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What's on order?

Posted by moccasinlanding z9A AL (My Page) on
Sat, Mar 3, 12 at 21:36

Can you tell what you have or soon will order? And do you have a favorite source you order from?

Tonight I placed an order with Land Of The Giants:
Masquerade ) smalls

So Sweet ) fragrants
Irish Luck

Hypoleuca ...might be a mistake, but I like the white backs.
Then from Hallson's:
Aphrodite ) more fragrants
Fried Bananas

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RE: What's on order?

I am going to concentrate on streakers as I am getting into hybridizing this year.

These will be liners(tissue cultures), 2 1/4" and 4" pots for a fraction of what they normally sell for through the BnP Co-op. I have been having really good luck with tissue cultures. Some of them grow like weeds and I save a lot of money this way. I got a bunch of very new ones last year that are just now being sold by all of the retailers this year.

Dream Maker
Dorset Clown
Fired Up
Powder Keg
Wedding Night

I also want to get Vivacious.

RE: What's on order?

Here's what I've ordered so far:

From Hallson's--
American Sweetheart
Blueberry Muffin
Designer Genes
Flemish Sky
Goodness Gracious

From Naylor Creek:
Love Pat
Marilyn Monroe
Niagra Falls
Rainforest Sunrise
Summer Breeze

From Avalon Acres:
Choo Choo Train
Dick Ward

Our local garden club is hosting a sale in April, and I plan to buy several there, as I did last year and got some beauties for very reasonable prices.

I will be toning it down on my purchases this year, since I've declared 2012 "The Year of Living Frugally". I should have exempted hosta purchases from that declaration....dangit!☺

RE: What's on order?

  • Posted by babka 9b NorCal (My Page) on
    Sat, Mar 3, 12 at 22:44

I'm SO running out of room here. I've ordered from Hallson Gardens. 'Ice follies' and 'Snake Eyes'.


RE: What's on order?

Have already recieved mine for this year!

BLUE MAMMOTH... i think i have a theme going here?

NIAGARA FALLS....and so tempted to get LADY ISOBEL BARNETT

RE: What's on order?

Did you buy an estate recently?

If you are buying from the "local garden club" I would put those plants in pots until you know for sure that they aren't diseased or have nematodes. JMO.

From Made in the Shade

From In the Country
Raspberry Sundae
LS Fancy Pants
Blarney Stone
Niagra Falls

From Hallson
Diamond Tiara
Sum of All
Rosedale Golden Goose
Summer Breeze
Grand Canyon
Spartacus (thanks, UK)

From Jims
Jade Cascade
Ebb Tide
Regal Supreme
montana Macrophylla

From Mason Hollow
LS Love Affair
Frisian Pride

From NH Hostas
First FRost
Platinum Tiara
Rich Uncle
Samual Blue
Fire Island
Tobacco Road

From Streaked Hostas
Sand Pebbles

From Hosta Amour
Arc de Triomphe

Plus a lot of perennials and shrubs due to the fact that I'm planting a 700 sq. ft. Mixed Border in full sun.


RE: What's on order?

God im so jealous of you 'americans' with your large gardens!#######lol...i have to cram so much into every little 'nook and cranny'(english term i think)


arc de triomphe

I bought my 'arc de triomphe',after seeing bunnycats great pictures of it

Arc de Triomphe 5/17/10

Arc de Triomphe emerging 2009

Arc deTriomphe, 2009

she has some great hostas

RE: What's on order?

I too have a small garden. I may also have windows and siding done this summer so won't be planting around the house this spring.

From Venero Gardens: Saint Paul and Dancing Queen

Leaving room for impulse buys at the conventions this summer.

RE:arc de triomphe

a few more!

Arc de Triomphe & Rascal

Arc de Triomphe

RE: What's on order?


We saw plenty of land at Castle Highclere when we were watching Downton Abbey. Perhaps they would lend you some. Oh, and I hear there's a bit of space at a place called Sandringham.

