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ARS 2010 August /September Rose Show Winners

Posted by rgschwerdt z5aillinois (My Page) on
Thu, Sep 30, 10 at 22:18

By Ronald Schwerdt
On June 29, 2010, ARS President announced that ARS Rose Exhibitors
Forum publication, will be renamed "Exhibitors Quarterly", but no longer
contain local ARS Rose show results. As an educational tool, decided
to post local rose shows winners, along with arrangement winners
when available. Data is derived from ARS sources, not necessarily ARS
publications. To have society show winners listed, e-mail show results to

UPPERCO, 6-5-2010

Queen of Show---Dina Gee--Smith, John & Cherrylynn
King of Show---Signature--Yelinek, Joe & Sue
Princess of Show---Elina-- Yelinek, Joe & Sue
Royal Court---Moonstone--Wade, Don & Laura
Royal Court---Veteran�s Honor-- Smith, John & Cherrylynn
HT Spray--Gemini-- Wade, Don & Laura
HT English Box-- Smith, John & Cherrylynn
HT Matched Pair--European Touch-- Yelinek, Joe & Sue
3 HT One Variety--Moonstone-- Wade, Don & Laura
3 HT Diff. Varieties-- Yelinek, Joe & Sue
Gr Spray---Gold Medal--
Fl Bloom--Kanegem-- Wade, Don & Laura
Fl Queen---Julia Child-- Wade, Don & Laura
Ships Wheel, 6 Fl -- Wade, Don & Laura
Polyantha Spray---Margo Koster--Wilkinson, Anna
Genesis Award---Rosa gallica versicolor--Wilkinson, Anna
Dowager Queen---Marchesa Boccella--Walsh, David M.
6 OGR�s-- Walsh, David M.
Climber---Summer Wine-- Walsh, David M.
Best Single--Summer Wine-- Walsh, David M.
Classic Shrub---Cornelia-- Wilkinson, Anna
Hi-Lo--Veteran�s Honor, Memphis King-- Smith, John & Cherrylynn
Mini Queen---Hot Tamale-- Wade, Don & Laura
Mini King---Bee�s Knees-- Yelinek, Joe & Sue
Mini Princess---Giggles-- Yelinek, Joe & Sue
Mini Painters Palette-- Wade, Don & Laura
Mini Matched Pair--Minnie Pair-- Wade, Don & Laura
Mini American Box-- Yelinek, Joe & Sue
MinFl Queen---Dr John Dickman-- Wade, Don & Laura
MinFl King---Butter Cream-- Yelinek, Joe & Sue
MinFl Princess---Tiffany Lynn-- Wade, Don & Laura
Mini/Miniflora Rose bowl--Memphis Magic-- Wade, Don & Laura
Micro Mini--Cinderella--Walsh, David M. (not a Micro Mini?)
Mrs Adelaide Lee Seedling-- Mrs Adelaide Lee Seedling---Walsh, David M.
Seedling--06-532-- Smith, John & Cherrylynn
(Entry tag should note parents of seedling, and type of rose)
3 Sprays, HT, Fl, Min--Queen Elizabeth, X, X--Wade Don & Laura (QE is a Gr)
Novice Fl or Poly--Margo Koster-- Wilkinson, Anna
Novice Mini--My Hometown--Wilkinson, Anna
Novice Miniflora--Memphis Cajun-- Wilkinson, Anna
Judges HT--Gemini--Klassy, Diana
Judges Mini/MinFl--Power Point-- Klassy, Diana
Judges OGR Bloom/Spray--Klassy, Diana
MARION, OH 7-10-2010

Queen of Show---Uncle Joe--Ackers, David
Fl Queen---Lavaglut--Hilfer, Lori
Mini Queen---Vance, Kristin
MinFl Queen---Abby�s Angel--Ackers, David
PORTLAND, OR 8-14-2010

Mini Queen---Ruby Baby--Sitton, John
Mini King---Jean Kenneally--Sitton, John
Mini Princess---Sweet Melody--Sitton, John
Mini Spray---Marriotta--Wolford
MinFl Queen---Dr John Dickman--Sitton, John
MILWAUKEE, WI 8-21-2010
Mini-Keepsake Award--�Olin Terrace�--Margaret J. Anderson
LOUISVILLE, KY 8-21-2010

Queen of Show---let Freedom Ring--Wuorenmaa, Sharon
King of Show---Brandy--Rein, Sheldon
Princess of Show---Moonstone--Jansing, Linda
Fl Queen---Lavaglut-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon
Mini Queen---Louisville Lady-- Jansing, Linda (M/F)
Mini King---Erin Alonso-- Jansing, Linda
Mini Princess---Shameless--Williams, Paula (M/F)
Mini Spray---Joy--Carman, Howard
LAKE FOREST, IL 9-5-2010

Queen of Show--Affirm--Schroeder, John & Judy
King of Show---Veteran�s Honor-- Ballin, Don & Paula
Princess of Show---Signature-- Ballin, Don & Paula
Fl Bloom--Kanegem--Plaza, Andy
Fl Queen---Hannah Gordon-- Schroeder, John & Judy
Dowager Queen---Comte de Chambord-- Plaza, Andy
Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht--Fleming, Lynda
Classic Shrub---Champlain--Plaza, Andy
Modern Shrub---Golden Unicorn-- Schroeder, John & Judy
Mini Queen---Joy-- Schroeder, John & Judy
Mini King---Ty-- Plaza, Andy
Mini Princess---Sam Trivitt-- Plaza, Andy
Mini Spray---Joy--Plaza, Andy
MinFl Queen---Whirlaway-- Plaza, Andy
MinFl King---Show Stopper--Fleming, Lynda
MinFl Spray--Ambiance--Starsiak, Marie

