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wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Posted by gardeng8 5sw on (My Page) on
Wed, May 26, 10 at 10:01

Flower Girl On: Is it still possible to get: white swirl siberian iris, iceberg lily, speedwell, or walking onion? I will set aside: v. kalimeris incisa, blue pincushion, v. soloman seal, and a lime rickey heuchera.

Capehlke: I could dig up variegated soloman seal if you are still interested...Perhaps we could swap a white phlox if it is still available?

No worries if not...the trading is fast and furious!

Confirming these trades and plants still available: Please let me know if I have missed anything/anyone.

Blue Azure allium
-lady's mantle
*purple monkshood -Barb from London / Blue Iris 3
-Autumn Joy sedum
-stella d'oro daylily
*red Stella? daylily - Blue Iris 3
*wood's pink dwarf aster - Bev-W
-variegated hosta (few different ones...forgot names)
-Karl Forster grass
*variegated Ice Dance sedge - Barb from London
*white anemone (spring flowering) - Barb from London
-pink anemone (fall flowering)
-Moonshine yarrow -very well behaved
*flowering almond cutting (x2) - Blue Iris 3
-dwarf Korean lilac cutting (x1)
-wooley lambsear
*Lime Ricky heuchera -2 Bev_W /GLG /Flower Girl On
*Obsidian heuchera - GLG
-Purple Palace heuchera
-lilac cuttings (probably purple)
*blue pincushion (scabiosa) - Flower Girl On
-red maltese cross
-blue-eyed grass (small)
-sanguisorba (Burnet)
-med-tall variegated sedum
-'firecracker' lysmachia(well-behaved burgundy-yellow flowers
-blue flax (small volunteers)
-burgundy euphorbia (small volunteers)
*varieg soloman seal -Capehlke?/FlowerGirlOn/Barb/BlueIris3
*kalimeris incisa-variegated -GLG /Flower Girl On
-1 purple sandcherry (small volunteer)
-1 smoke bush (small voluntter)
-octopus campanula (from last year's trade)-grows well
-honeysuckle (volunteers)
-black scallop ajuga
*king edward yarrow (dwarf yellow)-Bev_W /GLG
-'fiona coghill' leucanthemum (few only)
*double leucanthemum (few only)- Blue Iris 3
-'white swan" echinacea

In addition to that I will bring an appetizer finger food...bacon/tomato cups.

Look forward to seeing everyone again!

Thanks in advance

See everyone soon, Carol

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

I have 3 Hyacinth Bean Vine "Ruby Moon" plants (seedlings) about 3 inches high.

I know I have a trade with Bev Eremurus for Native Honey Suckle.

I'm going to go through the list who I'm missing.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

re-posting my list on this page to make it easier to find. Please let me know if I haven't marked something for you that we have traded for. It is starting to get to that stage where the brain is on overload :)

**new**small division of eupatorium 'chocolate'
garlic chives
small hosta--I believe it is one called 'gold edger'
perennial candytuft seedlings (second year)--BEV & GARDENG8
one Aruncus aethusifolius (dwarf goatsbeard)-grows 8-12" tall--DIDZGARDEN
cranesbill-NOID I received this at a swap several years ago and although it has no ID, it is a very nice one that clumps nicely and doesn't get too big-- has nice pink flowers -- one to GARDENG8 AND SIGNET
rooted (and potted up) brugmansia cuttings--DIDZGARDEN
betula white birch tree seedling-LUCKYNES
rose of sharon approx 15-18"tall--(1)
creeping thyme--not sure of the name, but it is the completely flat kind.-BLUEIRIS
achillea-cerise queen--few
small pot of hosta--NOID (green with thin white edging)
three baby rhubarb plants in one pot-apparently self sown
Ivory silk lilac tree seedlings about 2" tall.--pot to SIGNET (couple more available)
clustered bellflowers--dark purple-- SIGNET
geranium sanguineum
pink lily of the valley--CAROL
white violets with mauve centre
hibiscus--red shield-healthy seedling--SIGNET AND CAROL(OUT)
tomato seedling--vitagold (this is red..not yellow)
phlox--tall-pink BARB (OUT)
phlox--tall-white with pink centre--BARB (OUT)
iris--yellow-short(approx 10-12")--BLUEIRIS
tulipa tarda--BARB AND SIGNET (OUT)
hosta (medium) recd as a NOIDsee pic aboveBEV and one still available
hydrangea-annabelleSIGNET & BLUEIRIS
dark ivy-possibly Baltic
small evergreen seedling
clematis prairie travellers joy(aggressive)SIGNET & BLUEIRIS
cinquefoil-redWSsmall HOS
asclepias incarnata--milkmaid
siberan iris--probably purple
hosta-hadspens blueBEV (OUT)


any chance that you have any more of the woods pink aster, campanula 'octopus' and burgundy euphorbia? If so do I have something you would trade for them?

