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What's new that you are trying this year?

Posted by oldherb z8 Oregon (My Page) on
Wed, Mar 31, 04 at 19:05

I'm not sure if we have done this question yet this season or not but I thought I would put it out there and see what everyone was up to this year.

This is the year of the tuber for me I guess. Crones (I know I'm being bold and I'll keep them in containers) and then there are the Oca tubers I got from Nichol's Garden Nursery. Can't wait to try these. Their leaves look like Oxalis leaves so they should be rather pretty in the garden. Harvest won't be until late fall when most every other tuber is dug.

So what caught your fancy this year?

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RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

PawPaws.....I finally succumbed and ordered a pair.... They are supposed to be a very pretty tree, I just hope they can survive the extreme weather we can have here (hot in summer, bitter cold in winter)... Does anyone else here have any? Any tips? And just what do they REALLY taste like?

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Pawpaws really do have a bananna-mangoish flavor, honestly. The testure of the fruit is descibed as custardy (more appropriately described as semi-slimy)--at least the kinds I've tried.

I've added Hanson's Bush cherries (as much for ornament as fruit). I'm also going to add Goumi this year. Lastly I have an apple tree to plant (assuming I haven't killed it already by waiting too long to plant a bareroot--but it couldn't be helped as our newest edition an 8 pound 11 ounce baby boy came this week and superceeded all other activity)

I think I am out of space for adding new edibles (except for my vegetable garden and its annuals) in this yard, though.


RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

2 Pecan trees.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

A range of different herbs - huazontli, quillquinna, red and green perilla and a few whose names I cannot remember. Am also trying a range of basils this year.

Other than that, am growing salsify and scrozonera, and so far 3 different heritage tomatoes. Not terrible adventurous but garden space has to dictate what goes in.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Im doing the salsify and scrozonera as well; plus a few new figs, Jujubes, Mulberrys (by garfting scions) and Hanson's Bush cherries. I think I am focusing on grafting and propagating what I already have this year. So far I have had little luck on the propagation side.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

First, I am sowing special tomato seed for tomatoes that will set fruit even when it gets to be 100 plus every day.
Secondly, a big gamble ... Hibiscus sabdariffa from seed. I love hibiscus tea (made from the calyxes) and yes, I know it cannot stand any frost at all ... but would like to try growing one through the summer and perhaps give it a grow light until the fruit matures in October. Very possibly I will not get matured fruit, but my curiosity will have been satisfied!
Recently planted out the elderberries which I had bought in the Fall ... Johns and Adams, i believe. Put them next to the creek, where they should be happy, and plan to water them through this coming summer so their roots can get down there. That's it for me. Delina

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Hey ya'll,
Lets see, eggplant bambino, zuchinni eightball,
SEVERAL small peppers, brussells sprouts, shallots,
walking onions, lavender, and garlic. I think that's
it as far as the veggies go. Most of these are due
to seed or bulb trades. That makes them exta special.
I also have a bunch of new flowers and pond plants
from trades and swaps. I've had such a great time
talking to fellow gardeners on line, sharing stories,
seeds, and such. It's been wonderful to meet so many
other people that love to garden. Well ya'll take
care and God bless. Keep gettin those hands dirty.


RE: What's new that you are trying this year?


2 Fig Trees (Celeste & Brown Turkey)
4 Papaya Trees
1 Dwarf Cavendish Banana

-David Mason

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

edamame(edible soybean)---types are "white lion"...."lucky lion"..."hakugho". have no experience in these, but like the taste.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

  • Posted by Dixon z6 Utah (My Page) on
    Fri, Apr 23, 04 at 1:34

Last fall, I planted 16 plots of gourmet mushrooms: Black and Yellow Morels; Wine Caps; Blewits; Garden Oyster; Shaggy Mane; Hen of the Woods; Hedge Hog; Lion's Mane, and Giant Puffball. some will fruit this summer, some in the fall, and some in two years.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

  • Posted by chaman U S east coast (My Page) on
    Fri, Apr 23, 04 at 22:57

I got Oca and Yacon from Nicolas Garden Nursery and Apios Americana from a Friend.All are showing good sign of growth.


RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Yacon. Has anyone had any luck with it so far? I ordered some tubla for this year, but nothing has even sprotted yet.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

I just bought a red dragon fruit pitaya cactus. We'll see how well it does.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

I have some Borage and pineapple guava growing. Can't wait to eat the PG flowers... I hear they taste like candy. :)

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

I am going to order Decaisnea fargesi, related to Akebia (from which I got my first fruit last year), and Leycesteria formosa, Himalayan Honeysuckle, which has an edible berry. I'm also going to get a couple of black mulberries to see if they really do taste exquisite and if the birds will eat mulberries and leave my cherries alone.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

I am trying raspberries & strawberrys. I am not attempting any vegies. I also made a composter from a trash bin (plastic) drilled many holes around it and hoping that it will give me enough compost for what I grow. Last year I had roses both in the ground and in pots. The roses in the pots bloomed all year and the ones in the ground did not do well after the spring blooming. So I have put all of them in pots this year.
My wife and I spent 5 weeks in England last year, 2 in Wales, and I was surprised at how much they used pots. I am from Scotland, been over here many years, my Father was a great gardener and I don't remember him using pots that much. Also in England my BIL used what they called "Gro Paks" which was simply a bag of potting soil and you cut squares from the top, punched holes in the side for drainage and planted in the holes. He had his strawberries and small tomatoes planted in them, and they did very well. I am going to do that with my strawberries.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

my 11 year old neice is starting to get interested in gardening so i am going to try birdhouse gourds, and giant pumpkins. Maybe she will get Garden Fever and join me. I fabricated all raised beds due to my bindweed issue. Last fall i raided my plant banks and transplanted 45 plants. I cant wait till this summer to see how things turn out.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Pakistan and Wacissa Mulberries. Three new dwarf Mangos. Low Fruiting Papayas (several varieties) to grow in the screen house. Pomegranate, Persimmon, Hood Pears, Carnes Pears, Flordahome Pears, Pineapple Pears. Will graft to each mother pear tree so I have 4-in-1 on each. Awesome new Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and Apples from Bay Laurel Nursery.

Jackfruit and Israel Guavas. 15 new Blackberry bushes.

It is starting to look like fruit tree heaven around here!


RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Have planted 6-7 of Martin's garlic varieties, catawissa onion, and a pearl walking-onion. Also am doing a new Wisconsin 55 tomato, and black cherry tomato from Martin. (You'll love his posts in the Allium forum!)

I have about a hundred kinds of food & flower seed packets that are new to me, most to get seeded in the next few weeks. I have 3 kinds of early cucumber started already - spacemaster, a sweet slicing cuke, and a pickle cuke. I'v only grown lemon cukes so far - and will again - but am eager to try new varieties of something so easy. Greek Salad & Tatziki anyone?

Thai basil has sprouted so I'll do savory stir-fry too.

Am trying some purple sweet peppers, since I had my first ever year of success last year with Anaheims and Jalapeno from seed. Several are still alive - after being dug & moved indoors last October. They are looking spindly and weak now, but in my imagination: they can't wait to get back outside, leaf out & get producing again! (The eggplant didn't make it, rats, but I've got a couple kinds of seed to get started ASAP)

A couple of the wintered-over Peppers are out on the back porch now - to begin hardening off for their next palnting, since we're having a very pleasant early spring in Oregon.

I have several interesting squashes to seed - and am glad a neighbor, and another newbie who I'm helping get started in food growing have both has allowed me to use their space - so I can go nuts growing all this stuff!

I look forward to receiving a box of dahlia tubers froma gardenWebber - a neighbor across the street has agreed to let me plant her whole front yard with them so all can enjoy about a dozen I've never brefore grown. I'll help her with cutting and mulching to keep 'em going, as this neighbor says she is new to growing flowers - but is amazing with veggies.

Am happy about some good garden trades so far this spring - got a variagated sage, and 2 passion fruit vines are tucked in. Finally planted some stuff from Swaps last September. Amazing what can survive ice and drought in plastic pots!

Some golden hops and sweet peas will hoepfully compete happy for fence climbing space. Lots more is new to my little garden this year - and Lord Help Me - I'm about to do an order from 4 Seasons! (Who can resist a deal on Asparagus and loads of Greek Windflowers, anyway?)