Queen of Show---Moonstone--Ackers, David & Lois
King of Show---Uncle Joe-- Ackers, David & Lois
Princess of Show---Stainless Steel-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court---Touch of Class-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court---Randy Scott-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court---Mohana--Grass, Lynda & Steven
Royal Court---Louise Estes-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court--Veteran�s Honor--Snedegar, Archie & Linda
Fl Bloom--Pasadena Star--Fleek, John & Diana
Fl Queen---Lady of the Dawn-- Ackers, David & Lois
Polyantha Spray---Lullaby--Rankin, Gary & Monica
Dowager Queen---Souv de la Malmaison-- Rankin, Gary & Monica
Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht--Rankin, Gary & Monica
Climber---Altissimo-- Rankin, Gary & Monica
Shrub---Heritage--Johnson, Cheryl
Mini Queen---Nancy Jean-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
Mini King---Eternal Flame-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
Mini Princess---Bee�s Knees-- Fleek, John & Diana
Mini Court---Peter Alonso--Anthony, R. & Vance K.
Mini Court---Renegade-- Anthony, R. & Vance K.
Mini Spray---Joy-- Anthony, R. & Vance K.
MinFl Queen---Peter Cottontail-- Grass, Lynda & Steven
MinFl King---Whirlaway--Rankin, Gary & Monica
MinFl Princess---Butter Cream-- Anthony, R. & Vance K.
MinFl Court--Daddy Frank-- Rankin, Gary & Monica
MinFl Court--Dr Troy Garret-- Grass, Lynda & Steven


Queen of Show---Queen Elizabeth--(Gr)--Wright, Kathy
King of Show---Affirm--Dee, Linda & Jerry
Princess of Show---Helen Naude--Keil, Dan
Royal Court---Tempie Lee- Keil, Dan
Royal Court---Louise Estes-- Keil, Dan
Royal Court---Dublin-- Keil, Dan
Royal Court---Garden Party--Hellmaer, Bob & Mary
Royal Court--Lemon Spice-- Keil, Dan
Royal Court--Gemini--Bagi, Al
Fl Bloom--Moondance--Jeffress, Bob & Louise
Fl Queen---Moondance, Trost, Rita
Fl King---Chihuly-- Hellmaer, Bob & Mary
Polyantha Spray---The Fairy-- Trost, Rita
Dowager Queen---Rosa rugosa--Keil, Dan, (Sp)
Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht-- Keil, Dan
Climber---Candy Land-- Trost, Rita
Modern Shrub---Outta the Blue--Jeffress, Bob & Louise
Mini Queen---Breath of Spring--Yesan, Ed
Mini King---Tiffany Lynn-- Keil, Dan, (M/F)
Mini Princess---Jean Kenneally--Keil, Dan
Mini Court---Sweet Carolina--Yesan, Ed
Mini Court---Jilly Jewel-- Trost, Rita
Mini Court---Saluda-- Keil, Dan
Mini Court---Autumn Splendor-- Jeffress, Bob & Louise, (M/F)
Mini Court---Abby�s Angel-- Keil, Dan, (M/F)
Mini Spray---Gourmet Popcorn-- Dee, Linda & Jerry
HARWICH, MA 9-11-2010

Queen of Show--Cajun Sunrise---Mattia, John
King of Show---Moonstone-- Mattia, John
Princess of Show---Gemini-- Mattia, John
Royal Court---Signature-- Mattia, John
Royal Court---Falling in Love-- Mattia, John
Royal Court---Pop Warner-- Mattia, John
Royal Court---Dublin-- Mattia, John
Fl Bloom--Traumerei--Coleman, Louise
Fl Queen---First Kiss-- Coleman, Louise
Large Rose In a Bowl--The Charlton--Ehrenreich, I. & C.
Large American Box--Moonstone-- Coleman, Louise
Polyantha Spray---The Fairy--Rogers, Steven & Carol Ann
Dowager--Green Rose--Osborn, Oz & Audrey
Climber--New Dawn-- Rogers, Steven & Carol Ann
Modern Shrub---Lyda Rose-- Candler, David
Mini Queen---Fairhope-- Rogers, Steven & Carol Ann
Mini King---Kristin--Dorschel, Craig
Mini Princess---Santa Clause-- Osborn, Oz & Audrey
Mini Court---Chattooga--Dorschel, Craig
Mini Court---Norwich Sweetheart--Candler, David
Mini Spray---Green Ice-- Candler, David
Mini Open Bloom--Incognito-- Rogers, Steven & Carol Ann
Mini Rose in a Bowl--Little Jackie--Coleman, Louise
Mini American Box--Kristin--Osborn, Oz & Audrey
MinFl Queen---Louisville Lady--Ciak, David & Dorothy
MinFl King---Conundrum-- Ciak, David & Dorothy
MinFl Princess---First Choice-- Ciak, David & Dorothy
MinFl Court--Shameless-- Ciak, David & Dorothy
MinFl Court--Equinox-- Ciak, David & Dorothy
MinFl Court--Powerhouse-- Ciak, David & Dorothy
MinFl Court--Dr John Dickman-- Ciak, David & Dorothy
MinFl Spray--Sleeping Beauty--Candler, David
J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy--John Mattia
Ralph S. Moore District Trophy--Craig Dorschel
AARS District Trophy-- John Mattia
Yankee Rosarian District Trophy-- Craig Dorschel
Yankee Miniflora Trophy-- Williams David & Dorothy Ciak
Judges Award--Hot Tamale-- Davis, Gregory
COLUMBIANA, OH 9-11-2010

Queen of Show---Moonstone--Sitler, Annabelle
King of Show---Pope John Paul II--Casey, Vicki
Princess of Show---St Patrick-- Casey, Vicki
Fl Bloom--Inpatient-- Sitler, Annabelle
Fl Queen---Sixteen Candles-- Casey, Vicki
Dowager Queen---Salet--Bowman, Debra
Mini Queen---Bee�s Knees Raupach, M. & M.
Mini King---Show Stopper--Deitsch, Bill & Marilyn
Mini Princess---Jennifer--Sitler, Annabelle
Mini Spray--Jilly Jewel-- Sitler, Annabelle

