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ARS May & June 2010 Rose Show Results

Posted by rgschwerdt z5aillinois (My Page) on
Wed, Jun 30, 10 at 22:05

By: Ronald Schwerdt 6-30-2010

On June 29, 2010, ARS President announced that ARS Rose Exhibitors
Forum publication, will be renamed "Exhibitors Quarterly", and edited
by the very capable hands of Louise Coleman. It was also decided to no
longer publish local show results. To see local show winners posted,
continue to e-mail show results to the above e-mail. The following
are reported show results for May and June 2010.

ST. DUBLIN, CA 5-2-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Olympiad--Hoffer, Barry & Sue
KING OF SHOW--Ingrid Bergman--Evans Lou
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Mister Lincoln--Bolden, Thomas
ROYAL COURT--Blake Hendrick--Mintz, Mark
ROYAL COURT--Black Magic--McGarvey, Marie
ROYAL COURT--Brigadoon-- Hoffer, Barry & Sue
ROYAL COURT--Camara--Estee, Sally
ROYAL COURT--Peace-- Bolden, Thomas
HT FULLY OPEN--In The Mood-- Burek, Joe & Carol
HT SPRAY--Black Baccara-- Estee, Sally
(3) HT’S--Veteran’s Honor- Estee, Sally
GR SPRAY--Honey Dijon- Miles, Janice
HT SINGLE--Ellen Willmot-- Ridenour, Roberta
HT CYCLE OF BLOOM--Olympiad-- Burek, Joe & Carol
FL QUEEN--Ebb Tide--Esree, Sally
LG FLOATING ROSE--Let Freedom Ring-- Bolden, Thomas
(3) FL SPRAYS--Playboy-- Hoffer, Barry & Sue
FL BLOOM--Playboy-- Hoffer, Barry & Sue
FL FLOATING ROSE--Sweet Vivien-- Ridenour, Roberta
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Mrs. R. M. Finch-- Bolden, Thomas
DOWAGER QUEEN--Souv de la Malmaison-- McGarvey, Marie
(3) OGRs <1867--La Ville de Bruxelles--Lowell, David
VICTORIAN AWARD--Complicta--Ridenour, Roberta
(3) OGRs 1867 OR AFTER--Fantin-Latour-- Lowell, David
OGR FLOATING ROSE--Mme Isaac Periere--Bierre, Sondra
CLIMBER--Soaring Spirits-- Estee, Sally
(3) Climbers--Sombreuil-- Ridenour, Roberta
CLASSIC SHRUB--Erfurt--Bierre, Sondra
MODERN SHRUB--Falstaff-- Bolden, Thomas
(3) D. AUSTIN SHRUBS--Falstaff-- Bolden, Thomas
(3) SHRUBS--Flower Girl-- Estee, Sally
MINI QUEEN--Jilly Jewel--Mintz, Mark winners
MINI KING--Glowing Amber-- Mintz, Mark
MINI PRINCESS--Heather Sproul-- Bolden, Thomas
MINI COURT-Fairhope-- Mintz, Mark
MINI COURT--Feisty-- Hoffer, Barry & Sue
MINI COURT--Breath of Spring-- Bolden, Thomas
MINI FULLY OPEN--Black Jade-- Estee, Sally
MINI SINGLE--Why Not--Nardy, Linda
(3) MINI BLOOMS--Fairhope-- Mintz, Mark
MINI CYCLE OF BLOOM--Black Jade-- Estee, Sally
MINI FLOATING ROSE--Little Carol-- Burek, Joe & Carol
MINI SPRAY--Irresistible-- Bolden, Thomas
MINI ENGLISH BOX--Minnie Pearl-- Burek, Joe & Carol
MINIFL QUEEN--Memphis Music--Miles, Janice
MINIFL KING--Butter Cream-- Bolden, Thomas
MINIFL PRINCESS--Peter Cottontail-- Mintz, Mark
MINFL COURT--Conundrum-- Bolden, Thomas
(3) MINFL SPRAYS--Cachet-- Mintz, Mark
(3) MINFL BLOOMS--Butter Cream-- Bolden, Thomas
MINIFL FLOATING ROSE--Butter Cream-- Bolden, Thomas
PICTURE FRAME-- Sombreuil-- Burek, Joe & Carol
FRAGRANT ROSE--Yves Piaget-- Hoffer, Barry & Sue
TRAILING ROSE--Souv du Docteur Jamain-- Estee, Sally
SEEDLING--Lowell, David
NOVICE AWARD--Sombreuil--Shadden, Patricia
BRITISH EMPIRE ORIGIN--Silver Jubilee-- Bolden, Thomas
BEST OF SHOW--In the Mood--Burek, Joe & Carol
JUDGES ENTRY--Betty Boop--Carlson, Duane & Melody

QUEEN OF SHOW--Moonstone--Settle, Harold & Jean
KING OF SHOW--Marilyn Wellan--Glover, Lavonne
PRINCESS OF SHOW--We Salute You--Settle, Harold & Jean
ROYAL COURT--Black Magic-- Eskew, Robert & Martha
ROYAL COURT--Opening Night-- Glover, Lavonne
ROYAL COURT--Medallion-- Coffee, Dick
ROYAL COURT--Gemini-- Glover, Lavonne
FL. QUEEN--Lavaglut-- Glover, Lavonne
FL. SPRAY KING--Europeana--Glover, Lavonne
FL. SPRAY PRINCESS--Sexy Rexy-- Glover, Lavonne
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM--Fabulous--Prince, Hyacinth
CLASSIC SHRUB--Belinda--Purnell, Gloria
MODERN SHRUB--Tess of the D’urbervilles--Baier, Frank
DOWAGER QUEEN--Autumn Damask--Elliott, Susan
VICTORIAN AWARD--Papa Hemery-- Eskew, Robert & Martha
CLIMBER--Fourth of July--Glover, Lavonne
MINI KING--Joy-- Clemons, David
MINI PRINCESS-- Miss Flippins--Eskew, Robert & Martha
MINI COURT--Giggles--Coffee, Dick
MINI COURT--Chattooga--Eskew, Robert & Martha
MINI COURT--Dancing Flame--Clemons, David
MINI COURT--Ty-- Eskew, Robert & Martha
MINI SPRAY---Giggles--Glover, Lavonne
MINIFL QUEEN--Camden--Eskew, Robert & Martha
MINIFL KING--Cachet-- Clemons, David
MINIFL PRINCESS--Daddy Frank-- Clemons, David
MINFL COURT--Peter Cottontail-- Clemons, David
MINFL COURT--Rachel-- Clemons, David
MINFL COURT--Show Stopper-- Clemons, David
MINFL COURT--Whirlaway-- Clemons, David
SALISBURY, NC 5-22-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Randy Scott-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
KING OF SHOW--Big Red-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Suffolk--Wright, Fred & Barbara
ROYAL COURT--Gemini-- Wright, Jack & Nancy
ROYAL COURT--Here’s Gert-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
ROYAL COURT--Hot Princess--Arthofer, Judy & Bob
ROYAL COURT-- Louise Estes-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
FL. QUEEN--Playboy-- Meyers, Robert
FL. ONE BLOOM--Johnny Becnel--Wright, Jack & Nancy
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Baby Koster-- Meyers, Robert
DOWAGER QUEEN-- Rugosa Carolina-- Meyers, Robert
VICTORIAN AWARD--White Dorothy--Potter, Matt
CLIMBER--Night Owl--Meyers, Robert
CLASSIC SHRUB--Country Song--Meyers, Robert
MODERN SHRUB--Falstaff--Shermer, Meredith
MINI QUEEN--Ty--Arthofer, Judy & Bob
MINI KING--Klassy Lady--Richardson, James & Brenda
MINI PRINCESS--Breath of Spring--Richardson, James & Brenda
MINI COURT--Chelsea Belle--Arthofer, Judy & Bob
MINI COURT--Best of ’04-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
MINI COURT--Miss Flippins--Fritts, Amos & Marie
MINI COURT--Bee’s Knees--Fritts, Amos & Marie
MINI SPRAY--Conundrum-- Richardson, James & Brenda (MInFL?)
MINIFL QUEEN-- Conundrum -- Wright, Fred & Barbara
MINIFL KING--Power Point-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
MINIFL PRINCESS--Renegade---Arthofer, Judy & Bob

