 Comments
Crassula Bonsai LoverUpdated 6 hours ago
Posted by Martin on Monday 42 Comments
Starting out with lots of Questions about my Succulents!Updated 11 hours ago
Posted by Britni Rice on Monday 24 Comments
Can someone identify this succulentUpdated 13 hours ago
Posted by enjoyingspring Yesterday 9 Comments
It's Started...Again!Updated 13 hours ago
Posted by bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI 23 hours ago 7 Comments
Cheiridopsis caroli - schmidtii bloomingUpdated 14 hours ago
Posted by Propaganda Garden Design February 23, 2010 7 Comments
Just received large order of Cheridopsis and need soil mix recommendUpdated 14 hours ago
Posted by Bama_Joe on Wednesday 5 Comments
Just a few colorful jades and things after a long winter?Updated 17 hours ago
Posted by mikerno_1micha(Zone 6a, Massachusetts) on Sunday 45 Comments
Cerus peruvianus questionUpdated 18 hours ago
Posted by spikef35 March 19, 2015 11 Comments
Little Cyathia and Hopes of Bigger Things...
Posted by kaktuskris(5) 19 hours ago
Hard time finding Cereus Cacti i.e. a nice Ming Thing etcUpdated 19 hours ago
Posted by Bama_Joe on Wednesday 10 Comments
Need help pruning and beautifying my Jade plant pleaseUpdated 19 hours ago
Posted by holy_peanuts on Wednesday 5 Comments
Shriveling Ferocactus Latispinus
Posted by _sbgibbons_ 22 hours ago
Repotted EuphorbiaUpdated Yesterday
Posted by hablu(z8 Netherlands) last Saturday 10 Comments
New too indoor succulents, need adviceUpdated Yesterday
Posted by gerettj February 28, 2015 18 Comments
13 year old cactus with no rootsUpdated Yesterday
Posted by Sophie Julia on Wednesday 2 Comments
I'd mammilariaUpdated Yesterday
Posted by spikef35 on Wednesday 3 Comments
End of Winter Update: Everyone ElseUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by on Tuesday 2 Comments
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