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Photo Hosting Sites!

Posted by skybird z5, Denver, CO (My Page) on
Sat, Apr 28, 07 at 21:41

Alright! This isnt technically a gardening question, but if you want to have gardening pictures to post, it IS a gardening questionso here it is?

Which photo hosting sites are you all using and why, and what do you like and what dont you like about the one youre using?

Some day Im just going to have to take that leap of faith that I will be able to figure it all out, so I guess maybe now is the time!

I was thinking of using Picasa, but Ive just spent a couple hours trying to figure out whats good and whats bad with the different sites, and, as near as I can tell, you cant post pictures on Picasa to forums. Well, somebody said you can, and gave directions on how to do itbuthey, I dont even know how to get the pictures "out of" the camera and "into" the computer yet! (To me a blackberry is something you eatso that gives you an idea about where Im starting! Can you play poker with a media card?) So if I cant use Picasa to post pictures here, I guess thats out! Otherwise, generally speaking, people seem to think its very good!

I know a lot of people use Photobucket, and I didnt find any negative comments about that oneyet at least! Is everybody happy with Photobucket?

I read that somebody who was using Flickr had their computer hacked! And I read some other generally negative things about it.

All I want to be able to do is store the pictures in the computer, send them to friends in an email (as an actual picture, NOT an attachment or a link), and post (the right size) pictures here! Oh! And the BIG one! It has to be free!

What are your recommendations,

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RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Photobucket is free. I've been on it for years and they just keep increasing the amount of free web space so I never get to the point where I have to pay. And I don't have any trouble linking to pics there. They give you the html to use to include a pic in a forum like this one.
I've also used it to upload videos. If they allowed mp3's I'd be happy as a clam.
But I'm a tad confused about the last part about email. The pictures aren't going to be stored on your computer with a hosting site like Photobucket. They'll be stored at Photobucket or who ever you choose to host your photos. You can probably include a pic in an email the way I include one in these forums - which involves a type of link. Or just send the pic directly from your computer using just your mail tool.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Come on, Skybird, you can do it!

I'm probably the most recent of the group to have posted a picture and I just learned to resize!! Like anything with these darn 'puters, it just takes doing it and then doing it again and not stopping (or I'll forget ;o).

1. log into Photobucket (the only one I know a little how to use) - I think it always starts with "images from my PC" in the "Upload to:" box
2. Click one of the "Browse" buttons and select a picture on your PC
3. Click "Upload"
3.1. Play a game of Solitaire or read the Washington Post in another window
4. Right click to copy "tag" under your picture in Photobucket
5. Left click on this here RMG forum "Message:" box
6. Right click on "paste"
Youre done! Don't believe it?? Click the GardenWeb "Preview Message" and see for yourself!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Dont be like this little guy you can do it!


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

the one that I always use is

I've never had any problems, and it's very easy to use. If you can add an attachment to an e-mail, you can use this site.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

I use my own website. When I link to a photo here, it's one that's hosted on my site. But of course, I know that's too complicated for many people, so there's no point in explaining much more than that!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

If you are only asking about sending an email photo to you have XP? It has a directory called MY PiCTURES where photos are usually downloaded. Or if you download from your camera, it may have software which creates a storage location of the pictures. Any pics on your computer can be sent "imbedded" in your email. Well, that depends upon the email service you are using too. If it has an "insert pic" option, this will allow a pic to automatically show up within the email body itself. For downsizing, usually the camera software on your computer will allow this. Or are you asking to actually change the size in inches.

As for photo bucket, the only reason I use it is to post a pic here as I don't have a web site.

Actually....we need more info as to what software, camera, photo management, you are using in order to answer this. There are easy ways to do what you want and am sure one of us can help. I definitely know that Steve can...he's a guru guy with the computer.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

  • Posted by yago z5 CO (My Page) on
    Mon, Apr 30, 07 at 9:12

Thank you Skybird for posting this question. I've never been able to figure the picture posting process out and I work with computers every day, so I really felt stupid.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

"Click the GardenWeb "Preview Message" and see for yourself! "

This is such a handy little feature. If you make a typo in the link, you can just fix it until you can see the pic. I'm always doing multiple previews to fix things since I type the links in by hand (I prefer to do thumbnails linked to larger pics), and I type really really bad.

With these modern "drag and drop" FTP programs that most people have on their computers, it's just as easy to use your own web space if you've got it. I've walked technophobes through it often enough. Photobucket is handy if you don't have web space, or your web space doesn't allow "hot links" to pics, or in my case - you ran out of web space.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

  • Posted by skybird z5, Denver, CO (My Page) on
    Mon, Apr 30, 07 at 12:23

Whoa there! Thanks for all the comments, but most of you guys are WAAAY ahead of me!

I have an Olympus Imagelink camera and Ive been taking pictures! Thats as far as I am! It comes with a little printer that I can plug the camera directly into if I want to print my own photoswhich I probably dont! (Actually, I prefer a film camera, but I tried sticking my pictures into one of the drives to get them into the computer, and it didnt work! ;-) )

I have a computer! :-D Its a Dell with LOTS of space left, and I have XP and my ISP is AOL.

What Im trying to figure out at this point is WHICH photo hosting site I want to use so I can proceed and try to figure out all the rest of it!

Once I decide on which photo hosting site Im going to use and download it, THEN I need to figure out how to link the camera to the computer to download (?) The pictures into the photo hosting site so I can actually do something with them.

Most people talk about Photobucket, but from what Ive read about Picasa (google) it sounds really goodexcept for the fact that its apparently difficult at best to post pictures to forums. So does anybody know anything about Picasa from personal experience? And I also read that Photobucket is going to be partnering with Adobe Photoshop, so that makes Photobucket sound pretty appealing. I dont want to download both of them. So the first question is: From your own personal experience, whats your opinion of Photobucket, Picasa, or any of the other free hosting sites. Pros and cons of any of them!

