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new: secret santa: wish lists only

Posted by flwrs4ever 10 (My Page) on
Fri, Nov 8, 13 at 10:43

****** WISH LISTS ONLY HERE PLEASE !!!!!!! **********
You will find all the RULES and DIRECTIONS to this swap at attatched link

This thread is ONLY for WISH LISTS !!! NO socializing or questions PLEASE !

This will make it Easier for everyone to go thru all the wish lists :)


PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!)

Flwrs4ever ( your screen name)
Santa Claus ( your full name)
100 Snow Lane
North Pole 00000

I, __________, have read ALL the rules and understand how the swap works. I will follow all the deadlines and promise to ENJOY this swap :D
( put your name here )

I want to be a special Elf this year not this year ( either is fine just let me know !! )

ALSO, please let me know if you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: secret santa swap

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

this is my wish list.
1. sunflowers
2. cosmos
3. coriopsis
4. zinnias
5. columbins
6. gourds
7. corn
8. merigolds
9. endive
10. collard greens
11. mustard greens
12. perennial salvia
13. easy to grow tropicals
14. your fav flower

thats all for me

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

  • Posted by ruthz 8 dfw texas (My Page) on
    Fri, Nov 8, 13 at 14:36

Achillea millefolium, Yarrow Proa
Asclepias asperula - Antelope Horn
Calypso cilantro
Cassia didymobotrya, Buttered Popcorn Cassia
Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata White
Dianthus barbatus - Sweet William 'Auricula Eyed'
Dicentra - Bleeding Heart (any but especially white)
Echinacea purpurea 'Cheyenne Spirit'
Gilia capitata blue thimble flower
Liatris spicata Kobold, Goblin
Linum lewisii - Blue Flax
Marshallia caespitosa - Barbara's Buttons
Orlaya grandiflora
Papaver Drama Queen
Papaver Naughty Nineties
Passiflora foetida Corona de Cristo
Pycnanthemum albescens - Whiteleaf mountain mint
Pycnanthemum muticum - Clustered Mountainmint
Partridge Pea - (Chamaecrista Fasciculata)
Sensitive Pea - (Chamaecrista Nictitans)
Wild Senna - (Senna Marilandica)
Thunbergia alata white with black eye
Vinca Cora hybrid series (commercial seeds only)
Vinca Cora Cascade hybrid (commercial seeds only)
Zinnia Dreamland series
Zinnia Edwardian
Zinnia Magellan series
Your Favorite long lasting flower/plant for bouquets
Your Favorite hot or sweet pepper (not bell) and how you use it
Your Favorite Papaver/poppy

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

So happy to participate again for the 6th time :)

Here is my list...
leaf lettuce of all types
romaine lettuces
bell peppers
sweet peppers
sugar daddy sugar snap peas (no regular, I have those)
any type of sweet or super sweet corn
bak choi
pak choi
coneflowers all colors
bee balm
milkweed (want to help the monarchs)
potato (small starts)

I think that should do it. Thanks again for making this the best time of year! Kim

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

-Red perennial blooms in zones 4/5
-Marbled varieties of flowers i.e. jalapa, cosmos, etc.
-Astilbe, False Spirea, Meadowsweet
-Cardinal Flower
-Castor Bean
-Centaurea Montana
-Coreopsis- perennial zone 4/5
-Daisy-survive zone 4/5.
-Dames Rocket
-Dracocephalum rupestre - Dragonhead groundcover
-Echium candicans-Pride of Madeira
-Flax-scarlet Linum rubrum
.-Helenium -any
-Indian Paintbrush
-Joe Pye Weed
-Monarda didyma-Bee Balm-perennial zone 4/5: white, blue, red
-Monarda fistulosa-Bee Balm-perennial zone 4/5
-Papaver (poppies) especially want those hardy to zone 4/5.
-Phlox paniculata-especially red
-Rock Cress
-Rudbeckia-perennial zone 4/5

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1. Salvia subrotunda alba
2. Marigold 'Villandry'
3. Bean, Cherokee Greasy, other greasy or short-cut beans
4. Cephalaria gigantea
5. Nicotiana tabacum variegata
6. Hesperis steveniana
7. Nonea lutea (aka Myosotis autralis)
8. Trifolium ochroleucum
9. Coleus, especially Olive Mosaic
10. Hollyhock, Mars Magic
11. Lantana depressa
12. Nicotiana "Hopley's"
13. Sesbania drummondii
14. Marigold, Simba, Lion's Mane, Shaggy Maggy, Yummy Mummy, any Chrysanthemum or shaggy flowered.
15. Zinnia, Pinwheel or Whirlygig, other bicolors
16. Violas, any white
17. Petunia superbissima alba
18. Centaurea pseudophrygia
19. Callistephus chinensis, annual Asters
20. Mucuna pruriens, Black Velvet Bean
21. Ptilotus macrocephalus, green Mulla Mulla
22. Sisyrinchium rosulatum, annual blue-eyed grass
23. Phygelius x rectus, Cape Fuchsia
24. Marigold, Kees Orange
25. Asclepias curassavica, gold
26. Ornamental Millet, Jester or Purple Majesty

