Exchanges & Trading


These are the resources provided for the GardenWeb community to facilitate trading of plants and seeds. For more technical questions, you might want to look through the other forum topics.

If this is your first visit to the forums, please read over the instructions carefully.


The Seed Exchange
Here users can post lists of what seeds they have in abundance and also those which have been eluding them.

The Plant Exchange
This forum is for the exchange of plants, cuttings and bulbs.

Round Robin Exchange
For those wishing to participate in group trades.

Winter Sowing Exchange
For the exchange of seeds appropriate for winter sowing.

Canadian Garden Exchange
For those living in Canada to trade within Canada.

Book Exchange
The place to trade those books you've finished.

Australian Garden Exchange
For those living in Australia.

New Zealand
For those living in New Zealand.

European Garden Exchange
This forum is for those who want to conduct trades within the EC.

Rate & Review Exchanges
A place to rate and review exchanges and trades with other GardenWeb members.

Seed Saving
Covers harvesting and preserving of seeds.

State & Regional Exchanges

Alabama Garden Exchange

Arizona Garden Exchange

California Garden Exchange

Carolina Garden Exchange

Florida Garden Exchange

Georgia Garden Exchange

Great Lakes Exchange

Hawaii Garden Exchange

Iowa Garden Exchange

Louisiana & Mississippi Exchange

Mid-Atlantic Exchange

Midwest Exchange

New England Exchange

New Jersey Garden Exchange

Hudson Valley New York Exchange

Upstate New York Exchange

Ohio Valley Exchange

Oklahoma Garden Exchange

Ozarks Garden Exchange

Pacific Northwest Exchange

Tennessee Garden Exchange

Texas Garden Exchange

Virginia Garden Exchange


Garden Exchange  
For those wishing to trade garden items other than plants and seeds.

Search Members' Lists
GardenWeb members may maintain lists of seeds and plants which they have to trade or are looking for. See the member index page for information on becoming a member and maintaining your lists.

Plant Specific Exchanges

African Violet Exchange

Allium Exchange

Aquatic Plant Exchange

Asian Vegetables

Bamboo Exchange

Banana Exchange

Beans, Peas & Legumes Exchange

Begonia Exchange

Bonsai Exchange

Brugmansia Exchange

Bromeliad Exchange

Bulb Exchange

Cacti & Succulents Exchange

Canna Exchange

Clematis Exchange

Daylily Exchange

Gesneriad Exchange

Gourd Exchange

Heirlooms Exchange

Herb Exchange

Hibiscus Exchange

Hosta Exchange

Hot Pepper Exchange

House Plant Exchange

Hoya Exchange

Iris Exchange

Lily Exchange

Native Plant Exchange

Orchid Exchange

Ornamental Grass Exchange

Passiflora Exchange

Palm & Cycad Exchange

Rose Propagation & Exchange

Salvia Exchange

Tomato Exchange

Tropical Plant Exchange

Vegetable Exchange

Vines Exchange



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 o Instructions

  • The exchanges were created to facilitate the arranging of trades of plants and seeds between members. You must be 18 years or older to participate. Please do not use them to solicit donations, ask for free plants or seeds, or ask for items in exchange for postage. All requests must be in the context of arranging a trade. If you have nothing to offer at this time, please wait until you do.

  • All exchanges are restricted to users from a particular country, region or state. If it isn't indicated otherwise, the exchange is restricted to residents of the U.S. To find an exchange for your location, check the exchange index.

  • Each post must have a type of trade, subject and a message.

  • Trading is done at users' discretion. GardenWeb has no control or resposibility over trades arranged here. Keep in mind some traders may let you down, so it might be wise to keep your initial trade with someone limited to smaller items.

  • Messages addressed to or meant for particular users should be sent via email and are not allowed in the exchanges.

  • If you have trouble with another person coming through with their end of a trade, you must deal with it privately. It is the consensus of the forum users that this type of thing be kept out of our forums. Any public accusation in this forum, or elsewhere at GardenWeb, will result in the accuser being banned.


See the Forum Help Page.

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