RALEIGH, NC 5-22-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW-- Marlon’s Day-- Richard & Nancy
KING OF SHOW-- Hot Princess--Johnson, Lyman & Carolyn
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Randy Scott-- Richard & Nancy
PRINCE OF SHOW--Falling In Love--Meyers, Don & Nancy
FL QUEEN--Sexy Rexy--White, Harold
FL BLOOM--Betty Boop--Whitaker, Bill
POLYANTHA SPRAY--China Doll-- White, Harold
DOWAGER QUEEN--Baronne Prevost-- White, Harold
CLIMBER--Night Owl-- White, Harold
CLASSIC SHRUB--Jen’s Munk-- White, Harold
MODERN SHRUB--Flower Girl-- White, Harold
MINI QUEEN--Tennessee-- Meyers, Don & Nancy
MINI KING--Orange Classic-- Meyers, Don & Nancy
MINI PRINCESS--Sweet Caroline-- Meyers, Don & Nancy
MINI SPRAY--Joy-- Meyers, Don & Nancy
MINIFL QUEEN--Memphis King--Schmidt, Ken
MINIFL KING--Whirlaway-- Schmidt, Ken
MINIFL PRINCESS--Madeleine--Vernon, Richard & Nancy

ST LOUIS MO 5-29-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Moonstone-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
KING OF SHOW--Pop Warner-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Lynn Anderson-- Yesan, Ed
ROYAL COURT-- Maverick-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
ROYAL COURT--Louise Estes-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
ROYAL COURT--Crystalline-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
ROYAL COURT--Lynette-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
ROYAL COURT--Marilyn Wellan-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
ROYAL COURT--Marlon’s Day--Meyer, Larry & Doris
ROYAL COURT--Isle-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
FL. QUEEN--Golden Holstein-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
FL.KING--Glenda Marie-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
FL.PRINCESS--Hannah Gordon-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
FL BLOOM--Day Breaker--Schorr, Phil
POLYANTHA SPRAY--The Fairy--Allen, Kate
GENESIS AWARD--Rosa Gallica versicolor-- Allen, Kate
DOWAGER QUEEN--Celsiana--Finkes, Linda
CLIMBER--America--Yesan, Ed
MODERN SHRUB--Out of the Blue--Yesan, Ed
MINI QUEEN---Conundrum-- Meyer, Larry & Doris (MinFl ?)
MINI KING--Shameless-- Meyer, Larry & Doris (MinFl ?)
MINI PRINCESS--Louisville Lady-- Meyer, Larry & Doris (MinFl ?)
MINI COURT-- Gizmo--Trost, Rita
MINI COURT---Arcanum-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MINI COURT--Solar Flair--Meyer, Larry & Doris (MinFl ?)

FORT MILL, SC 5-29-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Crystalline--Wright, Fred & Barbara
KING OF SHOW--Mohana--Richard, Vernon & Nancy
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Marilyn Wellan--Richardson, James & Brenda
ROYAL COURT--Marlon’s Day-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
ROYAL COURT--Desperado-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
ROYAL COURT--Cajun Sunrise-- Richard, Vernon & Nancy
ROYAL COURT--Black Beauty--Whitt, Doug
FL QUEEN--Lavaglut--Meyers, Robert
FL BLOOM--Johnny Becnel-- Whitt, Doug
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Orange Morsdag--Waites, M. Susan
DOWAGER QUEEN--Champney’s Pink Cluster-- Dumas, Janet
VICTORIAN AWARD--Alister Stella Gray-- Waites, M. Susan
CLIMBER--Altissimo--Meyers, Robert
SHRUB--The Squire--Dumas, Janet
MINI QUEEN--Bee’s Knees-- Myers, Don & Mary
MINI KING--Nancy Jean-- Richardson, James & Brenda
MINI PRINCESS--Able-- Richardson, James & Brenda
MINI PRINCE--Irresistible--Stewart, Betty
MINI SPRAY--After Midnight--Myers, Don & Mary
MINIFL QUEEN--Show Stopper-- Richardson, James & Brenda
MINIFL KING--Double Take--Lundberg, Sandy & Bob
MINIFL PRINCESS--Conundrum--Lundberg, Sandy & Bob
MINFL PRINCE--Dr Troy Garret--Richardson, James & Brenda

