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wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Posted by mrsfrodo z7 OK (My Page) on
Fri, Jul 8, 05 at 18:13

The Fall Swap is scheduled for noon to 3:00PM on Saturday, September 24 at the South Pavillion of Will Rogers Park in NW OKC at NW 30th and Portland. This is the same location as the spring swap, in "the castle". BTW- Sept 24 is a OU/OSU football free day.

It is still a few months away, but having a date let's us start planning what plants can be divided or dug up to trade.

Thanks to everyone at the Spring Swap who pitched in to rent the pavillion for the Swaps.

I am hoping to start some perennial flower seeds with extra's to trade. Right now the list includes balloon flowers, lots of poppies, blue bedder sage, lantana (seed from plants with flowers that start red, fade to orange, then yellow- wonder if the seed is true) goblin gallairdia, peach leaf campanula, and some daisy's. Trumpeter vine "volunteers" may be dug up. I am going to try peas in a fall garden, so there may be some pea seedlings.

I am looking for any perennial sage with dark purple flowers, perrenial forget-me-knots, lily-of-the-valley, and other perennial shade plants.

The list goes on.....

What are you looking for? What plants will you have available to trade?

See you in September. Unitl then Happy Gardening!

Here is a link that might be useful: map to Swap location

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I'll be looking for any kind of the following seeds:

Tomatoes (!!! Any OP variety I don't already have)
Chile peppers (!!!)
Zucchini (!!!)
Alliums (especially garlic)
Peas (English and southern)
Hen & chicks
Any flowers/ornamentals that I can't screw up too easily. LOL

Basically, your average, everyday veggie types. I'm easy. My big passions, though, are tomatoes, chiles, and zucchini. I do feel a passion for garlic coming on, too, but this will be my first year growing them so I can't claim a full-blown passion yet. ;-)

I only have time to save tomato seeds this year. Here's what I'm growing and am/will be saving seed from unless something happens before I get to all of them (plants dying, etc):

Amana Orange
Arkansas Traveler
Aunt Rubys German Green
Banana Legs
Black Krim
Black Prince
Box Car Willie
Brandywine, pink
Cherokee Chocolate
Costaluto Genovese
Eva Purple Ball
Faribo Golden Heart
Fox Cherry
Garden Peach
Hawaiian Pineapple
Hughs Yellow
Juane Flammee
Kelloggs Breakfast
Martian Giant
Mr. Stripey
Palla di Fuoco
Peacevine Cherry
Pink Ponderosa
Polish Linguisa
Prudens Purple
San Marzano
San Marzano Lampadina
Super Sioux/Super Lakote
Tiny Tim
Uncle Steves Italian Plum
Wisconsin 55
Yellow Perfection

Can't wait for the swap!! Are we doing a tomato tasting thing, too? Assuming my plants haven't died from the heat or lack of rain by then, I can bring a lot of varieties for that.

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

mrsfrodo I'd love some blue bedder sage and balloon flowers. I do have a perennial salvia/sage with dark blue flowers. Can't remember the name right now - I'll look later. I just planted it this year but I'll see if it is making any side shoots in Sept. and bring you some if I can.

I have dug up a couple of Mexican Feather grass babies for the swap. I'll also have Silver Squill (succulent), maybe some lambs ear, yellow coreopsis, hen and chicks.

I'm not sure what I'll be looking for......cactus, grasses, succulents, perennial flowers for hot dry conditions....???


RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

MrsFrodo - I have Salvia 'May Night' if you're interested, I could dig up a clump of it. Windsurfgirl: will have balloon (blue) flower seeds, or a clump of it. I have several stalks growing, and it's the tall, not the dwarf variety, if that's what you're looking for.