GRAND RAPIDS, MI 9-11-2010

Queen of Show---St Patrick--Wier, Jon & Lois
King of Show---Raphaela-- Wier, Jon & Lois
Princess of Show---Gemini--Wiley, Art & Joan
Royal Court---Let Freedom Ring--Blok, Bill & Irma
Royal Court---Dublin-- Blok, Bill & Irma
Royal Court---Louise Estes-- Blok, Bill & Irma
Royal Court---Cajun Sunrise-- Blok, Bill & Irma
Fl Bloom--Hannah Gordon-- Blok, Bill & Irma
Fl Queen---Lavaglut--Stoffer, Joan
Climber---Clair Martin-- Wier, Jon & Lois
Mini Queen---Bee�s Knees- Stoffer, Joan
Mini King---Incognito--Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
Mini Princess---Irresistible-- Wier, Jon & Lois
Mini Court---Magic Show-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
Mini Court---Love Torch-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
Mini Court---Miss Charleston-- Stoffer, Joan
Mini Court---Hot Tamale-- Wiley, Art & Joan
Mini Spray---Joy-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MinFl Queen---Conundrum-- Stoffer, Joan
MinFl King---Butter Cream-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MinFl Princess---Lady E�owyn-- Blok, Bill & Irma
MinFl Court--First Choice-- Blok, Bill & Irma
MinFl Court--Dr John Dickman-- Blok, Bill & Irma
MinFl Court--Show Stopper-- Blok, Bill & Irma
MinFl Court--Powerhouse-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MinFl Spray--Whirlaway-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay


Queen of Show---Uncle Joe--House, Bob & Doris
King of Show---Jema-- House, Bob & Doris
Princess of Show---Dublin-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Moonstone-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Pop Warner-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Affirm-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Cajun Moon-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Mavrik-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court--St Patrick-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Suffolk-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Gemini-- House, Bob & Doris
Fl Queen---Cinco de Mayo--Kimbell, Carol
Climber---Compassion--Selph, Steve
Shrub---Evelyn--Parish, Bev
Mini Queen---Nancy Jean--Horton, Stan & Linda
Mini King---Glowing Amber-- Horton, Stan & Linda
Mini Princess---Soroptimist International-- Horton, Stan & Linda
Mini Court---Breath of Spring-- Horton, Stan & Linda
Mini Court---Bee�s Knees-- Parish, Bev
Mini Court---Lady Bren-- Horton, Stan & Linda
Mini Court---Double Treat-- Horton, Stan & Linda
Mini Court---Ty-- Parish, Bev
Mini Spray--J. C. Hooper-- Parish Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl King---Conundrum-- Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl Princess---First Choice-- Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl Court--Luscious Lucy-- Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl Court--Power Point-- Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl Court--Equinox-- Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl Court--Double Take-- Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl Court--Tiffany Lynn-- Parish, Bev
MinFl Spray--Bonnie Sky-- Parish, Bev
SANTA FE, NM 9-11-2010

Queen of Show---Gemini-- Ortega, Jack & Juanita
King of Show---Redemption-- Ortega, Jack & Juanita
Princess of Show---Marilyn Monroe-- Ortega, Jack & Juanita
Fl Bloom--Sentimental--Williams, Sandra
Fl Queen---Heaven on Earth--Kolak, Ernest & Noel
Dowager Queen---Monsieur Boncenne-- Kolak, Ernest & Noel
Victorian Award---Ulrich Brunner Fils-- Kolak, Ernest & Noel
Climber---Polka-- Kolak, Ernest & Noel
Shrub---Jude the Obscure-- Kolak, Ernest & Noel
Mini Queen---Nancy Jean-- Ortega, Jack & Juanita
Mini King---Erin Alonso-- Ortega, Jack & Juanita
Mini Princess---Starina--Ifversen, Jody & Jennifer
MinFl Queen---Whirlaway-- Ortega, Jack & Juanita
MinFl King---Rachel-- Ortega, Jack & Juanita

Queen of Show---Big Red--Arthofer, Bob & Judy
King of Show---Desperado--Richardson, James & Brenda
Princess of Show---Classic Touch--Fritts, Amos & Marie
Fl Queen---Playboy--Simpson, Henry & Stephany
Polyantha Spray---Excellenz von Schubert--Davis, George & Carolyn
Dowager Queen---Green Rose--Simpson & Stephany
Climber---Night Owl-- Adkins, Gene & Sandie
Shrub---Fisherman�s Friend--Adkins, Gene & Sandie
Mini Queen---Joy-- Simpson, Henry & Stephany
Mini King---Pierrine-- Fritts, Amos & Marie
Mini Princess---Miss Charleston-- Richardson, James & Brenda
MinFl Queen---Renegade-- Arthofer, Bob & Judy
MinFl King---First Choice-- Richardson, James & Brenda
MinFl Princess---Nashville Music-- Richardson, James & Brenda
FREMONT, CA 9-11-2010
Queen of Show--Moonstone--Estee, Sally
King of Show---Brigadoon--Adams, Jolene
Princess of Show---Black Magic--Albert, Gene
Fl Queen--- Topsy Turvy--Gordon, Jule
Dowager Queen---Joasine Hanet--Dost, Karl
Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht--Cook, Gregg
Climber---Compassion--Sanders, Carolyn
Shrub---Bishop Darlington--Dost, Karl
Mini Queen---Edisto--Dost, Karl (M/F)
Mini King---Merrimac--Goyal, Reena (Decorative rose)
Mini Princess---Green Ice-- Estee, Sally (Not "Exhibition form")
Mini Spray---Little Jackie--Goyal, Reena
COLUMBUS, OH 9-11-2010

