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WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
Tue, May 29, 12 at 20:12

Nes, You have blue columbine? I would love one in trade for the creeping buttercup if you can spare one please. I have never seen a blue one .


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RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

BLUEIRIS: I would be interested in your honey melon sage...if you still have any left? Is there anything that you are still looking for?


A while back you asked about dividing your heuchera. I am not sure if you got a response, but I happened upon this you tube video demonstrating how to propogate your heuchera. It is very clear. There is also another video on the right sidebar that demonstrates how to divide heuchera. Each one is very clear. hope this help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: dividing/propogating heuchera

Signet vinca instead of buttercup please


I was talking to a neighbour and they said I I would do better with the vinca, than the buttercup. Could we switch please. I will send you a picture of the columbine to see if you like it.


  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Wed, May 30, 12 at 10:26

I have just come in the house from digging up a whack of the buttercup. :?( Too late to switch . Sorry.

I really think you will like the buttercup , It can be mowed to keep it short and will still bloom,and walked on, as a matter of fact it is one of the plants known as " a Walkable" .It fills in really nicely . The varigation is pretty too.

I can bring you some vinca too if you like but i really do think you will regret planting it there if people walk thru that spot It doesnt sit low to the ground like the buttercup . I have 2 colors the regular purple and a reddish purple.


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

GG: Thank you for responding to my desperate plea. Yes, I was desperate because I had everything digged up but was puzzled how to do it and didn't find good advice on the web fast enough. Eventually I found that same Youtube video and it was really helpful.
I have a hosta 'Stiletto' potted up for you. I don't know if you had any more coleus or convolvulus tricolor 'Ensign Mixed' left either but I'll bring the hosta for you anyways.


Hi Gardeng8,
How about a piece of your King Edward Yarrow for a piece of the honey melon sage? I've had to take cuttings of my cuttings - it's growing so fast!
Cheers, BlueIris3

RE merja

Hi Merja, glad you were okay with the heuchera anyway. :-)

I am not sure what, but I will bring you either the coleus or the convolvulus for the stiletto. thank you.

tomatoes anyone??

Now I said I wan't going to post anything again and just bring whatever for the gambler's circle, but if no one takes these then I don't want to bring them home. I have one each of: green velvet, Isis candy and black sea man. I have room for one more plant that I am getting from the swap, so these need new homes. They are getting bashed around with the weather and wind, and something ate some holes in some of the leaves(since gone I believe) but will be great once planted in the ground.



  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Wed, May 30, 12 at 17:36

I would love to try them and I now my nephew would be thrilled to have them to plant in his veggie garden. I think he would be especially thrilled with the black sea man cuz he knows tomatoes are red and when he sees it is black it will be so funny. So if no one else rushes in to grab them , I will take them .


lilacislove and does anyone have any zucchini plants to share?

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Wed, May 30, 12 at 17:40

Hi Lilac ,
I am at the point in the trade that I am looking for more veggies and was wondering if you had one of your tomatoes that is 3 colors on the vine . I just know my nephew is gonna have a hoot this summer with his garden and all these great additions will help to make it that way . If you do have one let me know what you might consider in trade for one please.

Also wondering if anyone has any zucchini plants to share?



RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Flowergirl, you can certainly take the azalea. Do you have an updated list you could post again? I'm not sure which page to look on, or what's still available from your list.

Directions and a request for 2 volunteers

Hello all,

Getting so close! I'll be hiding the coleus cuttings in the shop tonight: down to only 9 degrees overnight tonight.

We need one or two volunteers, I'm having a plant sale on the 9th, and working in three friends gardens, so I'm rather busy, but I'm sure we each are in a time crunch at this point:

A) someone to hold the spot at Springbank Park from 9 ish onwards so we don't get scooped & have mayhem trying to find each other. I know a lot of people are coming from out of town, so if no Londoners can do this I guess it's my turn, but if anyone else could do it I'd really appreciate it.

B) someone to make a new set of 18 name + GC label signs, since the old ones seem to have gone missing. Here's the list of names that I have, let me know if I'm missing anyone:
Gambler's Circle

Time: Saturday June 2, 2012, 11-ish to 2-ish.
Place: Springbank Park. Take the main entrance on Commissioners at North Street (just west of the corner with Springbank Drive), go into the park, take your first left and we're a few hundred feet along the road, near the cabin.

