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2010 Official Rose List Supplement, February 2011

Posted by rgschwerdt z5aillinois ( on
Mon, Feb 28, 11 at 19:53

ARS 2010 OFFICIAL ROSE Supplement, February 2011 By Ronald Schwerdt 2-28-2011

Registered and/or unregistered roses with ARS Approved Exhibition Names (AEN�s), missing from ARS 2010 Official List and/or Modern Roses 12. Lists are posted on the last day of each month, remaining valid until ARS publically publishes something to the contrary.

(1) ARS Approved Exhibition Name (AEN), or temp. (AEN).
(2) Color Classification. 3) ICRA-R Recent Rose Registrant
(4) Rose magazine registrations
(X) Yellow, are new or rose changes this month.
(XX) Blue 7-31-2010, 11-5-2010 & 1-17-2011 have AEN�s, but not listed on ARS�s IRAR-R "Recent Registrations" website.
Many are listed in the Combined Rose List (CRL), with a temp. (AEN).

Almost Heaven pb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
Always And Forever (XX) dr, 1-17-2011
Amelia HT, mp, 4-20-2010
Arjuna HT, mr, 3/12/2010, 5/2010
Ayumi HT, my, 2010
Brenda Marlene HT, pb, 1-21-2011
Baqi Billah Maulama Shaykh Nazim
Betty Knight Scripps HT, m, 2010
Betty�s Smile (X) HT, lp, 2/9/2011
Black Berry HT, dr, 2009
Big Hearted HT, m, 1-21-2011
Bloom of Ruth (XX) lp, 2010, 7-31-2010
Bold and Beautiful pb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
Brother Jack HT, pb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
Brumildavan Rensburg HT, lp, 2009
Buckwheat HT, ob, 2009>>>(M/F)
Carolina Pride HT, mr, 3-12-2010, 5/2010
Casey Alexandra HT, ob, 7-7-2010,
Champagne Celebration HT, ab, 2010
Cool as Ice HT, m, 1-21-2011
Colour Buffet pb, 2008>>>>(S)
Crescendo HT, pb, 2011, 1-17-2011
Dalen�s Delight mp, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Deepwater HT, m, 2009
Delray HT, pb, 7-10-2010,
Delightful Blessings HT, w, 7-9-2010,
Desert Magic HT, pb, 3-2011
Diane�s Delight HT, rb, 7-7-2010,
Domina (X) HT, w, 2/9/2011
Double Exposure HT, yb, 7-7-2010,
Ducat Ht, my, 2009
East Park (XX) HT, lp, 7-31-2010
Every Good Gift HT, mr, 7-7-2010,
Fairest One (XX) rb, 2010, 1-17-2011
Father�s Love HT, 2009
First Lady A ly, 4-20-2010
Fortitude (X) HT, dp, 2/9/2011
Garden Director Bartje Miller rb, 4-20-10
Gem Star HT, pb, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Grandma Dee HT, rb, 7-7-2010,
Heavenly Touch yb, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Hey Jack HT, yb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
His Redeeming Love (X) HT, yb, 2/9/2011