Queen of Show---Moonstone--Ackers, David & Lois
King of Show---Mavrik--Hartranft, Tim
Princess of Show---Natasha Monet-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court---Signature--Miller, Mark
Royal Court---Uncle Joe-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court---Louise Estes-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court---Let Freedom Ring-- Ackers, David & Lois
HT or Gr Open---Pop Warner-- Ackers, David & Lois
HT or Gr Spray--Dainty Bess--Schock, Larry
HT or Gr English Box--Moonstone-- Ackers, David & Lois
HT or Gr Cycle of bloom--Gemini-- Smith, Elton
Single/Semi Double--Dainty Bess-- Schock, Larry
Classic HT--Peace--Smith, Elton
Lg Rose in a Bowl--Gemini-- Schock, Larry
Fl Bloom--Livin� Easy--Marian Wyman
Fl Queen---Cinco de Mayo--Schock, Larry
Polyantha Spray---Lullaby-- Rankin, Gary & Monica
Dowager Queen---Souv de la Malmaison--Rankin, Gary & Monica
Climber---Fourth of July--Cheryl Menard
Classic Shrub---Topaz Jewel--Hilfer, Lori
Modern Shrub---Sunny Knock Out--Smith Elton
Knockout Rose--Double Knockout-- Marian Wyman
Mini Queen---Fairhope--Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini King---Anne Hering-- Hering, Jim & Anne
Mini Princess---Saluda-- Miller, Mark
Mini Court---Bee�s Knees--Anthony, R & Vance, Kristine
Mini Court---Joy-- Anthony, R & Vance, Kristine
Mini Court---Emma Grace-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Court---Soroptimist International--Miller, Mark
Mini Single---Single�s Better-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Rose Bowl--Fairhope-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Open Bloom--- King�s Mountain-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Spray---Snow Bride-- Hering, Jim & Anne
Mini English Box--Kirstin-- Elton Smith
Mini Trio, Same Variety--Kristin--Wyman, Marian
Mini Cycle of Bloom--Miss Flippins-- Marian Wyman
MinFl Queen---Whirlaway-- Schock, Larry
MinFl King---Leading Lady--Jackson, David
MinFl Princess---Butter Cream-- Anthony, R & Vance, Kristine
MinFl Court--Dr John Dickman-- Ackers, David & Lois
MinFl Court--Regina Lee-- Hering, Jim & Anne
MinFl Court--Foolish Pleasure-- Marian Wyman
MinFl Court--Show Stopper-- Hering, Jim & Anne
MinFl Single--Sunglow--Lady, Randy & Terry
MinFl Open Bloom--Autumn Splendor--Wyman-Lieske, Debbie
MinFl Rose Bowl--Baldo Villegas--Anthony, R & Vance, Kristine
MinFl English Box--Memphis Magic-- Miller, Mark
MinFl Trio-, Same Variety--Dr John Dickman-- Martinec, Pat
MinFl Cycle of Bloom--Rocky Top-- Elton Smith
Fragrance--Parole--Hartranft, Tim
Novice HT/Gr--Veteran�s Honor--Harkness, Pam
MinFl Spray--Gem o� Rockies-- Miller, Mark
Picture Frame--St Patrick-- Elton Smith
Boutonniere--Dr John Dickman--Martinec, Pat
J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy--David & Lois Ackers
Ralph S. Moore District Trophy--Jim & Anne Hering
The Paul Pencil AARS Trophy--Barbara & Jim Zimmerman
Past Presidents Trophy- David & Lois Ackers
Wilbur H. Hruby CR Trophy-- David & Lois Ackers
Betty Pavey Buckeye Bowl-- David & Lois Ackers
Mull-Pott Pot-- David & Lois Ackers
Robert W. Lawton Memorial Trophy-- David & Lois Ackers
Wenzel Trophy-- David & Lois Ackers
Herbert W. Bope Trophy-- David & Lois Ackers
ARS Dr. Griffin Buck District Trophy--Tom Herr
J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora Challenge--Jim & Hering
Judges Award Large--Uncle Joe--Tarrant, Donna
Judges Award Small--Lady E�owyn-- Tarrant, Donna
LINCOLN, NE 9-12-2010

Queen of Show---Touch of Class--Morlock, Ron
King of Show---Bride�s Dream-- Morlock, Ron
Princess of Show---Moonstone--Shaw, Ron
Royal Court---Dublin-- Shaw, Ron
Royal Court---Hot Princess-- Shaw, Ron
Royal Court---Gemini--Swanson, Don
Royal Court---Jema-- Swanson, Don
Royal Court---St Patrick-- Swanson, Don
Royal Court---Firefighter-- Swanson, Don
Royal Court---Dainty Bess-- Morlock, Ron, (Is a single, 4-8 petals)
Fl Queen---Hannah Gordon--Pedersen, Jean
Dowager Queen---Marchesa Boccella--Moore, Brendan
Victorian Award---Paul Neyron-Petrie, Caroline
Climber---America--Eckley, Mike & Anita
Shrub---Darlow�s Enigma--Moore, Brendan
Mini Queen---Louis Desamero-- Swanson, Don
Mini King---Dr Troy Garret-- Rogers, Judy, (M/F)
Mini Princess---Giggles-- Swanson, Don
Mini Court---Jean Kenneally-- Swanson, Don
Mini Court---Millie Walters- Swanson, Don
Mini Court---Little Jackie-- Swanson, Don
Mini Court---Miss Flippins-- Pedersen, Jean
Mini Court---Soroptimist International-- Swanson, Don
Mini Court---Hot Tamale-- Swanson, Don
Mini Court---Dreamer-- Swanson, Don
Mini Spray---Absolutely-- Pedersen, Jean
EVANSVILLE, IL 9-12-2010
Queen of Show---Key Largo--Phelps, Carolyn
King of Show---Ringo Hugo--
Princess of Show---Veteran�s Honor--Hickey, Tom
Royal Court---Dublin-- Hickey, Tom
Royal Court---Looking Good-- Phelps, Carolyn
Royal Court---Uncle Joe-- Phelps, Carolyn
Victorian Award---Mable Morrison---Kroeger, Ted
Mini Queen---Soroptimist International-- Phelps, Carolyn
Mini King---Irresistible-- Phelps, Carolyn
Mini Princess---Joy-- Phelps, Carolyn
Mini Spray---Pierrine--Lechner, Barbara
DENVER, CO 9-12-2010

