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Times Square

Posted by lily316 z5PA (My Page) on
Thu, Apr 25, 13 at 13:32

Supposedly the remaining brother told police they were headed to NYC before being ambushed Friday night. This coincides with the Asian man who's car was hijacked who heard Manhattan mentioned. The bombs, including the pressure cooker one which were thrown by the killers to escape from police, were part of the arsenal. This was all videoed by young men from their second floor apartment.

Times Square would also be a soft deadly killing zone. When I was there a few years ago it was packed even late at night ,and many people wore backpacks.

So kudos to Watertown police and all the others who helped bring the monsters down, maybe preventing another mass killing and maiming. . Mom still thinks they're innocent despite the younger one admitting it all. Denial. IMO, she looks like the radical parent...fiery eyes, big mouth.

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RE: Times Square

So, he's talking to the authorities ...... w/o 'enhanced interrogation techniques' applied by un-named, highly paid CIA 'contractors'?

RE: Times Square

  • Posted by momj47 7A..was 6B (My Page) on
    Thu, Apr 25, 13 at 16:35

Were they really naive enough to think they would not be caught, that they would actually make it to NYC?

RE: Times Square


RE: Times Square

And you don't think they are/were? One stood beside a darling eight year old and his little sister plus scores of others, looked them in the eye and walked away detonating a bomb? There are still almost 60 in the hospital , many amputees and double amputees. Yes, Monster is too kind a word. All these lives will be impacted forever and ever.

RE: Times Square

No, I think they were human. They are not monsters any more than we the American Public are monsters for allowing our government to use our soldiers to kill innocent children with drones. It's hypocritical to place more value on the lives of strangers in Connecticut or Boston than on the children of strangers in strange lands.

That little 8 year old boy's death was tragic and I absolutely as a mother cannot fathom what his parents are experiencing. I don't know if I could breathe. But I'm honestly more upset about the children dying because of my tax dollars. Our government is behaving as a monster. If there is a monster, it is US.

List of children killed by drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, compiled from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.


Name : Age : Gender

Noor Aziz : 8 : male
Abdul Wasit : 17 : male
Noor Syed : 8 : male
Wajid Noor : 9 : male
Syed Wali Shah : 7 : male
Ayeesha : 3 : female
Qari Alamzeb : 14: male
Shoaib : 8 : male
Hayatullah KhaMohammad : 16 : male
Tariq Aziz : 16 : male
Sanaullah Jan : 17 : male
Maezol Khan : 8 : female
Nasir Khan : male
Naeem Khan : male
Naeemullah : male
Mohammad Tahir : 16 : male
Azizul Wahab : 15 : male
Fazal Wahab : 16 : male
Ziauddin : 16 : male
Mohammad Yunus : 16 : male
Fazal Hakim : 19 : male
Ilyas : 13 : male
Sohail : 7 : male
Asadullah : 9 : male
khalilullah : 9 : male
Noor Mohammad : 8 : male
Khalid : 12 : male
Saifullah : 9 : male
Mashooq Jan : 15 : male
Nawab : 17 : male
Sultanat Khan : 16 : male
Ziaur Rahman : 13 : male
Noor Mohammad : 15 : male
Mohammad Yaas Khan : 16 : male
Qari Alamzeb : 14 : male
Ziaur Rahman : 17 : male
Abdullah : 18 : male
Ikramullah Zada : 17 : male
Inayatur Rehman : 16 : male
Shahbuddin : 15 : male
Yahya Khan : 16 :male
Rahatullah :17 : male
Mohammad Salim : 11 : male
Shahjehan : 15 : male
Gul Sher Khan : 15 : male
Bakht Muneer : 14 : male
Numair : 14 : male
Mashooq Khan : 16 : male
Ihsanullah : 16 : male
Luqman : 12 : male
Jannatullah : 13 : male
Ismail : 12 : male
Taseel Khan : 18 : male
Zaheeruddin : 16 : male
Qari Ishaq : 19 : male
Jamshed Khan : 14 : male
Alam Nabi : 11 : male
Qari Abdul Karim : 19 : male
Rahmatullah : 14 : male
Abdus Samad : 17 : male
Siraj : 16 : male
Saeedullah : 17 : male
Abdul Waris : 16 : male
Darvesh : 13 : male
Ameer Said : 15 : male
Shaukat : 14 : male
Inayatur Rahman : 17 : male
Salman : 12 : male
Fazal Wahab : 18 : male
Baacha Rahman : 13 : male
Wali-ur-Rahman : 17 : male
Iftikhar : 17 : male
Inayatullah : 15 : male
Mashooq Khan : 16 : male
Ihsanullah : 16 : male
Luqman : 12 : male
Jannatullah : 13 : male
Ismail : 12 : male
Abdul Waris : 16 : male
Darvesh : 13 : male
Ameer Said : 15 : male
Shaukat : 14 : male
Inayatur Rahman : 17 : male
Adnan : 16 : male
Najibullah : 13 : male
Naeemullah : 17 : male
Hizbullah : 10 : male
Kitab Gul : 12 : male
Wilayat Khan : 11 : male
Zabihullah : 16 : male
Shehzad Gul : 11 : male
Shabir : 15 : male
Qari Sharifullah : 17 : male
Shafiullah : 16 : male
Nimatullah : 14 : male
Shakirullah : 16 : male
Talha : 8 : male