THEN you can help me figure out how to get the pictures into the computer! I cant seem to find a drive thats big enough to get the whole camera in! ;-)

The two main things I want to be able to use the hosting site for is to post the pictures here, and to be able to send them in emailsI think "embedding" them, like Emagin said, might be what I want to dobut Im still not sure about the word.

Glad to help Yago! I dont mind feeling dumb! Ive just been putting this off because I didnt want to take the time to figure it all out! If you already have a hosting site, youre way ahead of me. And if you dont, follow along!

Thanks for the help, all,

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Picasa and Photobucket are like apples and oranges. Picasa is something you download and use to organise and manipulate photos on your computer.
Photobucket is not downloaded to your computer. It's just a place online you upload your pictures to.
So - you need both. :-)

I'm on my third Olympus. And XP is one of the operating systems we have in this house.

Do you have a USB cable? I plug it into my computer, plug my camera into it. Turn on the camera and then it pretty much tells me what to do. If you get as far as plugging the camera into the computer, let us know. Depending on how new you camera software is, the instructions will be different.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

I was wrong - Picasa is BOTH. You can also sign up for free picture storage online, like Photobucket.

From the looks of thing, Picasa might be the easiest way to go, since it's all meant to work together.

Never personally used it though - I've got Adobe CS2 so don't need it.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Skybird, I'm very "simple" in my computer technology. Don't know if this will help, but this is my photo experience....

I have a Mac laptop computer. I download all of my photos directly from my digital camera with a USB cable into a program that came with my computer iPhoto, which stores my pics on my computer and I can send emails w/pics easily from there. I like it because I can organize just like you would a photo album by holiday, year, or whatever you choose.

Once the photos are in my computer, I also download select photos to a free site ( I have two accounts-one for my music photos and one for gardening) where they store the photos for me and I can organize in photo albums with a journal for each album or even each photo. I do pay a small fee every year to Picturetrail to have an upgraded account. Once you get over the learning curve, it's pretty easy...if I can can too!

BUT, I don't know how to post actual photos on the Gardeweb forum from my Picturetrail accounts so I always have to use links. I'd like to know how but haven't taken the time to figure it out.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

  • Posted by skybird z5, Denver, CO (My Page) on
    Mon, Apr 30, 07 at 14:27

Darn, Cnetter! I liked your first answer better! That would have made it easy!

Next question!

If I sign up for Photobucket and download my photos to that, can I post and email pictures from there without doing anything else? (Assuming I want to post them just as they are without editing them!)

I do have a free version of Adobe Photoshop that came with the computer that I can use to edit themIF I ever take the time to figure it all out (Ive played with it a little bit)and Im assuming once theyre downloaded (into whatever they get downloaded into) I can transfer them into Photoshop to change them and then transfer them back out to Photobucket or wherever if I want to!

Supposedly when you download Picasa it searches your computer for all the pictures that are already in it anywhere and indexes them somehow so you can find them easily. That would be really good for me since whenever Ive gotten pictures in the past, theyve been saved wherever the "computer" decided to put them, and it can be lots of fun trying to find them sometimes when I want to! But Im still concerned about whether or not Id be able to post from Picasa to the forum.

If I "join" Photobucket, will I be able to post pictures that are already in my computer (rather than just the ones I put in from the camera)?

Maybe doing the Photobucket thing now (since I dont have to actually download anything), and considering Picasa for later would be the thing to do.

Charlene, youre still way out in front of me! Slow down! I know I can do it cause when I got my first computer a friend went with to help me pick it out, but then she had to go home, so I took my new computer home, figured out how to install it, and turned it on! What fun! (Seriously! I was having a ball! As soon as I got online I sent her an email, and was jumping up and down happy!) And what Ive learned in the last 7 years has been by just doing it! So Im pretty darn proud of myself! Actually I had had computers before! Kinda! My first computer cost $20,000 (used) and had dual 8" floppy disk drives! You had to install MSDOS from a separate disk everytime you turned it on! Keep telling you Im old! It was for my business, and was only used for accounts receivable. The WWW didnt even exist at that time! I wanted to keep that one as an electronic antique, but when I sold my house in Parker, it was too HUGE to keep anymore! The next one was considerably cheaper and had dual 5 1/4" floppy drivesstill with no hard drive! That one we also used for doing daily orders via phone/modem, but still no WWW! So that was the knowledge I had when I was thrustwillinglyinto the modern age! Now I cant even CONCEIVE of living without the web!

Thanks again for the advice, all. Anyone have any negative comments about Photobucket?


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!


Here are the first steps:

Look for a USB cable with your camera. It most likely is the same one being used for the printer (hopefully). If not, you will need one, they do not cost much and think they are a standard.

1. Plug the USB connection on the cable into your computer USB port (a rectangular slot for this).
2. Make sure your camera is OFF.
3. Plug other end into your camera.
4. Turn camera on.
5. Software should open up on the screen and walk you through getting those pics downloaded.

Check to see what folder the software is downloading to so you don't have to go hunting for them.

Once they are on the computer, let us know and one of us can help from there. Notice I am offering everyone else's help without asking them.


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!


I just did some VERY QUICK investigating, and I really think Picasa is the way to go. I just downloaded the updated version (2.7) and it has a new "web album" feature that is awesome! In five minutes I created a little album with a few selected photos, uploaded them, and figured out how to link to it. Here's an example:

Click the small photo and it takes you to the website to see a larger one; you can also browse other photos in the album there.

I like Picasa because it allows you to manage your photos on your computer in a nondestructive way (photoshop doesn't do this). What I mean is, you copy the photos from your camera to your PC (which you can do in Picasa itself or separately and then view them with Picasa) and then if you want to lighten up a photo, crop it, or do other things, Picasa stores those changes in a database so it's not actually changing your original photo file. If you ever need to revert to the original file, you can, and no harm has been done to it.