Queen of Show---Chicago Peace--Ingram, Dave
King of Show---Touch of Class--Whitten, Scott
Princess of Show---Sheer Bliss--McCray, Scott & Judy
Royal Court---French Perfume--Jetchick, Gayle
Fl Bloom--Easy Does It-- Whitten, Scott
Fl Queen---Moondance--Kemp, Barbara
Polyantha Spray---The Fairy--Tuneberg, Mary
Dowager Queen---Stanwell Perpetual-- Jetchick, Gayle
Shrub---Heritage-- Tuneberg, Mary
Mini Queen---Chelsea--Roberts, Betty
Mini Spray---Gizmo-- Jetchick, Gayle
PARK FOREST, IL 9-18-2010

J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy--Pais, John
Il-In District Director�s Award--Linda Campbell--Guerino, Paul & Gerri
Dr Homer Lynn Memorial Award--Nolan, Mark & Cathy
Il-In District Mini Perpetual Trophy--Pierrine--Keil, Dan
Large English Box-- Nolan, Mark & Cathy
Large Rose Bowl--Denali-- Pais, John
Queen of Show---Suffolk-- Pais, John
King of Show---Pink promise-- Pais, John
Princess of Show---Brides Dream-- Pais, John
HT/Gr Open Bloom--About Face--Latta, Joyce
Fl Bloom--Kanegem Nolan, Mark & Cathy
Fl Queen---St John-- Nolan, Mark & Cathy
Polyantha Spray---Lovely Fairy-- Guerino, Paul & Gerri
Genesis Award---R. rugosa--Guerino, Paul & Gerri
Dowager Queen---Comte de Chambord-- Plasz, Andrew
Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht--Plasz, Andrew
Classic Shrub---Champlain-- Plasz, Andrew
Modern Shrub---Olive-- Guerino, Paul & Gerri
Mini Queen---Fairhope-- Plasz, Andrew
Mini King---Sam Trivitt-- Plasz, Andrew
Mini Princess---Miss Flippins-- Keil, Dan
Small Rose Bowl--Shameless--Plasz, Andrew
Small Open Bloom--Fairhope--Guerino, Paul & Gerri
Small Spray--Ty-- Plasz, Andrew
Small Stages of Bloom--Nancy Jean-- Nolan, Mark & Cathy
Mini Spray---Neon Cowboy--Chlopecki, Tina
MinFl Queen---First Choice-- Nolan, Mark & Cathy
MinFl King---Tiffany Lynn--Keil, Dan
MinFl Princess---Abby�s Angel--Plasz, Andrew
Mini/ MInFL Stages of Bloom-- Nolan, Mark & Cathy
(STRS Members) Large HT--Diedre Hall--Carbonelli
(STRS Members) Small Rose--Mini Pearl--Hamilton, Nicole
Best of Show--Suffolk--Pais, John
Judges Class--Joy--Schroeder, John & Judy
Rose Arrangement Awards: (The Four Seasons)
"Younger Than Springtime"--Ruth Tiedeman Memorial Trophy-- Bill Carlson
"Boys of Summer"--Bill Carlson--Duke, Gold Certificate
"The Color of Fall"--Renee LaFollette--Oriental Award, Silver Certificate
"Sweet Summer"--Vallena Bell----Artist�s Award
"Our Last Summer"--Bill Carlson--Mini Oriental Award
"November Rain"--Andrew Plasz--Mini Bronze Certificate
"September Morning"--Andrew Plasz--Mini Gold, Mini Artist�s Award
"Spring"--Bill Carlson--Mini Silver Certificate
LANCASTER, PA 9-18 2010

Queen of Show---Dublin--Smith, John & Cherylynn
King of Show---Veteran�s Honor-- Smith, John & Cherylynn
Princess of Show---Crystalline-- Smith, John & Cherylynn
Royal Court---Gemini--Borrmann, Ken
Royal Court---Moonstone-- Borrmann, Ken
Royal Court---Snuffy-- Smith, John & Cherylynn
Royal Court---Let Freedom Ring-- Borrmann, Ken
Royal Court---Louise Estes-- Smith, John & Cherylynn
Royal Court---Madame Violet--Yelinek, Joseph
Royal Court---Dawning Moment--Wrightstone, Mike & Kathy
Fl Bloom--Playboy--Yelinek, Joseph
Fl Queen---Stadt den Schubert--Glaes, Kevin
Polyantha Spray---Excellenz von Schubert--Mayhew, Tom
Genesis Award---Rosa rugosa-- Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy
Dowager Queen---Souv de la Malmaison-- Mayhew, Tom
Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht-- Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy
Climber---Fourth of July-- Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy
Classic Shrub---Linda Campbell--Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy
Modern Shrub---Watercolors- Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy
Mini Queen---Hilde-- Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy
Mini King---Bee�s Knees-- Yelinek, Joseph
Mini Princess---Soroptimist International-- Smith, John & Cherylynn
Mini Court---Figurine-- Wrightstone, Mike & Kathy
Mini Spray---Joy--Monroe, Bruce & Liz
MinFl Queen---Whirlaway--Bolar, Rafiq & Suni
MinFl King---Foolish Pleasure--Hearne, Andrew
MinFl Princess---Powerhouse-- Bolar, Rafiq & Suni
MinFl Court--Tiffany Lynn-- Borrmann, Ken
MinFl Spray--Solar Flair-- Bolar, Rafiq & Suni
J. Horace McFarland Memorial District Trophy--Ken Borrmann
Ralph S. Moore District Trophy--Andrew Hearne
Griffin Buck Shrub Trophy--Bruce & Liz Monroe
J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora Trophy--Andrew Hearne
Philadelphia R S Challenge Trophy--John & Cherylynn Smith
Harrisburg R S Challenge Trophy--Rafiq & Dr Suni Bolar
Pittsburg R S Challenge Trophy--John & Cherylynn Smith
West Jersey R S Challenge Trophy--Renegade--David & Judy Yingling
South Penn Area R S Challenge Trophy-- Rafiq & Dr Suni Bolar
York Area R S Challenge Trophy--Mike & Sally Wrightstone
Reading-Berks R S Challenge Trophy--Joseph Yelinek
Frank Benardella Challenge Trophy-- Mike & Sally Wrightstone
Jack D. Lissemore Friendship Trophy-- John & Cherylynn Smith
Philadelphia R S Seedling Trophy--06532--John & Cherylynn Smith (X)
(Entry tag should note parents of seedling, and type of rose)
LOUISVILLE, KY 9-18-2010