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My want list
1. Impatience (not balsam), xtreme series, swirl monet mix, bicolor or any and all
2. **Petunias - any or all double or cascading petunia's , cascading deep purple, Silver Tidal Wave, Celebrity mix, Dolce mix, Yellow Magic, Baby Duck, Razzle Dazzle, Tie Dye, wave any, flirtini (pink lime mixed), Tsunami, Aladdin Series Mix, Primetime Series Burgundy/violet/red Star, Ultra Series,
3. Orental poppy princes victoria louise, white, pinks
4. Primula japonica, Auricula douglas, Primlet series, Primula acaulis 'Rosanna', Mixed or any (rose bud type or similar double flowered) or any
5. Alyssum: Easter Bonnet Deep Pink, Wonderland Blue, Wonderland Mix, Easter Bonnet, Pastel Mix, any peach, bronze, orange, pinks, Snow Crystals
6. Coleus any reds, oranges, any and all
7. Baby's Breath Crimson, white, pink repens, Silverstar, trailing or any
8. Wooly thyme, mother of thyme, red or white creeping thyme, Lime thyme
9. Pepper any and all, Ornamental edible peppers
10. Tomato any of your choice
11. Pole beans any and all
12. Swiss chard, leafy greens any
13. Lettuce - any and all especially red varieties
14. Eggplant,
15. Cucumber,
16. Basil Dwarf Greek globe (spicy globe), Basil Lettuce-leaf, minette**, Boxwood**, mammoth leaf type, or any,
17. Oxalis adenophylla (silver shamrock or any varigated leaf), purple shamrock
18. Lobelia carpet type blue, white, erinus (Lobelia) Blue Splash, Blue Wings, Cascade series, Fan series, Fountain
19. Grass: Ponytails** Mexican Feather Grass, red bunny tail,
20. Marigold pompom type, African marigold.
21. Carnation Stripes and Picotee, Clove Drops, any trailing, mounding type any
22. Dinnerplate hibiscus red, pink, yellow any but white
23. Sempervivum, Succulents hens and chicks
24. Campanula Blue Chips, Campanula Persicifolia White
25. any basket plant of your choice
26. Tornea
27. Bougainvillea any
28. Japanese maple lace leaf any

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My 2013 Wish List

Himalayan Blue Poppy
Greek Oregano
Any Blue Flowers
Blanket Flowers
Dianthus-Siberian Blue
Echinacia-anything but purple
Fountain Grass
Holly Hock
Sunflowers-anything but regular yellow
Pea Pods
Tomato-paste type

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Wish List
1. bee balm 

2. milkweed
3. mandevilla
4. nasturtium
5. flirty skirts pansies
6. dichondra
7. geranium
8. yellow canna
9. coreopsis
10. Silver Mist Helichrysum
11. Arizona Sun blanket flower
12. Little Sun yellow tomato
13. Coleus any
14. lemon grass
15. chives
16. 'Citronelle' coral bells - Heuchera 'Citronelle'
17. ranunculus
18. striped petunias any color
19. polka dot any color
20. bunny tails
21. hosta any
22. butterfly weed
23. gazania
24. snapdragon
25. magic blotch mix monkey
26. escargot begonia
27. Susie Wong Wishbone Flower
28. Spring Celebrities Hollyhock
29. Seafoam Daisies
30. Oxalis purple clover
:) Happy Merry La La La!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Below is my Wish List -- Thanks!

• Black Sea Man Russian Tomato
• Blueberry Tomato
• Brownberry Tomato
• Blue Beauty Tomato
• Ananas Noire or Black Pineapple Tomato
• Purple Bumble Bee Tomato
• Tomatillo: Any Variety
• Peas: Snap Variety
• Beans: Pole or Bush Variety
• Chinese Yellow Cucumber
• Telegraph Improved Cucumber
• Boothby's Blonde Cucumber
• Edmonson Cucumber
• Japanese Climbing Cucumber
• Nippon Sanjaku Kiuri Cucumber
• Poona Kheera Cucumber
• White Wonder Cucumber
• Asparagus: Precoce D'Angeneuil
• Sunberry
• Wonderberry
• Huckleberry
• Rhubarb
• Otricoli Orange Berry
• Naranjilla
• Strawberry
• June Plum
• Prickly Caterpillar
• Cacti and Succulents: Any Variety
• Carnivorous Plant Seeds: Any Variety
• Bonsai Seeds: Any Variety

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My want list. Thanks!

beans, your favorite type
Udo (Aralia cordata)
Fuki (Petasites japonicus var. giganteus)
Pepper, Japanese Shishito
Peppers, sweet non-bell or mild
Pepper, ornamental or pretty edibles
corn, sweet or super sweet
bee balm
milkweed, green or white
Asclepias asperula - Antelope Horn
Asian greens
escargot begonia
Cacti or Succulents
Nemophila, Penny Black
Dianthus 'velvet n Lace'
bleeding heart
mustard greens
green flowers
your fav flower

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My want list. Thanks.