Don't forget to bring a plate, cutlery, and by the looks of things an umbrella! Remember - we each have to take home our own plants that we bring to the Gambler's Circle if they aren't taken.


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

BlueIris: confirming the king edward yarrow for honey melon sage... thanks!

Signet: I believe it was GREYLADY GARDENER who has offered up the free tomato plants...not me!

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

My list:
- Agastache 'Honey Bee Blue'
- LA hybrid lily 'Iceberg'
- LA hybrid lily, pink
- sedum kamtschaticum, stonecrop
- 3 different NOID hostas, pics available
- Siberian iris 'Silver Edge'
- Siberian iris 'Butter and Sugar'
- Siberian iris, 'Ruffled Velvet'
- Siberian iris, purple
- Bleeding Heart, pink
- Shasta Daisy
- Peony, bright pink
- Campanula persicifolia, white
- Campanula carpatica 'Blue Clips'
- Japanese anemone 'Pamina'
- Japanese anemone, pink
- echinacea
- Black-eyed Susan
- Red monarda, Beebalm
- Spiderwort, blue
- heliopsis 'Loraine Sunshine'
- variegated kalimeris incisa
- ladybells, invasive
- aster 'Wood's Pink'
- Poet's narcissus
- catnip
- lemon balm
- cervil (annual, reseeds easily)
- tropical houseplant ledebouria socialis 'Silver Squill'(1)
- Stylophorum diphyllum, yellow wood poppy
- geranium, hot pink
- Gloriosa Daisy
- Campanula glomerata, Clustered bellflower, white (1)
- Hosta 'Twist of Lime'
- Hosta 'Golden Tiara'
- Hosta 'Blue Cadet'
- Hosta 'Stiletto'
- Purplish pink tall phlox
- digitalis purpurea, common foxglove (2 trades)
- rose seedling (probably red bush), 65 cm tall
- Prairie Traveller's Joy clematis
- Daylilies:
Frans Hals
Sammy Russell
Mauna Loa
Pandora's Box
Children's Festival
tall yellow NOID
Prague Spring
Ice Cap
Autumn Red
Purple Waters
NOID one, looks like Daring Deception


- Campanula persicifolia, blue
- Blue Monkshood (1 yr seedlings)
- LA hybrid lily 'Iceberg' babies
- LA hybrid lily, pink babies
- Tiger lily babies

Ooops making request again to Greylady

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Wed, May 30, 12 at 22:41

I would love to try them and I know my nephew would be thrilled to have them to plant in his veggie garden. I think he would be especially thrilled with the black sea man cuz he knows tomatoes are red and when he sees it is black it will be so funny. So if no one else rushes in to grab them , I will take them .


I won't be coming to the trade until at least 1 PM, part of it being on a Saturday thing, so I hope I don't miss too much.


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

SIGNET: great! I will bring the tomatoes for you.

NES: the forecast is for 16 degrees and rain. This may be one of the quickest swaps in history. I hope you are able to make it before we all rush home cold and wet. :-)

Greylady gardener

Maybe I should just back out of the trade this year, if it is raining. Because I don't want to keep you or anyone waiting for me, and 1 PM is the earliest I can be there.
If my ride still wants to go if it is raining. I will also be putting her out, and I don't want to do that she is a good friend, who is only doing this for me.


Greylady & Nes

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Thu, May 31, 12 at 9:58

Thanks so much for the offer of the tomatoes . As I said I know my nephew will be thrilled. I am picking him up after the swap as a matter of fact and we will be planting at least part of his garden the next day.

And have faith everyone .....the sunday of my neice's bday party was supposed to be rainy and miserable and the party was outdoors . We had a glorious day which only goes to show you that the weatherman in NEVER right. So if we all throw our good weather thoughts out into the universe maybe we will be lucky and it will happen again. And if not well I am not too worried , so far I havent melted in the rain .

Nes ,I would appreciate it if you would please let us know by early tomorrow morning if you are not coming for sure.