Afrah Ali Mohammed Nasser : 9 : female
Zayda Ali Mohammed Nasser : 7 : female
Hoda Ali Mohammed Nasser : 5 : female
Sheikha Ali Mohammed Nasser : 4 : female
Ibrahim Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye : 13 : male
Asmaa Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye : 9 : male
Salma Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye : 4 : female
Fatima Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye : 3 : female
Khadije Ali Mokbel Louqye : 1 : female
Hanaa Ali Mokbel Louqye : 6 : female
Mohammed Ali Mokbel Salem Louqye : 4 : male
Jawass Mokbel Salem Louqye : 15 : female
Maryam Hussein Abdullah Awad : 2 : female
Shafiq Hussein Abdullah Awad : 1 : female
Sheikha Nasser Mahdi Ahmad Bouh : 3 : female
Maha Mohammed Saleh Mohammed : 12 : male
Soumaya Mohammed Saleh Mohammed : 9 : female
Shafika Mohammed Saleh Mohammed : 4 : female
Shafiq Mohammed Saleh Mohammed : 2 : male
Mabrook Mouqbal Al Qadari : 13 : male
Daolah Nasser 10 years : 10 : female
AbedalGhani Mohammed Mabkhout : 12 : male
Abdel- Rahman Anwar al Awlaki : 16 : male
Abdel-Rahman al-Awlaki : 17 : male
Nasser Salim : 19

RE: Times Square

They are not monsters any more than we the American Public are monsters for allowing our government to use our soldiers to kill innocent children with drones.

Words for everyone to consider.

Or as Chalmers Johnson described it: Blowback, the unintended results of American actions abroad.

RE: Times Square

Well the equivalency I'm reading above then would put them on the level of combatants which are they citizens or combatants, SIlver & Nancy? Isn't that already fitting them into a prefixed outcome without a trial also?
I find this tact disgusting.
It's just so BIBLICAL in its eye for an eye scope!
It also reminds me of the gay left apologists for Cuban excess in repression of gays back in the early 70s'
Or perhaps I just don't like the idea of my neighbors pouring out of theaters being blown up by religious fanatics of any bent. Absolutely disgusted.

This post was edited by labrea on Thu, Apr 25, 13 at 17:27

RE: Times Square

The Boston bombings were clearly "blowback" for our machinations in the middle-east and we really hate that. We don't want our people to be killed. If kids get killed far away we don't know about that, do we?

Two wrongs don't make a right, but it does get the attention of those who are willing to pay attention.

RE: Times Square

It's just so BIBLICAL in its eye for an eye scope!

I see it as the inevitable outcome of U.S. foreign policy of preemptive war.

I don't condone either action.

RE: Times Square

To piggy back it on to the original topic is equivalency in a not so passive aggressive fashion. To continue to discuss it along those lines fill me with revulsion!
It strikes me of the same kind of mentality that Peter King used to use when talking about the IRA. If they target the military and civilians get killed well so be it that's unfortunate.

This post was edited by labrea on Thu, Apr 25, 13 at 18:05

RE: Times Square

No one wants to see their neighbors killed Labrea. I'm not excusing the actions of those responsible for Boston, New York, etc. It's reprehensible. But I simply can't get more outraged over a beautiful 8 year old boy dying just because his parents and my parents both gave birth within the same political boundaries than another beautiful 8 year old boy across the ocean.