Queen of Show---Let Freedom Ring--Wuorenmaa, Sharon
King of Show---Dublin--Jansing, Linda
Princess of Show---St Patrick--Carman, H. & Williams, P.
Royal Court---Affirm-- Carman, H. & Williams, P.
Royal Court---Falling in Love--Phelps, Carolyn
Royal Court---Moonstone-- Jansing, Linda
Fl Bloom--Sexy Rexy--Jacobs, Bob
Fl Queen---Playgirl-- Jansing, Linda
Polyantha Spray---The Fairy-- Hartke, Richard
Genesis Award---Rosa rugosa alba-- Hartke, Richard
Dowager Queen---Marchesa Boccella-- Jansing, Linda
Climber---Dream Weaver--Woodward, Mary Jean
Classic Shrub---Ballerina-- Jansing, Linda
Modern Shrub---White Meidiland-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon
Mini Queen---Joy--Carman, Howard & Williams, Paula
Mini King---Irresistible--Kuduk, Mike & Lisa
Mini Princess---Marie Jeanette-- Carman, H. & Williams, P.
Mini Court--Pierrine--Tarrant, Donna
Mini Court---Odessa-- Tarrant, Donna-
Mini Court---Sweet Revenge-- Jansing, Linda
Mini Spray---Joy-- Carman, H. & Williams, P.
MinFl Queen---Shameless-- Carman, H. & Williams, P.
MinFl King---Foolish Pleasure-- Tarrant, Donna
MinFl Princess---Whirlaway--Carman, H. & Williams, P.
MinFl Court--Cachet--Tarrant, Donna
MinFl Court--My Inspiration-- Tarrant, Donna-
MinFl Court--Tiffany Lynn-- Jansing, Linda
WICHITA, KS 9-18-2010

Queen of Show--Deidre Hall-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
King of Show---Louise Estes-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Princess of Show---Anne Morrow Lindberg--Meyer, Larry & Doris
Royal Court---King Kong-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Royal Court---Moonstone-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Royal Court---Veteran�s Honor-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Royal Court---Blake Hedrick--House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Dublin-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Gemini- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court--- St Patrick-- House, Bob & Doris
Royal Court---Marijke Koopman--Eckley, Mike & Anita
Fl Bloom--Betty Boop--Swanson, Don &Joan
Fl Queen---Lady of the Dawn--Godfrey, Don & Marge
Polyantha Spray---The Fairy--Rescot, Norm & Shirley
Dowager Queen---Salet--Moore, Brendan
Climber---Pearly Gates-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Classic Shrub---Rosa rugosa--Weihe, Liesel
Modern Shrub---Distant Drums--Hodges, Carolyn
Mini Queen---Joy-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Mini King--Bee�s Knees-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Mini Princess---Pierrine-- Ed & Dee Pagliai
Mini Court---Arcanum-- Meyer, Larry & Doris Meyer,
Mini Court---Fairhope Meyer, Larry & Doris
Mini Court---Nancy Jean-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Mini Court---Sam Trivitt-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
Mini Court---Lost in Paradise-- Godfrey, Don & Marge
Mini Court---Miss Flippins--Osborn, Gary & Linda
Mini Court---Soroptimist International--Swanson, Don &Joan
Mini Spray---Gourmet Popcorn-- Godfrey, Don & Marge
MinFl Queen---Lady E�owyn-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl King---Baldo Villegas-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl Princess---Tiffany Lynn--Horton, Stan & Linda
MinFl Court--Butter Cream-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl Court--Dr Troy Garret-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl Court--Kismet-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl Court--Memphis King-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl Court--Memphis Magic-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl Court--Whirlaway-- Meyer, Larry & Doris
MinFl Court--Daddy Frank-- Osborn, Gary & Linda
MinFl Spray--Edisto-- Eckley, Mike & Anita
J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy--Bob & Doris House
Ralph S. Moore District Trophy-- Larry & Doris Meyer
AARS District Trophy-- Larry & Doris Meyer
Rose Society of the Ozarks Trophy-- Bob & Doris House
Greater St. Louis Rose Society Trophy-- Bob & Doris House
Greater Kansas City Rose Council Trophy-- Bob & Doris House
Clay Country Rose Society Trophy--Lg-- Bob & Doris House
Clay Country Rose Society Trophy--Mini--Ed & Dee Pagliai
Linn Country Rose Society Trophy---Stan & Linda Horton Jr.
Mary Ann Brooks Trophy--Tiffany Lynn-- Stan & Linda Horton Jr.
Bob & Doris House Trophy--Stan & Linda Horton Jr.
Joe Maupin Trophy--Don & Joan Swanson
Larry &Barbara Buster Keeper-- Larry & Doris Meyer
Max Woolery Trophy-- Bob & Doris House
Hi-Lo--White Success, Whirlaway--Larry & Doris Meyer

