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Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Posted by cfmuehling 7b DC/MD burbs (My Page) on
Tue, Aug 22, 06 at 19:53

Aquasco Swap: Plants you Have List for
The First Annual Aquasco Fall Plant Swap
Sept. 30, 2006

DIRECTIONS for the HAVES list:

0. If you're new to the swaps, please take the time and have the courtesy to read these posts. They're here to help everyone have a good time.

1. Do NOT arrange the swap or trade on this thread.

2. Post a list of the plants you HAVE on this thread, ideally with Latin names to avoid confusion, and cultivar names if they have them and you know what they are. Yes, you can also list other garden stuff, such as seeds, tools or books, that you wish to swap. And if you really have nothing to swap, yes you are still invited! Just bring something for the pot luck lunch. (See the Aquasco Swap: Food and Stuff list.

2. Read other people's lists. If you see things you want and would like to swap or trade for, e-mail the person directly to arrange it.

4. Do NOT post a list of plants that you WANT for swapping or trading on this list. That's what the Aquasco Swap: Plants you Want list is for.

5. Please do NOT discuss who will be bringing what kind of chocolate (or other food) to the swap. There is a separate Aquasco Swap: Food and Stuff list for that.

6. Do update your member page with your Haves and Wants; feel free to link your post here to any Plant Exchange page you may have.

7. UPDATE your posting here. These entries are editable, so if your Haves changes (because something you were going to swap has been reserved already, or you have some additional plants to share), please edit you existing post, rather than making a new post further down the list. It's just simpler that way.

8. When you bring your plants, MARK RESERVED PLANTS (i.e., plants for which you have a pre-arranged swap). LABEL your plants if possible; we often forget which was what by the time we get them home! Popsicle stick, plastic spoons, or other "plantable markers" are great, as they can be popped right in to the ground along with the plant.

At the swap, please do NOT take anything that is labeled for someone else, or is NOT labeled "Free" or "Please Take." Ask. That's all you have to do.

9. Questions? just include them in your post here, or feel free to eMail Vlad.

10. Have fun finding new homes for your surplus plants and discovering new plants you didn't know you needed!

Did I forget anything? Of course! So, let me know so I can fix it!

Wishing everyone a great swap! Happy gardening,
- vladislav
Vlad's Page
(For directions, MapQuest:
22300 Aquasco Road (Md route 381)
Aquasco, MD 20608.)

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

A quick start here that I'll add to in a week or so:

Butterfly bush lavender flowers
Brugmansia unnamed yellow flowers great scent, one rooted cutting
Japanese pachysandra evergreen
Rose of Sharon bluebird
Trumpet vine, yellow flowering (only dug on request)
Lemon balm (warning invasive best as a container plant)

Double flowered stocks seeds
Cleome seeds (violet, pink and white)
Impatiens seeds (multi colors)

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

I can divide some Farfugium tussilaginea 'aureomaculatum'(leopard plant). I have a few rooted Forsythia viridissima var. koreana 'Kumson,' I have one rooted variegated dogwood. Some pink (I think trinidad pink) salvia. Plenty of bog Salvia uliginosa (one of my favorites this year). I can divide some Journey's End canna if anyone is interested. I have Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea,' makes a beautiful groundcover. I'll have to add more later. Tabby

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Azaleas (have a TON of them and they need thinned) Fushia, White, Pink
Have 3 mature (up to 3 ft in diameter) Azalea bushes (2 fushia, one pink or fushia), you dig--Special Trade only

English Ivy (if you REALLY want it)
Crape Myrtle (standard dark hot pink)-suckers, can bring cuttings
Lilac (standard lilac purple)-Can bring cuttings, may have suckers to dig
Ornamental Strawberry (invasive, good groundcover)

Silver Variegated Pothos
Green Pothos
Snake Plant
Spider Plant
Purple Passion Plant Link has pix (

See Link for wants.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jen's Trade List

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

besides my normal plants (see trade list_ i will have these

Rumex acetosa 'Rhubarb Pie' �" Sorrel

Caryopteris x clandonensis Blue mist shrub seedlings (about 1.5 ft high seeded frm worcester’s gold)

Asclepsis incarnata- swamp milkweed

Baptisa �" false indigo seedlings

Astrantia seedlings- masterwort either lars or Moulin rouge

Pardancanda norrisii seedlings

japanese anemone prince henry


RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

  • Posted by suja z7 noVA (My Page) on
    Thu, Aug 24, 06 at 16:20

These are plants I know I'll have for sure, despite the drought.