1. Lettuce all kinds
2. Beets
3. Radishes any
4. Carrots
5. Black Valentine bush beans
6. Your favorite vegetable
7. Coral nymph salvia
8. Cleome
9. Siberian iris
10. Yellow scabiosa
11. Moss Rose
12. Yellow clematis
13. Penstemons
14. Cosmos
15. Datura
16. Gomphrena
17. Balloon flowers
18. Tall Phlox
19. Amaranthus any
20. Oriental poppy
21. Helenium any
22. Milkweed any (have common)
23. Burgundy Gaillardia
24. Petunia any
25. Rudbeckia any
26. Coneflower any
27. Money plant/honesty
28. Coreopsis
29. Perennial geranium
30. Your favorite flower

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wish list and a big thanks. Smitties/Margo

1. Unusual coneflowers
2. Unusual blankrtflowers
3. Eyeball plant
4. Any pink coreopsis
5. Yellow blackberry lily
6. Zucchini
7. Any small variety of watermelon
8. Tomatillo
9. Your favorite cherry tomato
10. Chinese lantern
11. Unusual colored daisies
12. Coral bells
13. Unusual bee balms
14. Cucumbers for pickling
15. Jalepeno peppers
16. Any mild peppers
17. Hanging strawberry seeds
18. Nasturtiams
19. White marigolds
20. Pasque flower
21. Birdsfoot trefoil
22. Baby blue eyes
23. Any black flower
24. Gilia seeds
25. Fennel
26. Sweet bell pepper
27. Split second morning glory
28. Any green colored flower
29. Your favorite unusual flower
30. Surprise me

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Agastache aurantiaca (Orange Hummingbird Mint) Just Peachy - Shades of Orange
Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) Peaches and Cream - Peach Breeze - Plum Blossom
Asclepias purpurascens (Purple Milkweed)
Echinacea (Coneflower) any but most common
Eggplant Ma Zu Purple Chinese
Helianthus (Sunflower) Apricot Twist - Evening Sun
Lettuce leafy or buttercrunch types
Muhlenbergia (Muhly Grass) any, especially Lindheimer’s Muhly Grass
Penstemon superbus (Superb Penstemon)
Penstemon eatonii (Firecracker Penstemon)
Penstemon gloxinoides (Border Penstemon)
Phlox paniculata (Tall Phlox) any just harvested
Pumpkin/ Winter Squash small to medium sweet varieties, especially Ambercup - Golden Delicious - Greek Sweet Red - Melonette Jaspee De Vende -Red Warty Thing aka Victor - Uncle David's Dakota Dessert - Upper Ground Sweet Potato
Salvia azurea (Blue Sage)
Salvia chiapensis (Chiapas Sage)
Salvia transylvanica
Stipa tenuissima (Feather Grass)
Sultera cordata (Bacopa)
Thymus (Thyme) any but T. vulgaris or T. serpyllum
Tomato, hybrid Merced - San Remo - Cabernet (the older big tomato not the newer grape by the same name) Old seeds or F2 seeds welcome!
Zinnia Lilac Emperor - Pink Senorita - Redman Super Cactus
your favorite annual or perennial for a hot, sunny garden

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

  • Posted by kchd 7b Mississippi (My Page) on
    Sat, Nov 9, 13 at 17:42

1. Alophia drummondii - Prairie iris
2. Aquilegia canadensis - wild red columbine
3. Asclepias - unusual or uncommon native milkweed species
4. Clematis sp., natives only, please
5. Delphinium carolinianum - Carolina larkspur
6. Gentiana sp., native gentians
7. Impatiens capensis - jewelweed
8. Ipomopsis rubra - standing cypress
9. Iris spp. - natives only, please
10. Monarda species
11. Penstemon spp. - native beardtongues
12. Pycnanthemum spp., - mountain mints
13. Sesbania drummondii - rattlebox
14. Silene spp. - native catchfly species, fire pink, etc.
15. Spigelia marilandica - Indian pink
16. Tephrosia virginiana - Goat's rue
17. Aristolochia serpentaria - Virginia snakeroot
18. Bignonia capreolata - crossvine
19. Lonicera, native species
20. Schisandra glabra (syn. S. coccinea) Bay star vine
21. Wisteria frutescens or macrostachya - native wisteria species
22. Asimina parviflora or triloba - native pawpaw species
23. native flowering trees (please no dogwood or redbud; I have lots!)
24. Lantana urticoides - calico bush
25. Stewartia malacodendron - Silky camellia
26. Prunus spp., native species
27. heirloom pole or bush beans
28. heirloom squash/pumpkins
29. heirloom tomatoes that will grow well in the hot & humid south

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

pole beans
Flowers that attract hummingbirds
Flowers that attract butterflies and bee's.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My Wish List:

Butterfly Bush white or any
Pompus Grass any
Marigolds any
Hosta any except mini
Russian Sage
Dogwood Tree
Red Bud Tree
achillagia any
heuchera any
Daiseys any
Mums any
Daylilies any but kwansi
Irises any
Swedish Ivy Houseplant

Thank You!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Hello Everone,
This is my wish list

1. Amaranth “Green Tails”
2. Amaranthus, any
3. Amaranthus “Joseph's Coat”
4. Amaranthus “Yellow Fountain Plant”
5. Rudbeckia “Cherry Brandy” or any
6. Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy
7. Sunflower Seeds , any
8. Mexican Sunflower
9. Dwarf Sunflower Seeds "Sunspot”
10. Dwarf Sunflower Seeds "Yellow Pygmy
11. Echinacea “Cheyenne Spirit” or Any
12. Celosia
13. Marigolds
14. Gourds
15. Herbs
16. Sedums
17. Easy Annuals
18. Morning glory
19. Vines, any
20. Hens and Chicks
21. Black Eye Susan
22. Bee Balm
23. Fiber Optic Grass Seed
24. Cosmos
25. Coleus
26. Rosemary
27. Blanket Flower
28. Gloriosa Daisy, Autumn Colors
29. Cockscomb
30. Ornamental Millet, Jester or Purple Majesty