Honley Male Voice Choir 10-13-2010
Ireta Ellis (X) HT, dp, 2/9/2011
J&P Cabernet (XX) HT, 2011, 1-17-2011
J&P Chardonnay (XX) w, 2011, 1-17-2011
J&P Sangria (XX) HT, w, 2011, 1-17-2011
Jim-Z HT, rb, 4-20-2010
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe HT, dp,
Joy Unspeakable HT, w, 7-7-2010,
Julischka HT, ob, 2010
Jycinda Maree HT, LP, 7-7-2010,
Kabookie (X) X, dp, 2/9/2011
Katie Louise Ray HT, r, 7-10-2010,
Koishi Hama mr, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
La Rose Des 4 Vents HT, lp, 2008
Lady Nefer Guinevere HT, dr, 3-12-2010
Laetitia Casta HT, pb, 2010
Laura V. HT, pb, 7-7-2010,
Lemon Lexie HT, yb, 4-20-2010
Let�s Dance mp, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Love Everlasting HT, pb, 7-7-2010
Love�s Kiss (XX) HT, pb, 1-17-2011
Loveable HT, yb, 7-26-2010
Ludwig HT, 7-28-2010>>>S, 9-2-2010
Loving You (X) HT, w, 2/9/2011
Ma Normandie HT, pb, 2010
Madeline (X) HT, yb, 2/9/2011
Maid of Dignity HT, op, 1997
Magical Moment (X) HT, ab, 2/9/2011
Martina Mondadori HT, pb, 2007
Mon Petit Chou HT, dp, 2010
Marylou Whitney (X) HT, lp, 2/9/2011
Mr Caleb HT, mr, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
My Lady Barbara HT, pb, 3-1-2010
Mysterieuse HT, m, 2010
Natali HT, dp, 2010
Pacific Celebration HT, yb, 7-7-2010,
Natalie Ann (X) HT, m, 2/9/2011
Party Dress HT, mp, 2009
Passionate Gardener pb, 9-2-2010
Patience HT, pb, 2010
Precious Promises HT, rb, 10-13-2010
Prime Minister Nakasone 10-13-2010
Prof Piet Hoek HT, w, 2009
Raspberry Ice HT w, 2009
Red Headed Stranger (X) mr, 2/9/2011
Rosarian Madame Hideko rb, 7-9-10,
S Pandey HT, pb, 2004
Sanctuary 2007 HT, w, 2007
Secret Lady HT, pb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
Scently Devine (X) HT, w, 2/9/2011
Shield of Ruby (X) HT, pb, 2/9/2011
Silver Mascara HT, m, 2006
Sister Jane HT, 7-2010,
Sister Ruby (X) HT, pb, 2/9/2011
Smoothie HT, Ob, 2010
Snow Star HT, >>>(S), 1/2011
Society Belle 1-2008, 9-2-2010
Souv De Baden-Baden HT, pb,
Sparkle HT, ob, 2010
St Mary�s School HT, mr, 2009
Sugar Moon HT, w, 7-26-2010
Sunday Evening (X) HT, w, 2/9/2011
Sunny Sky HT, my, 2010
Super N-Joy HT, pb, 2009
Sweet Lissie (X) HT, dy, 2/9/2011
T. H. Coop HT, rb, 7-7-2010,
Takiginou HT, mr, 7-26-2010,
Tblbeta pb, 3-5-07, 4/2007
The Great White HT, w, 3-12-2010
The 9/11 Flight 93 Rose dr, 7-26-10
Top Gun (X) HT, pb, 2/9/2011
Toplesse HT, w,
Tsarina Ritorto HT, Ly, 2009
Twizzle HT, m, 4-20-20110
View Beauty HT, mp, 2010
Wakana HT, w, 2009
Whirling Waves HT, pb, 7-7-2010,
Xavier Maguire HT, pb, 4-20-2010
Young Rita HT, yb, 2007