So if you get the latest Picasa, once you have some photos on your hard disk to look at, do this:

1. From the library view, select some photos either by holding down the CTRL key and individually clicking on several or selecting a whole directory.
2. Hit the Web Album button at the bottom of the screen.
3. Go through the signup process that it takes you to online.
4. You can choose either public or private album, because the links will work either way. (I could explain that later if you want).
5. Then when you click on one of your photos you want to share from the website, you'll see a 'link to this photo' section on the right. You can choose different sizes for the "thumbnail" image and then click in the field with the HTML language, and copy it (CTRL-C or right-click and choose "copy").
6. In writing a post on GW, just paste the HTML code you just copied, and voila!
7. Make sure it looks right in the GW preview and then submit.

I think you'll like this system, once you figure out how to connect your camera to your PC and pull the photos off of it!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

"If I sign up for Photobucket and download (upload) my photos to that, can I post and email pictures from there without doing anything else? (Assuming I want to post them just as they are without editing them!)"

Yes - if they are small enough to fit into Photobucket's size requirement (1 mb) although you probably will want to make them smaller. Photobucket has a way of emailing a pic that's pretty easy.

"I do have a free version of Adobe Photoshop that came with the computer that I can use to edit themIF I ever take the time to figure it all out (Ive played with it a little bit)and Im assuming once theyre downloaded (into whatever they get downloaded into) I can transfer them into Photoshop to change them and then transfer them back out to Photobucket or wherever if I want to! "

Yes to all that. The free version is quite good for what most people want it for. I still sometimes use it if I'm on a particular computer (six in this house). The only reason I have the expensive version of Photoshop, is because I do commercial websites for pay. Some of you have purchased from one of them. :-)

"Supposedly when you download Picasa it searches your computer for all the pictures that are already in it anywhere and indexes them somehow so you can find them easily. That would be really good for me since whenever Ive gotten pictures in the past, theyve been saved wherever the "computer" decided to put them, and it can be lots of fun trying to find them sometimes when I want to! But Im still concerned about whether or not Id be able to post from Picasa to the forum."

Don't know if it's worth it for just the search feature. Once you get good with XP's search feature, you won't need it.

"If I "join" Photobucket, will I be able to post pictures that are already in my computer (rather than just the ones I put in from the camera)? "

Yes, you can upload them all. Some of mine are scanned from prints.

"Maybe doing the Photobucket thing now (since I dont have to actually download anything), and considering Picasa for later would be the thing to do. "

Sounds good since it's free!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites - Picasa looks good

I was just poking around on the Picasa web album site and they give you 1 GB of free space. Very nice! And if you run out of room, you can buy extra space quite cheap. I really like how they give you the HTML code to pop into a forum message, including the smaller thumbnail photo with a link.

Picasa, Picasa, Picasa, that's what I'd do!

Have fun!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

  • Posted by skybird z5, Denver, CO (My Page) on
    Mon, Apr 30, 07 at 19:01

Wow, Steve! I just started responding to your last post, and then I saw the earlier one! So you posted that "awwwwww" thumbnail directly from Picassa? Wow! Double wow! Yippee! Thats exactly what I want to do! And Im sure if I can do that on RMG, I can do it in an email too. Double wow! Yippee! Eeeeeeeeha! I LOVE the way cnetter has been posting the pictures lately and you can just click on them to see the BIG version!

I did the Picassa "tour," but I dont know enough about what Im trying to do to know what I was looking at!

One more question! Heres where the newbie dummy comes in!

You say: "What I mean is, you copy the photos from your camera to your PC (which you can do in Picasa itself or separately and then view them with Picasa)"

If I put the pictures from my camera into my computer but NOT into Picasa, where am I putting them??? Just into the AOL pictures file, or an adobe file, or where? I didnt know I COULD put them in the computer until I had a hosting site of some sort! Honest! So I could have just put them into the Photoshop version I have? But still not had a good way to post them? So in Photoshop I could have edited them and printed them and looked at them, but pretty much not much else?

>>>>>time passes<<<<<

Ok! Newbie here has just been looking at the camera and what all I have with it.

I have an Olympus Advanced Manual disk, which I think is supposed to tell me how to work the camera! ;-) And I have an Olympus Master disk which I THINK may be a photo album/editing program like Photoshop!

The few pages of English in the THICK instruction book say that to download the pictures to the computer I need to set up the printer (the camera docks on the printer) and load them thru the printer! It also says I need to load the Olympus Master program first! I think that may be only if I want to use the Olympus album program, so I dont think I need to do that! Do I? I sure dont want to have to mess with setting up this little printer that Im never going to use anyway!

I have the USB cable that came with it that plugs into the camera, and I have a USB port on the front of my CPU. Can I just plug the camera directly into the CPU and download them that way? Does anybody know? (The computer is only 2 years old, by the way)

I havent installed Picassa yet! Waiting for a few more answers.

Thank you all for all the help! When I get this all going I know how dumb its gonna seem that I didnt know how to do it, but ya gotta start somewhere!


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

"I have the USB cable that came with it that plugs into the camera, and I have a USB port on the front of my CPU. Can I just plug the camera directly into the CPU and download them that way?"

Yes!!! That's exactly what I do.

Plug the USB into the PC. Plug the camera onto the USB. Turn the camera on. And something should happen! (A file system should show up on your computer). A menu may come up on your camera requesting some simple action (one of my cameras does this.)

"If I put the pictures from my camera into my computer but NOT into Picasa, where am I putting them??? "
Just into a directory. They're probably going to be jpg files.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

  • Posted by skybird z5, Denver, CO (My Page) on
    Mon, Apr 30, 07 at 20:29

ROFLOL---VERY loud! Quote: "And something should happen!"