I wont bring your plants with me if you are not going to be there. It will be a shame as they are all potted up and ready to go but no point in bringing them if you arent going to be there only to have to turn around and bring them back .



glad they will go to a good use, signet. :-)

As far as the weather----I agree, the forecast could change a dozen times before Saturday, but I plan to be prepared for absolutely everything! lol!

The Springbank annual plant exchange

Signet, I emailed Blueiris3, we have a family crisis going on that really has me at my wits end.
frazzled with stress would be the words
Things might be better by Saturday, but I doubt it.
So, I am backing out, so I can be there for those who need me right now,

If you guys still want your trades, we can manage a porch pick up sometime.


  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Thu, May 31, 12 at 12:14

Thanks for letting me and the rest of us know . Hope things get better for you . I will just pass on the trades as I am not likely to get down your way .



Sorry to hear that you won't make the swap. I hope things get better for you.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

NES: Where do you live? Maybe someone can do a pick-up and drop off. That way you will still get the plants that you want. You can bury alot of your troubles in the dirt!

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Flowergirl, is the NOID daylily similar to Daring Deception still available? If not, how about Daylily Pandora's Box? Either would work for me as a trade for the azalea.


I live just outside Lambeth, I do have everything ready for the trade. But I don't want to put anybody out. That's why I suggested they could pick up if they want, not really very far away from the Park.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

BARB: Yes, both of those daylilies are available. I bring them both for you. Thank you so much for the trade.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Signet, I do have an extra tomato, It's kind of small yet because I forgot to repot it, But I will do that tomorrow for you! I also have a zuccini plant and some sweet green peppers if you'd like. No trade needed for them as I don't have room.

I'll probably only be able to stay to do the trading, and then have to go home again. I'm not healing as fast as they told me I would! Oh well XD

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

I have the cumin and an amaryllis to trade left. Do you have watermelon and one of your peas, either kind?

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

  • Posted by rosco_p z6a ont.canada (My Page) on
    Thu, May 31, 12 at 22:17

MERJA: Well it is getting very close to the swap and that Hosta that I had earlier talked about being large leaved and possibly variegated??...well I still do not know! I am bringing it to the swap for you anyway as it is extra and I also have a small volunteer baby Hosta that is variegated but not of the Big Leaf variety. It is just a green with yellowish margins mid size hosta. Sorry about the wait but I just have not been able to tell if this Hosta is turning out to be a variegated one or not. Ross.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Ok, here is my list of trades, please let me know if I'm missing anything!

balloon flower
daylily 'Pardon Me"

Forget-me-nots white and pink
Peony Poppy
Daylily " Pink Damask"
Hosta "Hanky Panky"
Strawberry X3

Rainbow Tomatos
DP Dahlia
Gladiola-Blue Moon
Red Currant

White Swan Echinacea
Honey Melon Sage
Rose Campion
Yellow Tooadflax
Suncrest Lily
Oxeye Daisies


'Blue' hosta
Red bee balm

White Tiger Lily

Purple Sensation Allium
Gaillardia-Arizona Red
Purple Monkshood
Sweet Pea -Bijou Mix


Dahlia 'arabian nights'

Peony Poppy
Pink LOV

Mini Rose

Yellow Calla Lily


unconfirmed (pea, watermelon)

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

ROSS: Not a problem at all about the wait. If you can't tell if it is variagated or not, you can't tell, right? :) Thank you for the hostas. What would you like in trade?

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

MERJA:If you have any Pink Japanese Anemone left that would be nice..or one of your Siberian Irises if anything left? Thanks. Ross.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

LILAC: Your list looks good to me!

NES: My husband is willing to P/U your plants and return your trades if you can have them ready on the porch. Please privately email me your address. I would offer to do this myself except that I will have a fully loaded car and a friend along on the passenger side. I hope this helps.

Gardeng8 that is very kind. So I guess the trades are back on.

It would be great if your husband could do this for me. I have felt very bad about everyone down.
Thank you.
If anyone has changed there minds about wanting to do the trades let me know.


  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Fri, Jun 1, 12 at 12:31

Hi Lilac
I have taken your lists and when I put your trades against my trades I still owe you 4 trades . Is there anything on my lists that you would take in trade for the last four items that you are trading me ? Let me know asap please.