Thank You

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wish list:
--Veggie Greens any specially kale, turnip, mustard, Swiss chard
--radish cherry belle,
-Pole beans
-Tomatoes any and all, would like these too yellow tumbling tom, Gold Nuggets, yellow pear, cherry, roma, slicing type
-Pepper any and all, ornamental like marble, sangria, black pearl, sweet banana type
-Cucumber puna kheera, pickling, slicing,
-Herbs any like Basil, Parsely, Sorrel
-Lettuce green / red
-Clematis nelly mooser or similar or double flowered
-Coleus any named
-Any carpet plants like Bacopa, Babys Tears, sedum, Chaenarrhinum, carpet zinnia
-Petunia any
-Primula dwarf any (hardy to zone 5)
-Carnation mounding, trailing, any whites, pinks, reds
-ornamental grasses fountain, maiden, Miscanthus sinensis, Fountain Grass Pennisetum "Fireworks"
- Bougainvillea any
-Aeonium canariense, aeonium cyclops, Aeonium any green/red/black varieties
-Mandevilla any
-Dahlia cactus type, double flowered, Star-Gazer, victoriana
-Carnation/dianthus eastern star, firewitch, bath's pink, neon star, any dwarf preferred.
-Sedum hispanicum Blue Carpet Purple Form, any carpet sedum
-Poppy fringed pompom style
-dichondra silverfall**,
-Boltons Aster Boltonia Asteroides
-Ground covers: Arabis caucasica Snowcap** (wall rock cress), Iberis (candytuft), Creeping phlox (Phlox subulata)
-Gypsophila repens pink or any baby's breath
- Dwarf Hollyhocks, Sidalcea Brilliant, 'Party Girl' or any
- Campanula medium (canterbury bells)


RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

DDs WISH LIST! 2013!

1] Beans- short cuts
2] Chives
3] Greens- Mustards
4] Turnips
5] Peppers-HOT! Cayanne
6] Tobassco types
7]Squash- Patty Pan
9]Herbs-Basil-will try all- Lemon?
12] Rosemarry
13] Sage
14] Flowers- annuals- Coleus
16] Sunflowers
17] Zinnas- red

thanks to ALL! dd.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Dear Garden Santas,

My wish list includes:

A Blue Tomato
A White Bee Balm
Any Blanket Flowers
Agastache Pinks or Yellows
Any Green Flowers
Any Black Flowers
Black Seaman Tomato
Your Favorite Cherry Tomato
Daylily Any except orange ditch
Potato onions
Ajuga any
Baloon Flowers any
Gaura's any
Salvias any
decorate sunflowers
Your fav flower for long lasting boquets
and Your Fav unusual veggie

Thanks everyone!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1) Pickling Cucumbers (homemade pickles, boston pickling, national pickling, etc,)

2) Heirloom pole beans with a story behind them

3) Butter peas

4) Dill

5) Hollyhocks (especially doubles or rare varieties)

6) Zinnias

7) double larkspur

8) rose campion

9) confederate rose

10) Anything with these words in the name: confederate, southern, rebel, dixie, etc. including names of any southern states. (flowers, veggies, whatever)

11) Anything civil war related,,, either from that era, or having words in the name such as jeff davis, stonewall jackson, etc. etc,

12) verbascum "jackie"

13)Pelargonium ( Jackie Gall Geranium )

14) 4 o'clocks

15) Sweat Peas (flowers)

16) Sweet peas ( english garden)

17) Pole Lima beans (white) (especially white Chirstmas)

18) Pole butter peas

19) Pole Pinto beans

20) Old Time Tennessee melon

21) Good sweet honey dew melon

22) Moon and Stars red watermelon

23) Jeff Davis tomato

24) coral bells Firefly

25) Columbine, songbird series.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Here's my list.
1. Marigold - Mumsy
2. Marigold -any
3. Zinnia
4. Tomato - any
5. Poppies- any
6. Sunflowers -any
7. Cucumbers
8. Rudbeckia
9. Echinacia
10. Watermelon
11. Canalopes
12. Broccoli
13. Cauliflower
14. Herbs
15. Peas - Snow or Sugar Snap
16. Onion
17. daylily
18. Dianthus
19. Heuchura
20. Foxglove
21. Seaholly
23. Hollyhock
24. Violias
25. Lettuce
26. Black Valentine Beans
27.Castor Beans
28. Agastache
29. Ajuga
20. Geraniums

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Here's my list...

1. Columbine: Calimero

2. Columbine: Krystal

3. Daylily Seeds...mixed is perfect :)

4. Striped French Marigold

5. Beefsteak Tomato

6. Amaranthus: Emerald Tassels

7. Amaranthus: Opopeo

8. Castor Bean

9. Cosmos: any

10. Morning Glory: any

11. Poppy: Meadow Pastels

12. Sunflower: any

13. any flower or veggie that you think might be fun to try :)


RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Any and all medicinal or culinary herbs I don't have are welcome!