That's exactly what I'm scared of!

You have to understand that the very last time I turned on my first HP computer, it started talking to me in rows and rows and rows of binary language! 0000011011000100100011110011110000111000100101110011111100000011001100 01!

I know quite a bit of Latin, but I never learned Binar---even after listening to the Binars talking to each other on Star Trek! (I know a little bit of Fortran, but I bet there's nobody around who even knows what that is anymore!)

Ever since then, almost every time I turn on my computer, I'm scared "SOMETHING is going to happen!

There's still stuff in that computer I'd like to have---including pictures, but I'm scared if I turn it back on, SOMETHING will happen! LOL

So will somebody come hold my hand and pray for me when I plug my camera in!!! (Still laughing!)

I think I'm going to load Picassa before I try plugging in the camera, so should I somehow be given an option to download the pictures into that?

But you still haven't caught on to how little I know, Cnetter! What's a directory? I'm not kidding! And where's a directory? That's probably where the pictures I've received from people that I can never find have gone---but where is "that?" (I've heard of jpg files!)

STILL laughing,

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Ok. My spouse says I always assume people know more than they do when I explain things. I gotta quit doing that.

To see a directory:
Go to "start" (a greeb button, probably lower left of screen).
Left click mouse. A menu will come up.
Left click on either "My Documents" or "My Pictures". If you are running the "classic" form of the menu you'll have to mouse over "Documents" to see "My Documents" or "My Pictures".

What pops up is a directory. You'll have files and possibly more directories inside of this directory. Use the up button (green arrow on a yellow file folder) to travel up a level and see what's there. You can't break anything doing this.
Or travel down by clicking a directory.

I had to know Fortran. I had to know various assembly lanquages. And I had to know binary. Don't know Latin, but my spouse sings stuff in it.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Forgot to add that the directories inside a directory look like little yellow file folders.

And I forget where I put stuff in my directories, like I forget where I put my glasses. So the search tool is reaaly really handy.

To use this, click on "start" (that green button)

Click on "Search" it has a little magnifying glass by it. Choose the type of thing you want to search for (pictures and photos would be a good choice).

Wait a minute! If you know Fortran, you must be geeky enough to know what a directory is. You're a computer veteran. Are you pulling my leg? Why on earth did you learn Fortran?

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Okay, I have a question for Cnetter - - what did you mean when you said, "I do commercial websites for pay. Some of you have purchased from one of them. :-)"

Some of us did what? where? who? and you know that because?

(if'n it isn't asking too much . . .and since it's Skybird's thread, you can both ignore me.)


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

"and you know that because?"

Because a couple people have said they ordered something online from a particular company. The name caught my eye. That site is gardening related. It might have been in another forum, but I noticed the folks were RMG folk.

Don't worry, I'm not looking at anyone's purchases. :-) :-)

I have to be careful due to GW policies.

Photo Hosting Sites! and know it all kids

Ok, my teenagers have informed me directories are now called "folders".

Really, I knew that, but am stuck with my old nomenclature.

And my 17 year old says Picasa is really awsome but a memory hog.

Nothing like a kid to make you feel obsolete.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Ok, I was writing this while the two of you were chatting here, so this goes back to your 2206 post, Cnetter!

I know where all that stuff is! I just didnt know it was called a directory! To me it's just "all that stuff!" Its the little things that get you! :-) I think the terminology is what really throws me half the time. Thanks for taking the time to explain it for dummies!

Just figured out that I have Corel Paint Shop too! It looks like thats where most of the pictures are that the "computer" has saved! And some in AOL, and some in Adobe! It will be nice to have access to all of them thru Picassa and not have to find them all over the place.

The only Latin I know is horticultural Latin, and I had medical terminology a long time ago too, but Im really glad to know what I do, because it really helps with spelling, and its nice to be able to understand what youre reading when you do medical research about something. But I cant sing in itmostly because I cant sing! ;-) Well need to turn to Charlene for the singing around here! Maybe your husband would like to sing with Charlene! Or maybe not!

The Fortran came up in the late 60's when my husband at the time was taking it in school, and I started going with him to the lab to keypunch his cardswhich is how you told a computer what to do back then. When I started keypunching, I got really fascinated with what I was doing and started auditing the class with him and looking at his bookwhich was a terrible text, and a couple weeks later I started writing simple programs. It was fun! But I wouldnt want to do it for a living. Computers are too logical! I prefer the illogical logic of human beings! :-) The last program was a 20 year amortization program, and the first time I tried to run it I only had 3 syntax errors, but I had never learned syntax except for punching the cards, so I didnt feel too bad about that. When I fixed those and ran it, I only had one logic error! A human being would have known what I meantso the computer should have too! The funny thing is my ex never got his do loop to work, and he was using different logic than mine (no surprise), so I couldnt help him figure out what was wrongso he finally keypunched a card with his name on it and submitted my program as his own. So if that makes me a geek, I guess I ambut Im a geek who doesnt know anything about todays computers. Understanding the basic concepts doesnt seem to help me figure out how to actually do things in real life!

Can you actually program in binary? I understand the whole concept of it, but I cant quite make that leap of faith from the English programming languages to the "building blocks!" Kind of like I cant easily convert the basic computer logic information into performing everyday tasks. So, no, Im not puttin you on! The everyday things that I havent run into and figured out before, I dont have a clue about! So thank you for the help! I love my Dell and I dont want to get it all messed up like my HP was! I think the HP had a genetically engineered virus that could very possibly have qualified as a weapon of mass destruction in the end!

Ok! Question! Ill install Picassa tomorrow or the next day, and after I do, when I plug in the camera (holding my breath!), is it very likely that the little menu Ill see will give me the option of downloading the pictures into Picassa? I guess if it doesnt, I can just x out and unplug the camera again till I ask more questions!