Apricot Angel Gr, ab,, 2010
Dancing Lady Gr, m, 1-21-2011
David Lowing Gr, yb, 2-9-2010
Dick Clark Gr, AARS 2010
High Flying Playboy (X) Gr, yb, 2/9/2011
Mister Z (X) Gr, op, 2/9/2011
Montauk Gr, mr, 7-10-2010,
Natural Blonde (X) Gr, w, 2/9/2011
Southern Gal (X) Gr, ly, 2/9/2011
Sweet Sarah Gr, dp, 4-20-2010
The Duchess (X) Gr, mp, 2/9/2011
Tombob 8-2008>>>>9-2-2010
Vanilla Twilight (X) Gr, w, 2/9/2011
Vic�s Refrain Gr, w, >>>>>>>>>(S)

Adobe Sunrise (XX) F, op, 11-5-2010
Anne Henderson F, ob, 2003
Antique Pink F, mp, 1-21-2011
Art Nouveau F, rb, 2010
Audrey and Bob (X) F, ab, 2/9/2011
Bass Tone F, lp, 1-21-2011
Be Dont F, ab, 2005
Berlingot F, pb, 2010, 9-8-2010
Bordure Apricot F, ab, 2010
Bossa Nova F, mp, 4-8-2010
Breathe F, ab, 2010
Bridal Tiara F, w, 2010
Captain Jack F, m, 1-21-2011
Castle Howard m, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Cholan F, pb, 3-12-2010
Chou Chou F, ab, 2009
Claire Marshall (XX) 2010, 7-31-2010
Dame Elegant F, yb, 1-21-2011
David Dugdale w, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Day Dream F, My, 2009
Disco Lemonade F, lp, 1-21-2011
Elsina Dean F, dr, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Estart F, Dy, 2010
Famosa F , 2008
Fem�s Rose F, dy, 2007
Fields of Fromelles 7-2010, 9-2-2010
Flame F, ob 2010
Flaming Phoenix F, mp, 1-21-2011
Gladys Quine (X) ob,>>>M/F, 3/2006
Girlguiding UK Centenary Rose (XX) rb
Groovy Thangy (X) F, mp, 2/9/2011
Hans Gonewein Rose F, M, 2010
Harold�s Pride F, ob, 7-9-2010,
Harquest F, ab, 2009
Herbert Maurice Vary F, pb, 4-20-2010
Hermann-Hesse-Rose F, w, 2010
High Summer Skies F, mp, 3-12-2010
Hilda Sophia Lehmann my, 2/9/2010
Huddersfield Choral Society (X) F, 2/9/11
Hypnotic (X) F, lp, 2/9/2011
Ichiyoh F, ly, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Jolene Adams rb, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Kandi Kisses F, pb, 7-7-2010,
Kathryn F, m, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Ketchup & Mustard (X) F, rb, 2/9/2011
Kiss the Sun (X) F, lp, 2/9/2011
Koko Loko F, m, 7-26-2010,
Land of Oz (X) F, op, 2/9/2011
Lemon Veranda F, mp, 2010
Loretta Lynn Van Lear ab, 10-13-2010
Lovely Jessie op, >>>>>>(17/25)
Marguerita (X) F, lp, 2/9/2011
Mogul F, mr, 3-12-2010
Monkey Business (XX) F, ly, 1-17-2011
Moon Child F, ly, 3-12-2010
Mutant Charisma F, ob, 1997
Parbo F, ob, 2009
Peeky Boo (X) F, ly, 2/9/2011
Pianist Hiroko F, yb, 7-9-2010,
Pink Explosion (X) F, lp, 2/9/2011
Pink Medley F, mp, 2007
Planet Earth (X) F, ly, 2/9/2011
Princess Tenko F, pb, 2010
Raspberry Ice rb->>>>10-5-2006,
Red Hat Lady F, Mr, 2010
Riko F, dr, 10-13-2010
Robert Winston F, lr, 2010
San Diego Sweetheart F, ab, 9-2010
Sandra Lorraine op, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Shakira Folies F, dp, 2006
Shino m, 10-13-2010
Solero F, my, 2009
Sonic Boom (X) F, mp, 2/9/2011
Starry Eyed (X) F, lp, 2/9/2011
Striped Frau Astrid Spath F, rb,
Susan�s Sister F, yb, 2010
Super Trouper (XX) F, ob, 8-30-2010
Sweet Dream Cream F, w, 2009
Tahlia F, yb, 4-20-2010
TeJoe m, 7-9-2010,
The Last Dance my, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Tomblu 8-2008>>>>9-2-2010
Thanksgiving Rose F, ob, 2010
Vanilla Skies (X) F, w, 2/9/2011
Victoria Pendleton (XX) ly, 7-31-2010
Walking on Sunshine my, 11-5-2010
Zen F, r, 10-13-2010, 1/2011

All a�Twitter Min, ob, 2012
Be My Baby Min, 2011 AOE
BENomen Min, 2011 AOE
Bill Zumbar m, 5-26-2010,
Bridal Shower Cl. Min, w, 2010
Chelsea Belle Min, 2010 Hall of Fame
Fancy Pants Min, 2010 Hall of Fame
Feisty (XX) Min, mr, 2002, 1-17-2011
Festa Min, 2000
Free Power Min, ob, Flower Power?
Giggles Min, rb, 2010
Grace Seward Min, 2010 Hall of Fame
Harpeep Min, 2009
Hello Georgous! (X) Min, ob, 2/9/2011
Holly Tred Min, 1990
Intimidator Min, my, 7-9-2010,
Kamakura Komachi Cl rb, 7-26-10
Lainey Marie (X) Min, yb, 2/9/2011
L�etranhe Min, r, 1996
La Belle Carmen Min, mp, 1999
Minnie the Moocher (X) op, 2/9/2011
Mr Gavin Min, dr, 2005
Ms Rhonda Louise Min, dp, 4-20-2010
Neon Balconia Min, dp, 2010
Pattie Coles (X) Min, ob, 2/9/2011
Quantum Min, mr, 2009
Renegade Min, 4/8 petals, 2010 HB
Renegade (X) Min, 4/8, 2011 HB
Renegade (XXX) Min, >>>17/25 petals
Robin�s Rose Min, mr, 7-26-2010
Rose Tutu Min, w, 4-20-2010
Sans Parents Min, lp, 7-7-2010,
Saxilb Belle Min, mp, 2009
Striped Delight Min, pb, 2009
Sweet Harriette (X) Min, dp, 10-13-2010
Teenie Genie Min, pb, 7-9-2010,
Toscana Balconia Min, op, 2010
White Babyflow Min, w, 2010
White but Nice Min, w, >>>>>yb
Zwergenfee 09 Min, or, 2010

