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Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Posted by Sara-Ann z6b OK (My Page) on
Sun, Feb 16, 14 at 10:34

This was the first year this climber had some decent blooms. It was planted between 2005 - 2007.


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RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

I have this rose in a container right now. Got it in July from Roses Unlimited. I think I am really going to like it. Ordered a grafted one to go with it.


RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

This rose has always done well for me. I like it, just wish it wasn't quite so thorny!


RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Sara Ann,
LOVE your Tropicana! I think you'll be very happy with Easy Does It...never quits blooming in my garden and very disease resistant here.
I have several in this color range. Hoping these are pictures of them that I haven’t posted yet or at least not too often.

Over the Moon (a favorite of mine)

 photo zzzotm082013b_zps7628e57b.jpg

Fragrant Cloud (exceptional bloomer here)

 photo zzzfc2014a_zps57b529da.jpg

Livin’ Easy

 photo zzzle2014_zpsfd857884.jpg

Apricot Drift (cute little landscape rose)

 photo zzzad1002_zps40220c8f.jpg

Arethusa (china)

 photo zzzarethusa1018b_zps99dc6373.jpg

Bronze Star (new for me last year, but very happy with it so far. Huge blooms and smells wonderful.)

 photo zzzbs0907b_zps4b03b1b3.jpg

Chris Evert (I love this one!)

 photo zzzce0901b_zps9eda910c.jpg

Colorific (very good rose here)

 photo zzzcolorific0908a_zpse3c4c6b6.jpg


 photo zzzchihuly0928_zps9152739f.jpg

Easy Does It

 photo zzzedi0812b_zps9cee006c.jpg

Marmalade Skies (decent bloomer even though it’s in way too much shade)

 photo zzzms0912_zps89ba5522.jpg

Just Joey

 photo zzzjj0907f_zps8a1ab751.jpg

Perle d’Or

 photo zzzpdo1027_zps5d4f6fce.jpg

Touch of Class

 photo zzztoc0916_zps699cc1a1.jpg


 photo zzzvoodoo0824b_zps28da466c.jpg

We Salute You (not crazy about this one for some reason. Not a bad rose, just can't get excited about it)

 photo zzzwsu0907a_zpsfcb23ec5.jpg

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Here's my small contribution, Cl. America. I was going to add Joseph's Coat but the image I have shows a strawberry pink bloom.


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RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.


Gorgeous, healthy looking roses!!!

I love your Voodoo. I grew a lot of the varieties you have shown in a previous garden since so many of them are actually recommended varieties for my climate. Voodoo was always on my list, but I was never able to acquire it for one reason or another.

I have Colorific on order. It is interesting to see the varied blooms on one plant.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Thanks Pat - You have some gorgeous ones in this color class. Over the Moon is lovely. Love your Chris Everett, Apricot Drift, Chihuly, Marmalade Skies, Fragrant Cloud, Easy Does It, Livin' Easy, Colorific, all very nice. Lynn - Your Climbing America is lovely.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Colorific does very well in my hot, humid climate. Very prolific bloomer and long lasting even in the heat. I love all the color changes and the frilly bloom form, but beware that overall it is a very loud rose. I have it by Fragrant Cloud (that’s it back left in the above pic of Fragrant Cloud), and it holds its own colorwise. I’ve actually considered moving it because from a distance they look very similar in color once the blooms “tan” to solid.

Here are a couple more pics to give you a better idea of it:

Full bush shot (it gets pretty big here)

 photo zzzcolorific0915d_zpsb83aae28.jpg

 photo zzzcolorific0811b_zpsf9d3eb33.jpg

 photo zzzcolorific0907a_zps570e9d06.jpg

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Such lovely roses!! Perle d'Or really stood out to me - so romantic looking.

Here is my Charles Austin.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Here is Valenica - I really love this rose.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Here is Grace.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Here is Just Joey - only a year old - but probably will never grow very big.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Those are beautiful! I've been wanting Valencia and Grace for a while now, but haven't found them locally yet. May have to break down and order them.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Carol - Those are really nice. Love your Charles Austin and Grace. Thanks for sharing.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

  • Posted by seil z6b MI (My Page) on
    Sun, Feb 16, 14 at 20:39

I love this one! I tend to be drawn to the brightness of the oranges so I have quite a few.