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii


Merja - you can have the Perennial Orchid - no trade necessary as I'm pulling them out like weeds. One note, they have a tap root so don't transplant well but I'll bring you some to try. Also would you like to trade the Aerie peony for your bright pink one? I'm assuming this is different that the pink one I traded with you a few years ago?

Garden8 - I'd love to trade you some white phlox for the varrigated Solomon's seal.

Grey Lady - Yes to Helleorous and Bleeding Heart ... She's interested in Cinquefoil Red and White Violets

Merja - Yes to Helleoborus for either White Swirl Siberian Iris or Campanula

Blue Iris - Yes to Red Peony for either the skyblue Pensetemon or the orange turban lily. Incidentally the Blue Monkshood for Var. Hot Pink Phlox trade you list with me is really with Marion.

-Raspberries (spring and fall crop variety)
-strawberries (spring crop)
-Rose of Sharon (blue about 18" tall)
-Monkshood (blue)
-various Hostas
-white phlox
-evening primrose (yellow)
-Peony - Edulis Superbra TAKEN
-Peony - Aerie (more blush pink than white)TAKEN
-Perennnial Orchid (not sure of true name: grows about 4-5' tall semi shade, sun, self seeds, pink orchid flowers)
-small Japanese Quince sucker/cutting

-Tulip Tree Seedlings x2
-Diablo Ninebark
-Raspberries (Everbearing Heritage)
-Jerusalem Artichoke
-climbing hydrangea seedlings/volunteers
-varigated Vinca
-Lamium Shell Pink
-Caryopteris (Bluebeard)
-Chelone obliqua (Pink Turtlehead)
-Helleborus - purlple lady series - volunteers/seedlings TAKEN
-White Bleeding Heart (2 -two year old seedlings)
-Rudbeckia (Black Eye Susan)
-Corydalis Lutea - yellow
-narcissus (Original Poet's Daffodil)
-Allium - Purple Sensation
-Peony -NOID - early red double flowers
-Black Current (Crandall)
-Thalictirum Delavayi (Hewitt's Devil Metal Rue)
-Shasta Daisy (Alaska)
-Liatris seedlings/volunteers (Purple)

Is there a plan for the pot luck portion? Are we still doing that?


Can I take you up on your hyacinth bean? Im thrilled with anything that will attract hummers. This is said to be a magnet.

Is there anything in my list that you'd be interested in?

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Incidentally following the swap some of you may be interested to know:
The London Civic Gardens Complex (the City of London's greenhouses at Wonderland and Springbank - more or less next door to where our swap is) had their plant sale last weekend. Left over plants are now 50% off (not that they were much to begin with). They are open 12:30 to 3:30 on Sunday and I intend on slipping by and seeing what might be had.

Here's the link for more information:


thanks for the head up about the sale...couldn't hurt to look! :)

thank Marion for the trades and I have the red cinquefoil and white violets for her.

yes we are still doing the pot luck. gardeng8 is bringing tomato bacon cups and I think Bev said she is bringing her 'world famous baked beans'. No one else has posted what they are bringing yet (including me--still thinking)

plus I guess we should all bring our own drinks, plates, utensils etc.
also don't forget to bring your chairs, umbrellas for shade(there are trees for shade though) or anything else to make yourself comfortable.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

GreyLady Gardener: I'll set aside woods pink aster, octopus campanula and a burgundy euphorbia. Would you still have the asclepsis Milkmaid, siberian iris, and perhaps eupatorium chocolate available?

Capehlke: confirming trade of v. soloman's seal for white phlox....Thank you!


Nyssaman: Is there anything on my list that you might be willing to trade for a hyacinth bean vine...especially if it is a hummingbird magnet?