Here's my favorite pic of Arc de Triomphe. It's in Cheryl Cravino's garden which is why I will buy the plant from her nursery (Hosta Amour).
Arc de Triomph

This plant has so much going for it; size, upright form, waves, leaf tip curl, great variegation with some streaking toward the middle, and that beautiful overlapping leaf base. I've been saving a spot for this one ever since I saw it last June. And I'm buying a double division.


RE: What's on order??

UK, Don't you still have a little grass left that you can get rid of to put in more hosta? I took out all of my grass since my yard is tiny. Hostas are much nicer than grass and no mowing or weed whacking anymore.


RE: What's on order?

Seeing who you folks buy from is a learning experience for me. Having no local sellers--well, Lowes sold WINTER SNOW and BLUE ANGEL here last year, but they do not count as "hosta nurserymen"--and I've made notes about who ships plants with good root structure and such as that.

Some slip-ups are bound to occur though, like the order that shipped after it got steaming hot, such as that. Even by phone, I am feeling the kindliness of Nancy Solberg, never expect to meet her but she is always friendly. I know it would be better to visit some hosta gardens, but none are nearby, nor are they advertised in the Birmingham area, which is reachable for me. Maybe Hot-Lanta will offer a place to see them growing extravagantly, but I will just have to do the best I can, imagining what the real thing looks like. And the pictures here, of course. Sometimes, it is more helpful to have a real landscape shot instead of a closeup, so I see the impact of planting en masse.

My idea of a hosta garden could end up like my idea of decorating a New England cape cottage--the realtor told my DH that it was lovely, quite unique, and comfortable, with tones of southern beach cottage--but it was not a traditional cape. Oh well, I think it combines the best of both worlds. Sort of like I hope my hosta garden does too.

RE: What's on order?

The mrs is already on my back for not leaving any room for her to sunbath in the summer....good job we dont get much sun over here!!!!!!!!! day im sure she'll say its her or my hostas..NOW WHO WOULD I CHOOSE..LOL

RE: What's on order?.2

Moccasin, You might want to check out the website of Hornbaker Gardens. They do sell mail order and have a stellar reputation that has lasted for decades. They also sell many hosta through mail order as mature clumps in addition to their normal stock. I have never bought from them through the mail since I can make the hour drive to hand pick plants myself.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hornbaker Gardens

RE: What's on order?

Beautiful pictures! I buy about 99% of my hosta mail order and have had great experiences with most of the suppliers above. For 2012 I am waiting for the following (orders & auction items):

Dancing Mouse
Stags Leap
LS Paisley Print
Rainforest Sunrise
Golden Meadows
Little Town Flirt
Blue Cascade

I have a few more in mind, however I might wait to see the extent of the vole damage to replace my favorites.

RE: What's on order?

I might get in trouble here but it wouldn't be the first time.

It's interesting to see everyone's selections. It's too embarrassing to list here plants I have already ordered plus those I plan on buying from a local nursery. The Greenery in Kelowna sells their hostas for about $7.00. They have some surprisingly new offerings. Last year I got Lakeside Foaming Sea and Lakeside Full Tide for example. I'm suppose to be buying less and getting more organized with what I have. I need many, many spin out bags for the expansion into the woods...and on and on.

What I was going to say was why isn't anyone ordering from Sebright? They are excellent. Last year I probably received the largest divisions, most mature shape and size of anywhere. I should say I am not able to order from many of the places a lot of you do because of the problem of shipping across the border. Some US nurseries do ship here but the certificate is often so expensive it doesn't seem worth it. The plants are also at the mercy of Canadian customs who can do whatever they like. A six hour car ride (from Seattle) can turn into two weeks in a warehouse. I avoid this by going down to the states and visiting my sister, helping her in her garden and driving my orders from Naylor and Sebright home. Getting back to Sebright, if any of you newer collectors are looking especially for the older varieties, check out their wonderful prices and selection.