Always On My Mind (X) m, 2/9/2011
Anna Mae M/F, pb, 4-20-2010
Anne Paul M/F, op, 7-7-2010,
Apricot Ingrid M/F, 2007
Apricot Ingrid M/F, rb, 2007
Awesomeness M/F, dr, 9-22-2010
Behind Closed Doors (X), F, pb, 2/9/2011
Buckwheat M/F, >>-6-17-2010
Colour Scheme M/F, ab, 3-12-2010
Dr. Jim Hering (X) M/F, w, 2/9/2011
Dream Catcher M/F, pb, 3-12-2010
Elspeth M/F, pb, 4-20-2010
Eternity M/F, mp, 7-9-2010,
Fading Love M/F, 2009
For Mickey M/F, 10-2009,
For Mickey>>>>Vonna Mae, 9-2010
Forgiveness mr, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Ghostzapper M/F, 7-9-2010,
Glowing Sunset yb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
Isabel Hit M/F, w, 5-30-2010
Kilmeny M/F, mp, 3-12-2010
Lunar Eclipse M/F, m, 7-9-2010,
Mary Alice M/F, yb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
Mary Pickersgill 4/8>>>10-13-2010
Mary Pickersgill (XXX) 4/8, Jan 2011 Rose
Mary Pickersgill (X) my,>>>>> 26/40
Melanie Dowe (X) M/F, dr, 2/9/2011
Minnelli 2007 Hit M/F, 5-30-2010
Miss Karen (X) M/F, m. 2/9/2011
Nova Hit M/F, mp, 5-30-2010
Otomegokoro (X) M/F, m, 2/9/2011
Pale Pink Sky lp, 10-13-2010, 1/2011
Patron M/F, dr, 1-21-2011
Plum Sauce M/F, m, 2009
Point of Grace M/F, pb, 10-13-2010
Powerhouse M/F, >>>, rb,
Raspberry Ice rb->>>> (F), 10-5-2006,
Remembering Margie rb, 7-26-2010,
San Diego Sweetheart 3-2009>>>>S,
Sister Jane M/F, 3-12-2010>>>>>>HT
Skippy M/F, ly, 3-12-2010
Thelma Lou yb, 5-26-2010
Vernon�s Dream pb, 9-22-2010, 1/2011
White Jade (X) M/F, ly, 2/9/2011
Wine Colored Roses (X) M/F, m, 2/9/011
Yellow Ingrid my, 2006>>yb, 5-2010,

Brownie LCl, r, 2010
Eiffelzauber, LCl, lp, 2009
Emerald Isle LCl, ab, 2009
Etoile Orange LCl, ob, 2009
Grand Award LCL, mr, 8-3-2010
Heavenly Dawn (XX) LCl, op,1-17-2011
Hella LCl, w, 2010
Muse LCl, m, 2010
Norma"s Love LCl-2008>>>(S),
Parfait Amour LCl, rb, 2009
Red Beret LCL, mr, 7-26-2010
Soleill Vertical LCl, my, 2010
Stormy Weather LCl, m, 7-26-2010,
Sunsational LCL, r
Sweet Serenade LCl, m, 2010

Bossa Nova Pol->>>>-(F), 4-8-2010
Bouquet De Mariee Pol, mp, 2010
Rosalia Pol, dp, 10-13-2010

De Tous Mois** HMsk w, <1835
Kew Gardens HMsk, w, 2010
Laurent Nicollas HMsk, rb, 2010
Pink Darlow�s Enigma pb, 7-26-2010
Rivers� Musk Cluster** mp, <1846