Enjoyed reading all your plant scores -
and have never even heard of some of those!
Maybe next year...

Let us know how yours turn out - and post pix!

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Lots, a tree blew over in the wind this winter and had to be removed so the void must be filled:

a "fedge" of stone fruits, peach, nectarine, Aprium, pluot
Canada White Blenheim white apricot
Eversweet pomegranite
black mulberry 'Black Beauty'
persimmons, Chocolate, Hyakume, Maru, Suruga
Lemonade lemon (variegated)
figs Panachee, Negronne, Janice seedless
Jujube So contorted
Fejoia 'Nazemetz'
passiflora 'Frederick'
white sapote 'Suebelle'
Babaco papaya
Pitayas, guatamalensis, costa ricensis, Vietnamese
blueberry 'Sunshine'
a baker's dozen of tomatoes, mostly heirloom
almond 'GardenPrince'
avocados 'Don Gillogly' 'Gwen' 'Holiday'
misc. herbs
probably a bush squash (only one if I can restrain myself)

eventually I'd like to add a Loquat, maybe some daylilies.

All this is new to me, I am a former antique rose & Plumeria collector (who has developed an appetite, heh heh).
Some of this bounty will go to our parrots and my son's fancy rats (and our dogs too as treats).

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

With the exception of planting a Peggy's Black Mulberry and putting in a vegetable garden for the first time in a couple of years I haven't really undertaken to plant anything new this year. What I have been doing is expanding on things I've already got. Six varieties of figs, six varieties of muscadine grapes, five varieties of blackberries, the same for blueberries, eleven kinds of citrus, seven kinds of pears, three kinds of Asian persimmons, four varieties of pecans, four of plums, and some minor fruits like loquats, pomegranates, and so on.

Going to be a fruit eating fool in a couple of years.


RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Wow this thread is almost a year old now...

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

I also got a Black Beauty mulberry, and also Noir de Spain black mulberry, and Oscar mulberry. I'm also trying a weird tree fruit, Decaisnea fargesii, related to Akebia, since my Akebia fruited last year and I kind of liked it.

That's quite a list, Greenwitch, takes me back to when I lived in San Diego. My favorite were the blood oranges, which I thought should have been called Strawberry oranges instead, since they are so sweet.

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?


Black Jaboticaba (5'8-9") (Should've had it in the shade earlier new leaves sunburned easy)
Yellow Jaboticaba 5"
White Sapote (Suebelle) 8"
Sapodilla (Alano) 8" (Slooww grower)
Fejoia (Smilax) 14"
Black Sapote (Bernecker) 14"
Lychee air-layered (Emperor) 4'5 (over fertilized but now making a nice comeback)
Wooley Leafed Sapote (Ed's White)4'5" (A personal favorite-shipping problems led it to be in its box about 2 weeks lost almost all its leaves except it looks awesome)
Canistel air-layered (Delightful) 3'
Mango (Rapoza) 14"
Mango (seed) Thong Dam (still waiting)


Korean Pine (Silveray) 1'2" (best looking imho)
Lacebark Pine (Silver Ghost) 1'2"
Swiss Stone Pine (Silversheen) 1'2"
Blueberry (Sunshine Blue) 1'


Mangosteen (Just wilted and finally perished..had it in a sunny then shaded spot...will try again with a humidifier or fogger)

I finally tasted lychees this year from Whole Foods...not overly impressed. Maybe was inferior type.

Interested in a Pulasan and Avocado (either a Don Gillogly or Mexicola) later. Of course Mangosteen (I like a challenge).

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

Hello ,
Read that someone might have yellow Jaboticaba seed and wonder If you would consider parting with a few seeds

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

I am growing more peppers; cayenne, serrano chile, hot cherry bomb, puy, frying peppers and sweet apple.
Trying Genovese basil for the first time.
Adding weld to my dye plant list.
blue fecus grass.
new to my tomotoes; Black Giant.
Am hoping to get a peach tree and some berry bushes

RE: What's new that you are trying this year?

We're doing Brazilian Oval Orange Eggplants, red russian kale, carrots, kohlrabi, onions, marina di chioggia, cabbage and soup beans this year.
Traditionally we used to just grow a few tomatoes, bell peppers and hot peppers.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Does Our Garden Grow

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