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Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Posted by meyermike_1micha 5 (My Page) on
Sat, Nov 28, 09 at 21:21

Here are few pictures taken last week of someof my citrus and others....I am so happy they are still bug free..

Flowering jade


My flowering "navel orange" taken today

My "lime" taken today


My 2 and 1/2 loaded fruited "orange tree" taken yesterday




My still flowering plumeria


Sweet olive still flowering today.....


My hostas....Love the chocolatley smell...



I will be back in a few days to post some others..

I hope everyone is well here...

Thinking of everyone..


Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Mike if you like Hoyas take a look at Logees ( They have a few nice types in their online listing.

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.


Mike, your plants are doing FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Jade has buds..Amazing..I hope you posted that Jade pic on C&S Forum, too..
A large majority of people don't know Jades bloom, many times asking to see pics when it's mentioned. Congrats..It's really something..Getting Jades to bloom is a real accomplishment.

Your Citrus are doing great too..the fruits are huge. They're very happy... :)

I was going to ask if your Plumaria was blooming now, or the pic was taken during summer..It's beautiful, Mike. Maybe I'll look into getting one next can smell the flowers through the

It's been a long time since I had Sweet Olive, but I recall mine bloomed in it possible they're winter bloomers, too???

Mike you must correct Hosta to know it was a typo, but a newbe might think Hostas grow like WISH..Although Hostas are interesting, they don't come close to the looks of a Hoya..
Mike, 2 wks ago, I counted my Hoyas..50 on the nose!!! A few more on the way..oh There's a couple more I want, but they're difficult finding. One is Hoya Polyneura Variegata.
Well, someone had this Hoya gorgeous hoya on Ebay..No one, not a soul made a bid all wk..I was sure I'd started at 9.99..The last 10 mins, the numbers jumped up like mad. The winning bid ended at 29.50 plus 7.10 for shipping. I had to stop bidding..Especially with Christmas around the corner. The same seller had Hoya Caudata, (I have two small Caudatas) but that too increased..

Anyway, Mike, I am very very Impressed with your plants, and to top it off, NO bugs..That's great news. Let's hope they stay away..
Keep posting..hugs, Toni

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

  • Posted by bboy USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA (My Page) on
    Mon, Nov 30, 09 at 11:56

When happy jade plants cover themselves with flowers. Be sure to give yours the maximum possible light exposure.

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Toni....And to you too!!!
How are you? I miss you?

LOLOLOL..Where the heck are you going to sleep and watch TV if you bring in anymore plants?
Well, there is always the bathroom, unless of course that is loaded with plants too... lol

You are so brave to have so many and not worry about bugs attacking them.Even though we have a cure, it is alot of darn WORK to keep them at

Since I posted these, I did find ONE scale on a leaf and I sprayed it with fish emulsion as you recomended once before, and it croaked, the scale that is...You are so right..It works!

Thanks so much for your compliments..It means alot from you, as well as everyone else, especially since I have people like you to thank for making it possible..Than God I know you and everyone else here!! Thankyou

Hosta..NO, but don't even know of hand what a hosta looks like now....

That plumeria is still blooming..It was taken that day, Saturday. It is still going strong...

The Jade blooms, I am still trying to find out what the heck I did right!!lol. I asked the question on the cactus forums...

Listen, if you want a plumeria, I have dozens and I could spare one for you..Just let me know..

Bboy!! I have them in full sunlight all year in huge windows..Thanks for the tip..

Bill, I was just there the other day looking around, and it never occured to me to grab a few..Darn it..Thanks tho.

I wish you all the best and let nothing stop your plants from performing well for you, and never stop smiling!


RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Howdy..Mike, there's always room for one more..or two or
Besides being on a Hoya kick, I've now added Clivias and Christmas Cactus to my collection, or should I say,

A seller on Ebay had a variegetd CC up for bid in summer..I can't recall the final winning cost, but it was over 100.00!!!
CAn you imagine? lol.

While browsing Ebay, I came across a CC that's possibly variegated..the seller said she wasn't sure..After looking it over I decided I wanted me, it wasn't even 1/4 the price of the other variegated..The CC arrived Fri or Sat, 'I won't name the person, but someone we all know and love bought a variegeted CC from the seller I got mine.'
I believe this CC has variegated edges..Someone suggested it might not be variegated but instead lacking a nutrient/s.
I am sooo if it only

Mike, you're so talk about ME running out of space..What about you? lol..You're getting as bad as I to mention all your big, lovely, citrus trees..My citrus for the most part are minis compared to yours..

So, you stopped at Logees? Find anything interesting? If so, what? I dont think we'll ever run ouf of plant varieties..there are so many types.

Mike, I still think you should try Jasmine, 'Maid of Orleans.' They're beautiful and bloom all year, including winter. Flowers are so very fragrant.The best place to get one is, He has the nicest plants at great prices.. if you get a chance, take a look at his Jasmine, oh AND Hoyas....When I bought my MOO from him, it'll be 3 yrs old, I purchased two, then planted together. I promise you'll love it.