Naylor, what can I say, they have the newest and Jack and Gary are just great. This is where I might get into trouble. I was talking to Glenn, owner of Hosta Choice in Ontario. This is a wonderful Canadian nursery by the way. Glenn is also a big fan of Naylor Creek and buys from them himself in order to offer the newest introductions to the Canadian market. I was telling Glenn that I really wanted Frisian's Pride but was going to wait a year or so to hopefully get a stronger plant. The prices were all over the map on this one it seemed to me. He said that Naylor Creek was the source bringing in Frisian's Pride from Holland for the US market. I guess that means if you bought this from somewhere else, your hosta has been handled twice? Naylor's price was certainly the best at least from those places I checked out.

The US certainly has many more options to choose from than we do in Canada though there are several great Canadian Hostas nurseries too. Unfortunately for me they are on the other side of the country which might as well be the moon. There are none that I know of in BC. Someday I'd love to visit a place where all the wonderful, mature, hostas are growing.

Wherever you order from and whatever plants you choose, I hope you all have a great spring - except Moccasinlanding who is having spring ALREADY !!

????? spin-out bag.

"I need many, many spin out bags for the expansion into the woods..."

mctavish,....or anyone, what is a spin-out bag?

RE: What's on order?

What you said about Naylor is certainly true and not a secret at all. Naylor does their own TC. They will often contract with new hybridizers like Bate Akuma (Frisian Pride, etc) in order to bring their creations to market. Other nurseries will get the TC plants from Naylor and then sell them. In my case I ordered Frisian Pride from Mason Hollow because I had a Gift Certificate from them that I wanted to use.

Have you ever tried Glenbrook as a Canadian Nursery? They advertise on the Library as a nursery for the serious collector. I know they are in Ontario, but it is just as far for me to order from Naylor as it would be for you to order from Glenbrook. I will be ordering from Naylor later on this season. I've got more beds to create first.

Here's what a spinout bag looks like.

It's for planting underneath Maple trees and in other high root competition areas (like Frank's front yard). Below is a link to a thread.


Here is a link that might be useful: Planting using spin out bags

RE: What's on order?

From Rob (Lakeside Hosta): 2 Paisley Print
3 Sparkle Plenty
3 Prophecy Fulfilled
1 Surf Rider

From Jim's: Academy Bonfire Glade
Academy Celeborn
Academy Mirkwood (mislabeled on his site
as 'Milkwood')
Academy Verdant Verge

Planning Naylor Creek and Hallson's orders, too. Will be deciding this evening if I have time. Otherwise, by next weekend at the latest! McT, off to check out Sebright online. Franknjim, will also be clicking that link. Oh dear oh dear. Somebody stop me! OTOH, please don't. Too much fun.

Great picks, UK!

RE: What's on order?

Steve, thanks for the info on spin-out bags. I had never heard of them. I have a large Norway Maple in front of my house and it destroys the grass, but I have a very large Hosta Splendis Sieboldiana that grows right up against it and thrives. I keep taking divisions and populating the neighborhood and it doesn't phase it. I guess the Norway doesn't have the fibrous roots of the infamous Silver Maple.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta Splendis under maple

RE: What's on order?

Glenbrook is in New York. Goldenbrook is in Ontario. :)

RE: What's on order?

I've taken a back seat from ordering this spring - after buying so many over last 3-4 years. Waiting to see how gardens are filling out and where I have room. Probably order some thru MN hosta society this spring, a local Mother's Day weekend sale and hopefully find a few from the Midwest convention vendors. Also, waiting for some of newer ones to fall a bit in price.

Some on the short list-
Bam Bam Blue
Frank Lloyd Wright
Jade Cascade
Smoke Signals
Fickle Blue Jeans


RE: What's on order?