Queen of Show---Here�s Sam--Whitt, Doug
King of Show---Here�s Gert--Wright, Fred & Barbara
Princess of Show---Dublin--Lundberg, Bob & Sandy
Royal Court---Crystalline--White, R. Harold
Royal Court--Gemini--- Wright, Fred & Barbara
Fl Bloom--Pete Musser-- Lundberg, Bob & Sandy
Fl Queen---Escapade-- White, R. Harold
Polyantha Spray---Lullabye--Patterson, William
Genesis Award---Rosa moschata-- Patterson, William
Dowager Queen---Green Rose--Davis, Beverly
Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht-- White, R. Harold
Climber--- Fourth of July-- P & C Blankenship
Classic Shrub---Jens Munk-- White, R. Harold
Modern Shrub---Flutterbye--P & C Blankenship
Mini Queen---Arcanum-- Lundberg, Bob & Sandy
Mini King---Ty-- Lundberg, Bob & Sandy
Mini Princess---Marie Jeanette-- Lundberg, Bob & Sandy
Mini Court---Nancy Jean-- P & C Blankenship
Mini Court---Soroptimist International-- P & C Blankenship
Mini Spray---Sandy Lundberg-- Lundberg, Bob & Sandy
MinFl Queen---Cachet-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
MinFl King---Shirley Raye-- Wright, Fred & Barbara
MinFl Princess---Tiffany Lynn-- Lundberg, Bob & Sandy
MinFl Court--Power Point-- P & C Blankenship
J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy--Paul & C. Blankenship
Ralph S. Moore District Trophy--Bob & Sandy Lundburg
Top Gun AARS Challenge-- Fred & Barbara Wright
Howard Walters Trophy-- Fred & Barbara Wright
Dr Griffin Buck District Trophy--Don & Mary Myers
Rachel Smith District Memorial Award--William Patterson
Morgan Pertain Challenge--Doug Whitt
Mille Walters Challenge Class-- Bob & Sandy Lundburg
Tom & Ilse Estridge Floribunda Challenge--P & C Blankenship
Marlyon Wright--Min/ MinFl Trophy-- P & Charlotte Blankenship
"Roses Unlimited" OGR Bouquet-- William Patterson
LANCASTER, OH 9-18-2010

Queen of Show---Marlon�s Day--Ackers, David & Lois
King of Show---Moonstone- Ackers, David & Lois
Princess of Show---Crystalline-- Ackers, David & Lois
Royal Court---Artic Circle--Hartranft, Tim
Royal Court---Randy Scott-- Ackers, David & Lois
Fl Bloom--Hot Cocoa--Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
Fl Queen---Johnny Becnel-- Hartranft, Tim
Polyantha Spray---The Fairy--Frick, Bud
Climber---Altissimo-- Ackers, David & Lois
Mini Queen---Nancy Jean-- Frick, Bud
Mini King---Dancing Flame--Hering, Jim & Anne
Mini Princess---Ty-- Hering, Jim & Anne
Mini Spray---Pierrine-- Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
MinFl Queen---Whirlaway-- Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
MinFl King---Dr John Dickman-- Ackers, David & Lois
MinFl Princess---Show Stopper-- Zimmerman, Barbara & Jim
TROY, MI 9-18-2010

Queen of Show---Hot Princess--Kaplenski, Gail
King of Show--Gemini--Stoffer, Jean
Princess of Show---Let Freedom Ring-- Solarz, Bill Anita
Royal Court---Touch of Class--Kressbach, Tom & Eleanor
Royal Court---Sheer Joy-- Blok, Bill & Irma
Royal Court---Paradise--Kern, Mike
Fl Bloom--Tuscan Sun-- Stoffer, Jean
Fl Queen---Sexy Rexy-- Blok, Bill & Irma
Polyantha Spray---Lullaby--Rankin, G & Valentovic, M.
Dowager Queen---Rouletti--Wier, Jon & Lois
Victorian Award---Souv de la Malmaison--Rankin, G & Valentovic, M.
Climber---Altissimo-- Rankin, Gary & Valentovic, Monica
Classic Shrub---Henry Kelsey-- Tom & Eleanor Kressbach
Modern Shrub---Prospero-- Stoffer, Jean
Mini Queen---Bee�s Knees-- Kaplenski, Gail
Mini King---Sun Sprinkles--Farris, Judy
Mini Princess---Joy-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Court--King�s Mountain-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Court---Miss Flippins-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Court--Irresistible--Johnson, Betty
Mini rose in Bowl-, Ex.--Hot Tamale--Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Rose in Bowl, Open--Bee�s Knees--Kaplenski, Gail
Mini Spray---Baby Boomer-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
MinFl Queen---Conundrum-- Stoffer, Jean
MinFl King---Lady E�owyn--Allen, Janet
MinFl Princess---Butter Cream-- Stoffer, Jean
MinFl Spray--Camden-- Schumaker, Harlan & Kay
Picture Perfect Heaven on Earth--Loch, Ron
MinFl rose in Bowl-, Ex.--Butter Cream-- Blok, Bill & Irma
Mini Rose in Bowl, Open--Regina Lee--Salony, Dave
Rose in a Bowl, Lg-- Tom & Eleanor Kressbach
Ralph S. Moore District Trophy--Harlan & Kay Schumaker
J. Benjamin Williams District Trophy-- Harlan & Kay Schumaker
Mrs. Blanca Asuncion Memorial Trophy--Bill & Irma Blok
Bill & Margaret Ryan Trophy--Bill & Irma Blok
Mary Burr Trophy--Tom & Eleanor Kressbach
Bessie Gallagher Trophy--Marilyn Whittaker
David & Forret Geary Trophy-- Marilyn Whittaker
Gerald Pleyte Trophy--Bill & Irma Blok
Rose Barrett Trophy--Harlan & Kay Schumaker
Saginaw Rosarians Trophy-- Tom & Eleanor Kressbach
Past Present�s Trophy-- Tom & Eleanor Kressbach
Best in Show--Henry Kelsey-- Tom & Eleanor Kressbach