And I refuse to call them monsters any more than our soldiers, who bomb little children for our government.

RE: Times Square

I may be a bit thick, but I don't see that I'm saying that it's equivalent in anyway. One causes the other.

I don't want anyone blown up; no preemptive wars, no crazed fundamentalists blowing up women's reproductive centers or attacking patrons of gay bars, no civilian targets as pay back for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc.

Another question is what happened to DNI? Wasn't this reform after 9/11 supposed to have the FBI and CIA sharing information?

RE: Times Square

Agree with you, Lilly and equally as repulsed as Labrea. Reminds me to much of a certain type of pompous liberal that never discusses a topic "at face value" like the fact a monster blew an 8 year old to pieces, killed 3 others and maimed countless.

RE: Times Square

Then your calling them combatants & have already found them as such trial over!

This post was edited by labrea on Thu, Apr 25, 13 at 18:35

RE: Times Square

So what is the criterion for "monster" Labrea? What is the definition of "monster"?

Is it the uncle who molests the little kid?
Is it the kid who then goes and molests the littler kid?
Is it Monsanto?
Is it Sandusky?
Is it the drug addicted mother who smothers her baby?
Is it the gang banging 12 year old who beats another kid to death?

What is a monster? I know I've met some pretty sick individuals, including the one who systematically groomed me from a very young age but I've never met an actual monster.

Humanity is very flawed. People do monstrous things. But they are not monsters. They are humans.

If these two men are guilty, they are guilty of the most heinous of crimes, taking the livelihoods of innocent people.

But I think calling them monsters allows for a disassociation from reality.

RE: Times Square

I would agree with Silver. No one life is worth more or less than another. It doesn't matter on which side of an ocean that life is.

As Americans, we have no room to talk, considering what our leaders and the power brokers who pull their strings have done, or have condoned, over the last several decades.

I think maybe Silver is looking at the bigger picture... as am I.

RE: Times Square

We have spent two centuries building up hate. It seems like every year we add a new enemy, a new country, a new culture to our hit hate list.

The war machine is already itching to get into Syria as it winds down its destruction and disruption of Afghanistan.

While listening to John McCain fueling the hatred toward Syria yesterday, I called him a very bad name. It wasn't monster.

RE: Times Square

  • Posted by ohiomom 3rdrockfromthesun (My Page) on
    Fri, Apr 26, 13 at 7:10

I am also with Silver etal .... we Americans are reaping what our government has sown.

RE: Times Square

This states anyone with even the slightest sense of outrage about anything in the world particularly of a religious nature can fly anywhere and set off a bomb .


A priest from the Vatican or even Padua can bomb a women's health fare for the millions of abortion deaths "he believes in his conscience have occurred in the US"
here he would at least be targeting women in specific.
After all it's women who have abortions
Social masochism is what I'm reading. A Twisted Waynes World "We so worthy, were so of Death".

OMG OMG I see the light I was wrong I was wrong I'll fly to England now and bring retribution for the burning of my mothers Village by those damn tans!

Gimme a break everything written above is insane and piggy backing a guilt trip on the News item dor the next tune in the hit parade was wrong.
I don't believe in MONSTERS or things that are under the bed.

This post was edited by labrea on Fri, Apr 26, 13 at 8:27

RE: Times Square

Posted by labrea 7NYC (My Page) on
Fri, Apr 26, 13 at 8:07

This states anyone with even the slightest sense of outrage about anything in the world particularly of a religious nature can fly anywhere and set off a bomb .



I agree with this.

Regardless of real or perceived wrongs done by a government or a society, I see no justification for individuals to intentionally target and kill innocent citizens.

These arbiters of who whose legs and arms should be blown off torsos while attending a sports event were headed to New York City to blow some more body parts to smithereens, end lives and cause a lifetime of anguish for survivors.

The fact that other innocents are killed in war, or for any reason, does not balance these heinous acts.

We are not reaping anything.

These are evil, hate filled and arrogant terrorists.
NOTHING this country has done or any individual has done justifies what they did.

RE: Times Square

In a nation that often avoids acknowledging its own role in intensifying cycles of violence, the public got a taste of the truth.