Elecampagne-Inula helenium
Perforate St. John's Wort-Hypericum perforatum
Agrimony-Agrimonia eupatoria
Meadowsweet-Filipendula ulmaria
Goat's Rue-Galega officinalis
O. basilicum- Cinnamon Basil

Veggies: Heirlooms that are interesting or store well in a root cellar are most welcome

Potatoes (any especially sweets)
Garlic bubils (any)
Jerusalem artichoke
Beet- "Long Season"
Albino Beet
Burpees Golden Beet
Chinese Cabbage- China King, Wintertime
QUINOA-Open to any variety
Any heirloom tomato (esp dark purples or blacks) or ones that are good for canning.
Lettuce(any good heirloom lettuce that is bolt resistant)
Rutabaga- Laurentian esp
Lincoln Pea
Hot Pepper (any variety)
Chocolate Beauty Sweet Pepper
Interesting eggplant varieties
Strawberry Spinach
Blue Banana Squash
Lady Godiva Squash
Any good storing winter squash
Fun and interesting heirloom melons (musk, cantaloupe, watermelons, etc.)
Chinese Gooseberry-Actinidia deliciosa
Shadblow Service Berry-Amelanchier canadensis

I'll throw this one out as well... A Goldenseal tuber. A long shot, but I've been searching for one for a long time.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wish list : * = added 11/27/13
*Carnivorous plants
*Blanket flowers
*Daisys- all types
*any medicinal herbs not listed
coneflowers; all colors
bee balm
witch hazel
Golden Angel Trumpet
Indian Thornapple- Datura Parajuli
Marigold- any non commercial types
Eye bright
Epazote- Chenopodium Ambrosoides
Any purple flower
Hot Peppers- the hot the better
Italian Peperoncini Pepper
Sweet Peppers- not bells
Tomato- any heriloom, not red
Flower- your fave for the shade
Indian Belladonna- Atopa Acuminata
Ground cover for shade
Sweet Flag- Acorus Calamus
Acacia Simplex - Acacia Simplicifolia
Mexican Prickly Poppy - Argemone Mexicana
Tamaulipas Living Rock - Ariocarpus Agavoides
Prickly Pear cactus
BLUE Borage/ Starflower- Borago Officinalis
Dragonfruit cactus
Wormwood- Artemisia Absinthium
stinging nettles

Thank you !


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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Thank you for hosting Kym!

Wish List

Tomatoes - Isis Candy, Tumbling Tom Red or Yellow, black tomatoes, large red ones, and paste tomatoes
Beans - any
Cucumbers - all kinds
Corn - sweet
Bok Choi/Pak choy
Pepper - sweet (prefer non-bell shaped)
Peas - any
Tomatillo - purple and/or pineapple
Lettuce - all types
Herbs: Dill, basil, thyme, etc
Lavender - all types
Peony or peony shaped flowers
Creeping phlox and/or dwarf
*Your favorite veggie or flower that will grow well in zone 5

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wish list:

1. Tomatoes of any kind, color, size, etc.
2. Sweet peppers of any kind, color, size, etc.
3. Mildly hot peppers (like jalapeños or peppers similar in heat)
4. Beans of all kinds, pole or bush. (Can be snap, shelled, Lima, etc)
5. Watermelons
6. Cantaloupe
7. Eggplant
8. Cucumbers
9. Cabbage
10. Collards
11. Carrots
12. Radish
13. Turnips
14. Beets
15. Onions (long or intermidate day due to zone I am in)
16. Brussels sprouts
17. Any other veggies I am forgetting except honeydew or squash family.

I appreciate anything I get! Thank you!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Wish List

**Your Favorite flower or veggie**
**anything VARIEGATED or BLUEor PINK or BLACK or WHITE**
**any unusual-flower -veggie or - herbs**
**any unusual pepper or your favorite!**
a blue tomato
black foxglove
white bleeding heart
pink passion flower
japanese morning glorys
any succulants, cacti, sedums or hens and chicks
coleus especially black dragon
thyme any variety
your favorite perennial
any daylilys
flowers for hummingbirds
scented geraniums or mints
lillies - all kinds =)
bat plant or any carnivorous
sunflowers - blackish or unusual
squash any unusal - pinks or blues or whites
toad lily
medinilla magnifica
angel trumpet
tropical anything
zinnia - green, candy cane, cactus-unusual
**your favorite anything!**
**surprise me!**

Thank you so much I will love anything

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

  • Posted by sjc48 5 Michigan (My Page) on
    Tue, Nov 12, 13 at 16:13

Here's my list!
1. Perennial Salvias - no purple
2. Bronze Fennel
3. Hardy Geraniums
4. Nigella - blue only please
5. Rocket Larkspur
6. Liatris Ligulstylis
7. Gaillardia
8. Monarda - no mixes
9. Cleome
10. Pentas
11. Lilliput Zinnias
12. Janie Marigolds or any named
13. Cosmic Cosmos - red, yellow, orange
14. Verbena Bonariensis
15. Agastache - no purple
16. Purple Ruffles Basil
17. Echinacea Purpurea
18. Rue
19. Rudbeckia Prairie Sun
20. Ipomea Quamoclit Pennatta - Cypress Vine

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Here's my list:
1. Pepino melon
2. Jubilee watermelon
3. Toothache plant
4. Cassabanana
5. West India burr gherkins
6. Asian winged bean
7. Desiree dwarf blauwschokkers garden pea
8. Omaha pumpkin
9. Green sausage tomato
10. Red Roselle
11. Cream sausage tomato
12. Cape gooseberry
13. Lemon drop pepper
14. White sugar lump watermelon
15. Chabaud orange sherbet carnation
16. Salsify mammoth sandwich island
17. Borlotto fire tongue bean
18. Harris model parsnip
19. Glass gem corn
20. Ineya melon
21. Nero di Toscana cabbage
22. Common edible ice plant (mesembryanthemum crystallinum)
23. Achocha (Bolivian cucumber)
24. strawberry spinach
25. Kamo kamo summer squash
26. Lemon summer squash
27. Upper ground sweet potato squash
28. Crystal apple cucumber
29. Tequila sunrise pepper
30. White wonder watermelon

