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Can someone identify this succulentUpdated 13 minutes ago
Posted by enjoyingspring 10 hours ago 8 Comments
Hobbits for NancyUpdated 29 minutes ago
Posted by ehuns27 7a PA 4 hours ago 5 Comments
Jades on Sunday MorningUpdated 35 minutes ago
Posted by kaktuskris(5) February 22, 2015 137 Comments
kalanchoe questionsUpdated 37 minutes ago
Posted by ianbeatty 4 hours ago 3 Comments
Cerus peruvianus questionUpdated 49 minutes ago
Posted by spikef35 March 19, 2015 11 Comments
Has anyone used Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate as an fungicide?
Posted by addicted2plants(6) 1 hour ago
Little Cyathia and Hopes of Bigger Things...
Posted by kaktuskris(5) 1 hour ago
It's Started...Again!Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI 6 hours ago 4 Comments
Hard time finding Cereus Cacti i.e. a nice Ming Thing etcUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by Bama_Joe 22 hours ago 10 Comments
Need help pruning and beautifying my Jade plant pleaseUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by holy_peanuts 21 hours ago 5 Comments
Just a few colorful jades and things after a long winter?Updated 3 hours ago
Posted by mikerno_1micha(Zone 6a, Massachusetts) on Sunday 44 Comments
Shriveling Ferocactus Latispinus
Posted by _sbgibbons_ 5 hours ago
Spring repots anyone???Updated 6 hours ago
Posted by deva33 Z5 SE Iowa 22 hours ago 3 Comments
Repotted EuphorbiaUpdated 7 hours ago
Posted by hablu(z8 Netherlands) last Saturday 10 Comments
Just received large order of Cheridopsis and need soil mix recommendUpdated 7 hours ago
Posted by Bama_Joe 22 hours ago 3 Comments
Starting out with lots of Questions about my Succulents!Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by Britni Rice on Monday 23 Comments
New too indoor succulents, need adviceUpdated 9 hours ago
Posted by gerettj February 28, 2015 18 Comments
13 year old cactus with no rootsUpdated 11 hours ago
Posted by Sophie Julia Yesterday 2 Comments
I'd mammilariaUpdated 12 hours ago
Posted by spikef35 Yesterday 3 Comments
End of Winter Update: Everyone ElseUpdated 21 hours ago
Posted by on Tuesday 2 Comments
Crassula "Green Bird"Updated Yesterday
Posted by bens2bens on Tuesday 5 Comments
stumped with succulentUpdated Yesterday
Posted by cvalessa Yesterday 2 Comments
End of Winter Update: CuttingsUpdated Yesterday
Posted by on Tuesday 7 Comments
Two Echies from todayUpdated Yesterday
Posted by hablu(z8 Netherlands) on Sunday 5 Comments
Echeveria seedling turning pale green... why? :'(Updated Yesterday
Posted by angelalee4649 Yesterday 6 Comments
Completely peat-less potting soilUpdated Yesterday
Posted by asclepiad_fan Yesterday 6 Comments
To prune or not to prune?Updated Yesterday
Posted by deva33 Z5 SE Iowa March 10, 2015 17 Comments
Beginner: Growing Succulents in Semi-HydroUpdated Yesterday
Posted by lavendarlilies on Tuesday 3 Comments
Need advice on watering succulents with new soilUpdated Yesterday
Posted by breathnez on Tuesday 6 Comments
Light Brown Patches on Paddle CactusUpdated Yesterday
Posted by mrcirba on Tuesday 9 Comments
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