Sure am glad to have you guys here,

RE: Photo Hosting Sites - more!

I just looked, and I have over 61GB of space left on my hard drive, so I don't think having a "memory hog" will be a problem. And part of the reason I got a Dell is because I've been told that they're easy to add extra memory to if you ever need it!

Tell your kids, thanks,

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

"Can you actually program in binary?"

Yes, but these days, C is considered a low level language (low is close to the machine, high is close to people). Aside from people who work with assemblers, compilers and chips, very few people work in binary. Well, maybe politicians (you're either wi us or agin us).

Having 61 GB left on the drive doesn't help much with an application that's a memory hog. There's memory and there's memory. The 61 gig you have is drive space, permanent memory. The memory that is being hogged is transient, random memory. A certain amount of drive space can be faked into acting like random memory, but it's a fake, and the hogging still slows you down.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

"Well, maybe politicians (you're either wi us or agin us)."

ROFL again!

Ok, BP, now you did it! I'm lost again! Is installing Picassa going to way slow down the computer, and if it will, will it only be when I'm using Picassa, or will it be all the time? Will it affect anything else that I should worry about? Is there any way to look up transient/random memory to see how it might affect me? Do any of the figures on the Task Manager help? Physical memory--kernel memory--commit charge??? Is there somewhere else I can look? I suspect it wouldn't be a problem, because I really don't use a whole lot of applications and don't have a whole lot of stuff installed, but it drives me crazy when it's "thinking" slowly, so I don't want to do anything that's going to cause that to happen!

Any comments or suggentions?

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

"Ill install Picassa tomorrow or the next day, and after I do, when I plug in the camera (holding my breath!), is it very likely that the little menu Ill see will give me the option of downloading the pictures into Picassa? "

Don't know, and my kid who has Picasa went to bed. I'm thinking it'll probably just load the pics into a directory/folder and then Picasa will find them and sort them all for you when you run it.

Punch cards. Running batch jobs. Bad memories of dropping the cards on the floor while waiting in line for the card reader. Cards jamming in the blasted card reader.
Ah yes, the good old days! My spouse is laughing because he was there too.

I did firmware/microcode for 15 years and in the early days I often rewrote parts of the binary on the hardware in the lab by tweaking bits to test a fix before going back to the office to rewrite the more readable (barely) assembly language. Fortunately, things evolved to where I could write in a real language! (C, C++)

I like my Dell. I also like my Mac.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites - again!

My, everyone is up late tonite!

BP just suggested above that installing Picassa might slow things down. Ask your kids tomorrow what they think of that possibility. Like it or not, they definitely know more than us adults!

I'm going to bed!

Nite all,

RE: Photo Hosting Sites! Picasa

How much RAM you got?

"Do any of the figures on the Task Manager help?"

If you bring up Task Manager and go under processes, it'll tell you how much memory it's using. You have to have Picasa running when you do this.

If you want to wait, I can have Gen check on this on her computer, or maybe Steve can if he has it loaded. I've got too much running on this beast as it is so I'm not loading it.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!


If Picasa is a memory hog, it's only going to affect you while the computer is running Picasa. If you know the task manager, just look at physical memory an the total and available numbers there. If your total memory is at least 500,000 KB, then you're machine should be able to handle most photo manipulating software. If you find the available memory getting low, it may be time to restart the computer because some programs seem to hold on to memory after you close them down (it's called memory leaks).

You mention having photos stored in Picasa or in Adobe or so on. It's not really that the program has photos stored in it. The photo files (they will be named something like P04070101.jpg) will be stored in a directory (or FOLDER as the new terminology goes) somewhere on your computer, and the different programs can each access the photos if they're just told where to look for them. It's possible some of your programs might have a preference to store photos in different folders, so the existing photos you have might not be all in the same place. But I think most programs created since Windows XP came out (what was it, five to seven years ago?) should look for photos in the My Pictures folder, which is inside the My Documents folder. I like to have my photos all in folders organized by month, so I'll have subfolders within My Pictures that are called things like 2007-04, for example, for all my April 2007 photos. You don't have to separate the files like that -- it's just something I do.

I also have an Olympus camera. If it's like mine, it probably has the dial on top that has the little green arrow, and when you turn it to that setting, you can view all your photos on the camera. If that's true, then here's how you get the photos onto the PC. Make sure the camera is off. Plug in the USB cable to the camera and to the PC. Then turn the camera to that green arrow setting (if it's not a green arrow, it's whatever way you turn on the camera to preview all the photos you have on it). When you do that, your computer will recognize that it's attached and most likely Windows itself will pop up a little "wizard" that walks you through copying or moving the photos to your computer. I think it will ask you where you want to store them on the PC, and you can create a new folder in your My Pictures folder through the wizard. If you choose to copy them, they stay on the camera and on the PC. If you choose to move them, they are deleted from the camera after it copies them to the PC.

When you run Picasa, it always does a quick search of the computer to see if there are new photos anywhere that it didn't see there before. If you copied or moved them as above, it will find them.

I did mention earlier that you can copy the photos from within Picasa. If you want to do it that way, run Picasa, then click the import button in the upper left corner. Then turn on your camera (with it attached by USB cable as described above) and it should show up when you hit the "Select Device" button in the Picasa import screen. Then, you should see a tiny thumbnail version of all your photos on the camera on the left. You can either hit the "import all" button at the bottom or select a number of photos while holding the CTRL key and then click the "import selected" button. It will ask you for a folder name for the new photos and it will by default store that folder withing the My Pictures folder.