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Thanks for the directions...

greylady-gardener, sorry, I thought the sibirian iris was white.... could we trade the NOID hosta for a wood poppy instead?

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Hello all, - just reposting this to this page to make it easier to find.

Here's my round-up of trades so far, if I've missed something please let me know, I need to get busy potting up tomorrow.

* Barb from London: your Hydrangea quercifolia SEEDS & native wood poppy, for my: pink phlox & fern

* Bev: your Phlox divaricata, Nepeta subsellis & thyme for?? what can I send your way?

* capehlke - Chris: your Monkshood & white phlox, for my: hot pink var. phlox, & giant fern
Marion her noid Peony? (early red double flowers)for my sky blue penstemon (really small seedlings) and turban lily

* Flowergirl_on Merja: your Iceberg lily bulbs for my Canadian columbine seedlings

* Gardeng8 Carol: your monkshood, red Stella daylily, flowering almond cutting, var. Solomon's seal, & double leucanthemum, for my: P. moss phlox, mazus reptans, r. purple columbine, d. white columbine (seedlings), & sky blue penstemon (seedlings)

* greylady-gardener Lois: your clematis 'prairie traveller's joy', annabelle hydrangea, short yellow iris & creeping thyme, for my: both purple veronicas (eveline & royal candles), white armeria, & Canadian columbine seedlings

Thanks everyone for the trades!! I'm sad to miss this chance to chat with you all, but really glad that I got to arrange some trades anyhow. I'm so looking forward to adding more neat stuff to my flower beds. You are all welcome anytime to see my gardens, just email me a heads up & I'll have the lemonade ready!

Signet - Thanks so much for the white with pink center phlox! Phlox puts up with my tough midday sun and shade at both ends of the day, so I'm running with it.


Hi Didzgarden: Now that we know that the mystery plant is a Canadian anemone and that it'll do ok under a tree, could I have some of it after all? Instead of the lupine seedlings. Yup, that was me flip-flopping *grin*
so that would make our trade = your tickseed, anenome, & phlox, for my: mazus reptans & bee balm & what else would you like - I owe you another plant!! or would you like more of one of these?

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Carol, thank you for the wood's pink aster, octopus campanula and burgundy euphorbia. I will bring you the asclepsis Milkmaid, siberian iris, and the eupatorium chocolate. See you Sunday! :)

Barb from London

It wasn't me that asked for it, but I think it might be Merja that is interested in your wood poppy.

Updated list *A couple new things*

Just reposting my trade list, with trades. Let me know if I've missed anything.

Also I have a couple of new things. My Chilean glory vine sprouted. They're teeny-tiny. Still just seedlings. But lots came up, so if anyone wants a couple.. I think I have 5 or six to share.

And Castor Bean. I've got one extra happy sprout (true leaves just emerged) if anyone's interested.

So here's the list:
Peach colour irises. Signet
Sedum ~ a dark burgundy flower
Tickseed Blueiris3
Lupins (WS seedlings, and volunteers) Signet Blueiris3 .)flowergirl on
Lavender volunteers
Jacob's Ladder Greylady-Gardener
Phlox Blueiris3
Bee Balm Pink
Hosta (I think it might be earth angel, it *Looks* like that anyway.)flowergirl on, Signet
Echinops Ritro
Ajuga (Tonnes! Its growing in my grass, and I'd like to rip it out.)
Green Hellebore (two) Signet
Anemone Canadensis Blueiris3
Ribbon Grass
Castor Bean seedling
Chilean Glory Vine seedlings (Very small)

Blue Iris...

Hey there! I'll just give you both the lupins and the Anemone. I have lots of both, so no worries.

As for the extra plant.. how about some of your sweet williams? I can't get enough of those. Another hummingbird attractor, and they smell so nice!

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

GRAYLADY-GARDENER: Since I have a purple Siberian iris already can I have tomato 'Vitagold' for fall aster?

BARB FROM LONDON: Confirming a trade...Siberian iris 'White Swirl' for yellow wood poppy. Thank you for the trade.

GARDENG8: Confirming our trade...Sib. iris 'White Swirl', Iceberg lily, speedwell and walking onion for v. kalimeris incisa, blue pincushion, v. solomon's seal, and a lime rickey heuchera. Thank you for the trade.

CAPEHLKE: I'll bring bright pink peony for peony 'Aerie'. Thank you for the trade and for perennial orchid as well. I have campanula 'Blue Clips' for Marion since Sib. iris is already spoken for. Thank her for helleborus.