PALOS VERDES, CA 6--5--2010
QUEEN OF SHOW---Gemini--Belendez, Bob & Kitty
KING OF SHOW OF SHOW----Big Time -- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
PRINCESS OF SHOW----Cajun Moon -- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
ROYAL COURT -- Black Magic-- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
ROYAL COURT ----Brooks Red -- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
ROYAL COURT ----Let Freedom Ring-- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
ROYAL COURT ----O'Rilla-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty
ROYAL COURT ---- Signature -- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
ROYAL COURT ----St Patrick --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
(3) HYBRID TEA BLOOMS--St Patrick-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty
CYCLE OF BLOOM HT/GR-- Veteran's Honor --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
FULLY OPEN HT/GR-- Color Magic --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
HT/GR Spray-- Paradise --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
(3) HT BLOOMS-- St Patrick --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
HT/GR ROSE IN A BOWL--Marilyn Wellan--Youngewirth, G. & G.
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM-- Rainbow --Sorbet Espanol, Leslie
FL. QUEEN --- Trumpeter --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
FL.KING OF SHOW --- Cristina Lynne --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
FL.PRINCESS --- Rainbow Sorbet --Leslie Espanol
FL. COURT--- Honey Perfume --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
FL. COURT --- Pinnacle --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
(3) FL. SPRAYS --Rainbow Sorbet--Leslie Espanol
POLYANTHA SPRAY----Verdun --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
DOWAGER QUEEN -- Eugene de Beauharnais-- Van Enoo
VICTORIAN AWARD-- Francis Dubreuil-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty
CLASSIC SHRUB BOUQUET-- Parfait --Sharon Van Enoo
MODERN SHRUB-- The Squire-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty
FRAGRANT MODERN SHRUB-- Frederic Mistral --Carolyn Grayson
FRAGRANT OGR/SHRUB-- Francis Dubreuil --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
CLIMBER-- Altissimo --Leslie Espanol
MINI QUEEN --- Behold --Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
MINI KING-- Heather Sproul --Jerry Withers
MINI PRINCESS --- Glowing Amber -- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
MINI COURT --- Bee’s Knees --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINI COURT --- Fairhope --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINI COURT --- Sam Trivitt -- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria
MINI ROSE IN A BOWL-- Marriotta Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINI SINGLE -- Why Not --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINI SPRAY-- Lady Bren --Espanol, Leslie
MINIFL QUEEN --- Dr. John Dickman --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINIFL KING-- Memphis Magic --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINIFL PRINCESS--- Leading Lady --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINFL COURT --- Butter Cream--Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINFL COURT --- Lo & Behold --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINFL ENGLISH BOX-- Butter Cream Belendez, Bob & Kitty
MINFL ROSE IN A BOWL-- Magic Show --Leslie Espanol
MINFL CYCLE OF BLOOM-- Butter Cream Leslie Espanol
MINFL SPRAY-- Butter Cream --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
(3) MINFL SPRAYS-- Butter Cream --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
SCRS Member HT/GR --Rock & Roll-- Ted & Jackie Johnson
SCRS Member FL--Hot Cocoa-- Ted & Jackie Johnson
SCRS Member OGR --Pink Powderpuff --Gloria Leinbach
SCRS Member Shrub--Linda Campbell --Gloria Leinbach
SEEDLING --Winter Magic x Hurdy Gurdy --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
BEST OF SHOW--St Patrick (3 blooms) --Belendez, Bob & Kitty
JUDGES-- Rainbow's End--Jones, Bud

SAN DIEGO, CA 6--5--2010
QUEEN OF SHOW --- Kardinal--Mahanay, Carl & Bobby
KING OF SHOW OF SHOW --- Moonstone--Bulman, Gary
PRINCESS OF SHOW– Suffolk--Clark, Linda
ROYAL COURT--Black Magic-- Mahanay, Carl & Bobby
ROYAL COURT-- Hot Princess --Stage, Jeff
ROYAL COURT-- Red Intuition--Martin, Bob & Dona
ROYAL COURT-- Snuffy-- Bulman, Gary
(3) HT/GR. SAME BLOOMS--Gemini--Stage, Jeff
(6) HT/GR. SAME BLOOMS--Cajun Sunrise-- Mahanay, C. & B.
HT. GR. CYCLE OF BLOOM—Marilyn Monroe—Stage, Jeff
HT/GR. OPEN BLOOM—Legends-- Clark, Linda
HT/GR. ENGLISH BOX—Gemini—Stage Jeff
HT/GR. FL Bloom/Spray—Marilyn Monroe—Kolb, Bob & Marty
HT/GR. FL Bloom/Spray—Lavaglut—Colucci, Jennifer
HT/GR. BOWL—Artic Circle-- Clark, Linda
HT/GR. BLOOM—Marilyn Monroe—Strathman, Akiko
HT, GR. FL. FRAGRANT ROSE.—Frederic Mistral-- Robbie, Dwyn
LG. SINGLE BLOOM—Olivier Roellinger--- Martin, Bob & Dona
LG. SINGLE SPRAY—Playgirl-- Tiffany, Ruth
FL. QUEEN---Sun Flare-- Tiffany, Ruth
FL.KING ---Grand Prize-- Bulman, Gary
FL. SPRAY PRINCES OF SHOW —Lavaglut-- Tiffany, Ruth
FL. SPRAY COURT---Bill Warriner—Tiffany, Ruth
FL. SPRAY COURT---Honey Perfume-- Tiffany, Ruth
FL. SPRAY COURT—Julia Child-- Bulman, Gary
FL. SPRAY COURT---Playboy—Bulman, Gary
FL. ONE BLOOM—Bolivar-- Clark, Linda
FL. OPEN BLOOM—Lovestruck—Strong, Kathleen
(3) FL. SPRAYS—Amelia-- Tiffany, Ruth
(3) FL. BLOOMS-- Grand Prize- Bulman, Gary
Fl. ENGLISH BOX—Lovestruck-- Strong, Kathleen
FL OR SHRUB BOWL—Darcey Bussell-- Martin, Bob & Dona
MOST FRAGRANT SHRUB—Golden Zest— Strong, Kathleen
POLY SPRAY—Verdun—Martin, Bob & Dona
(3) POLY SPRAYS—Lauren-- Martin, Bob & Dona
GENESIS AWARD-Rosa californica—Streeper, Dick & Sue
DOWAGER QUEEN OF SHOW—Louise Odier-- Clark, Linda
VICTORIAN AWARD—Ferdinand Pichard--Robbie, Dwyn
CLIMBER—The Impressionist-- Clark, Linda
CLASSIC SHRUB—Ballerina-- Clark, Linda
MODERN SHRUB Bloom—Distant Drums— Clark, Linda
MODERN SHRUB/OGR SPRAY—Flower Girl-- Martin, Bob & Dona
MINFLORA QUEEN---Dancing Flame-- Mahanay, Carl & Bobby
MINFLORA KING—Breath of Spring-- Mahanay, Carl & Bobby
MINFLORA PRINCESS OF SHOW-- Heather Sproul-- Bulman, Gary
MINI COURT ---Bee’s Knees-- Clark, Linda
MINI COURT ---Erin Alonso-- Bulman, Gary
MINI COURT---Sweet Revenge-- Clark, Linda
MINI COURT--This is the Day-- Bulman, Gary
MINIFL QUEEN—First & Foremost-- Bulman, Gary
MINIFL KING—Unbridled-- Bulman, Gary
MINIFL PRINCESS-- Butter Cream-- Martin, Bob & Dona
MINFL COURT—Memphis Magic-- Clark, Linda
MINFL COURT ---Ricky Hendrick-- Bulman, Gary
MINFL COURT ---Show Stopper-- Martin, Bob & Dona
MINFL COURT --- Whirlaway- Clark, Linda
MINI/MINFL SPRAY—Seattle Sunrise-- Bulman, Gary
MINI OR MINFL BLOOM OR SPRAY—Bee’s Knees--Strathman, Akiko
(3) MINI/MINFL BLOOMS-- Butter Cream-- Mahanay, Carl & Bobby
(6) MINI/MINFL BLOOMS Sam Trivitt-- Mahanay, Carl & Bobby
(3) MINI/MINFL SPRAYS—Baby Grand-- Martin, Bob & Dona
(3) MINI/MINFL BOWL—Little White Lies-- Clark, Linda
MINI/MINFL SINGLE BLOOM—Little White Lies—Clark, Linda
MINI/MINFL CYCLE OF BLOOM—Ambiance— Clark, Linda
MINI/MINFL ENGLISH BOX—Sam Trivitt— Mahanay, Carl & Bobby
MINI or MINFL BLOOM OR SPRAY—Glowing Amber—Kolb, B. & M. MINI or MINFL BLOOM OR SPRAY—Sweet Chariot-- Tiffany, Ruth
MATCHED PAIR—Butter Cream—Martin, Bob & Dona
PICTURE FRAME—The Impressionist--Clark, Linda
BOUQUET BOWL— Martin, Bob & Dona
HI LO—Mahanay, Carl & Bobbie
KENNEALLY BOWL: (1) HT/GR.--Moonstone—Stage, Jeff
SEEDLING-- Streeper, Dick & Sue
ANY OTHER ROSE—The Squire- Strathman, Akiko

