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growing succulents from seedsUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by Britni Rice last Friday 7 Comments
March blooms (2015)Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by rina_ March 1, 2015 59 Comments
The tall one and the short one> ID help needed
Posted by brown_panda 1 hour ago
What is the name of this succulent?
Posted by frugal_gardening(9) 3 hours ago
What's your growing area look likeUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by spikef35 March 17, 2015 14 Comments
Jades Surviving, but not ThrivingUpdated 4 hours ago
Posted by andelice last Friday 18 Comments
do all cacti need a cold season to bloom?Updated 4 hours ago
Posted by kyrri on Monday 10 Comments
Any experience with black spots in jade when pruning?Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by deva33 Z5 SE Iowa on Monday 6 Comments
Unable to find decomposed granite - sub granigrit?Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by Bama_Joe on Monday 4 Comments
Is it ok to plant this in the ground?Updated 6 hours ago
Posted by spikef35 on Sunday 10 Comments
What did I buy, my friends?Updated 8 hours ago
Posted by Crenda SWFL 10A 13 hours ago 6 Comments
How long do Epiphyllum cuttings last for?Updated 8 hours ago
Posted by snowboardinggirl last Saturday 8 Comments
lots of new cactus, but are these 2 going to make it?Updated 8 hours ago
Posted by n3wport on Monday 7 Comments
Lithops woundUpdated 8 hours ago
Posted by Celeste Jackson 12 hours ago 1 Comment
When do I start watering after re-potting?Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by blaquepua on Monday 9 Comments
Any ideas on what this is?Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by LilBit7765 on Sunday 15 Comments
What kind of Succulent is this?Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by yonatin last Saturday 6 Comments
Ants help!Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by spikef35 on Monday 9 Comments
Echeveria - how long from bloom to death?Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR) on Monday 6 Comments
What is this and how do I propagate it?Updated 11 hours ago
Posted by Alex(6a) on Sunday 14 Comments
leaf/plant idUpdated 15 hours ago
Posted by amynoacids on Monday 7 Comments
Will try to post pictures of some of my E. miliis.Updated 23 hours ago
Posted by bgp_123 on Monday 5 Comments
End of Winter Update: CrassulaUpdated on Monday
Posted by March 13, 2015 12 Comments
New jade arrivals from Australia and ItalyUpdated on Monday
Posted by bens2bens March 13, 2015 23 Comments
Euphorbia Cristata Dying - HELPUpdated on Monday
Posted by Jenny Marsden on Monday 4 Comments
Waves and Ripples: A Study in ContrastUpdated on Monday
Posted by kaktuskris(5) last Friday 9 Comments
Will this plant make it?Updated on Monday
Posted by yonatin last Saturday 11 Comments
Sempseed or the will to liveUpdated on Monday
Posted by hablu(z8 Netherlands) on Sunday 6 Comments
Euphorbia milii green flowers?Updated on Monday
Posted by tasmith16 September 3, 2014 4 Comments
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