Whew! Does that explain things OK? I think you're ready for an attempt now.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

I'll add one thing to my post above. I noticed Picasa did install an icon in the "tray" -- the area by the clock in the lower right corner of Windows. It's an automatic media detector (don't have time to figure out why it's good to have). Anyway, having that little program running constantly can take up some of your memory even when you're not running Picasa. So, I went into Picasa and turned that option off: go to Tools, Options, General, and uncheck the box that says "Automatically detect media".

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Wow! You guys are GREAT! Thank you so much Steve for taking the time to do that! Thats exactly what I need, and Im going to print it out so I can follow it step by step when Im doing it the first couple times.

Now youre getting down to dummy level!

I definitely know the task manager! I keep it minimized anytime the computer is on so when Im not doing anything and the computer starts thinking all by itself I can look and see what its thinking about! I found a really good site where I can check to see what any particular process is if its one I dont know. I really did freak out about what happened to my first computer, and if something starts going wrong with this one, Im gonna head it off at the pass!

In Physical Memory I have: Total - 514,124; Available - about 105,000; and System Cache - about 163,000.

In Kernel Memoryif that mattersI dont have a clue what that one is: Total - about 42,000; Paged - about 34,000; Nonpaged - about 8100.

I dont know how much of that matters, but I definitely have over the 500,000 physical memory youre talking about. As long as its only Picassa that might be a little bit slow, I dont care. I clear my browser cache all the timeI HATE tracking cookies, and I havent cleared my graphics for quite a while, so Ill do that first, and defragmenting is completely up to date, so that should all help a little bit.

My little green arrow isnt right on top, Steve, but I found it! The on/off switch slides back and forth, and if you push it half way its at the arrow. I havent used that before. Theres a quick view to use when the cameras on. But I did find a great Olympus site about my specific camera where theres a pdf copy of the "Advanced Manual." Its wonderful! I didnt get a printed copy of that with the camerajust the disc, which Ive never even put in the computer to look at it! One thing it suggests that I hadnt thought of is to plug it in when youre doing something like this to save battery power. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Thanks for mentioning about the difference between copying or moving them. I definitely want to keep them on the camera card toojust in case! Just like I have the negatives for all my "real" pictures. (Alright! Im old! Photography is another much-loved avocation of mineI have two Canon AE-1's that I have NEVER used on automatic, and I still use them for most of my pictures! Hope to start enlarging and framing some of them "some day!" Dont tell me about what all you can do with digital! Im old!)

I still dont know if my terminology is right here, but if I want to "save them in Picassa" then, I start Picassa first and then plug in the camera, is that right? And then there should be a yellow brick road to follow to put them into folders within the Picassa program? Im thinking of people who send me yahoo albums, and I can do something similar in Picassa, cant I? Put them in folders and then move them around from folder to folder if I want to?

Now that I have the basics of how to set the camera and that I can just plug the camera directly into the CPU, I think Ill be able to just figure it out as I go. I dont think Ill get it done till tonite or tomorrowwe might get rain this afternoon and I have to get outside to do some stuff first, but Ill be back with more questions if something isnt doing what I expect it to do! And if the computer blows up, Ill be off the web, but youll hear me screamingeven in Utah!

Cnetter, when I get Picassa installed, Ill go back to see how the Task Manager figures have changed. Itll be interesting! And if your daughter has any other comments about Picassa I would definitely be interested in them!

Thank you all for the wonderful help! I never would have had the nerve to try to do it without all this!


Just saw your last comment, Steve! Thank you!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Sounds like you have 512 meg of ram. That used to be considered a lot, but it's not so much any more. If you usually do one thing at a time, it'll probably do fine with Picasa. If you're writing a letter, surfing the web, checking email, balancing the checkbook in Quicken, calling somebody on Skype all at the same time, you'll wish you had more ram.

Defragmenting the drive helps a little, especially since Windows uses hard drive space to substitute for ram when it needs to, and it's faster if it's mostly contiguous.

Some cameras store the pictures as jpegs right off the bat, and you can plug them in and access the pictures as if the camera is another drive. I actually had a camera that worked that way and doubled as an MP3 player.

I didn't realize there were so many propeller heads on this forum. The talk for a while reminded me of an old Dilbert strip--"Zeros and ones? You had ones? I once had to write an entire database system using only zeros."

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Ok, Ive installed Picassa but I cant find any URLs or any way to post a picture. I was about to download Picassa Web Albums, but is that the same thing I already have or is it something else I need to be able to post pictures to RMG? If I have it figured out right, I can email with what Ive already installed, although I dont know how yet!


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Skybird- you're making progress!

Stevation-I just have to say that is the sweetest baby. I want to kiss his chubby cheeks! Congrats on getting a boy after all those girls!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites! - more

Well Im lost and Im going to bed! I think I have everything downloaded that I need to, but dont know how to use it. Ive signed in and created a "web album,"at least the download manager says I havebut I cant find any way to do anything with it. Help says "You can link to your web album photos from your blog or website with the "Link this Album" function. After you are signed in, click "Link This Album" (in the album view), and a URL for your album will appear. For an email or IM, copy and paste the URL into your message." but Ive clicked on everything I can find and cant find any place that says "Link This Album."

Oh, and I emailed myself a picture, but it was sent as a link that had to be downloaded and saved in order to view it. I hate it when people send me pictures that I have to "save" just to look at them one time and then take the time to delete them so I'm not wasting extra space Need to figure out how to put the picture directly into the email.

I'm discouraged!


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Skybird--I've never used it, but if those who have (or have kids who have) don't respond by the weekend, ping me and I'll download it and try to help.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Thanks, BP. It's just that I've been working on it all nite and and was really, really hoping I'd be able to figure out how to post just one tiny little picture by now. But all I got was a headache! Oh, well! This too shall pass!

Steve has already downloaded it, and I think when he gets around to seeing this, he'll be able to help.