QUEEN OF SHOW--Hot Princess-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
KING OF SHOW--Moonstone-- Bronitsky, Ron
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Gemini -- Bronitsky, Ron
ROYAL COURT-- Helen’s Naude-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
ROYAL COURT--Cajun Sunrise-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
ROYAL COURT--Lasting Love-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
ROYAL COURT--Gold Medal--Lindeman, Robert (GR ?)
ROYAL COURT-Table Mountain-- Bronitsky, Ron
HT SPRAY--Brigadoon--Troyer, Al & Ginny
HYBRID TEA OPEN BLOOM--Fame-- Lindeman, Robert (GR ?)
(3) HT BLOOMS or SPRAYS--Love and PEACE-- Lindeman, Robert
LG BLOOM ROSE BOWL--Veteran’s Honor-- Bronitsky, Ron
FL. QUEEN--Lavaglut-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
FL.KING--Showbiz- Troyer, Al & Ginny -
FL.PRINCESS--Trumpeter--Lucero, John & CJ
(3) FL or POLY SPRAYS--Lavaglut--Bronitsky, Ron
POLY SPRAY-- Golden Salmon Superieur--Troyer, Al & Ginny
VICTORIAN AWARD--Mermaid--Graham, Susan
CL (3) BL OR SP- Summer Wine--Lucero, John & CJ
CLASSIC SHRUB--Kathleen-- Iversen, Jody & Jen
SHRUB & LFC (3) BL OR SP-- Lucero, John & CJ
CANE W/LATERAL BLOOM--Fruhlingsgold--Macon, Jerry & Carol
OGR & SPECIES (3) BLs OR SPs--Pink Pet-- Lucero, John & CJ
MINFLORA QUEEN OF SHOW ---Abby’s Angel-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
MINI KING OF SHOW--Pucker Up--Lemen & Vicki
MINI PRINCESS---Jean Kenneally--Lemen & Vicki
MINI COURT -- Michel Cholet-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
MINI COURT---Dr John Dickman-- Troyer, Al & Ginny (MinFl ?)
MINI COURT--Bee’s Knees-- Troyer, Al & Ginny
MINI COURT---King’s Mountain--Iversen, Jody & Jen
MINI COURT--Heather Sproul--Ortega, Juanita & J.
MIN/MINFL SINGLE BLOOM--Peggy "T"-- Bronitsky, Ron
(3) MIN/MINFL BLOOMS--Autumn Splendor-- Bronitsky, Ron
(3) MIN/MINFL SPRAYS--Gourmet Popcorn--Lucero, John & CJ
MIN/MINFL FULLY OPEN--Make Believe-- Ortega, Juanita & J.
MIN/MINFL ENGLISH BOX--Green Ice--Iversen, Jody & Jen
MINI ROSE BOWL--Bee’s Knees--Iversen, Jody & Jen
MINI SPRAY-Gourmet Popcorn--Lucero, John & CJ
FRAMED ROSE--Altissimo--Lucero, John & CJ
NOVICE--Chrysler Imperial--Rose Jo
JUNIORS--Home Run--Iversen, Zack
FRAGRANT ROSE--Pope John Paul II--
MINI OR MINFL--Pike’s Peak--
ANTIQUE TAPESTRY--Golden Wings--Ortega, Juanita & J.
GARDENER’S DELIGHT--Paul Ecke Jr.--Ortega, Joaquin & J.
EXHIBITORS DREAM-- Mermaid--Graham, Susan

OMAHA, NE 6-6-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Moonstone--Shaw, Ron
KING OF SHOW--Lynn Anderson--Shaw, Ron
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Gemini--Swanson, Don & Joan
ROYAL COURT--Signature--Swanson, Don & Joan
ROYAL COURT--Marilyn Monroe-- Swanson, Don & Joan
ROYAL COURT--Miss Elvis-- Shaw, Ron
ROYAL COURT--Black Magic-- Shaw, Ron
ROYAL COURT--Touch of Class-- Shaw, Ron
ROYAL COURT--Mavrik-- Shaw, Ron
ROYAL COURT--Veteran’s Honor--Eckley, Mike &Anita
FL. QUEEN--Playboy-- Swanson, Don & Joan
FL.KING--Liven’ Easy-- Eckley, Mike &Anita
FL.PRINCESS--Hannah Gordon--
COURT--Europeana-- Shaw, Ron
COURT--Sentimental-- Moore, Brendan
COURT--Sexy Rexy-- Cates, Doug & Karen
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM--Day Breaker-- Swanson, Don & Joan
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Wing-Ding-- Eckley, Mike &Anita
GENESIS AWARD--Rosa Gallica versicolor-- Moore, Brendan
DOWAGER QUEEN--Conte de Chambord--Fischer, Dixie
VICTORIAN AWARD--Rose de Rescht-- Cates, Doug & Karen
CLIMBER--America-- Eckley, Mike &Anita
MODERN SHRUB--Morden Belle-- Eckley, Mike &Anita
MINI QUEEN--This is the Day-- Cates, Doug & Karen
MINI KING--Louis Desamero-- Swanson, Don & Joan
MINI PRINCESS--Fairhope-- Swanson, Don & Joan
MINI COURT--Miss Flippins--- Swanson, Don & Joan
MINI COURT--Irresistible--- Swanson, Don & Joan
MINI COURT--Dreamer--- Swanson, Don & Joan
MINI COURT--Millie Walters-- Swanson, Don & Joan
MINI COURT--Hot Tamale---Cadwalader, Bill & Marilyn
MINI COURT--Pierrine--Moore, Brendan,
MINI COURT--Bee’s Knees--- Cates, Doug & Karen
MINI SPRAY---Arcanum---Cates, Doug & Karen
MINFL SPRAY--Best of ’04-- Eckley, Mike &Anita (Min ?)