Anemone robustissima
Salvia Uliginosa
Agastache Blue Fortune
Black eyed susan
Nepeta Walker's Low
Anthemis kelwayii
Butterfly bush seedlings

I'll dig these upon request for sure, don't know if I'll do it otherwise

Astilbe (white/pale pink)
Yarrow (various)

Kathleen (kaffeina), could you please email me? You don't seem to have your email information on your page.


RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

So far, I'll be bringing the following plants:

Anemone Sylvestris (white)
Foxgloves (unknown variety)
Columbines (variety of colors)
Yarrow (white & pink)
Rose - Carefree Beauty cuttings (dark pink)
Balloon Flowers (purple)
Blazing Star Liatris (purple)
Scented Geranium (unknown variety, dark pink/light purple)

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

  • Posted by kilngod 7 Baltimore MD (My Page) on
    Mon, Aug 28, 06 at 21:07

Ajuga (looks like Jungle Beauty to me)
Aloe (6-8", several)
Azaleas, unnamed but OLD varieties (40+ yrs), white, pink, fushia, purple (most I don't know the color )
Christmas Cactus, "Kris Kringle" (2-3" rooted, several, fushia)
Heal All / Self-Heal (Prunella vulgaris)
Hosta, med blade-leaf, white w/med green edge
Hosta, sm blade leaf, green w/white edge
Jade, small rooted (3-6", several)
Lemon Balm
Lobelia cardinalis / cardinal flower, native (small plants)
Rhodadendron (white, lavendars - won't know the colors)
Black Eyed Susan, divisions, 2nd yr+ plants, perennial, large flowers
Rudbeckia triloba, MD native, a "mini Brown Eyed Susan" or "Branching Coneflower", reseeding annual/biennial (late germinating plants will flower next year), medium/small flowers <2", lightly bi-colored yellow (soft dividing line at mid-petal, which I haven't seen in any other triloba photos online!)...a bit like a tall & airy version of "Toto"

Seeds available for trade -- see my have list


RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Adding to my haves list

Hardy geranium-(Lost the label) highly divided leaves, samll pink flowers -still blooming (1)

Hardy Geranium- (Lost its label) Less highly divided leaves, flowered earlier than one above. (1)

Big blue lobelia (2 available)


Hollyhock seeds - yellow flower parent
Red lobelia
Mystic merlin mallow

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Additions to my list:

Various bakets, pots and what I think are orchid baskets. I got them from a neighbor who could no longer use them. See link for pix.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pix of Additional Items

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Calycanthus florida (sweetshrub) suckers from a plant with cantaloupe smelling flowers

Veronica longifolia from seed; blue flowers

Agastache rupestris, "Apache sunset". Not sure if this will be hardy, but I think it's worth taking a chance

Salvia verticillata

Scented geraniums: I'm taking cuttings for the winter, but if anyone would like the mamas, I can dig them up. I have Rober's lemon rose, Roger's Delight, Snowflake, lemon, rose, chocolate mint, a variegated one that smells sort of camphory.

Coleus - same thing. Have 6 or 8 varieties.

I gallon pots.

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

I'm going to have some Tiarella 'Crowfeather',
Perhaps some Heuchera 'Splendens' but I'm not certain.
Probably some geranium 'Bevan's Variety'

I had to dig up my 2 front beds because we're changing the front of our house. In this heat we had, I've had lots of losses. That, and just plain heat in the unmoved beds has killed lots, including several Japanese maples.

Oh! The Crape Myrtle 'Tonto' I gave away last year (6' tall) has put out a lot of healthy suckers. They're running 1-2' tall, so if anyone is interested, I'll dig these up. They'll immediately play dead, but don't be deceived.

Guys, I have so much going on, I can't promise private trades. I plan to be there early, though.
More to be listed as I go.

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Daylilies!!! About 200 named varieties. Can't promise names but can supply almost any color. (HEMEROCALLIS) Steve in Baltimore County

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Have a gadget called a SQUEEZO. Used to remove seeds fromtomatoes and reduce them so they can be cooked down for sauce or paste. If anyone can use it I will bring it down. Steve in Baltimore County

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

I can bring seedlings of these trees.... all will get LARGE... not for your small suburban lot.
Silver maple
River birch
sweet gum.. this will have beautiful fall color but also has the dreaded "gum balls" that love to attack bare feet.
I'll dig these only if someone wants them. Otherwise they will get mowed with the bush hog after the first frost.
Cuttings of Hansa rose if anyone knows how to root it.