Jeremy Wright, Ron Paul and even Tom Brokaw agree...

I know, what a crowd, eh?

"The stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own front yards. America's chickens are coming home to roost." -- Reverend Jeremiah Wright

In 2008, the hysterical backlash to the above comment by Barack Obama's minister became a high-profile example of one of the most insidious rules in American politics: You are not allowed to honestly discuss the Central Intelligence Agency's concept of "blowback" without putting yourself at risk of being deemed a traitor to country.

This is the news from Tom Brokaw's appearance on "Meet the Press" last Sunday. Discussing revelations that the bombing suspects may be connected to Muslim fundamentalism, he said:

"We have got to look at the roots of all of this because it exists across the whole (Asian) subcontinent and the Islamic world around the world. I think we also have to examine (America's) use of drones (because) there are a lot of civilians who are innocently killed in a drone attack in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. And I can tell you having spent a lot of time over there, young people will come up to me on the streets and say, 'We love America, but if you harm one hair on the head of my sister, I will fight you forever.' And there is this enormous rage against what they see in that part of the world as a presumptuousness of the United States."

Wow...just wow...even Tom has caught on.

Of course, Brokaw was merely stating the obvious: With America having killed thousands of civilians in its wars, we should be appalled by acts of terrorism -- but we shouldn't be surprised by them. We should know that violence will inevitably come from those like the Boston bombing suspect who, according to the Washington Post, "told interrogators that the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan motivated him and his brother to carry out the attack."

Nobody here is justifying the action, or that we deserve it, but it certainly should be expected.

Real journalists have been declaring what Brokaw has said for many, many years but unfortunately they were ignored. Maybe some will start listening. Late is better than never.

RE: Times Square

WE all must have been in a dim basement not to have heard the above ad nauseam.
From the non evolved Malcolm X's "Chicken's come home to roost" on Kennedy's assassination.
It is a cultural device a scold, a harpy, a curious defense mechanism that smacks of masochism,
That & we are to hear a.litany of US sins every time some baby wipe goes bizerk is outrageous, oooh whats that word MONSTEROUS!.
It passive aggressively says well its not a reason but I'm just saying that WE (fill in the blank)!

NOTE.... this topic is no longer about a News Item of killing people in Times Square!

Oh i left one out & I pass this site at least 3 or 4 times a month.

Bomb packed with nails being assembled to plant in Fort Dix because nothing said end the war in Vietnam better than blowing yourself up!

This post was edited by labrea on Fri, Apr 26, 13 at 10:51

RE: Times Square

  • Posted by ohiomom 3rdrockfromthesun (My Page) on
    Fri, Apr 26, 13 at 9:31

.....and then we have the little reported story

Mykyta Panasenko a Ukrainian Rutgers student arrested taking two IEDs into New York just a week before Boston Marathon bombing

Panasenko was released on his own recognizance, after investigators searched his home and found material to make explosives, but found no completed devices.

Here is a link that might be useful: linky dink

RE: Times Square

38 dead 143 injured! Wall Street 1920 ! 100 pounds of dynamite 500 pounds of cast iron slugs. Ohh that got their point across, accept no one ever accepted responsibility.

The foreground there is the remains of a horse from the wagon with the bomb. That always bothered me as a kid.
I like horses!

Could have been retribution for Sacco & Venzetti mnn yeah that could be it there was a note that was found. A basic that i'll learn yah message.

I mean as long as we have digressed from time square!

Time Warner had a survey for NY if we felt safe? Gee welll no...
OMG not since the Cuban Missile crisis when i found NY would be scheduled for at least a couple of warheads.

SAFE are you safe? Does dial take the worry outta being close to someone with BIRD FLU? OMG the the Myan's are comming, the Russians are coming, I might get AIDS from swimming in a public pool if someone pees in it! I've never been safe here comes a safe falling out a window with ACME written on it. This is CARTOON reportage!

Anyone answer me who who does or doesn't go to heaven if a Shia blows up a Sunni or tother way round?
Are those guys who blew up the beautiful Golden Mosque in Samara bedding down right now in virgin territory? The US supposedly took one of them out.

Nice art but it's probably more in the service of NEVER FORGIVE!
No he she isn't Muslim but just look at it be filled with a desire to go strap one on in his or her memory!