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Foliage Plants

1. Heuchera - any

2. Small Ornamental Grasses - any

3. Medium Ornamental Grasses - any

4. Any interesting foliage plant suitable for zone 6.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1. any flower appropriate for a memory garden for my sister, Sandi, who passed away a few years ago
2. sunflowers
3. zinnias
4. thunbergia
5. white hollyhock
6. balloon flowers
7. baby blue eyes
8. dahlia
9. fennel
10. dill
11. heuchera
12. hot peppers
13. plumeria
14. coleus
15. lavender
16. dichondra - silver falls
17. I'm easy and just getting back into trading so anything tried and true that's a favorite for you

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Any azalea/rhododendron
Any Japanese maple cultivar
Any trident maple cultivar
silver thyme
lemon verbena
any aromatic/culinary heirloom herb
red tomatillo
Peruvian white habanero pepper
charentais melon
yellow-fleshed moon and stars watermelon
crape myrtle
black sea man tomato
kellogg's breakfast tomato
any unique-looking heirloom tomatoes
butch t trinidad scorpion pepper
black hungarian pepper
purple jalapeno
chocolate 7 pod douglah pepper
naga viper pepper
red savina habanero
any heirloom pepper
orange thyme

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Panhandle_Seed_ Swap’s Wish List :)

*Your Favorite Heirloom or Open-Pollinated Vegetable
(perhaps include your favorite recipe for your favorite vegetable, if you have time... that would be awesome! Thank you!)

*Your Favorite Heirloom or Open-Pollinated Flower.

*Your Favorite Heirloom or Open-Pollinated Herb.

*Dahlias that flourish in heat and humidity (any color).

*Purple Passion Asparagus

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! thank you so much for doing this, flwrs4ever!

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Here is my wish list!
1-Bee Balm
4-Any herb
5-st John Wort
6-Sweet 100 tomato
7-heirloom tomato
9-Celosia especially large heading type
11-Lunaria (Money Plant)
13- Tall African Marigold
14-Hyacinth Bean
17-amaranthus tricolor?or Love lies bleeding
19-summer squash yellow pattipan or crookneck
21- any surprise for hot dry garden

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wishlist anything from my list. Thank you :) Happy Holidays!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1.Petunias, cascading and reseeders
2.Your favorite productive green POLE bean
3.Your favorite productive green BUSH bean
4.Your favorite productive pickling cucumbers
6.productive red/yellow bell pepper (small/large)
7.productive jalapeno pepper
8.Tomato Rutgers indeterminate
9.Your favorite Determinate tomato that loves HEAT
10.coleus that loves the hot sun
11.coleus that loves the shade
12.Your favorite productive scallop squash
13.Gaillardias that love to self sow
14.Hens and chicks, sedums and succulents
15.bat plant
16.Monarda panorama
17.Rusty Foxglove (Digitalis furruginea)
18.Verbena Peaches and Cream
19.Other named Verbena
20.Laura Bush Petunias
21.Snapdragons Twinny series
22.Rudebeckias that love to self sow
23.Love In A Mist, Persian Red
25.Painted Toungue Black Trumpets
26.Painted Toungue Little Friends
27.Huechera in lighter shades
28.Lobelia cascading, blues, scarlet, white
29.self sowers/reseeders
30.your favorite HEAT loving whatever (not invasive)

I will love whatever you send….always do! Thanks Santa KYM! Merry Christmas to all!


RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1. Peppers (from sweet to super hots!)
2. Tomatoes (We grow 300 varieties yearly, looking for more to try!)
3. Lilies! All kinds
4. Goldfish Plant
5. Carnivorous Plants
6. Succulents
7. White Doll's Eyes AKA White Baneberry AKA White Cohosh
8. Blue or Black Cohosh
9. Cacti
10. Peony
11. Anything Variegated
12. Orchid
13. Hemp
14. Medusa Head
15. Mouse Plant AKA Mousetail Plant
16. Cucumbers, esp. Mouse Melons AKA Mexican Sour Gherkin (the mini ones!)
17. Pumpkins/Gourds
18. Lettuce
19. Dahlias/Cannas/Gladiolus/Iris (any seed that will eventually form bulbs/rhizomes)
20. Corn, any! Especially Glass Gem and Candy Striped
21. Anything Black (flowers, herbs, veggies, any!
22. Herbs (medicinal and culinary)
23. Anything unusual/bizarre
24. Balloon Flowers
25. Bat Plant
26. Lantana
27. Hardy Kiwi Vine
28. Elephant Ear
29. Crocosmia
30. Watch Chain Plant

Here's my list! Will GLADLY take any fruits/veggies/herbs/flowers - we sell at the farmers markets every year and are always looking for something new. We have 6 plots of land that we grow our things in, including community gardens. We are planning to move to farmland this winter/next spring if we can find the right place! Thanks!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Oops, sorry.