Hi Didzgarden!

It's me again! I'd love to trade you for your castor bean seedling, and 2~3 of your Chilean Glory Vine seedlings, but here's the thing I'm going out of town tonight and my husband's idea of gardening is to dig holes where I point. (which is a wonderful thing). So, what I'm hoping will work is that I've potted up both some more Sweet William (this is a kind that has multiple colours on each flowerhead, (the pot that is definitely yours has some of this and some of a red/white S.W.)), and some Ipomopsis - another hummingbird magnet. I've labeled these as either for you, or if they don't interest you, for the Gambler's Circle. I'll be checking Garden Web while I'm away, so if I'm not making sense I can clarify then. Thanks for considering the offer!

Everyone - have a super swap!! I wish I could go, just to get a chance to chat with you!



I will bring you the 'vita gold' tomatoes for your purple fall asters....thanks! :)


That sounds great Heather! I'll be very happy with what you've potted up. Adding Castor Bean and Chilean Glory Vine to your selections. ((Please note the CGVs are still seedlings. I can't promise they'll be happy little plants. But Im hoping!))

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

  • Posted by bev_w 6a Vienna ON (My Page) on
    Thu, May 27, 10 at 22:37

gardeng8 / Carol, do you have details of the burgundy euporbia? Is it wood spurge ( Euphorbia amygdaloides f. purpurata)? If yes, would you like to trade me for some?

Heather / BlueIris

  • Posted by bev_w 6a Vienna ON (My Page) on
    Thu, May 27, 10 at 22:45

In return for some phlox, thyme, and nepeta subsellis, I wouldn't mind some scarlet gillia/ ipomopsis. Mine didn't self-sow this spring. I need to find a better spot for them.

Or maybe the Saltbush. Your plant came from me, I think. Seeds from JL Hudson. My Saltbush is huge and beautiful and bulletproof. Why don't I have two?

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

My husband isn't doing well, so this weekend is a bust! I am sorry but I won't be able to make it. I am hoping it is just gout acting up, but it may be something worse. He has PKD. So it will be the doctors and or hospital, and taking care of my man this weekend only.
Sorry to let you down.
Email me if you still want to a trade. I won't be able to do it this weekend though.


Didzgarden & Bev


Didzgarden - Thanks, so glad the trades work out! I'm fine with the CGV being tiny, I'm keen on Hummingbird plants too, and have no annual climbers for them this year, hopefully the honeysuckle will bloom this year!

Bev - I'm not sure which is the saltbush and which is the fernbush, but they are both on their way to the swap, so I'll get Matt to label them as yours/Gambler's Circle so you get first refusal, I'll also get him to pot up some ipomopsis for you!! Thanks for the trades & bringing my bevy of beauties back to irismanor - do take a running look - the garden is at it's best!

Heather / BlueIris3

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Fri, May 28, 10 at 11:53

Hi All

Me again and I am chomping at the bit SIGH ! I hate to miss this swap !

Chris thank you for saying I could have some of the perennial orchid ......for free ...but I do have either Japanese Iris ( pale mauve ) or Siberian Iris ( deep purple) I could trade for some . I am also interested in your Japanese Quince if possible. I would have to get my trades down to you after the wedding though unless you would like to swing by . I would also be interested in both of Marion's tulip tree seedlings ( 2) and could trade any number of things for these I am also interested in Marion's -Diablo Ninebark, Raspberries (Everbearing Heritage),and climbing hydrangea . I do have some small cuttings rooted of Wisteria , I have forsythia cuttings ( about 8 inches tall) , a couple of green Japanese Maples I grew from seed that are about 8 inches tall now too. Many other things but I would either need her to come here or I could try and compile a list that she could choose from .

Please let me know and thanks for considering these trades

Have a great swap everyone I will be missing it and all of you


RE: Bev what is it ?

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Fri, May 28, 10 at 12:03

ps. What is a saltbush . I am very interested Bev .


RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

  • Posted by rosco_p z6a ont.canada (My Page) on
    Fri, May 28, 10 at 13:53

Hi All: Like Signet, I am following all the trading and wish I could have made it to the swap.Sounds as though there will be a lot of happy gardens and gardeners at the end of it. I do hope you all have a great time and garner lots of great plants for those special places (or holes)where you need a filler.Enjoy. Ross.


sorry that you aren't making the swap but I do remember that I owe you a trade from last year....I was supposed to make it up to you this year but maybe now it will be next year! :)

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Hi Bev, the burgundy euphorbia is Euphorbia dulcis 'Chameleon'. I will bring some for the gamblers circle just in case.

Do we know how many people approximately are going to be there?...trying to get an idea for appetizer count.


sorry to miss you this time around but maybe next time.

I hope your husband is okay

Attendee Count for pot luck

  • Posted by bev_w 6a Vienna ON (My Page) on
    Fri, May 28, 10 at 21:59

Head count for food:

- Greylady Gardener / Lois
- GardenG8 / Carol
- Didzgarden / MK
- Nyssaman / Jeff
- Capehlke / Chris
- Flowergirl / Merja
- bev_w / Bev
- Barb from London / Barb

Eight plus a couple of spouses (Bev and Jeff). Did I miss anyone?

Proxy traders: BlueIris / Heather; Marion; Signet / Heather

With us in spirit: Nes, Ross, Bill


  • Posted by bev_w 6a Vienna ON (My Page) on
    Fri, May 28, 10 at 22:00

GardenG8: I'd LOVE some of that burgundy Euphorbia. What would you like from my list?

Re: head count

my DH will be there and Didz's friend, so that is two more.

Sorry to see that Bill won't make it....kind of sounded like he was going to.

Guess I will bring a pasta salad.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

  • Posted by bev_w 6a Vienna ON (My Page) on
    Fri, May 28, 10 at 23:25

Ooops. I just reviewed the first thread and Bill did say he'd be coming. I didn't see much trading, though. We should add him and his daughter to the list.

So that makes ten. Plus a few spouses.

RE: thought you should know

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Fri, May 28, 10 at 23:34

Hi Signet here . Reading your posts I realized that perhaps you are unaware that WMC1 is planning on Attending on Sunday . Bill L. & his wife will be going too as far as I know . Just thought you might want to add the second Bill to your list of attendees. I spoke with WMC1 yesterday or the day before and he was planning on attending .


RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Sorry everyone...I had posted about the hyacinth bean vine expecting the replies were going to go to my inbox but the second thread for the swap was started by someone else.

didzgarden - 1 H. bean vine for you
garden8 - 1 H. Bean vine for you

Sorry to hear about your husband Luckynes - too bad I won't get to meet you this time around.

Sorry we will miss both Signet and Rosco, I always enjoy getting together and seeing the both of you...and of course the truck load of plants you bring to the gambler circle every year

Bev, Nyssaman

Bev, I'll pot up the euphorbia for you still have any red valerian left?

Nyssaman, Thanks for the Hyacinth Bean vine...Is there anything you would like in trade? I know you have exotic/unusual plants and mine are pretty mundane/ordinary...but I have some martagon lily seeds/ redbud tree seeds and maybe a few other seeds that you might like in trade? I'll bring them along just in case.

Thank you everyone for the trades. I am sorry that some people cannot make it. I look forward to meeting everyone again. Better get digging!

RE: Food


Is anyone bringing salad? I could bring one if no one else is, or a dessert maybe.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

I was going to make a 'corn salad' to bring. Not that more than one salad is a bad thing. (Mine could also be considered a dip.. as I will bring chips to go with it)

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

  • Posted by wmc1 s/w Ontario Sarnia (My Page) on
    Sat, May 29, 10 at 18:16

Daughter and I will be attending if we dont get lost, just bringing some plants for gambler's circle and to enjoy the company of friends.

RE: Hydrangea quercifolia seeds

Blueiris3, I have mislaid the Hydrangea quercifolia seeds at the last minute !!! If you like I can substitute cuttings from my mature H. quercifolia - (mine was grown from a cutting originally) so this way you get the cultivar "Alice" instead of the generic species, if that's okay. If not, I can mail the seeds out to you as soon as I find them again! Or if you prefer you can cancel the trade.

Didzgarden, I was going to bring a Greek salad, so it will be fairly different from the corn salad.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Thanks for your concern. He is improving, but his blood pressure is soaring and his feet are still swollen. this will be a recovery day for him. feet up and pampering,

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Glad to hear your husband is improving. He's lucky to have you to take such good care of him.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

  • Posted by bev_w 6a Vienna ON (My Page) on
    Sun, May 30, 10 at 9:48

Carol, we are just dashing out the door to drive to London and I thought I should check the board for last minutes stuff. Unfortunately I don't have any of the red valerian potted and I don't have time to dig any. Next year?