Plan to bring:
Acanthus seeds
Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow'
Campanula takesisima 'Elizabeth'
Adenophoro - Lady Bells
Hardy begonia (grandis; angel wing leaves green with red back; pink umbels of flowers in fall) (plants and bulbils, which they grow easily from)
Red morning glory 'Scarlett O'Hara' (I know I promised a pack to someone, but don't recall who--need to go thru my e-mail)
Maybe one clump of Passiflora 'Incense' - purple flowers (I grow it for the frits)
Purple coneflower (seeds; easy, just scatter on ground in fall)
Monkey grass (green) (plants)
Starts of moneywort (yellow green)
Maybe divisions of 'Sum & Substance' and 'Blue Angel'
Hellebore seeds
Hibiscus 'Texas Star' seeds (easy)
Joe Pye Weed 'Gateway' seeds
Hollyhock nigra seeds
Cleome (pink and light purple) seeds (very easy)
Fennel (giant perennial) seeds
Catmint (nepeta)
Purple ruffles basil
Datura seeds (plain white)
Iris rhizomes (Sierra Grande) (purple hemstitch) (pallida-variegated leaves)
Northern Sea Oats (seeds--very easy)
Native mistflower (purple flowers--butterflies love them)
Orange tiger lily roots

So, watcha got?

I'm looking for:

asclepias (of any kind, "AK")
aristolocheas (AK)
Pearly everlasting
Bee balm (AK)
Parsley (flat leaf)
Fennel (perennial or annual)
Aquilegia 'Mellow Yellow'
Perennial hollyhocks
Iris rhizomes
Lilies (except standard orange)
Dill seeds


RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I just found out I won't be able to attend the fall swap.
The Buddy walk for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma is on that day.
Hope you all have a fun swap!
If anyone would be intersted in sponsoring us for the Buddy walk (my daughter has DS) feel free to send me a personal email.

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I will try to make it and I'll post a list of what I'll bring or if you see anything on my trade list let me know .

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Well, darn, Darryll! At least you're missing it for a good cause! (Can you explain the Buddy Walk and sponsoring deal to us? I've never heard of it.)

I'll have to email you about a possible trade before too long since you won't be at the fall swap.

I have a lot more seeds to add to my list for the fall swap but I'll have to wait for a few weeks for my trading to settle down and see what I have then.

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I am sad to say that I won't be able to make the swap either, my husband and I will be in TX that weekend. :(

I am looking forward to a swap next spring tho and will start getting some plants ready!


RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I finally got my trade page updated. If anyone wants me to save anything for the swap, just let me know and I'll set it aside for you. Wouldn't want to trade away something fella Okies want. :-)

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I have a few semps to trade. The purple one Red Ruby and a couple of noid. I would like to trade for other semps. But I never meet a plant I didn't like.

I have a few of the ice plants. They would need to be wintered inside.

The sedums I have a few different kinds all winter hardy.

I started most of the sedums just after the spring trade.

I could make more cuttings of the ice plant if more people want them. They don't grow a lot during the winter. I started with 3 leaves late last fall. I put them out this spring and wow. It hangs over the pot and is about 18 inches around.

Here is a link that might be useful: For trade

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I'll trade some semps with you PlanterMunn. I'd love the Red Ruby one for sure. I have several I can bring but don't know the names of them. I'll try to get some pics posted next week and email you a link. I'll be interested in sedums too. I have a couple of the low growing type - one a really pretty yellow.


RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I went out and looked at my tags. It is Royal ruby not red ruby. I was looking at some of the ones that I gotr from squaw mointian. They just aren,t ready to leave there mothers yet. I will have a few next year.

I am saveing a Drimiopsis maculata for you.My red yucca is kind of a bust. Just a few hanging in there.I am going to winter sow some seeds and see what happens. Is there something else I was going to save for you? My mind wanders at times.

I have a banna tree for orchidtrader. I realy have one to spare this time.

The plumeria you gave me is doing well. That other plant that looks plastic is doing well too. I never did remember the name of it. I bought another. It has very dark red leaves.

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Hi everyone! I'm a newbie gardener from Norman. As I've only owned my home for 18 mts, I'm still working on the ideal garden that I have in my head. And, as I'm a grad student, I'm working on a budget.
Can someone tell me more about the fall swap? How it works, what people are looking for? I'm at the very basic level (i.e. I'm not sure what I could bring)...does anyone have any suggestions or hints? I would very much like to broaden my prennial flower base and learn more about plans that do well in Oklahoma, but I'd like to have something to contribute to the swap as well. If anyone has any ideas I would be most thankful!

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

My husband and I are planning on coming to the swap. Would love to do some trades! We were at the swap in OKC (at the library) in Oct. 2003 and had a great time!