As for this forum waking, I bet most people are preparing for Christmas..that's one reason I haven't been around.
That and my son had to be rushed to the hospital.

The house has been terribly dry, so fighting against dry air has been an issue..Soil is drying out fast.

Anyway, Mike, once again your plants are beautiful..when you have a chancce please post more..keep us updated on your Jade..hugs, Toni

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Howdy to you too!!

Lol..You are so right! I am running out of room too!

I was just thinking this am...Unless you view your plants like children, or animals that need care on a daily basis, it is almost impossible to be sucessful at growing anything,

I have to make sure NOT one, not ONE plant is missed daily for fertilizing, watering, and pest inspection needs....

If I do.....Oh boy..

So I guess the more we take on, the "funner" it becomes? lol

Remember when you told me way back when to try a MOO, well I did get one! Not just one, but 2...I love them!! You are right, they are always flowering...I just wished the darn flowers would stay on for more than a day at a

A variegated christmass cactus? No way!
Where did you get it....Tell me..I won't tell...;-). I want one...I have plenty of room for one..

If there is an unusual plant out there, you will definately find it as I

Your plants are all so beautiful...You are one greenthumb for sure!!!In fact, it was you from the begining along with a couple of others that got me this far..Thankyou!

I hope everyone is well, and that all your fragrants are enjoying winter this time around...Oh wait, have we even started it yet?..:-(


RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Hey Mike..
The day is dark..where's the sun? lol..Wonder if it's going to snow..Has it snowed up east yet, or too early?
One thing about brightens up a home..ever notice? Snow reflects off walls (I only use Semi-Gloss White paint) and other bright objects..
Mike, the things we do for our plants! I've placed aluminum foil behind plants so when we do have sun, it reflects off the

One time, I tried collecting snow for't bother. One year, I placed containers outside while it was snowing, blizard-like. The containers collected snow, filled, 'which took forever,' then brought inside to melt..I wanted to cry. There was about 2" of that work for nothing..

Here's another thing I do, but am not recommending. When snow is fresh, I grab a handful and place directly on soil. Most of you reading this are shaking your head, thinking, she's NUTS, lol, but fresh snow, although cold, is pure. The problem doing this is it can chill roots..So, when I add snow, it has to be sunny and early in the morning. Never at night. So far, Thank God, snow has never harmed a plant. Again, I'm NOT telling anyone to do this..
BTW, I don't add snow to cactus and succulents.

I agree about caring for our plants like children, with one exception..What's the number one plant killer? OVERWATERING. Sometimes, people kill plants because they're too caring, and continue adding more and more water..Leaves droop, so they think, oh oh it needs more water or fertilizer..then the plant dies..
So, yes, I agree, we need to be alert, (especially when a plant shows signs of distress,) inspect, mist, shower, water when needed, fertilize at the proper time, etc, but never in excess..
BTW, if I'm not mistaken, the number 2 killer is over-fertiliizing. 3 is underwatering. Then there's the INSECT some cases, insects are beyond our control. Especially for those starting out..they go shopping, find a pretty plant, unaware it's loaded with mites, bring home, and a wk later the plant is dead.

But never neglect plants either. Heck, I talk and sing to should see my birds when they see me talking, especially singing to a's hilarious.

I found the variegated CC on Ebay..Ebay is the BEST..I wouldnt have half the plants I do if it wasn't for Ebay or the internet in general. Most stores and nurseries here sell the same, old, common plants. When they get something they deem rare, prices are hiked up 100%. Terrible.

Oh, I agree, 'playing' with plants is more 'funner' than cooking or

Oh you do have a MOO??? GReat..Flowers don't last long like you say, similar to tropical Hibiscus. Speaking of which, my Hib tree had several buds and one opened opened 3 days ago and still going, but starting to look crinkly..I snapped a pic last night, but haven't put it on Flickr yet..
What I'd love to find is a variegated that be sometehing..I'd also like to find a variegated Stephanotis..ohhh, wonder if any

Have a wonderful day..hugs, Toni

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

  • Posted by jimshy z7 Brooklyn, NY (My Page) on
    Mon, Dec 21, 09 at 18:42


Your pics definitely brought a smile to my face as I look out at the snow drifts on the deck from our recent blizzard!

Toni -- I'm collecting snow right now for some of my more temperamental orchids!! The trick is to really jam the snow in the bucket, let it melt, repeat until you can't take it anymore -- I dunno if it's worth it, but the things we do for love . . . .

My calamondin orange opened up a few buds today, fragrance is outstanding -- I'm gonna have one of these til the day I die. My meyer lemon, on the other hand, is going on a year and a half here and never a single flower -- was it something I said??

Sweet olive is one of the greatest winter houseplants, my 'Fudinzou' variety just keeps pumping out more buds.

My plumeria is way done for the year, though; it sits in the basement and goes leafless before I drag it upstairs when it gets warm again.

Happy Holidays to all and Peace on Earth!


RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Jim and Toni!!!

I am guilty myself..:-(

I am sorry I added to the sleepful state of this forum lately.. I have been to sick to post on more than one forum at a time, and forgot about this one..Brain dead, but better..:-(

I took your advice Toni..I painted my plant room bright colors, and hung aluminum foil in another room..What a difference it makes. I will take a pic of one plant room I just finished and show you..