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

'Fraid I won't have much this time around, but I know I'll have the following seeds:
Lemon cuke
Snap bean
Purple bean hyacinth vine
Morning glory

UPON REQUEST, I will dig up some trumpet vine seedlings.

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

I've attached my standard list but between a hectic summer and the weather many may not be available until spring.

In addition to what's on here I have some single flowered kerria japonica clumps, and may have tithonia seeds if they flowers dry off in time. Also a dipladenia tropical vine (houseplant) that I can never get to flower.


o Bee Balm (Monarda) - red and purple
Sedums (Weinhenstephaner Gold, Dragon's Blood, and even acre if you really want that)
Pink malva moschata
Oenothera (Evening Primrose, yellow)
Tall perennial verbena (Verbena bonariensis)
Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana)
o Spiderwort (Tradescantia), mostly blues/purples
Perennial ageratum (Eupatorium coelestinum)
Little bluestem grass (Schizachyrium scoparium)
Porcupine grass (Miscanthus strictus)
Ribbon grass (Phalaris arundinacea)
Mexican feather grass (Stipa tennuifolia)
Cardinal flower (lobelia cardinalis)
Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria)
Canna Lily tubers (Red Stripe plus unknown reds and pinks)
Willow leaf helianthus (tall, as in 10-12 feet)
Purple ice plant (Delosperma cooperi)
Pink Panda false strawberry (fragaria)
Daylilies (Happy Returns and other non-ditch)
Hosta Big Daddy
Brugmansia (yellow or pink)

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Have a small tow-behind your garden tractor. Looks like a 2 wheel wheelbarrow but with a towbar. Heavy as my son had the tires puncture proofed. If anyone can use it I will bring it down. Steve in Baltimore County.

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

I won't be at the fall swap but have flower, hairy vetch and alfalfa seeds that I'd like to send along to give away - I just can't seem to throw them out! Would anyone be willing, if I mailed them, to sit my seeds out by their car so people can take them?

No trades needed.

Thank you

You guys are wonderful! Many thinks for your kind offers to help me find homes for my seeds - I've made arrangements with someone to bring them.

Thanks again!

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

  • Posted by kilngod 7 Baltimore MD (My Page) on
    Sun, Sep 24, 06 at 16:50

Sadly, I have to cancel coming this go 'round due to a move. Between regular packing and moving most of the garden, I just can't fit it in now. And I've been looking forward to this swap all summer!

Will be back for the spring, but til then please disregard my "have" list above.


RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

I will be bringing..

2- crotons
1-angelwing begonia
12- flaming sword bromeliads
1-cactus dish garden

I will bring:
1-russian sage
tall pink phlox in bloom
columbine -Purple and white
Egyptian walking onion
buddleia - purple 2 foot
yarrow- rose/paprika
balloon flower-white
Japanese bloodgrass
persecaria- dragons tongue
geranium- pink blooms
shasta daisy
lamium- purple flowers

I am also bringing some large gardening books
2- mini herb growing greenhouses
1- amarylis growing kit
1-cactus bowl
1- indoor plastic growing greenhouse with light
approx. 22" x 22" x18"

I will dig if you want..

Mazus reptans- purple flowers
Ajuga - blue flowers in spring
lemon balm

Please let me know if you want any of these items above
and i will put your name on them.

See you Saturday....

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

I just went outside to dig and I'm adding
a few more to my list:
I have a big Japanese Aster-Kalimeris incisa "Variegata"
Lavender/blue flowers that needs a good home.

begonia grandiflora
catmint- Dawn, do you want?
wild violets


Bishops flower

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Yes, I'd love some catmint! Thank you!

I will be bringing the following:

-Bean seeds
-Lemon cuke seeds
-Spaghetti squash
-8-ball zukes
-book on annuals
-houseplant book
-asparagus fern--I hate to give this up, but I don't have enough light in my house to overwinter it. It's nice and green and I want it to stay that way.
-female hose coupler

RE: Acquasco Fall MAG haves list

Drats! I'm sending my regrets. Due to last minute scheduling changes, I am now unable to make today's Fall MAG swap.

See you all next Spring!

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