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

  • Posted by kchd 7b Mississippi (My Page) on
    Wed, Nov 20, 13 at 21:04

sorry about the chatter. I didn't realize this was the 'wish list only' thread

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1. Amaranthus (love lies bleeding-red & green) (green thumb) (autumns touch) (tower-red & green) (perfecta) (molten fire).
2. Campanula
3. Columbine
4. Dianthus
5. Echinancea
6. Euphorbia
7. Foxgloves
8. Lupine
9. Monarda
10. Penstemon
11. Lobelia
12. Lychnis
13. Gaura
14. Four o' clock
15. Goats Beard
16. Veronica
17. Thyme
18. Persian Jewels Indigo
19. Love In A Mist
20. Dames Rocket
21. Perennial Vines
22. Spring Green, Lemon Lime, Giant Mix Cockscomb


RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Oops, sorry.

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Here is my list.



teddy bear sunflower






petunia- Double,wave,cascade or avalanch.


cocks comb

Red Savina habanero

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only


13. GEUM

Thank you Kym for promoting the Secret Santa Seed Exchange once more. It is a joy to participate.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1. Calendula
2. Poppy
3. Rose
4. Iris
5. Dahlia
6. Fern Spores
7. Coleus
8. Pipevine (Aristolochia)
9. Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema)
10. Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum pilosum)
11. Lemongrass
12. Horsemint/Lemon Mint (Monarda citriodora)
13. White Horehound (Marrubium vulgare)
14. Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea) - "Sunrise Serenade"
15. Bush Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)
16. Nasturtium
17. Yellow Cabbage Collards
18. Purple Tansy/Fiddleneck/Bee's Friend (Phacelia tanacetifolia)
19. Sandwort (Arenaria)
20. Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)
21. Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans)
22. Brass Buttons (Leptinella)
23. Compact Heirloom/Open Pollinated Vegetables
24. Carolina Allspice/Eastern Sweetshrub (Calycanthus floridus)
25. Ligularia
26. Scented Geranium
27. Lenten Rose (Hellebore)
28. Elephant Ear (Colocasia, Alocasia)
29. Short, Colorful Annuals
30. Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus nana)

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wish list....Thank you for looking.

alyssum- any single colors
amaranth-coral fountain
balsam-camellia only
celosia-cramers amazon
centauriea-frosted queen mix
centaurea-sweet sultan

cypress vine-pink only
Dianthus-super parfait red peppermint
euphorbia marginata
4s- bright pink only
gomphrena-single colors
geum- flames of passion-touch of class-mai tai
lychnis-maltese cross
lychnis-salmons only
lupine-gallery pink
marigold-kilamanjaro white
marigold-hero flame
marigold-safari red
maltese cross
melampodium- white

rudbeckia-cherokee sunset
rudbeckia- chim chimeny

salvia-Mojave red
salvia-scarlet bicolor

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Thank you for sharing with me ;-)

1. your favorite tomato ( heirloom or hybrid )
2. Zucchini
3. any slicing cucumber
4. bell peppers
5. poblano peppers
6. any greens !
7. any basil
8. any bush bean
9. your favorite herb
10. italian parsley
11. thyme - any variety
12. any coreopsis
13. your favorite perennial
14. any rudbeckia
15. snap or snow peas
16. Thelma Saunders squash
17. a good Roma/paste tomato
18. any zinnia
19. any dwarf , short or very compact flower or tomato !
20. African Queen tomato
21. your favorite cherry tomato
22. any daylily , esp pink ones ?
23. flowers for my hummingbirds
24. any pansy
25. any petunia
26. any coleus, esp Black Dragon
27. any salvia
28. any hens & chicks, succulents
29. rosemary
30. surprise me !

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Wish List

Leaf Lettuce
Tomato - whatever you want to share
Bullhorn Pepper - Astris
Morning Glory
Sunflower - any shorter kinds

and any extra seeds that you want to share - I'd so appreciate!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

  • Posted by cghpnd 7 / N.Virginia (My Page) on
    Sat, Nov 23, 13 at 21:29

My Wish List:

Carnivorous Plant Seeds... Any variety, I am not picky!

~ Agalinis fasciculata
~ Asclepias purpurascens (Purple Milkweed)
~ Asclepias speciosa
~ Asclepias syriaca
~ black foxglove
~ Bleeding hearts
~ Bee Balm
~ Cynanchum laeve
~ False Nettle
~ Globe Amaranth
~ Heliotrope
~ Lantana
~ Liatris ligulistylis
~ pasiflora
~ Queen Anne Lace
~ Rue
~ Senna alata - Candlestick cassia, candlebush
~ Thistle
~ Trumpet Honeysuckle

Thanks so much for looking! ☺

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Hi !this is my wish list.
1. dino kale
2. Carrot Purple Haze
3. prickle pear cactus
4. Lamb's Ear
5. tomato, Casady's Folly
6. tomato german red strawberry
7. tomato German Black
8. tomato Japanese Black Trifele
9. tomatoAnna Russian
10. dog wood yellow
11. Raspberry Miracle
12. Ailsa Craig
13. red cabbage
14. red grapes
15. small yellow plums
16. cherry plums
17. pumpkin tree
18. rich sweetness melon
19. Papaya
20. Goji Berry
21. Tokyo Bekana
22. Quinoa
23. Chickpeas
24. Arugula
25. Collard Greens
26. Broccoli
27. Strawberries all kinds!
28. Black sopota!(would love this!)
29. Soursop
30. A Blue Tomato
Thank you for anyone that will be doing this secret Santa! happy holidays and such^_^