I tried that snow collecting thing..What a
It takes a barrell load to make one cup of water.. Now I put 2 huge 30 gallon buckets in my cellar, and once water has collected in the barrell outside under the gutters, I siphon it into those. I always have rain water on hand. I love it. Since I grow everything in clay, I don't get white residue from faucet water anymore on the sides of my pots...

You are not kidding about the overwatering thing! That along with underwatering, then a good drink once the roots have died..I think I might have finally learned this after all this time and help..Alot thanks to you! My real challange has yet to be won..Growing succulents, and crusselas without overwatering..:-)..So far so good..

Insects...Sheesh!!! hahaha..I think I have them beat too,lol. Speaking of pests..I felt bad, but I threw away my MOO. That is the one plant that I could never get rid of pests completely on, because there is so much room for pests to hide..So out it went!

I have too have yet to find a nursery that sellsd unique stuff within 20 miles from me..No wonder they go out of buisness.

Hugs Toni!


Funny thing.
The chalamondin I have will only send a couple of measly flowers out for me a year, but my meyers bloom like crazy..Isn't that crazy? lol

I love sweet olives! Mine is blooming like crazy..It seem the cooler the room is this time of year, and keeping in just light, not sun, encourages them to bloom alot more.
The one I ahve is an "osmanthus", something like that.I want one that flowers even more often..Maybe your's does? Where did you get yours if I may?

I am also looking into getting a Mango tree, and a Fig tree. I have a fellow employee who gets lot of figs on a 2 year old one..Sweet! They are also beautiful in appearance..

My plumies are all resting in my basement now, and my orange trees are exploding in blossoms..My plant room smell like a tropical island somewhere in the dead of winter.. I love it.


Take everyone, and stay safe.


RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

I didn't know you could grow those fruit trees indoors! I'm in zone 5 too, in IA.
I have a very well lit house. That's a great idea for me, since I love fragrant plants. Been growing orchids but only my cattleya is fragrant. I have about 15 indoor plants, mainly orchids. Thanks for the idea of how to bring flowers in during the dead of winter.

Thank you again.

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Dottie, once you get the hang of it, you will be totally addicted!

All my citrus are blooming like crazy along with many others, and boy does the house smell good. Like Florida in the winter!

Your welcome for the idea. If you need help, we are all here..


RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Coca doodle doo!!! Coca dooodle doo!!!

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Mike, I should be saying, Cocka-doodle-do, however it's's 5:22am..couldn't sleep...insomnia night..Tomoorow, er, todays going to be terrible..and I have a ton of places to go..sigh.

I feel sad about your MOO,'s too bad you couldn't have cut it down, a few inches from the soil. Tossed the old'd be surprised how nice and full they grow in..oh well, will you try again??? MOO's are so fragrant.

Aw, citrus..don't ya love it? I have one citrus in the back room..when it flowers the entire room smells like a summer, fragrant garden.
Mike my Ponderosa and grapefruit flowers like crazy, but never goal was to grow a full-size Ponderosa, tree-shaped, and have beautiful, huge, softball-size fruit..What happened? lol..
Mike do you have any variegated citrus? My variegated lemon has variegated's cool!!

It's still dark soon as the sun pops out, my African Violets are getting fertilized and Superthrived..I want to see more blooms..with all the dark days we've had, it's amazing anything is'd think we'd have albino

RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Toni, my goodness, I ahve been dealing with the same stupid thing! Lack of sleep and irratability to be

Yes, you goota love the citrus..What a plant to ahve rescue us from the pits of dark despair in the middle of winter..The fragrance in my room reminds me of Florida of some other tropical oasis!

You know what? Why didn't I think of that! Darn it..I even threw away all my "duke" ones too!Since these plants have been gone, I have not been able to find any mites at all on any of my plants for weeks now..These plants harbored them year after year I think..I should of just cut them down to the ground...Darn it!

I did not know that ST could help flower up your vilolets?

I will have to give it a shot then..Hummmm

I hear you about your "pondersosa" plant. I have had one for 3 years now, and it still aint taller. In fact 3 of them. I guess they make great Bonsai I can tell you though that I do get huge fruit though, on a foot tall
They certainly are heavy flowerers too!

Well, I hope that you get better sleep tonight, or else we shall ahve to continue this conversation on such a dead and asleep


RE: Thought I 'd wake forum up with pics of recent fragrants.

Wow. Mike - those are some beautifully fragrant plants you have there! I do love your plumeria and those oranges and limes dripping off those branches! I envy you and Toni for having being able to grow citrus. I've killed several already. But I think it's worth trying again. I recently acquired a bonsai kumquat from some very good friends. It's just been recently repotted. Half the leaves are folding. Do you have any idea why this is happening and suggestions for its remedy?
Toni - I hope you get better sleep tonight as well. I couldn't help but go to the online site you suggested. I would love to have a MOO! As a matter of fact I am determined to get Thanks for the idea. ( :

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