I didn't order much this year, only three from In the Country:

Old Glory
Sea Ebony

And Naylor Creek:

Deans Dream
Great Escape
Niagara Falls
Candy Dish
Alligator Shoes

And I will be getting from my local nursery;

Island Charm
Magic Island
Rainbow's End
St Elmo's Fire
Abba Dabba Do
American Halo
Blue Mountains
City Lights
Liberty (the 2nd one for me)

Majestic and Blue Mountains have already come in and are planted. Still waiting on the rest.

Then there is the Greater Ozarks Hosta Society auction coming up next weekend, plants from Hilltop Farms Nursery.....maybe something from that. And I am sure I will find more when we make the rounds of the other local nurseries. This may be the year I get Brother Stephan, or Designer Genes that I have been stalling on for the last few years.....and I have a couple coupons burning holes in my wallet, to be spent, lol!


RE: What's on order?

White Oak Nursery

Alex Summers
Alvatine Taylor
Gold Stamdard
Great Expectations

New Hampshire Hostas

American Halo
Blue Hawaii
Brother Stephan or is it B. Stefan?
Cutting Edge
Dick Ward
Tokudama Aureonebulosa

RE: What's on order?

Insanity struck this winter, and I lost my mind. I have no more space, so I have no clue what I intend to do with all these plants. A few of them will go in pots, but where the rest of them will go is beyond me. I suspect I might have to redo one of my beds, putting plants a little closer together.

Rainbow's End
Sunlight Child
Sweet Innocence
LS Paisley Print
Blue Angel
Irish Luck

White Oak-
Holy Mouse Ears
Cutting Edge
William Lachman
Hyuga Urajiro
Autumn Frost

Baby Doll

Land of the Giants-
Jade Cascade
Blueberry Muffin


RE: What's on order?.3

Being that I am very very limited on space, I am careful(or at least try to be) in knowing the mature size of every hosta I buy before I buy it. I know that I can't buy a bunch of giants and large hosta. I can however squeeze in a bunch of minis and smalls along with a few mediums. I can use the space left between my properly spaced immature large and giant hostas to be temporary homes for some mediums, smalls & minis.

RE: What's on order?

jonnyb023, below is a picture of a Halcyon I dug up last spring. It had been planted for 3 years. That was the beginning of my expansion into the woods. What was I thinking? My tree roots wouldn't act like everyone else's? My problem is Cedar trees not Maple but the result is the same. Not only was the Cedar roots twice as large looking down, they were twice as large in height and volume. This was in just 3 years.

Steve, What a coincidence. I was just looking at Goldenbrook site. I haven't ordered from them before but I am considering it.

Deanna, If you've lost your mind then so have I. I've already ordered twice as many plants as you have and still have 16 I intend to buy once the local nursery opens. I have tree roots, I may have voles (I was kindly thinking of them as ground squirrels but that may be wrong), I'm getting older and the spirit is willing but sometimes the back isn't. The one thing I did more or less stick to this year was very few large or even medium plants. More than half of what I ordered are small or even mini's.

Poor old Halcyon


RE: What's on order?

Reading a bit about the hypoleuca selection, I discovered that it is in the lineage of Arc de Triomphe and a couple of others, don't recall them now. Like the white backs myself.

And, trying to figure out the ID of the plant growing so nicely this year, I thumbed through the cats of all the nurseries I purchased from. It seems that my NOID might indeed be SATISFACTION. I did not ORDER that, but it was possible to get it from either PDN or Bridgewood. The one I should have gotten, FAITH, never grew, no solid gold except for Sum & Substance. Oh, I like Satisfaction. Here is the leaf broken during the cold night covered with a sheet:

Could not like it more if I had ordered it intentionally. What's not to like about a plant this vigorous. Oh yeah. This leaf has 13 vein pairs.

RE: What's on order?


If you are looking for an ID, it is best to start a new thread. That way more people will see it an not have to wade through other posts. As for this one it sure looks like Satisfaction to me. Look at the Library pics, the seventh one down by Hugo Phillips appears to be an exact match for your picture.