This is what happens when an Antique Geek tries to do something in the 21st century! ;-)

Thank you again for the offer,
I'm outta here for tonite,

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Punch cards! Good grief... And to make it worse, I remember using them for programming. Mentioned to my son that they were one of the lost objects of his age. Then he reminded me that he too learned using them. I don't want to be old and am already there.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Hi, I'm only 1 minute old:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Gen removed Picasa when she saw it slowed down her computer, so she's no help now.

I'm wondering if a pop up is supposed to appear with the URL in it, but Steve will know for sure.

When you email a pic from Photobucket, it sends a thumbnail that you can click on to see the bigger picture. You don't have to download it - it's shows up as a web page. But I find the interface to email the pic to be kludgy (sp), rather inflexible and less intuitive than it could be. So just using the html to include an image would be best.

My brother-in-law uses Picasa and loves it, and he's in his middles sixties and not what I'd call computer literate.

If you can see your images on your web album, you can use "properties" to get the URL.

Just put the mouse on the pic.
Right click. A menu will show up.
Left click on properties.
Copy the address (URL)

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Skybird, I'm not trying to be flippant. It literally took me 1 minute using (a Photobucket service) to post that picture - dial-up connection, lame operator, and all.

I hardly have any idea what you folks are talking about but Tinypic is incredibly easy. Just don't put anything there that you don't want out in the public domain. And, it saves nothing for you nor permits editing.

(The picture is from the GW heirloom forum. ;o)


RE: Photo Hosting Sites! EASY!

Well that was certainly fast and easy, DS!
And you can just as easily email a link to the pic.
And you don't even need an account to try it. Wow!

(When choosing what to copy and paste here, the "html for websites" is the one to use for this forum rather than image code for message boards.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

OK, let me try and help, Skybird. It sounds like you did upload some photos into a web album. Is that correct? Do you see your photos on the website that it takes you to, or do you have a blank web album?

If you have trouble finding your web album, go to and if you're not already signed in, sign in with the form at the right side of the page, using the username or email and password you set up yesterday. Once you're signed in, you should see a white area on the page that says "Albums" and you should see a small "thumbnail" photo that represents the album you created. Click on that photo and you should then see the album view, where there are small thumbnail photos in a row and over on the left it says the name of the album and it has some links over there like this:

Edit Album Properties
Choose Album Cover
Upload Photos
Link to this Album
Download Album
Delete Album

If you really want to link to your album, you can click that "Link to this Album" text and it will open up some other options. But I don't think that's what you really want to do. I think you'd really like to link to a specific picture that you can then post on GW. Here's how to do that:

From that album view page described above, click on the photo you want to link to. Then, you should see a larger version of it. On the RIGHT of that screen, you'll see some links like this:

Set as album cover
Copy to another album
Move to another album
Link to this Photo
Delete this photo

Notice that "Link to this Photo" has a little black arrow next to it. Click the link, and it opens up a little shaded area on the page with these four items:

Paste link in email or IM
HTML to embed in website
Select size
Show link to album

What you want is the "HTML to embed in website" (which includes embedding a photo in a post like here on GW). But first, you need to select the size of the thumbnail photo that you want to "embed" in a post here at GW. The one I posted earlier of my baby was the "small 288px" size. You can even choose a larger size if you want a full-sized photo in a post here so people don't have to click to view it bigger. Anyway, choose the size you want, then click in the text box underneath "HTML to embed in website" it should highlight all the text in that box. Then you need to either hit CTRL-C on your keyboard to copy that text or right click on the text box with your mouse and choose "copy" from the little popup menu.

Once you have copied the HTML text, come back here and post it in a message, and when you hit the GW preview message button, you should see your small image in your post and it has a link so that when you click the image, it takes you to the photo on From there, anyone viewing your photo can choose to view your whole album by either clicking the right and left arrows above your photo or by clicking the "view album" link on that page.

Now, if I'm wrong in thinking (hoping?) that you did get some photos uploaded to an album at picasaweb, we can go back a few steps and get that taken care of and then move on to the steps in this message. OK?

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Fingers crossed!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites! - more

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou >>>giggling like an idiot!<<<


I knew it would be incredibly easy once I got it figured out! But I NEVER would have figured it out without you, Steve! Thank you sooooooo much for taking the time to write all that! And in such detail that even an Antique Geek could figure out.

(Im so excited I cant even type straight!)

I dont know what was going on last nite, but I never got to that picasaweb home page. I just kept getting a little download window no matter what I clicked on! (Not that I would have known what to do if I HAD gotten therebut at least there would have been a chance!)

Its soooo easy!


IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou.....................but I wont tell your wife!

>>>still giggling like an idiot<<<

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!


You did it!!!!!

To get the photo in to the body of your email you need to put the cursor where you want the photo to be, select Insert>Picture>find your file where the picture lives>dbl. click the picture and it will be in the body of your email. You need to know that how the system and software that someone has will effect how they will receive your email. Some wont get it at all and others will still have it come in as an attachment. Be sure you select Picture and not File.

Thanks so much for staring this thread. It is so informative, interesting and now I have to check out Picasa. I have used Photobucket in the past but am always willing to learn something new. I did get some video I took of my husband doing his horse "thing" added to our website this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: video of cutting horse

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Very nice! I can almost hear the giggling from 600 miles away!

- Steve

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Way cool video of "The Lovely Carmen Montana", Lucky.

Ooh, another marmalade cat! Not as big as the twenty pounder holding me down right now.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Ok, heres some technical stuff!

As near as I can tell from the Task Manager or anything else, Picassa has not in any way slowed anything down or made any noticeable differences in using my computer. And Picassa itself seems to work very fast.