Anna Louise (XX) S, ab, 2010
Allison�s Wonderland S, mp, 4-20-2010
Amorgos S, Lp, 2010
Apache S, dr, 2010
Apricot Drift (XX) S, ab, 7-20-2010
Artemis S, w, 2010
Baronesses S, dp, 2010
Bohemian Rhapsody S, pb, 10-13-2010
Bonita 7-28-09, 9-2-2010
Bubble Double (XX) S, 11-5-2010
Buttermilk S, w, 7-9-2010,
Captain Terrific S, mr, 1-21-2011
Cento Qaranta S, mp, 3-12-2010
Colour Buffet (S), 3-2009
Como Park S, mr, 2010
Conch Pink S, lp, 1-21-2011
Delightful Phyllis S, yb, 4-20-2010
Deseo S, or, 2009
Desert Magic (S), 2005>>>HT, 3-2011
Eleanore Cruse S, 2007
Elizabeth Bowers S, mp, 1-21-2011
Equity S, mp, 2010
Ethel and Emily S, mp, 1-21-2011
Eyes For You S, m, 2010
Flash Impact S, dr, 4-20-2010
Flying Kites S, dp, 7-9-2010,
Fun Jwan Lo ** S, w, <1811
Garden Of Roses S, w, 2011
Gerald Van Der Kamp S, 2005
Glam Queen (X) S, op, 2/9/2011
Igraine (X) S, 2/9/2011
Jazz S, ob, 2010
Kara Lee S, pb, 2010
Kew Gardens S, w, 7-7-2009,
L�Oiseau Chanteur (X) S, lp, 2/9/2011
La Sainte Victoire S, dp, 2010
Lady of Shalott S, ob, 7-7-2010,
Lemon Fizz S, yb, 2009
Look Good Feel Better S, 5-28-2010
Lorca S, rb, 7-10-2010,
Love Crazy (X) S, mp, 2/9/2011
Ludwig S, 9-2-2010
Milwaukee�s Calatrava (XX), w, 11-5-2010
Madam X (X) S, pb, 2/9/2011
Masora (X) S, ab, 2/9/2011
Moyland S, ob, 5-28-2010
Mykonos S, dr, 2010
Naxos S, ob, 2010q
Norma"s Love S, mp, 10-14-2009
One Nation (X) S, lp, 2/9/2011
Orchid Legacy S, m, 2008
Our Nan S, lp, 7-9-2010,
Pat Henry S, lp, 7-9-2010,
Paul Brooks S, 2006
Peppermint Pop (XX) pb, 11-5-2010
Pink Serenade (X) S, lp, 2/9/2011
Pinnatifide** S, mp, <1828
Princess Pink (XX) S, mp, 2011, 1-17-2011
Premier ** S, w, 1866
Red Frutillia S, mr, 2010
Red Sky Delight (XX) S, rb, 1-17-2011
Roisin Ruddle S, ob, 2004>>>Ron Ruddle
Sea of Pink (X) S, lp, 2/9/2011
Shazzam (X) S, w, 2/9/2011
Snow Star S, w, 1/2011
Soft Knockout S, lp, 2008
Stellar Fella (X) S, dp, 2/9/2011
Striata ** S, rb, < 1817
Surprise S, mp, 2006
Surprise for Amy S, lp, 7-9-2010,
Sweet Drift S, lp, 2010
Tam O� Shanter S, rb, 2010
The Sun & The Heart S, yb, 2010
The Wedgwood Rose mp, 7-7-2010,
Tomjon 8-2008>>>>9-2-2010
Tomlav 8-26-08>>>>9-2-2010
Totto-Chan S, mp, 2010
Tootsie�s Lounge (X) S, r, 2/9/2011
True Colors (X) s, pb, 2/9/2011
Twiggy�s Rose (XX) s, mp, 7-31-2010
Vic�s Refrain S, w, 1/27/08, 5/2008
Wacky Shelia (X) S, mp, 2/9/2011
Weisse Magie (X) S, w, 2/9/2011
White Tuxedo (X) S, ab, 2/9/2011
Wichtel S, w, 1994
Wow Factor (X) S, lp, 2/9/2011
Xtion S, dp, 2010
Yume Otome S, pb,
Zaide S, mp, 2009
Zaros S, dp, 2010

Hart Crane HRg, dr, 2010

Te Qiao dp, HKor, 10-13-2010
Te Jiao HKor, mp, 1-21-2011
Party Hardy (X) HKor, Weeks Roses 2009>>>>>
Nouvelle France, 11-5-2010


Gerda Nissen C, mr

Yue Yue Fuen Ch, mp,

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