See you soon!


RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Thanks for a great day everyone...It was nice to see new faces and the regulars this year...Thanks for the plants and the seeds....I have put my facebook link on so we can keep in touch a little better...


Jeff Tiffany

RE: springbank park plant exchange ii

Hi everyone, thanks for all the great plants! I enjoyed seeing everyone again and talking plants.... Something I can't do very often!

Blueiris/Heather, let me know if you want me to mail the seeds to you when they finally reappear. I think I was a bit distracted because we got layoff notices on Thursday.... though I tend to be disorganized even at the best of times.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

  • Posted by wmc1 s/w Ontario Sarnia (My Page) on
    Sun, May 30, 10 at 20:17

Had good time at the swap today, not as many as usual but a good time by all I think. Brought my camera, but forgot to take pics, so cant put any up this year, I think my memory is going.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Had a great time, and got some really cool plants! Thanks everyone!

Im happily exhausted from getting some of those in. (Lots more to go.. *Grins*)

I brought my camera too, but felt funny using it. I thought it might bother someone. Next time I'll know, and be the usual 'shutter bug' that I am.

Thanks again everyone for being so generous. Heather is really excited about coming next year.

'Ditzgarden'/MK *Beams*


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all the great trades - I'm excited to watch them prosper as they fill in gaps! Sorry to miss you all, but had a great weekend up on the Bruce Peninsula. My aunt & I visited 5 wonderful gardens on the Grey-Bruce Rural Garden map, a few of which sold plants at awesome prices... I have sooo much planting to do!

Barb - I'm thrilled with the cuttings from your mature H. quercifolia "Alice". So sorry to hear that you got laid off, I hope you are called back soon.

RE: wanted: recipe for Chris' rhubarb cake

  • Posted by bev_w 6a Vienna ON (My Page) on
    Tue, Jun 1, 10 at 10:19

There were a lot of nice things about this year's swap but one of the nicest was Chris' rhubarb cake. It was amazing!
My husband has asked for the recipe. Okay, I'll be the one baking it, but he (and I) sure liked it.

Also, Heather/BlueIris, I have some Phlox from Chris for you. I'll bring it up for the garden crawl.

- Bev

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

It was a fun day and I had such a good time--as usual! :)
thank you all for such wonderful plants. Spending the day planting but will definitely not get them all in. Yesterday was a bust as I worked in the morning and it POURED when I got home. I was a bit afraid to go out this morning to assess the damage to the littlest guys. I thought they might be drowned, but all is well (after a little TLC) and everything is back to looking great.
Back out to get planting.

Maybe Chris could post his recipe for the rhubarb was delicious

thanks again everyone.

RE: wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

Yes, thank you everyone for the great trades. I am looking forward to my new treasures blossoming and will think of each of you when they do! The food was great as were the conversations. I second the motion for the rhubarb cake recipe to be posted (Yummm)

Looking forward to next year's exchange already!


Garden tour June 5 &6 in St Thomas

Hello all,

Not sure if it's ok to post this here - but thought you might be interested!

"Fanshawe College Opens Gates to Cuddy Property in St. Thomas on June 5 th 10-4 and 6th 11-4 to Honour the Legacy of A.M. (Mac) Cuddy."

The A.M. (Mac) Cuddy Gardens, owned by Fanshawe College and managed by the Horticulture Technician Program, feature one of the largest collections of plants in Ontario. A.M. (Mac) Cuddy Garden

In 2007, Patricia VanOmen Cuddy, widow of the late A.M. (Mac) Cuddy, donated the property known for decades as Cuddy Gardens to Fanshawe College. This living legacy is comprised of a lush and unique garden stretching over more than five acres and thrives under the constant attention of the horticulture students and specialists at Fanshawe. It also includes the century-old residence where Mac Cuddy and his family lived for more than 56 years.

Over 2,000 species are displayed in dry, rock, woodland, perennial, rose and aquatic gardens. Several plants found in the garden, such as the indigenous Cucumber Magnolia and the Yellow Trillium, are on the endangered species list.

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