QUEEN OF SHOW--Hot Princess-- Chappell, Bill & Jill
KING OF SHOW--Veteran’s Honor-- Chappell, Bill & Jill
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Touch of Class--Chappell, Bill & Jill
ROYAL COURT--Gemini-- Chappell, Bill & Jill
ROYAL COURT--Louise Estes-- Chappell, Bill & Jill
ROYAL COURT--Mu Lan-- Chappell, Bill & Jill
FL. QUEEN---Dream Waltz-- Gibson, Suzanne
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Gabrielle Privat--Gibson, Suzanne
MINI QUEEN--Josh Alonso--Clemons, David & Tammy
MINI KING--Arcanum-- Clemons, David & Tammy
MINI PRINCESS--Joy---Chappell, Bill & Jill
MINI COURT--Nancy Jean--- Clemons, David & Tammy
MINI COURT--Fairhope--- Chappell, Bill & Jill
MINI COURT--Toy Clown-- Gibson, Suzanne
MINI SPRAY--Joy-- Chappell, Bill & Jill
MINIFL QUEEN--Conundrum--Chappell, Bill & Jill
MINIFL KING--Whirlaway-- Clemons, David & Tammy
MINIFL PRINCESS--Ferrin--Kelley, Edna
MINFL COURT--Cachet---Clemons, David & Tammy
MINFL COURT--Jerry Lynn-- Chappell, Bill & Jill
MINFL COURT--Class of ‘73-- Chappell, Bill & Jill

DELAWARE OH 6-5-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Hot Princess--Ackers, David & Lois
KING OF SHOW--Table Mountain-- Ackers, David & Lois
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Moonstone--Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
ROYAL COURT--Folklore--Hering, Anne & Jim
ROYAL COURT--Cesar E. Chavez-- Miller, Mark
ROYAL COURT--Tahitian Sunset--- Schock, Larry
FL.PRINCESS--Summer Fashion-- Hering, Anne & Jim
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM-Hannah Gordon--Smith, Elton
DOWAGER QUEEN--Mme Hardy--Solarz, Bill & Anita
VICTORIAN AWARD--Sombreuil-- Solarz, Bill & Anita (LCl)
CLIMBER--AMERICA-- Hering, Anne & Jim
SHRUB--Allie--Edwards, David
MINI QUEEN--Joy-- Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
MINI KING--Bee’s Knees-- Miller, Mark
MINI PRINCESS --- Solarz, Bill & Anita
MINI SPRAY--Sop. International-- Smith, Elton
MINIFL QUEEN--First and Foremost--- Hering, Anne & Jim
MINIFL KING--Dr John Dickman-- Smith, Elton
MINIFL PRINCESS--Butter Cream-- Schock, Larry
MINFL SPRAY--Ricky Hendrick--Miller, Mark

QUEEN OF SHOW--Parole--Grass, Lynda & Steven
KING OF SHOW--Desperado-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Dublin-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
ROYAL COURT--Randy Scott--McFadden, Phyllis
ROYAL COURT--Hot Princess-- McFadden, Phyllis
ROYAL COURT--Marilyn Monroe-- Fleek, John & Diana
ROYAL COURT-- Moonstone-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
ROYAL COURT--Gemini--Grass, Lynda & Steven
ROYAL COURT--Snuffy- McFadden, Phyllis
FL. QUEEN--Eye Paint-- Fleek, John & Diana
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM--Sunsilk--Grass, Lynda & Steven
POLYANTHA SPRAY--The Fairy-- Rankin, Gary & Monica
MODERN SHRUB--Golden Wings-- Rankin, Gary & Monica
DOWAGER QUEEN--Rosa rugosa--Hanlon, Dick
VICTORIAN AWARD--Nastarana--Fleek, John & Diana
CLIMBER--America-- Hanlon, Dick
MODERN SHRUB--Golden Wings--Rankin, Gary & Monica
MINI QUEEN--Dancing Flame-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINI KING--Nancy Jean-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINI PRINCESS--Ty--Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINI COURT--Glowing Amber-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINI COURT--Irresistible-- Fleek, John & Diana
MINIFL QUEEN--Equinox-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINIFL KING--Solar Flair-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINIFL PRINCESS--Double Take--Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINFL COURT--Dr John Dickman-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINFL COURT--First Choice-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MINFL SPRAY---Caledonia-- Grass, Lynda & Steven

QUEEN OF SHOW-- Dublin--Hefner, John & Donna
KING OF SHOW-- Moonstone-- Hefner, John & Donna
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Mavrik-- Hefner, John & Donna
FL. QUEEN--St John--Nolen, Mark & Cathy
FL.KING-- Sunsilk-- Nolen, Mark & Cathy
FL.PRINCESS--Stadt den Helder- Nolen, Mark & Cathy
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM--Johnny Becnel--Lafollette, Renee
CLASSIC SHRUB--Snow Pavement-- Kimmel, Linda
GENESIS AWARD--Rosa rugosa rubra--Kimmel, Linda
CLIMBER--Excelsa--Carlson, Bill
MINI QUEEN--Best of ’04-- Hefner, John & Donna
MINI KING--Sop. International-- Hefner, John & Donna
MINI PRINCESS--Mobile Jubilee-- Hefner, John & Donna
MINI SPRAY--Chattooga-- Hefner, John & Donna
MINIFL QUEEN--Dr Troy Garret-- Hefner, John & Donna
MINIFL KING--Whirlaway-- Hefner, John & Donna
MINIFL PRINCESS--Liberty Bell-- Hefner, John & Donna