Hi Flowergirl,
Please check my list of our trades, Thanks! BI3:
Campanula �pink octopus� Annual aster matsumoto violet stripe seeds
Campanula carpatica �blue clips� Coleus big red leafed (all gone)
Alstroemeria yellow Elsa Spath clematis
LA hybrid lily pink (or baby) Lily French Vanilla
Siberian iris �silver edge� Lily Nutmar (all gone)
Digitalis lutea Lily Panache (all gone)
Siberian iris �Ruffled Velvet� Monkshood Summer blooming
Aster wood�s pink Russian sage
Poet�s narcissus Tarragon
Daylily Bonanza veronica gentianoides light blue
Daylily Pandora�s box Veronica peducularis groundcover
Daylily Ice Cap (like ice carnival mid) Yellow daffodils


Hi Gardeng8,

Please check my list of our trades, thanks! BI3
Sweet pea purple Coleus big red leafed (all gone)
phaeum samobar hardy geranium Coleus stained glass plum
Flowering almond Daylily Sweet hot chocolate
Blue pincushion flower �Perfecta� Dwarf dark purple monarda (all gone)
Korean lilac Forsythia (all gone)
Feecey�s Form grass pink/green/cream Geranium Legion red
Lime ricky heuchera Geranium Lemon (all gone)
Obsidian heuchera Geranium Nutmeg
Lamium yellow archangel Geranium Rose (all gone)
Variegated Solomon�s seal Ghost grass
King Edward Yarrow Honey melon sage
2nd Variegated Solomon�s seal Lily fangio/suncrest (all gone)
Burgundy barberry Lily French vanilla
Fanfare gaillardia Lily Latoya
Red twig dogwood Lily Nutmar (all gone)
2nd phaeum samobar hardy geranium Lily panache (all gone)
Hair allium Navaho princess spiderwort
tiny cherry brandy rudbeckia no trade needed


Hi Greylady,

Here is my list of our trades, please check it over, thanks, BI3:
Plectranthus Mona Lavender Bronze sempervivum
IB purple/yellow iris Coleus stained glass plum
Tiny tears hosta Honey melon sage
Convolvulus Ensign mixed no trade needed
Lychnis coronaria �alba� Prickly pear cactus
b�fly bush attraction pinky purple Siberian iris yellow
Gaillardia Arizona Sun (3 seedlings/pot) Viola white with yellow
Corydalis lutea Woodland blue phlox


Hi Lilac,
Your list looks good to me! See you soon, BI3


Hello NavyGirl01,
I have us down for a trade of Echinacea for Dicentra formosa Luxuriant. Is there anything else on my list that interests you? Thanks for looking, BlueIris3


Hi Ross,
Here is what I have us trading, please let me know if I've missed anything! I think 5 pages/threads of trades is a new record for one swap!!:
Palace Purple Heuchera Elsa Spath clematis
Sweet basil seedlings (12/pot) Elsa Spath clematis
Purple/blue RoS Lorraine sunshine heliopsis



Hi Signet,
Here's what I've got us down for, let me know of any corrections! Thanks, BlueIris3

White yarrow Asian garlic chives
Currant Autumn crocus (all gone)
Allium purple sensation Bleeding heart pink
Rudbeckia noid Blue agastache (all gone)
Daylily Var. Kwanza Chocolate boneset (all gone)
White astilbe Coreopsis 18"
Golden feverfew Coreopsis 6�
June bearing strawberries Daylily No id yellow spring
Red violet flowering quince - root a cutting for visit
Violet - speckles Geranium Nutmeg
Strawberry or daylily honey melon sages x3
White/ peach trumpet daffs Lemon verbena (I'll bring this to your place later)
Echinops blue Leopard hieracium
Tropical ginger Lily baby
Var. Salix integra "Hakuro Nishiki" Lily fangio/suncrest (all gone)
Lily baby Lily French Vanilla
Lily baby Lily Nutmar (all gone)
Pink Turtlehead Chelone obliqua mauve creeping phlox
Daylily Trahlyta Monkshood 50/50
Poet�s narcissus Nepeta Walker's Low
White forget me not Phlox Salmon
Snowdrops Pop cans
Seven sisters climbing pink rose Red hot poker Kniphophia � yellow?
Currant Rosa hot pink (I'll bring this to your place)
Walking onion Royal purple obedient plant
ever bearing strawberries Siberian iris yellow
White/peach trumpet daffs Spiky Veronica � (all gone)
Snowdrops White agastache (all gone)
ever bearing strawberries White lilac (all gone)
Lungwort * pink spotted * Winter aconytes (all gone)
June bearing strawberries yellow fig leafed hollyhock

Jeff / Nyssaman

I can trade you
Wormwood,De Golde Tabacco, Goji Berry I am out of the
Pak choy.