I have quite a few seed grown plants: Heuchera Coral Bells, Columbine Wm. Guinness, Columbines purple, pink and mixed, Redbud tree seedlings, Gaillardia Goblin, Blue Mist Spirea shrub, Hardy Hibiscus (mixed colors), very small pink and white Obedient plant and very small blue balloon flowers. Keep in mind these are pretty small, but should bloom in 2006.

I also have unrooted Persian Shield and Magilla Perilla, if anyone wants a few cuttings.

Also check out my list for possible trades. If there is anything you are interested in, please let me know!

Looking forward to the swap!

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap


I have a book for you. Plant propagation in Pictures by Montague Free. Its old but still works.

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Norman Brookie

The swap is an informal get-together. Most gardeners bring plants they have in excess or have started along with plants they are preparing for their gardens. Many people arrange trades in advance, but it is not required. However, listing what you may have/want allows others to make offers. It also allows time for plants to be started. Don't worry about not having much to bring. There are always "extras". Bring what you can and enjoy some gardening talk. Help with food/set-up and clean-up are always welcome. There is another there devoted to non-plant items you can volunteer on. There will be refreshments buffet style and hopefully door prizes. The most important and fun part is talking to other gardeners--- so one more is always welcome.
So see you at the SWAP!

WSG- I'm late getting seeds started (my work schedule has been rough), but I will get the bluebedder sage and baloon flowers started. Hopefully, they will be a dignified size before the swap. Best laid plans......... I am interested in the perennial sage and the yellow coreopsis. What else are you looking for?

Susan- I would love some May Night Sage. Would you be interested in daylilies in exchange? I believe they are maroon- I will find a photo and post.

PlanterMum- What kind of sedums do you have? Anything low growing.

Happy Gardening

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

The sedum's I have names for are S. Spurlum, S. Divergens S.Spuriun Tricolor, Stone crop rosy glow, S. Vera Jameson and S. lineare Variegatum. These are all low growers. I didn't keep up with the tags so it would be a guess on some of them. I think all of these are from 1 to 3 inches.

I know it may be a stretch to ask with all of us being gardeners. But if anyone buys lots of bedding plants and has starter pots two four and six inchers left over I could use a few.

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Owie, I have some San Marzano and Roma seeds for you! I also want a good sampling of ALL of your eggplant varieties as I'm going to grow eggplants next summer. I tried this year, but my room was too cold and never got desired germination of eggplants and peppers.

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Brook, I have several things I can bring you if you come to the swap. That's how I started out; not much to trade but generous traders at the swap really helped out! Now I am overloaded with plants!

Does anyone want Viburnum 'Summer Snowflake' bushes? I have several and can dig some up if there's a demand. They are approx. 2'-4' tall. Let me know!

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Thanks, Tomato Worm, but I already have seeds for both of those tomatoes. You're still welcome to anything I have, though. :-) The only eggplant variety I have seed left for is plain ol' Black Beauty. None of my eggplants made it this year. :-(

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Suzanne I would like to have one of your viburnum bushes. I started with a blank canvas of 1-3/4 acres two years ago and though we plant most anything we find I need shrubs and bushes. I have 2 of my angel trumpets set aside for others but still have two left. I am also bringing aloe vera plants as they are wonderful to have around a garden for first aid purposes and will winter over easily indoors. Mine live inside all winter. I also have a few other things, however, due to senior moments I don't remember right now what they are.


RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Hi Sheila,

I'll bring a Viburnum for you. I'm also bringing one for windsurfgirl. I have a couple more if anyone is interested.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

I won't be at this swap, but just wanted to say I remember you from the first plant swap in Moore at the library. I still have a bougainvillea and a pink tropical hibiscus with a red eye from you. That hibiscus is about five feet tall by six feet wide now, and has bloomed beautifully all summer. I just love it.
Dawna AKA Wolflover

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Hi Dawna,
I remember you, too. I can't believe the hibiscus is so big! I've never seen one so big. We love the Cannas you gave us. My husband's favorite plants! They have multiplied like crazy and we have a complete 'fence' of cannas in the back. We gave some to a friend and now he's canna crazy!

Sorry to hear you won't be at the swap. Hopefully next year!

Take care,

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Is anyone else digging at the last minute?

RE: wanted: plants for okc fall swap

Yep. In the heat! See my post on the first page. Some of mine are a little wind-burned, but I think they'll be ok.

See you thee!

robolink (Robin)

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