DES MOINES, IA 6-12-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW-- Marilyn Monroe--Morlok, Ron
KING OF SHOW-- Liebeszauber--Miller, Mark
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Sunstruck-- Osborn, Gary & Linda
ROYAL COURT--Table Mountain-- Osborn, Gary & Linda
ROYAL COURT--Moonstone-- Osborn, Gary & Linda
ROYAL COURT--Commonwealth Glory--McCann, Jim
ROYAL COURT--Marlon’s Day-- McCann, Jim
ROYAL COURT--Black Magic--Mack, Andy
ROYAL COURT--Folklore- Mack, Andy
FL. QUEEN--Little Darling-- Pagliai, Ed & Dee
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM--Day Breaker-- McCann, Jim
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Wing-Ding-- Osborn, Gary & Linda
DOWAGER QUEEN--Marches Boccella--Godfred, Clif & Margie
CLIMBER--That’s Jazz--Osborn, Gary & Linda
CLASSIC SHRUB--Erfurt-- Godfred, Clif & Margie
MODERN SHRUB--Quietness-- Godfred, Clif & Margie
MINI QUEEN--Power Point-- Osborn, Gary & Linda (MinFl ?)
MINI KING--Irresistible-- Pagliai, Ed & Dee
MINI PRINCESS--Charismatic--Osborn, Gary & Linda (MinFl ?)
MINI COURT--Olympic Gold--Osborn, Gary & Linda (MinFl?)
MINI COURT-- Best of ’04--Godfred, Clif & Margie
MINI COURT--First and Foremost-- Godfred, Clif & Margie (MinFl ?)
MINI COURT--Little Jimmy Dickens--Godfred, Clif & Margie
MINI COURT--Tennessee Waltz-- Godfred, Clif & Margie
MINI COURT--Unbridled-- Godfred, Clif & Margie (MinFl ?)
MINFL SPRAY--Michel Cholet--Pagliai, Ed & Dee

COLUMBUS, OH 6-12-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW-- Moonstone--Ackers, David, & Lois
KING OF SHOW--Cajun Moon--Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
PRINCESS OF SHOW-- Hot Princess-- Ackers, David, & Lois
ROYAL COURT--Stainless Steel- Ackers, David, & Lois
ROYAL COURT-- Sunstruck--Hering, Jim & Anne
ROYAL COURT--Helen Naude-- Ackers, David, & Lois
FL. QUEEN--Sexy Rexy-- Smith, Elton
FL. ONE BLOOM PER STEM--Moondance-- Schock, Larry
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Red Fairy-- Smith, Elton
VICTORIAN AWARD--Zepherine Drouhin-- Smith, Elton
CLIMBER--Night Owl--Frick, Bud
MODERN SHRUB--Teasing Georgia--Lady, Randy & Terri
MINI QUEEN--Nancy Jean-- Frick, Bud
MINI KING--Sop. International-- Ackers, David, & Lois
MINI PRINCESS--Luis Desamero--Miller, Mark
MINI COURT--Emma Grace--Wood, Tom
MINI COURT--Joy-- Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
MINI COURT--Best of ’04-- Hering, Jim & Anne
MINFL SPRAY---Child’s Play-- Smith, Elton
MINIFL QUEEN--Dr John Dickman--Smith, Elton
MINIFL KING--Lady E’owyn-- Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
MINIFL PRINCESS--Tiffany Lynn-- Lady, Randy & Terri
MINFL COURT--First and Foremost-- Hering, Jim & Anne
MINFL COURT--Memphis King-- Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
MINFL COURT--Abby’s Angel--Smith, Elton
MINFL SPRAY--Butter Cream--Schock, Larry

GRANT’S PASS OR 6-12-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW-- Harvey, Harry & Jacque
KING OF SHOW--Olympiad-- Jennings, George
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Rio Samba-- Harvey, Harry & Jacque
BEST HT/GR SPRAY--Frankerfeld-- Harvey, Harry & Jacque
BEST RED HT--Olympiad--Jennings, George
BEST WHITE HT--Pristine--Harvey, Harry & Jacque
UNKNOW ROSE--Gaines M. & Tully M.
BEST HT,CL HT, GR--Love Potion--Brucher, Georgia
HT/GR SPRAY--Gemini-- Harvey, Harry & Jacque
(5) HT/GR VASE--Sunset Celebration--Harvey, Harry & Jacque
FRAGRANT HT ROSE--Mister Lincoln--Thiene, Frank
HT FULLY OPEN--Tropicana-Gaines M. & Tully M.
(3) FL SPRAYS--Sexy Rexy--Brown. Paul
BEST FL SINGLE/SEMI DBL--Matangi-- Jennings, George
BEST FL--Apricot Nectar-- Jennings, George
FL CYCLE OF BLOOM--Olympiad-- Jennings, George
CLIMBER--Berries ‘N’ Cream--Jennings, George
COLORAMA-- Harvey, Harry & Jacque
EXHIBITION ROSE IN A BOWL--Toreador--Drevenstadt, Annabelle
DECORATIVE ROSE IN A BOWL--Graham Thomas--Gaines & Tully M.
DOWAGER QUEEN--Reine des Violettes--Grieves, Patricia
VICTORIAN AWARD--Variegata di Bologna-- Peden, Larry
(3) OGRs--Baron Girod de L’Ain--Jennings, Mary
MODERN SHRUB BLOOM--All That Jazz--Jennings, George
MODERN SHRUB SPRAY--Stretch Johnson---Jennings, George
CLASSIC SHRUB--Cornelia--Clark, Linnea
DAVID AUSTIN TYPE--L. D. Braithwaite--Jennings, George
(3) Modern Shrubs--Jude the Obscure--Powell, Suzy
MINI QUEEN -- Fairhope-- Smith, Dennis
MINI KING -- Pauline-- Smith, Dennis
MINI PRINCESS--- Erin Alonso-- Smith, Dennis
MINI ROSE BOWL--Dancing Flame--Zerwer, Mike
BEST DECORATIVE MINI ROSE--Sun Sprinkles-- Jennings, Mary
MINI CYCLE OF BLOOM--Fairhope-- Jennings, Mary
MINI SPRAY-Nickelodeon--Smith, Dennis
MINFLORA QUEEN-- Dr John Dickman--Smith, Dennis
MINFLORA KING--Memphis Music-- Jennings, Mary
MINFLORA PRINCESS--Fitzhugh’s Diamond-- Jennings, Mary
MINFLORA ROSE BOWL--Dr John Dickman-- Smith, Dennis