BTW, if you've got a number of Hosta that are just emerging, start a thread for that and let us see what's coming up.


RE: What's on order?

Thanks, Steve for the warning. I didn't isolate the dozen or so plants I bought from them last year, but maybe I should have. The guy that grows them is pretty well known around these parts for having excellent stock (his place is called Spring Valley Nursery, and they don't sell out of the nursery, but at farmer's markets and this annual sale). But, I just emailed him and asked what precautions he has in place against HVX/nematodes. Rob Mortko is a member of the MG group that sponsors the sale, so I feel pretty comfortable that the plants I bought are ok, but it never hurts to be certain. I will let you know when I have a reply from him. I appreciate you watching out for a newbie like me!! ☺

RE: What's on order?

So far from Land of the Giants :
Goodness Gracious,
Dick Ward,
Lakeside Shore Master,
Ryan's Big One.

I have open pollinated seedlings of 13 new to me cultivars growing which I also have to find spots in my backyard for (including Arc de Triomphe). I think I have to donate existing plants to my hosta society this year again.

RE: What's on order?

Mosswitch, when you said, "I didn't order much this year, only three....." hehehehe, I began scrolling down down down, and saw that THREE was the tip of an iceberg. Love it.

And SquireJohn, it is spelled Brother Stefan according to the Hostapedia. One of my favorites early in the hosta game here.

Berndny, your local hosta society will have some happy people, because you baby your hosta so completely. Wish I could be going to that sale.

Steve_Mass, I'll do that new thread. I have that same leaf laying on my desk here, and it is still fresh and colorful looking. Very tough plant. As variable as some hosta are as the seasons progress, I can understand how mixups occur with plant labels. Then, tomorrow morning in the bright early light, I'll get some shots of the newly emerging ones, and start a thread with that. This forum is beginning to hop!

And today I ordered again, from
Second Wind
Short Fat Fanny
Fortunei hyacinthina
Angel from Montgomery
Golden Tiara
Longissima (swamp hosta)
Purple Passion
Braveheart (fragrant)
Sweet Bo Peep (half-pint)
Invincible (fragrant)
Squash Casserole (because it takes sun)

RE: What's on order?

Hi All,

Just joined and having a ton of fun reading the posts. Yes I'm a long time hosta addict purchased. I've purchased many hostas ferom a number of companies mentioned above but have to say my favorite one is Naylorcreek by far. I'm here in eastern Pa-in the Poconos and when I order from Gary and Jack it always seems to be on a Friday and have them on Monday. Plants are well packaged arrive in excellent condition and are good sizes. I placed my order with them in December when they offer discounts and free shipping. These are the hostas I'm waiting for from them below. Also I discovered a nursery very close to where I live called Webster's Nursery. They specialize in hostas more than two hundred and not just the common ones along with unusual perennials evergreens and trees. Their display beds have over 400 different hostas. If anyone lives in my area and wants more info on them let me know. I believe they open in April. Their prices are about half of the online companies.


RE: What's on order?

Welcome John,

I'm running out of room (shade) but I still can't stop ordering because I'm an addict too!
This spring I have orders placed with Sebright, Hallson, Naylor Creek, Avalon, Jim's Hostas and Country Boy.

Here's my list so far, I hope it enables someone! =o)
Midas Touch
Tijuana Brass
Blue Wu
Blueberry Muffins
Funcky Monkey
Shimmy Shake
Grand Rapids
Jurassic Park
Tickle Me Pink
Ebony Towers
Flemmish Gold
Celebration of Angles
Black Hills
Lettuce Salad
Devil's Advocates
Emerald Ruff Cut
Emerald Necklace
Sum Cup of Joe
Royal Tiara
Sea Octopus
Blue Dolphin

I hope this makes you pull out the plastic! LOL

God Bless and have a good day!

RE: What's on order?