Have I created a nice garbage heap of causes here to muddle through.

RE: Times Square

I agree with Jodik, Silver, and Tom Brokaw. I was glad he said what he did on Meet the Press. Maybe, just maybe, it will open some eyes. And many are champing at the bit to get involved in Syria. It's just never ending --- always an excuse for American to throw its weight around....

RE: Times Square

Just another hijacked thread!

RE: Times Square

Labrea, what on earth was this thread about? The mother looking "radical"? The possibility of another bombing, this one in Times Square? or the Heroism of the Police who prevented a MASS KILLING AND MAIMING of INNOCENTS?

1. If I were the mother of a child who was killed, no matter what they had been doing but especially in this circumstance, I'd be absolutely beside myself in grief (for my child, for the children of others, for the loss of life, for the pain, I just cannot imagine how radical I would have looked). Or is it only middle Eastern looking people who can look radical? Maybe I'd be a touch more looking like Cyndi Sheehan, just kind of berserk/60's radical rather than terrorist radical... who knows.

2. Maybe they were on the way to Times Square. A tragedy averted, for sure. Is thanking police a hot topic? I'm glad no more lives were lost.

3. Monsters. That's what caught my ear. If we call them Monsters, we make the the OTHER. And it is disassociating.

There is no eye for eye, we don't deserve this, no one does. Not on an individual level anyway (or it's pretty rare).

I just don't see how we can call these young men MONSTERS when we have a huge government of older, mature, supposed leaders using our money to do the same thing to little kids other places and not look in the mirror and see the same.

Humanity. We are all humans. This is what humans do to one another. I don't know why. I wish it would stop. I don't understand. I don't forgive, I don't condone.


RE: Times Square

Anyone who could perpetrate these atrocities on innocent civilians at a Marathon are "the OTHER" if you like that term better than monsters.

RE: Times Square

Perhaps I'm over reacting because my grandson and SIL were walking two blocks ahead of the bombers down Boylston street according to the stamped timeline on the video. They stood fifteen minutes earlier at the same spot the first bomb went off.

RE: Times Square

If someone has a gun to your head I don't get that you stand there & tell them I completely understand why your doing this to me.

RE: Times Square

"If someone has a gun to your head I don't get that you stand there & tell them I completely understand why your doing this to me."

What was posted here that prompted this statement, is what I am wondering.

RE: Times Square

Whats your take on the whole thread Elvis?
I read the original post & then hear the original poster being upbraided for using the term monsters.
I'm then treated to a shaming fest for US policy.

Can we ever have any bombing in this country with out being scolded/shamed/blamed for our foreign policy! I've been listing to it since 911 it reminds me of the Brondo scene in Idiocracy. A Parroting of a facile statement!

If that foreign policy is to be understood as the primary cause stimulation for such activity & the person is not a uniformed member of any military in the nations where Us atrocities have occurred then those responsible for the bombing have been by that reasoning convicted by a forum opinion of (just what?)
It is indeed a conviction because it places a set of circumstances on one side of the scale & says the bloody outcome that had happened or was about to be repeated on the other side of the scale was connected to foreign policy. It establishes motive out of a court room which is a defacto conviction. No Due process as was being called for on the freaking welfare post

Yes it raises a little outrage in me as I travel through Times Square for business several times a month.
It's not a metaphorical gun to my head in that sense it is literal and the above is nonsense and ignorant of most laws regarding lawful & unlawful combatants.
It makes a case that anyone with enough emotional stimulation is not a monster when carrying out the willful intentional murder of civilians.

I've been mugged ! I should never have thought the mugger a piece of crap but have understood that my socio economic well being was part of what kept him in a place where he needed to mug me.
Gimme a break !

RE: Times Square

"Have I created a nice garbage heap of causes here to muddle through."

First, "you didn't create it." Hm that sounds familiar. Well thanks be to our collective consciousness you don't do this too often; it's work but thanks for it.

I don't see monsters but what's the point of talking about humans? There was no humanity in this attack. There is evil in this world; I believe that's a good enough reason to explain why the bombing happened. It doesn't matter what their childhoods were like or if they're religious (whatever that means) or even if they say they're sorry. Lock him up and throw away the key. I believe everything happens for a reason; to believe otherwise would be to live in chaos and I won't do it.

