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Succulent Growing Roots From Stem
Posted by chelseaw 2 hours ago
Help! what's wrong with these succulentsUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by hm825 23 hours ago 8 Comments
Help needed with cutting
Posted by Hamza Nobes 4 hours ago
Rosary plant or string of hearts helpUpdated 5 hours ago
Posted by chicagardens January 26, 2014 49 Comments
Kalanchoes outdoors in southern CaliforniaUpdated 6 hours ago
Posted by palmbob 9 hours ago 2 Comments
Aeonium hybrids from Southern CaliforniaUpdated 7 hours ago
Posted by palmbob 9 hours ago 3 Comments
Show my new collection of succulents
Posted by hm825 8 hours ago
Hobbit, skinny fingers or GollumUpdated 8 hours ago
Posted by Hamza Nobes on Tuesday 19 Comments
February blooms (2015)Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by rina_ January 31, 2015 43 Comments
Help! Unhappy succulents!Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by holliescruton 21 hours ago 4 Comments
Can you please name this succulent (Qatar)Updated 10 hours ago
Posted by maufie123 13 hours ago 1 Comment
Can you please name the exact variety of this cactus (Qatar)Updated 11 hours ago
Posted by maufie123 13 hours ago 1 Comment
Jades on Sunday MorningUpdated 12 hours ago
Posted by kaktuskris on Sunday 42 Comments
Jade prune going back farther than expected? Normal???Updated 13 hours ago
Posted by deva33 Z5 SE Iowa Yesterday 5 Comments
So how about this jade?Updated 14 hours ago
Posted by marguerite_gw on Monday 10 Comments
Tricolor sportUpdated 14 hours ago
Posted by camellia1_gw Yesterday 4 Comments
Repotting EcheveriasUpdated 16 hours ago
Posted by Carlyn Ceniza February 15, 2015 5 Comments
Al's Gritty MixUpdated 17 hours ago
Posted by Gigi z 7B, Upstate SC, USA Yesterday 19 Comments
New Succulent Container Garden, and need advice.
Posted by kizasugondo 22 hours ago
Pest and diseases in Aloes (photos?)Updated Yesterday
Posted by juper January 20, 2010 9 Comments
help with mixed planters =DUpdated Yesterday
Posted by carolinavalladares21 Yesterday 2 Comments
Need Help rooting GIGANTIC Jade cutting from 30 year old specimenUpdated Yesterday
Posted by Bama_Joe on Monday 15 Comments
Help me save these plants!!Updated Yesterday
Posted by Celeste Jackson on Sunday 6 Comments
Thanksgiving cactus needs helpUpdated Yesterday
Posted by Gigi z 7B, Upstate SC, USA on Sunday 14 Comments
Lithops, Hawthoria, Fenestraria, and PleiospilosUpdated Yesterday
Posted by bouldergrower April 17, 2014 56 Comments
help ID.Updated Yesterday
Posted by tyler1121 on Sunday 14 Comments
Epiphyllum roots growing out of the soil..Updated Yesterday
Posted by mushibu10(zone 8 (UK)) Yesterday 2 Comments
Need to Save My Plant....and Would Like to Know What it IsUpdated Yesterday
Posted by kmoats7 on Tuesday 4 Comments
drooping aloe vera plant!Updated on Tuesday
Posted by mysocalledlife on Tuesday 4 Comments
baby jade & unidentified succulent help!Updated on Tuesday
Posted by sjhermann February 12, 2015 5 Comments
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