Johnsp, welcome to the funhouse! Don't be bashful, what were those plants you ordered?

And, just now, I took the advice of McTavish and browsed the catalog of Naylor Creek, where I had to call this morning to give Gary my order on the phone. (No fax.) I am such a sucker for unique plants, trying to stay on the smaller side, since S&S, Blue Angel, and a few others turn out to be supersized.

Here is my selection to be shipped NEXT WEEK:
Celtic Uplands
Diana Remembered
Fragrant Queen
Invincible Spirit
Jaws (I cannot wait to see its TEETH)
Scallion Pancakes (can't you just smell it now?)
Sharp Dressed Man

Now to call for the delivery of 2 small truck loads of
top soil, mulch, bark.

RE: What's on order?

Thanks for the welcome Gary and Moccasinlanding. The plants ordered? Did you mean the Arisaemas? If so they are a group of plants in the Aroid family. We have 2 species native to the US commonly known as Jack in the Pulpits or Cobra Lilies.


RE: What's on order?

Forgot to mention those I've ordered from Naylorcreek are all from temperate Asia. I keep them in clay pots because they are so finicky about moisture when dormant.


RE: What's on order?

My orders for this year include:

Goldenbrook Hostas
Snake Eyes
Naked Lady
Moulin Rouge
Obscene Gesture
Pin Up
Snow Boy

Hosta Choice
Frisian Pride
Proud Sentry
Golden Meadows
Lady Isobel Barnett

Shades of Green
Gentle Giant

Crooked Creek Garden Centre
The Queen
Spinach Souffle
Emerald Charger
Deep Space Nine

RE: What's on order?

Waukon Golden Pond and Shimmy Shake from Naylor Creek and Streets of Gold from NGP.

RE: What's on order?

Hi Everyone-I've been lurking for a few days and have enjoyed catching up on posts. I just recently graduated nursing school and have been getting used to a new job, schedule, etc. Now that there is a little more $$ coming in, this year I'll get to buy more than I have in recent years (yay!). I have a list of some host that I'm interested in-if anyone has any opinions about any of them, I'd love to hear them. I am going to try to get outside in the next few days and take pictures-I'm in Indiana and my crocus have bloomed, daffodils are coming up and there are some hosta that are peeping through the soil already with our crazy winter weather!!

Here's the beginning of my list:

Journey�s End
Purple Haze
Frosted Frolic
Fragrant Queen
American Icon
Ivory Coast
Rainbow�s End
First Love
High Society
Radiant Star
Fragrant Bouquet
Summer�s Breeze
Olive Branch
Irish Luck
Autumn�s Frost
L. Beach Captain
L. Butterball
L. Cha Cha
L. Cindy Cee
L. Coal Miner
L. Cup Cake
L. Dragonfly
L. Foiled Plot
L. Premier
L. Ring Master
L. Roy El
L. Shoremaster
L. Storm Watch
Abiqua Moonbeam
H. All That Jazz
H. Amber

RE: What's on order?

Indymom76, I see when you jump in you do it with a will!
Nice list, and you are just BEGINNING YOUR LIST?....

RE: What's on order?

Hmmm, I see I didn't list the plants I've ordered and will be ordering next month. Strange because I recall listing these:


Frisian Pride
Frank Lloyd Wright
Lakeside Fancy Pants
Proud Sentry
Cold Heart
Regal Supreme
Smokey Bear
Rocket's Red Glare
Double D Cup

Rob's Lakeside Hostas:


April Snow
Cindy Cee
Beach Bum
Beach Captain
Dividing Line
Pillow Talk
Foiled Plot
Paisley Print
Party Dress



If we did not want to hear something as kids, I always put my hands over my ears and said LALALALALALALA, for as long as it took.

Sigh....and that is where I am at this moment.

Having updated the index of my garden plants to include the recent spate of hosta orders, yet to arrive, I might add, I
have put my hands over my ears (I have excellent hearing down to 1 db) and it sure cramps my style at the computer keyboard.