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

BLUEIRIS3: Your list looks good to me! See you soon!

Is the potluck lunch still on??? Always the optomist ;>)

NES: I've sent you an email.

Blueiris & Nes

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Fri, Jun 1, 12 at 15:11

Blueiris , your list looks good to me and I believe I have everything potted up . See you tomorrow

Nes . as discussed via numerous emails yesterday you and I will not be trading so please do not send any plants for me to the swap with Gardeng8's husband.


RE: my trades

Here is my list i have so far:

Flowergirl- hosta: stiletto and golden tiara
for hibiscus and centerberry bell seedlings

GardenG8- stella dor, hosta-twist of lime and pink frindged dianthus
for columbines and canterberry bell seedlings

Luckynes13- ribbon grass
for hydranga and clematis

Graylady- mauve phlox and alyssum
for clematis and echinachea seedlings

Blueiris- bleeding heart
for canterberry bell and echin. seedlings

did i miss anything?
am mainly looking for small hostas, small lillies,dwarf delph.,fringed diath.

will be bringing a cookie tray for the pot luck
keep your fingers crossed that the weather will hold out but what is a little rain on our fellow gardeners LOL

Signet; we will make plans for our BBQ tomorrow when we see each other

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

BLUEIRIS: Yes your list is correct. Thanks. See you tomorrow. ROSS

from Bev

from Bev Wagar: Have lots of fun at the swap tomorrow. If Rosco is there, please tell him I killed the beautiful Hibiscus acetosella he gave me. I had three nicely rooted cuttings and I foolishly put all of them out too soon. None survived that whopper frost we had in May. When I get settled again in a new garden I'll ask him for another cutting.

Potluck is on, pending weather


I think we should plan for the potluck to be on, since the weather is so changeable. It's so nice to chat gardening with folks whose eyes don't glaze over! We can decide at lunch time if the weather is going to shoo us home early.

Currently the Weather Network's hourly forecast calls for no rain up until 10am, and only 40 percent chance of light showers from then until 2pm. There is an overhang / porch area on the building so we can eat under that as we did once before.

my 2 cents worth, BlueIris3

RE: blueiris3 & Navygirl01

our list and mine match up--whew!! :-)

Our lists match also.

rain/potluck and signs

okay sorry blueiris3 and NavyGirl01, Feeling rather tired right now and messed up your names! :-) I need a nap.

anyway, it rained a bit the first year we were at Springbank, so we can do it again, and yes there is the overhang that we used that year. At least the plants won't sit out in the scorching sun and dry out/wilt, while we visit and eat. (still have to get that made)
A suggestion blueiris3. Maybe we could each make our own sign plus each pick one of the gambler circle signs. That way one person isn't responsible for all 18. what do you think?

Signs - I've got it covered

Hi Greylady,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've got it covered. They'll be a little smaller than other years, but should still get the job done.


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Lilac, Navygirl and Blueiris: Lists look right! See you tomorrow.

ROSS: I will bring small flowered purple siberian iris since one is already potted if alright with you. The least amount of potting at this point the better. :) It is muddy out there.

oh darn !

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Fri, Jun 1, 12 at 19:55

Blue Iris , I just had my hubby buy some florescent poster board so I could make the signs tonight . Sigh! Oh well will just save the poster board for something else.

I think I have everything packed up . Whew ! quite the job !

So I have just one question . The potluck , is there a main course ? I dont want to bring dessert now as there are at least two other desserts coming . I know Gardeng8 said she was bringing a mexican dish ( I think ) Blueiris cheese and crackers. Should I just bring some chips and cheesies or ?????????????? let me know please.