NILES, OH 6-12-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Memorial Day--Taylor, Rose & Tom
KING OF SHOW--Pristine--Davison, Susan
FL QUEEN--Julia Child-- Yova, Tim
FL BLOOM--Mardi Gras-- Taylor, Rose & Tom
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Orange Morsdag-- Taylor, Rose & Tom
DOWAGER QUEEN--Rosa Gallica Officinalis-- Yova, Tim
VICTORIAN AWARD--Pink Grootendorst--Toth, Joe & Bonnie
CLIMBER--New Dawn--Taylor, Rose & Tom
CLASSIC SHRUB--Robin Hood-- Taylor, Rose & Tom
MINI QUEEN--Snow Bride--Davison, Susan
MINI KING--Cupcake--Toth, Joe & Bonnie
MINI PRINCESS--Hot Tamale--Davison, Susan
MINI SPRAY---Popcorn--Taylor, Rose & Tom

BOISE, ID 6-12-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Double Delight--Martin, Don
KING OF SHOW--Harry Wheatcroft-- Martin, Don
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Pink Peace-- Martin, Don
FL BLOOM--Terrazza Corazon--Talsma, Diane
SHRUB--Crown Princess Margareta--Gonzalez, Anita
MINI QUEEN--Aristocrat--Bush, Gayle
MINI KING--Kristin--Skelton, Warren
MINI PRINCESS--Coffee Bean--Dohmen, Amy
MINIFL QUEEN--Focal Point-- Skelton, Warren
MINIFL KING--Edisto--Skelton, Warren
MINIFL PRINCESS--Deja Blu--Skelton, Warren

TROY, MI 6-12-2010
SEEDLING--Morning Jewel X Unknown--Seil,
MINI COURT--Iced Raspberry, Seil,
ARRAGEMENT--Rural Rhythm--Seil,

NEW OXFORD, PA 6-12-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Mavrik--Wrightstone, Michael
KING OF SHOW--Veteran’s Honor--Bixler, George
PRINCESS OF SHOW--St Patrick-- Wrightstone, Mary Jane
FL QUEEN--Sexy Rexy-- Wrightstone, Michael
FL KING--Heartbeat-- Wrightstone, Michael
FL PRINCESS--Hannah Gordon-- Wrightstone, Michael
FL BLOOM--Matilda--Walsh, David
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Dick Koster Fulgens--John’s Terri
DOWAGER QUEEN--Charles de Mills-- Walsh, David
VICTORIAN AWARD--Zepherine Drouhin-- Walsh, David
CLIMBER--Scarlet Star--Redington, Joseph & Nancy
CLASSIC SHRUB--Lavender Lassie-- Walsh, David
MODERN SHRUB--Kordes’ Brilliant-- Wrightstone, Michael
MINI QUEEN--Giggles--Wade, Don & Laura
MINI KING--Luis Desamero--Smith, Glen & Donna
MINI PRINCESS--Sop, International-- Bixler, George
MINIFL QUEEN--Butter Cream-- Wrightstone, Michael
MINIFL KING--Powerhouse-- Smith, Glen & Donna
MINIFL PRINCESS--Robin Alonso-- Wade, Don & Laura

PARMA, OH 6-13-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Gemini-- Jacko, Patti
KING OF SHOW--Pearl Essense-- Jacko, Patti
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Perfectly Red-- Jacko, Patti
ROYAL COURT--Dublin--Jacko, Patti
ROYAL COURT--Polarstern-- Jacko, Patti
FL. QUEEN--Nicole--Jacko, Patti
MINI QUEEN--Dr John Dickman-- Jacko, Patti (Min Fl ?)
MINI KING--Yellow Bird-- Jacko, Patti (Min Fl ?)
MINI PRINCESS--Arcanum-- Jacko, Patti
MINI COURT--Bonfire-- Jacko, Patti
MINI COURT--Sop. International--Jacko, Patti
MINI COURT--Whirlaway--Jacko, Patti (Min Fl ?)
MIXED CLASS--Jacko, Patti

ROSE BOWL--Veteran’s Honor--Lau Zack
HT FULL BLOWN--Pop Warner-- Lau Zack
MINI COURT--Heather Sproul-- Lau Zack
MINI FULL BLOWN--Autumn Splendor-- Lau Zack (MinFl ?)
MINFLORA FULL BLOWN--Double Take-- Lau Zack
GENESIS--R Gallica Officinalis-- Lau Zack
MINI PRINCESS--Chattooga--Lau Zack
VICTORIAN AWARD--Rose de Rescht--Lau Zack

ROSEVILLE, MI 6-19-2010
SEEDLING--Lynnie X Unknown--Seil,
MINI COURT--Iced Raspberry--Seil,

GRAND RAPIDS, MI 6-19-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Gemini-- Wiley, Art & Joan
KING OF SHOW--Brooks’ Red--Blok, Bill & Irma
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Folklore-- Blok, Bill & Irma
ROYAL COURT--Sunstruck-- Blok, Bill & Irma
ROYAL COURT--Marilyn Monroe-- Blok, Bill & Irma
ROYAL COURT--Kardinal-- Blok, Bill & Irma
ROYAL COURT--Touch of Class--Otter, Gordon & Alice
FL QUEEN--Sexy Rexy-- Blok, Bill & Irma
FL BLOOM--Sheila’s Perfume-- Blok, Bill & Irma
VICTORIAN AWARD--Baron Girod de L’Ain--Wier, Jon & Lois
CLIMBER--Fourth of July--Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MINI QUEEN--Florida International-- Wier, Jon & Lois
MINI KING--Bee’s Knees-- Otter, Gordon & Alice
MINI PRINCESS--Irresistible-- Wiley, Art & Joan
MINI COURT--Jean Kenneally-- Otter, Gordon & Alice
MINI COURT--Sweet Melody-- Otter, Gordon & Alice
MINI COURT--Sweet Revenge-- Otter, Gordon & Alice
MINI COURT--Erin Alonso-- Blok, Bill & Irma
MINIFL QUEEN--Mr Lenard-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MINIFL KING--Power Point-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MINIFL PRINCESS--Blue Suede Shoes-- Blok, Bill & Irma
MINFL COURT--Fitzhugh’s Diamond-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MINFL COURT--Tiffany Lynn-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MINFL COURT--Amy Grant--Kelbel, Jon & Rosemary
MINFL COURT--Ambiance-- Blok, Bill & Irma