Sara, love the Easy Does It. I couldn't get mine to grow!

Pat, love that Chihuly!

Carol, you make me miss my Just Joey so much!

Best Friends
Best Friends photo bf2013_06030102_zps7e03c42a.jpg

Cherish photo 2013_11060002_zps0b24119f.jpg

A peachy Elle
Elle photo el2013_08190029_zps5da84482.jpg

English Sonnet
English Sonnet photo es2013_06240011_zpscd323d10.jpg

One of the colors of Eyeconic Pink Lemonade
Eyeconic Pink Lemonade photo epl2013_08020032_zps41804d73.jpg

Folklore photo fkl2013_08250009_zpsec9c4644.jpg

Fragrant Cloud
Fragrant Cloud photo fc2013_08210004_zps547b14d2.jpg

Granada photo gra2013_06130029_zps575c9f4b.jpg

Hondo photo hon2013_09280002_zps77d32b7f.jpg

Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa photo hc2013_06200007_zps902aaea0.jpg

Hot Romance
Hot Romance photo htr2013_07150016_zpsb1cddfc5.jpg

Julie Link
Julie Link photo jl2013_06090052_zps3cab1099.jpg

Madeleine photo mad2013_09220054_zpsa5db1105.jpg

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras photo mg2013_06120045_zps6b3fef4c.jpg

Millie Walters
Millie Walters photo mw2013_08220042_zps7c2857bc.jpg

Pinocchio photo pin2013_06110010_zps1984082c.jpg

Powerhouse photo ph2013_06140047_zpse7f992f6.jpg

Sedona photo sed2013_08310006_zpscd72e72e.jpg

Sisters at Heart
Sisters at Heart photo sah2013_06090018_zpseca9f3af.jpg

Tattooed Lady
Tattooed Lady photo tl2013_06290005_zps0dca96c5.jpg

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear photo tb2013_09190028_zps0628667b.jpg

Trump Card
Trump Card photo tc2013_08220054_zpsb7dc9615.jpg

Tuscan Sun
Tuscan Sun photo ts2013_06120053_zpsc6158ee4.jpg

Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset photo ws2013_09030002_zpsa0c9725c.jpg

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Seil - Those are gorgeous, so colorful. My top 10 are Best Friends, Cherish, English Sonnet, Folklore, Madeleine, Powerhouse, Sedona, Sisters at Heart, Trump Card and Winter Sunset, but I love them all!

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

WOW, Seil! those are all so pretty. Sisters at Heart, Teddy Bear, Millie Walters, Hot Romance, Hondo...I could go on and on...

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Oh WOW--knock me over with color! I'm not sure always how I feel about orange, but I love blends, and perhaps golden apricot is my favorite blend. Here's just a couple;

Lady of Shalott (Austin)--wonderful shrub
Lady of Shalott (Austin)--first bloom 5/12 photo shalottbloombud.jpg

Buff Beauty (Hybrid Musk)--sometimes a BB bloom takes on strongly apricot tones.
Buff Beauty single bloom 2012 photo BB6-12.jpg

Little Sunset (mini)--it gets more and more apricot as it ages.
Little Sunset (mini)--first bloom 5/12 photo sunsetlittle4.jpg

Valencia (HT)--I have yet to take a photo that does her full justice. Wonderful rose.
Valencia (HT)--5/12 photo valenciabloom-1.jpg

Molineux (Austin)--This is my daughter's pic of Molineux in a very apricot mood, almost all the golden yellow shades missing. Molineux's color ranges and combinations are quite varied at times!
 photo molineux5-31-11.jpg

I wish you joy of color!


RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Kate - Love your apricots! Lady of Shalot. Molineaux and Buff Beauty are nice and I love your Valencia too.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

I love roses that are these colors. I don't know why I don't have Easy Does It yet, but I think I will get it. Seil - the Hot Romance is hot, hot, hot! And, thanks to this forum, I already have Lady of Shalott on order.

Here's a few of mine:

Here's the HT "Hey Jack".