RE: Signet

i want my dessert lol

you could make me a sign for dad- pain in the (BLEEP)

just kidding

see you all tomorrow

Re; plant swap

Sorry you had to do it yourself. I guess I should have jumped in and been quicker with that suggestion, but I just wasn't thinking.
I am bringing a pasta salad for the potluck

don't forget your chairs just in case it is dry enough to sit. :-)

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

MERJA; I will look forward to the Siberian Iris. Thank you. Ross.

SIGNET: I don't really have a say as to what you should bring...but I like the nibbling with the finger any dessert or snack item is up my alley. See you tomorrow.

Signet & pot luck list

Hi Signet, darnit - I just bought file folders to make signs, fluorescent sure sounds like more fun! Bring whatever you would like to bring, I think we've got a great mix of dishes. See you all soon!
BlueIris cheeses & crackers/bread
Rosco_p brownies or similar
Gardeng8 fresh tomato salsa and corn salsa/side salad with tortilla chips
Greylady pasta salad
NavyGirl01 & Co. cookie tray for the pot luck


  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Fri, Jun 1, 12 at 22:10

Is it me or did I miss the 3 at the end of your moniker till now ?

Anyway file folders sounds just fine, does the job it needs to do .

well not sure what I will bring at this point but I will figure something out food wise for tomorrow . LOL! It's down to the wire and panic sets in you know ......ha ha ha.

Black hollyhock?

Who do I owe a black hollyhock to?
I will send it along, just in case.


BlueIris and all

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Sat, Jun 2, 12 at 17:08

Well first I would like to thank Blueiris for organizing the swap this year and Matt for staking out the swap site for us. Thank you too for the many many wonderful plants you traded to me .

It was another great swap ! I will definitely be planting for some time as will a number of others of us (that gamblers circle is always sooooooo tempting even after the prearranged trades.)

To everyone else, hope you all made it home safely . Well , we beat the weather (see throwing good weather thoughts out to the universe works) , had a good time chatting and kidding around . Wmc1 Thank you for the seeds I will get them planted asap .

We had some great food and I ate bean salad for the first time in my life and it was delish! Who knew ? and Navygirl01 got her cake too!LOL !

Met some new people , so glad that they could join us and hope they will come back again and it was so good to see
all the familiar faces . Funny we only meet once a year but it is always like we just saw each other yesterday . Missed having Bev there but hopefully by next year she will be in a position to join us again.
Thank you to all of you for your wonderful trades and for the "no door prize" ( which is different from a door prize cuz we didnt have a door LOL !)

I got a soil test kit . So cool. Not sure who donated that but thank you for it !

I do have a question ........for Lilac I think . I got two pots with 2 conical topped bulbs in my trades. Were they from you and if they were can you tell me what they are please?

I was so glad you came even though we could tell you were in some considerable pain.I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anyway just wanted to express my thanks to all of you . You all make this swap the special thing that it is .


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great trades again this year! I will remember you when your plant blooms in its new home! It is always nice to meet everyone again and talk gardening.

Thank you Blue Iris and your husband for staking out the park for us. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you everyone also for including my friend, Olivia, and making her feel a part of this gardening family! She happily took home quite a few plants and I'll be sharing my "wealth of new babies" with her too. We just have to sneak them past her husband!!!

Nice to see you Lilac and wishing you a speedy recovery!

NES: Hope all your plants arrived safe and sound and that you can dig your worries into the dirt!

Phew! What a great time to plant!!!

See everyone next year....And Signet...I forgot to get the secret to growing great year I guess!

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

I have to say it was another great plant swap!
So glad that I was able to spend more time there this year and enjoy the company, food and garden banter.

I guess like everyone else I will be busy for the next few days finding suitable homes for all the new additions...but that is half the fun.

Thank you for trading with me and making gardening a truly enjoyable experience.

I am looking + forward to trading again next season already!

I was thinking that maybe next time we might all bring a long a few pictures of our various garden beds to share with each other how the others do it...if that makes sense?

My wife also enjoyed herself even though she was in the car for the first while trying to warm up.

Thanks again and I hope you all have a great gardening season.


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

I thought the swap was on Sunday! Sorry, Flowergirl!
I was at work all day and just found out now.

I can drop the azalea off for you - could you email me with your address, or do you want to drop by my place in London?