""If someone has a gun to your head I don't get that you stand there & tell them I completely understand why your doing this to me."

"I've been mugged ! I should never have thought the mugger a piece of crap but have understood that my socio economic well being was part of what kept him in a place where he needed to mug me."

I can see you don't think that way. That's good. Anybody who thinks healthy adults are responsible for their own will agree with you.

Those who profess to feel that we are not responsible for our own, but that we are responsible for everbody else will disagree with you.

I say take your pick. You asked.

RE: Times Square

I agree. Lock him up and throw away the key - AFTER he is given the due process that is every American citizen's right (even if the American looks scarily middle eastern) and only then if he is found guilty after a rational jury hears the evidence and only if the sentence calls for life with no parole.

Only then can I agree - do throw the key far, far away where nobody can find it. His actions proved to me that society can't be expected to ever trust to be safe with him in it ever again, and shouldn''t have to.

RE: Times Square

I am as against cluster bombs & have raged about it here before as i am against will full intentional targeting of a civilian population.
To cite US relations with Isreal as an EXCUSE for the murders on 911 (oh It wasn't an excuse I'm just saying (fil in the blank) heard far too often.
(becomes like gesundheit when someone sneezes)

This is sloppy equivalency, this is almost the same to me as blaming rape victims for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time or hanging around with the wrong people.

This is the fertilizer that states as a people we understand though we abhor the terror bombing in Spain, the 88 Australians, 38 Indonesian, 27 Britons, 7 Americans and 5 Swedish citizens in Paddy's pub in Indonesia see the scale being set up here? See the balance I'm resorting to? It becomes ridiculous.
It says any baby wipe with a grudge has understandable though illegitimate motivation to.
. .
The revulsion the revulsion comes from telling someone they don't have the right to be outraged about it and call them MONSTERS! YAH GET THAT?.


There's a given from almost everyone on both sides of this that this fellow is guilty without a trial (oh common Joe really)
Yeah really!
Why bother having international laws at all & terms & cases.
"I THINK THAT..." is a much better ways to go or so it seems..

I think Betsy from Boston should go to Chechna an do a naughty there because Charley from Chechnya pushed her in the playground first nya nya nya!~ (yes this is massive scorn)
Well of course Japan had to attack the US as Us policies led up to Pearl Harbor, well of Course the Treaty of Versailles was so unfair that Hitler invaded Poland.

Well of course ordinary Patriots can blow up Federal buildings & of course The Manhattan Declaration clearly states that the laws of God are greater than the laws of the state.
that express train runs along that track!

This post was edited by labrea on Sat, Apr 27, 13 at 8:15

RE: Times Square

Well said, Joe. Sloppy equivalency indeed.

RE: Times Square

Mommy dearest also on US Terror Watch List.

Can not believe anybody would think chenyan Americans have a justifiable excuse for blowing up innocents because of America's actions in the Middle East. Beyond twisted!!!! As if anything would justify this!

So many self hating Americans. Why aren't you bombing something.

RE: Times Square

Two wrongs never make a right... and people are generally products of their environments.

With that said... and the knowledge that this is not the first act of its kind to ever have taken place, not on our soil or elsewhere... and a fairly good guess that it won't be the last on our soil or elsewhere... the question is, what can be done to create an environment where these things do not happen?

RE: Times Square

It probably cant be created Jodi - everyone is human with differing needs and differing ways to go about fulfilling those needs.
Even if it could be created, I suspect there will always be dangerous malcontents who will cause violent chaos because they aren't the ones with the power, and would order violent chaos even if they were the ones in power.

RE: Times Square

Exactly my point. Within almost every barrel of apples you'll find at least one that is spoiled, or at the very least, bruised. It's just the law of nature.

And as populations grow, so grows that number of bruised or spoiled apples.

And when that spoiled apple is left in the same barrel as the good apples, its very proximity to other apples causes others to spoil.

Social decay is rampant the world over. Many work to try to fix things... while others see an advantage to be taken, instead.

I don't know... maybe there are simply too many idle minds and hands... in this modern world of convenience we've created...

RE: Times Square

An aside: "Social decay is rampant the world over." Since when did it become acceptable to spit on the golf course, on camera, during a PGA tournament?

RE: Times Square

Gross. How 'bout muffin tops and plumber's crack? TMI!

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