From the Task Managerfigures before and after installing Picassa (I have fewer windows open today so some of the figures are actually higher):

In Physical Memory:
Total - 514,124----514,124
Available - about 105,000----109,000
and System Cache - about 163,000----193,500

In Kernel Memory:
Total - about 42,000----41400
Paged - about 34,000----33000
Nonpaged - about 8100----8400

That stuff doesnt really mean anything at all to me, but to some of you "real" geeks, it might!

"Doing" videos might make more of a difference! As of now I dont plan to get into videos at all, so it looks like Picassa isnt going to have any negative effects on my computer.

With your warning, Steve, I only installed an icon on the desktop and not in the tray (never knew what it was called before) or anywhere else. Ive already got a couple icons down in the tray that I never use but dont know how to get rid of them. Funny! My computer keeps telling me there are unused icons on my desktop and do I want to get rid of them, but it never asks me that about the tray! I already know how to get rid of them on my desktop if I want to!

Ok, NOW I have to shove my camera into one of the drives and get MY pictures in the computer! ;-) No, I havent done that yet! Wanted to be sure what I was getting into first! But I thinkoh, how I hopeits going to be all downhill from here!

Lucky, I tried playing around with the email thing, but when I did what you said it pulled up my Windows/AOL pictures and Im hoping to figure out how to do it directly from Picassa now that I have it. I tried it three different ways from Picassa, and still dont have what I want to do. Well, actually the last one workedkinda! The first two I tried just sent a linkbut at least it wasnt an attachmentand the third one I sent (to myself), I never received! So its in my outbox and DOES have the actual picture in the email, but I never received it! Weird! Its apparently stuck in an endless do-loop somewhere and zooming endlessly around the world! I tried to view your video, but as so often happens when I get videos, all I got was the audio and a blank screen! I dont know if its a glitch in my computer or if I have a setting wrong or what, but sometimes videos run fine for me and sometimes I cant see them.

Thank you allCnetter, BP, Digit, Lucky, Charlene, Olde Emaagin, and everyone else who chimed in further up the threadand the BIG one, Steve.

Yago, I hope you found something in here that helped! Come ask if its still not making sense to you.

We might get rain this afternoon again (it went west of me yesterday), so I need to get outside for a couple hours to get some stuff done!

>>> I have a real live phobia about spiders, so when we went to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver, I wanted to see if I could do thisand I did! Thats MY hand its crawling on! (click to enlarge)

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

On top of Pike's Peak

Free Image Hosting at

Okay you guys have taught me how to post a picture from my pic hosting site but I can't figure out how to make it bigger? I'll keep playing.
Thank you!!

Thanks Skybird for inspiring me to learn too!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Click on the picture. It links to a bigger version of it.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

You don't need to make it bigger, Charlene! We can! The same as Cnetter and I, if you click on the posted thumbnail, you get the BIG picture. Cute kid!

I'm glad this thread helped some other people, but I really wasn't trying to inspire anybody. I was just really tired of running around with my digital camera--which I got so I could post pictures--and not being able to do anything with it! Still haven't had time to try to download my own pictures, but will soon. I want to post a couple pictures on the swap thread.

Still feel like giggling,

P.S. So you remember punch cards too, Emagin! Guess there's a bunch of us Oldie's but Goodie's around here!

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Skybird, that cat picture is adorable! Some kind soul on another forum walked me through the whole picture posting thing a while back, which is how I ended up using Photobucket. My pictures are always huge though. Now if only someone could explain how to resize it to the thumbnail size you guys are posting : )

Punch cards

"P.S. So you remember punch cards too, Emagin! Guess there's a bunch of us Oldie's but Goodie's around here!"

I must be rally old then. When I was a freshman, the use of punch cards to register for classes was a selling point for them.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

I always just coded linked thumbnails by hand because I didn't know Photobucket had a tool that generates the code, and I don't have much trouble doing it.

It turns out Photobucket can generate the html for you:
Follow this link to this Photobucket Tutorial,

What you want to do for a clickable thumbnail is #5, HTML clickable thumbnails for eBay, LiveJournal, MySpace, etc.

Most folks just post their full sized pics. I got in the habit of posting thumbnails because a thread full of large pics can be really huge, and if there's a whole lot of responses with full sized pics, it could be painful for those on dial up.

Here's an example of a thread with quite a few beautiful full sized pics - and this thread will probably get alot bigger:
Roses A-Z, let's see your C's

Shall we talk about slide rules next? :-)

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Slide rules? We need a separate post on these memories. Bet there are plenty of topics of yore.

Thanks for the thumbnail info...have been too lazy to look it up.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Those 2 hot links make me wonder how that's done, Cnetter.

When I have more than 1 link for in a message, I sometimes can't decide which to include. Often, I'll just end up tossing them and pretending to be the voice of authority: "You should know that #A and #B and #C . . ." When, really, I hadn't a clue until finding the info a moment before. Or, there's a lot more somewhere on the 'net and someone else may benefit from seeing it.

I don't want to get too carried away with GW posting (and you know I can ;o) but is the hot link somehow a GW feature? Pasting from MS Word doesn't do it.


RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

The hot link is done kind of like the clickable thumbnail, only using words instead of a thumbnail image.
Normally typing in an example on GW would just show up as a link instead of the html, but I found the html to show html (hopefully that made sense):
This is how the link to the rose thread was done.
(This may not work, GW keeps switching around what I've typed in the preview.)
<a href="">Roses A-Z, let's see your C's</a>

One place to learn this step by step is:
Full Web Building Tutorials

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

You can add more links in the Option box below by posting more than one message. This requires your changing the "Subject of Posting" box. I can add one letter to what is there and it lets me post a second contiquous post. Would be nice if we had the option for 2 or 3 links.

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

i hope this worksPhotobucket

RE: Photo Hosting Sites!

Yippee!!! Congratulations, GJMancini! I remember how frustrated I was when I was trying to figure out how to post pictures, and how great it felt to view that first picture.

Looking forward to many more from you!


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