My list of just plants in my garden, by name only, includes 64 different hosta by name. Not counting that I have about 4 plantaginea species and various doubles of others I really liked and did not want to chance being without.
I think 64 is a good number to halt at for a few weeks anyway. At least until the late summer plant sales start up again. I might even persuade my DH to go with me on a hosta hunting trip as far north as Strasburg VA, maybe NC, rent a van, come home loaded, by way of IKEA in Atlanta, in case there is a little empty space for some book shelves.

Is there a 12 step program for hosta addiction? In my life so far I managed to avoid addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, whatever, but hosta may be the ruin of me yet. I can see my DH holding an INTERVENTION when he gets back from up north.

RE: What's on order?

moccassin, #1 step in fighting hosta addiction is not to read postings labeled "What's on order?" LOL. #2 is to have your husband institute a no planting Hosta zone on your yard, and enforce it!

RE: What's on order?

Bernd, you are talking to "She Who Must Be Obeyed" ---- as in Rider Haggard's old novel, SHE. (Rumpole of the Bailey called his wife Hazel that also, but I did not know it was connected to the novel at that time...guess you'd have to be British to make the connection.) I have a coffee cup to prove it:
She Who Must Be Obeyed

DH exerts control by not funding any of my plant purchases. The conditions in the garden exert control over NO PLANTING HOSTA ZONE because of full exposure to summer heat and no shade.

RE: What's on order?

Ok, I know I said I wasn't gonna, but I did anyway.

It started with a simple trip to Lowes for a bag of wild bird seed. Their hosta were in. So I picked up just 5:
Undulata albo-marginata (counted it already from DH's garden)
Frances Williams

Then after I came home, I thought I might as well finish out the list I'd wanted before going cold turkey.

Made In The Shade order:
Venus (hard to find it, had to look everywhere)
Brother Stefan (my favorite,lost, must replace it always)
Dancing Queen

Hornbaker order:
Bitsy Gold
Faith (don't think it survived, replacing it)
Glass Heart
Holy Mole
Iron Gate Delight
The Razor's Edge
The Shining

and I think that about does it. Now to bring my index current.

RE: What's on order?

I don't order. Hornbaker Gardens is about 1 hr from my house. I have 3 areas I am planning to plant this spring. I will supplement with other plants and shrubs.

Group #1 South Fence Line:
Earth Angel
Krossa Regal
Luna Moth
Olive Bailey Langdon

Group #2-Ava's Playhouse:
Paul's Glory
Touch of Class

Group #3-for Kitty Sue's grave/memorial area:
Love Pat
Bright Lights
High Society
Blue Mouse Ears

I'm still not 100% happy with my Group #1. I think I need a blue in the group to tone it down.

RE: What's on order?

  • Posted by babka 9b NorCal (My Page) on
    Tue, Mar 13, 12 at 21:14


Isolate the ones from Lowes a year or two, by keeping them in pots and not sharing cutting tools on them. Big Box stores are notorious for selling hostas with HVX.


RE: What's on order?

Moccasinlanding-My list is long because I have to make up for lost time. :) Besides, I think your list is longer than mine! :) I still need to put the order in-this weekend-after payday!

RE: What's on order?

Babka, thanks for the warning. I was thinking that was a possible hazard. And I wondered why they were stocking hosta here in Mobile, might as well be on Mars, unless they perhaps had a grower who never tested and this was an unsuspecting sending our DDT to Chile, you know. (And now they ship grapes back to the US)...

One reason I was inquiring about testing for HVX.

Indymom, you are making up for lost time all right. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a major life event, like graduating from nursing school, than gardening with something pretty. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

RE: What's on order?

Lets see, one inexpensive hosta at Lowes costs $7, then test it for HVX with a test strip at $7, might as well have bought the hosta from a reputable internet nursery?

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