AMES, IA 6-19-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW-Die Welt--Morlok, Ron & Jane
KING OF SHOW--Black Magic--Osborn, Gary & Linda
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Gold Medal--Pagliai, Ed & Dee
ROYAL COURT--Let Freedom Ring-- Pagliai, Ed & Dee
ROYAL COURT--Louise Estes- Pagliai, Ed & Dee
ROYAL COURT--Lynn Anderson-- Pagliai, Ed & Dee
ROYAL COURT--Dainty Bess--Godfrey, Clif & Margie (Single ? )
ROYAL COURT--Dream Comes True-- Godfrey, Clif & Margie
ROYAL COURT--Esther Geldenhuys-- Osborn, Gary & Linda
FL QUEEN--Hannah Gordon-- Morlok, Ron & Jane
FL BLOOM--Pasadena Star-- Godfrey, Clif & Margie
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Mile Cecile Brunner-- Godfrey, Clif & Margie
DOWAGER QUEEN--Marches Boccella-- Godfrey, Clif & Margie
CLIMBER--That’s Jazz--Osborn, Gary & Linda
MODERN SHRUB--Sally Holmes--Morlok, Ron & Jane
MINI QUEEN--Baldo Villegas--Osborn, Gary & Linda (MINFL ?)
MINI KING--Sop. International-- Osborn, Gary & Linda
MINI PRINCESS--Best of ’04-- Godfrey, Clif & Margie
MINI COURT--Eternity--Godfrey Osborn, Gary & Linda (MINFL ?)
MINI COURT--Foolish Pleasure-- Osborn, Gary & Linda (MINFL ?)
MINI COURT--Mr Lenard-- Osborn, Gary & Linda (MINFL ?)
MINI COURT--Nemesis-- Osborn, Gary & Linda (MINFL ?)
MINI COURT--Olympic Gold--Osborn, Gary & Linda (MINFL ?)
MINI COURT--Old Glory-- Pagliai, Ed & Dee
MINI SPRAY---Chelsea Belle- Godfrey, Clif & Margie

MENTOR, OH 6-19-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW-- European Touch--Schneider, Susan & Peter
KING OF SHOW--Gemini-- Schneider, Susan & Peter
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Marilyn Monroe-- St. James, Chuck
ROYAL COURT--Parole--St. James, Chuck
HT SPRAY--Captain Thomas-- Schneider, Susan & Peter
HT FLOATING ROSE--Artic Circle-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
GR SPRAY--Quaker Star-- Schneider, Susan & Peter
(3) SAME HT OR GR--Moonstone-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
(3) Different HT OR GR--Preneta, Stanley
(5) DIFFERENT HT OR GR-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MIXED HT, GR, & FL--St. James, Chuck
FL QUEEN--Anabell--Schroeck, Cal
(3) FL SPRAYS--Sexy Rexy-- St. James, Chuck
SINGLE FL BLOOM--Stadt den Helder--St. James, Chuck (Double ?)
SINGLE OR SEMI DBL--Altissimo--Schneider, S. P. (Climber ?)
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Clotilde Soupert--Richard, A. & Vance, K.
GENESIS AWARD--R. Arkansana Peppermint-- Schneider, S & P.
DOWAGER QUEEN--Baron Prevost-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
VICTORIAN AWARD--Pink Surprise-- Schneider, Susan & Peter
CLIMBER--Lori-- Schroeck, Cal
CLASSIC SHRUB--Dortmund--Evans, Neil
MODERN SHRUB--Be-Bop--Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINI QUEEN--Joy-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINI KING--Moonlight and Roses-- St. James, Chuck
MINI PRINCESS--Nancy Jean-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINI COURT--Erin Alonzo-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINI SINGLE--Simple Splendor-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINI CYCLE OF BLOOM--Shameless-- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINI SPRAY--Incognito--Schroeck, Cal
MINI ENGLISH BOX--Irresistible-- St. James, Chuck
MINI ROSE BOWL--Memphis King-- St. James, Chuck (MinFl?)
(3) MINI’s DIFFERENT--St. James, Chuck
(5) MINI’s DIFFERENT-- St. James, Chuck
MINIFL QUEEN--First Choice--St. James, Chuck
MINIFL KING--Leading Lady--St. James, Chuck
MINIFL PRINCESS--Roxie--Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINFL FULLY OPEN--Luscious Lucy--Richard, A. & Vance, K.
MINIFL COURT--Edisto- Richard, A. & Vance, K.
(5) MINIFL’s SAME--Shameless--Richard, A. & Vance, K.
SEEDLING-- Schroeck, Cal
MAGIC OF ROSES--Dublin--Richard, A. & Vance, K.
JERABEK ROSE--Susan’s Sister--Schroeck, Cal
FULL BLOWN--Artistry--Preneta, Stanley
FRAGRANT ROSE--Sharifa Asma--Thacker, Corky
BEST OF SHOW--European Touch--Schneider, Susan & Peter
JUDGES AWARD--Dr John Dickman--Hering, Jim & Anne

SANDWICH, MA 6-26-2010
QUEEN OF SHOW--Elizabeth Park Centennial--Zack Lou & Mary
MINI QUEEN--Liberty Bell--Zack, Lou & Mary
MINIFL QUEEN--Chattooga--Zack, Lou & Mary

QUEEN OF SHOW--Double Delight-- Eckersberg, Bruce & Carrie
KING OF SHOW--Folklore-- Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
PRINCESS OF SHOW--Marilyn Monroe-- Knox, Mary
HT/GR SPRAY--Falling in Love--Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
HT/GR OPEN BLOOM--Marilyn Monroe-- Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
HT ENGLISH BOX--Veteran’s Honor-Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
HT FLOATING ROSE-- Veteran’s Honor-Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
LG OPEN FLOATING ROSE--Light my Fire--Carlson, Brenda
LG ROSE BOUQUET--Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
FL QUEEN--Lavaglut-- Rhoades, Scott
FL KING--Hot Cocoa--Latta, Joyce
FL BLOOM--Ann Harkness--Knox, Mary
FL ARTIST PALLET-- Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
HT FLOATING ROSE-- Veteran’s Honor--Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
POLYANTHA SPRAY--Orange Triumph--Latta, Joyce
VICTORIAN AWARD-- Rose de Rescht-- Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
CLIMBER--Penny Lane--Knox, Mary
CLASSIC SHRUB--F. J. Grootendorst--Eckersberg, Bruce & Carrie
MODERN SHRUB--Quietness--Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
MINI QUEEN--Chelsea Belle-- Rhoades, Scott
MINI SPRAY---Green Ice-- Eckersberg, Bruce & Carrie
SM. EX FLOATING ROSE--Power Point--Rhoades, Scott
SM. OPEN FLOATING ROSE-- Power Point--Rhoades, Scott
NOVICE--Dream Comes True--Carlson, Brenda
FRAGRANT ROSE--Heirloom--Gannon, Mark
BEST IN SHOW--Falling in Love--Ewaldz, Jean & Mary
JUDGES AWARD--Radox Bouquet--Andy Plasz

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