Hey Jack

Here's the grandiflora "About Face". Every year I prune it severely and by the end of the year it is higher than my roof line!

About Face

Here is the HT "Halloween".


Here's the shrub "Imagine".


Here is the floribunda, "Dr. Jo"

Dr. Jo 1

Here is a great shrub rose that I got from Cliff when he went out of business, "Belvedere".

Belvedere-rose show 2

And, here;s fhe HT "Milva"

Milva-Hybrid Tea

Here's the HT "Scented Memory".

Scented Memory

Here's the floribunda "Vavoom" - a blackspot magnet!


RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Snowheather - Really beautiful oranges and apricots. I don't think I could choose a favorite, love them all. Thanks.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

I didn't intend to write a book about this gorgeous color group, but I think that's what I ended up doing.
Sara-Ann, I know you will love Easy Does It--at least I did during my EDI's first year (2013). It blooms nonstop as everyone has said. I love the tropical orange of your beautiful Tropicana.
Pat, your Over the Moon looks like rich ice cream, while Arethusa is a neat, delicate sherbet color-yum. They are beautiful. I still hope my Easy Does It looks as wonderful, eventually, as yours does.
Lynn, your climbing America has a lovely and unique color. Very different.
Carol, mmm, Charles Austin is a hunk--of big, beautiful rose. I need to check him out on HMF. And Grace's rich, caramel colored centers are so luscious. I think I'm getting hungry.
Seil, your photos are stunning--pardon the cliche, but I can't get over the pic of Elle with those crisp, scalloped petals, and colors that seem to glow with their own light source. You've got to frame this one. As you know, your photos of Eyeconic Pink Lemonade are the reason that rose is coming to my garden this spring.
Kate, you've captured a more delicate look in Lady of Shalott. I love her sweet bud, too.
Snowheather, you have a glorious group of oranges and apricots. I've never seen such a luscious photo of Halloween. There are lots of interesting color touches going on in those petals. I am so envious that you grow Belvedere. It's one of the Tantau roses on my lifetime "want list", unavailable now in the U.S., as far as I know. Your photo is a killer, as are the pale shades of Scented Memory in its photo. Thank you for showing us these beautiful rose photos.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

It's so late that I hope I'm capable of posting some apricot photos before falling asleep on the computer keyboard.
Here's a pic of Abbaye de Cluny. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

And here's Augusta Luise in an orange mode. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

And a pic of Caramel Antike which makes me hungry. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Here is Evelyn in one of her many moods. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

And Jude the Obscure. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

And here are a bunch of Judes. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Here is brand new in the ground, Easy Does It. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

And, finally, here is Tamora. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Diane - You have some gorgeous roses in this color class. I am so excited seeing your Abbaye de Cluny, I ordered that one, hope it looks like yours. Love your Augusta Luise, such a lovely rose and of course Jude the Obscure is wonderful and Evelyn is lovely. They are all beautiful, So glad you shared.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Thanks, Sarah-Ann. I think this was an outstanding color group from everyone. I was just boggled by the extreme variety and vibrant color. I hope Abbaye does well for you. I think this one takes a little time to reach its potential. I particularly like its natural trumpet vase-like growth habit. It requires very little pruning. Diane

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

  • Posted by seil z6b MI (My Page) on
    Tue, Feb 18, 14 at 15:35

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the roses and I'm certainly enjoying all of yours!

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Diane, your duo photo of Jude the Obscure, is absolutely fantastic.

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

  • Posted by beth NorCA 9 (My Page) on
    Wed, Feb 19, 14 at 11:28

Sara-Ann, you shoulda done the oranges and apricots separately. There's waaaay too many in both color classes! Eveybody's photos are wonderful! Too many to comment on! I'll add a handful, since most are already in the alphabet posts.

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Beth - That's probably a good idea, to show them separately. You have some lovely ones, love everyone of them..

RE: Orange and Apricot Roses, Etc.

Snowheather--love your Hey Jack and Halloween--dramatic and vivid!

Nana--as usual, your Jude is marvelous.

Beth--love those vivid shades on Apricot Passion, but the more subdued shades and form of Hollywood Star are wonderful also.


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