Again, sorry, for some reason I just assumed the swap was on Sunday.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Thank you, thank you, everyone!! What an enjoyable day. It was very nice to see you all, and wonderful to see new faces. I hope they will join us again next year.
Carol, thank your hubby for being the delivery/pickup guy. That was good of him. :-)
Five plants made it into their new homes before it started to rain heavy enough to make me stop. Lots of rain predicted for tomorrow so they will be well settled in.

Looking forward to next year!! :-)

gardeng8 and everyone

Carol, thank you and your husband so much for helping me. I am so glad everyone got their plants, and all the lovely plants, I got too.

Thank you everyone for being patient with me. Hopefully there will be a light at the end of this tunnel, and I will be able to come next year.


Thanks for the thanks & all the great plants!

Hello all,

Thanks for a fabulous swap. I owe Matt a special dinner or three for loading the truck and staking out the spot!

I am so excited about all my swaps, and the great scores from the Gambler's Circle. I am such a plant-a-holic! Even after the swap, a great visit with Sean & Bev - who gave me a bounty of plants, (I'm her backup / insurance garden) I was still sorely tempted to stop on the way home from Vienna at a roadside plant sale of fabulous blooming sweet williams... Matt saved me from that danger, but only just.

I think I may need to get a fourth arbour to hold all the climbing vines from last year and this year :-) This is the first time I've smelled my vining honeysuckle from a trade a couple years ago, it's is the middle of the Friendship garden out front, and is usually tough to get to for all the tall plants. There aren't as many self seeded sunflowers this year, so I was able to tiptoe over there.

My garden is so much richer and fuller for all the trades and happy memories of friends who have given them to me.

Thanks again, like Ross I am already looking forward to next year's swap. But I am rather daunted at the task ahead of planting all my bounty! Thank goodness a large number of boring iris and black eyed susans are getting torn out this year, that'll make some easy room for newbies.

Heather / BlueIris3
Hope to see you all at Signet's picnic in daylily season.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

NES: I see that you must have sent along baby LEEKS my way as they ended up in my bounty. You never did get a trade back from me so you and I will both have to remember that I owe you one for next year!! Sorry that we did not get to visit with you at this years swap but next years is getting closer everyday, Thanks. Ross.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Hi guys!
I had a lot of fun, even though I wasn't there long. It was definitely worth it! I can't wait for next year already, not only for the swap, but to see all the plants I got this year, established and blooming!

Signet, those would be the hyacinths. I put them in 2 containers as I didn't have one big enough for all four!

Thanks again guys!

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! I got my cake. LMAO
Teresa had a great time, was all she could talk about on the way home. She will probably come with us again next year.
Thanks again to all I had trades with, hope your seedlings come out as wonderful as they are in our garden.
We also stopped at canadale's (just to look LOL) and came out with 4 more plants.
We didn't get the rain and very high winds until around 830 last night. Both dad and I am still tired, but some on my treasures did get planted.
We are now going to expand yet another garden, not just for the things we received yesterday but we do have 84 new seedlings to find homes for. LOL
We are slowly going to have no grass in the backyard LOL.
That is a good idea to bring pics of our gardens next year, but will have to get a photo album for ours. I think Signet and I are in the same boat in that way.
Take care to all, see you next year, we hope
Gwen/NavyGirl01 and Bill/wmc1

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

HI Everyone. We had a great time. Enjoyed seeing everyone. Look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Billl1 & Cathy.

RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

Thank you everyone for all the nice plants I got at the swap. Also I want to thank you, Barb, for making a little detour on your way to work, so we got our trades done. I can't wait to see the azaleas blooming. So nice of you.

See you all next year,


No worries about the baby leek, just happy to share.


RE: WANTED: part 5 Springbank Park,London On plant exchange

  • Posted by signet z6 S.W. Ont (My Page) on
    Thu, Jun 7, 12 at 10:41

Is anyone missing any trades from me ? I am in the process of cleaning up the area that held the swap plants and I seem to have a rusty red iris extra and a porcupine grass extra???????? I dont recall potting up extras of those so I am wondering if I missed putting them in someones box of swap stuff. Let me know please. I can either deliver or mail. If I am missing any other stuff that I promised you please let me know . I had lists I was going by , but it is always possible to miss writing something down .



Thank you for hosting the trade this year.It was very much appreciated.

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