MORTON, IL 9-19-2010

Queen of Show---Gemini--Nabb, Ingelore
King of Show---Rosie O�Donnell--Nabb, Kenneth
Princess of Show---Timeless-- Nabb, Kenneth
HT/Gr Single---Snow Cream--Keil, Dan
HT/Gr Fully Open--Marilyn Monroe--Nabb, Ingelore
HT/Gr Challenge-- Nabb, Kenneth
HT Exhibition Floating Rose--Black Magic--Peck, Dave
HT Fully Open--Pop Warner-- Nabb, Ingelore
Greater Peoria Challenge-- Nabb, Ingelore
Fl Bloom--Hannah Gordon--Richards, Terry & Judy
Fl Queen---Disneyland--Peck, Dave
Polyantha Spray---La Marne-- Richards, Terry & Judy
Dowager Queen---Rosa rugosa Rubra-- Keil, Dan
Climber---Night Owl-- Richards, Terry & Judy
Modern Shrub---Falstaff-- Richards, Terry & Judy
Mini Queen---Nancy Jean-- Keil, Dan
Mini King---Bee�s Knees-- Nabb, Ingelore
Mini Princess---Jean Kenneally-- Keil, Dan
Mini Fully Open Floating Rose--Swinger--
Mini Exhibition Floating Rose---Kristin--Nabb, Ingelore
Mini Fully Open--Swinger-- Richards, Terry & Judy
Mini Cycle of Bloom--Kenneally--Keil, Dan
Mini Fully Open--Green Ice-- Richards, Terry & Judy
Greater Peoria Mini Challenge--Keil, Dan
MinFl Queen---Conundrum-- Keil, Dan
MinFl King---Baldo Villegas-- Keil, Dan
MinFl Princess---Edisto-- Keil, Dan
Mini/Mini Spray--Green Ice-- Richards, Terry & Judy
Don Lee Memorial Challenge-- Peck, Dave
Hi-Lo Challenge--Santa Clause, Olympiad-- Nabb, Kenneth
Container Challenge--Knockout--Ruemmler, Leo
Best of Show--Snow Cream--Keil, Dan
Judge�s Challenge--Plasz, Andy

OAKLAND, CA 9-25-2010

Queen of Show---Black Magic--Albert, Eugene
King of Show---Gemini--Bolden, Thomas
Princess of Show---Gemini--Kolter, Sandee (Same as HT King of Show)
Royal Court---Moonstone-- Bolden, Thomas
Royal Court---Louise Estes-- Trimble, Gail
Royal Court---Desperado-- Jones, Steve & Susie
Royal Court---Sheer Magic-- Gordon, Barbara
Royal Court--Dick Clark-- Trimble, Gail
Royal Court--Lynn Anderson--Kolter, Sandee
Royal Court--Marilyn Monroe--Estee, Sally
Royal Court--Color Magic-- Kolter, Sandee
Fl Queen---Lavaglut--Albert, Eugene
Fl King---Pricilla Burton-- Trimble, Gail
Fl Princess---Topsy Turvy-- Gordon, Jule
Fl Court--Lavaglut-- Kolter, Sandee (Same as Fl Queen)
Fl Court--Rosemary Rose-- Sawyer, Rosemary
Fl Court--Radox Bouquet-- Sawyer, Rosemary
Polyantha Spray---Ellen Poulsen-- Gordon, Barbara
Dowager Queen---Reine des Violettes-- Gordon, Barbara
Victorian Award---Grandmother�s Hat--Joan Goff (Found Rose)
Climber---Night Owl--Muns, Hal
Classic Shrub---Vanity-- Jones, Steve & Susie
Modern Shrub---Prospero--Cook, Peter
Mini Queen---Cinnamon Girl--Kolter, Sandee
Mini King---Magic Show--Trimble, Gail
Mini Princess---Soroptimist International-- Trimble, Gail
Mini Court---Orange Honey--Gordon, Barbara
Mini Court---Hot Tamale--Mott, Betty
Mini Court---Fairhope--Jones, Steve & Susie
Mini Court---Hilde-- Bolden, Thomas
Mini Court---Irresistible--Cook, Gregg
Mini Spray--- Sweet Chariot-- Gordon, Barbara
MinFl Queen---Abby�s Angel-- Trimble, Gail
MinFl King---Autumn Splendor--Sawyer, Rosemary
MinFl Princess---Leading Lady-- Trimble, Gail
MinFl Court--Violet Mist-- Sawyer, Rosemary
MinFl Court--Little Deb-- Gordon, Barbara
MinFl Court--Equinox-- Bolden, Thomas
MinFl Court--Double Take-- Trimble, Gail
MinFl Court--Ingrid-- Jones, Steve & Susie
MinFl Court--Shawn Sease-- Trimble, Gail
MinFl Court--Powerhouse-- Trimble, Gail
MinFl Spray--Solar Flair-- Trimble, Gail
J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy--Thomas Bolden
Ralph S. Moore District Trophy--Gail Trimble
Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy--Joan Goff
Ramona Stocking Trophy--Barbara Gordon
Edwin & Darley Lisherness Trophy--Gail Trimble
Annette Dobbs Trophy--Lyda Rose--Joan Goff
Esther K. Hughes "Peace" Trophy--Sandee Kolter
Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy-- Thomas Bolden
District Director�s Miniflora Rose Trophy-- Gail Trimble
Baptiste Michellis Memorial Trophy-- Gail Trimble
ARS Windsounds Trophy-- Thomas Bolden

KIRTLAND, OH 9-25-2010

Queen of Show---Marilyn Monroe-- St. James, Chuck
King of Show---Captain Harry Stebbings--Schneider, P & S
Princess of Show---Falling in Love-- Schneider, Peter & S.
Royal Court---Ringo Hugo-- St. James, Chuck
Fl Bloom--Blueberry Hill-- St. James, Chuck
Fl Queen---Melody Maker-- Schneider, Peter & Susan
Polyantha Spray---Chateau de Vair 93-- Schneider, Peter & Susan
Dowager Queen---Caroline de Sansal-- Schneider, Peter & Susan
Victorian Award---Robert Duncan-- Schneider, Peter & Susan
Climber---Rosarium Uetersen-- Schneider, Peter & Susan
Classic Shrub---Waterloo-- Schneider, Peter & Susan
Modern Shrub---Sunrise Sunset-- Schneider, Peter & Susan
Mini Queen---Bee�s Knees--Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini King---Joy--Anthony R & Vance Kristine
Mini Princess---Emma Grace-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
Mini Court--- Peter Alonso-- Anthony R & Vance K.
Mini Spray--Halo Today-- Anthony R & Vance K.
MinFl Queen---Show Stopper-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
MinFl King---Roxie-- St. James, Chuck
MinFl Princess---Foolish Pleasure-- Solarz, Bill & Anita
MinFl Court--Dr John Dickman--Martinec, Pat

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