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Right,...finally,'s my wish list:

1) Basil - "Caesar", "Holy", "Thai", "Lime", "Lemon" or any purple variety
2) Tomato - "San Francisco Fog"
3) Tomato - "Lollipop"
4) Tomato - "Tommy Toe Yellow"
5) Tomato - really white and/or really dark
6) Corn - Chocolate popcorn
7) Corn - Heirloom sweet corn
8) Lettuce - Any leaf variety, the darker and/or redder the better
9) Bean - Christmas Lima
10) Kale - Any (especially "COUVE TRONCHUDA (aka Portugese Kale)" and "Red Ursa")
11) Pumpkin - Styrian
12) Pumpkin - Lumina (or any white)
13) Pumpkin - Jarrahdale
14) Any culinary and/or medicinal herbs
15) Any Amish heirloom vegies
16) Hot peppers
17) Lupine flowers
18) Columbine
19) Hollyhocks
20) Tomato - Blue (or as close as possible)
21) Any veggies good for pickling
22) Poppies - Blue (any kind, edible or otherwise) and any others except Oriental red and California orange
23) Marigolds - The more unusual the better, dwarf or otherwise,...bottom line, though, is I'll take *any*, really!
24) Lobelia
25) Multicolor unusual snapdragons
26) Oh heck,...any annual and/or perennial flowers
27) Any heirloom veggies
28) Your favorite *anything*!
29) **I love surprises!**
30) Goji berry

This is always Elly's and my absolute favorite anual RR swap! :)

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My Wish List:

1. Lupine
2. Daylily varieties(besides yellow stella)
3. Delphinium-Perennial
4. Roman Chamomile
5. Echinacea
6. Scabiosa<3
7. Tropical Hibiscus
8.English Daisy (Bellis perennis)
9. lavendar<3
10. Nasturtiums
11. Perennial Poppies
12. Canterbury Bells
13. Small Tomatoe varieties
14. flowering houseplants!
15. Swan River Daisy<3
16. Amaryllis
17. Abutilion
18. Scented Geraniums
19. Yarrow
20. Anything for cottage gardens!!
21. anything that will do well on sunny hills!
22. Anything that has showy pink/white/blue flowers
23. Anything unique/unusual that can be grown in zone 6

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Here we go!

2) Rare MELONS!
3) Asian veggies
4) Medicinal Herbs
5) Flowers that are salmon, coral, blush orange, or related colors!
Love those subtle colors!
6) Kales or other leafy edibles
7) Edible roots
8) Rare Garlics / Shallots
9) Columbines
10) High Alpine friendly flowers
11) Onions
12) Sunflowers
13) Rare tomato Heirlooms
15) Heirloom PUMPKINS
16) Golden Beets
17) Sweet corns (non dent)
18) Purple Brussel Sprouts
19) MILD peppers or chile's!
20) Edible Ginger root (any cultivars that are edible)
21) Succulents (I would like to experiment with these, I'm new to growing them)
22) Edible CACTI
23) Anyting unique, beautiful, and edible!

Thanks guys, this is going to be fun!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wish list...Thanks and happy holidays!

1. Asian greens, any
2. Cantaloupe, your favorite (not honeydew)
3. Cucumber, your favorite
4. Eggplant, any Asian type or ‘Casper’
5. Leeks
6. Lettuce, any esp. Reds
7. Strawberry spinach, aka Beetberry
8. Tomato, your favorite indeterminate slicer or canning
9. Tomatillo, ‘Dr. Wyche’s Yellow’
10. Basil, any esp. Lettuce leaf
11. Stevia
12. Catananche, aka Cupid’s Dart
13. Cleome
14. Cosmos
15. Dahlia, any of the ‘dwarf’ 2 foot varieties
16. Dragonshead
17. Echinacea, colors other than purple or white
18. Gaura
19. Geum, any red variety
20. Gomphrena, ‘Strawberry Fields’
21. Heliotrope
22. Lysimachia atropurpurea or pulchella
23. Marigold, any ivory/white
24. Melampodium, aka Butter Aster
25. Millet, ‘Purple Majesty’
26. Monarda, Bee Balm, red only
27. Rudbeckia, any except blackeyed susans
28. Scabiosa caucasica, any
29. Zinnia, any bicolors or ‘Profusion’
30. Any annual flower for hot, dry, sunny bed

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

Here's my wishlist-- (besides things on my page)

1. Franklinia alatahama
2. Dove tree
3. zinnias- any
4. cosmos-any
5. coreopsis-any
6. petunias-any esp. double and cascading or wave
7. heliotrope
8. heucheras-any
9. indian pink-
10. Japanese morning glories
11. nasturtiums-any
12. your fav heirloom tomatoes
13. kale, esp. dinosaur, but any
14. swiss chard, any
15, heirloom beans any
16. milkweeds, any
17. your fav. annual
18. your fav. butterfly plant
19. shrimp plant
20. your fav squashes, summer and winter
21. calendulas-any
22. marigolds, any esp. newer ones
23. daylily crosses, esp. spiders and doubles
24. lilies, any
25. tassel flower
26 toad lilies any
27. any of your favs!

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My wish list:

Anything for hummers, butterflies and my bees.

Medicinal herbs I don't have: Chinese senega, Astragalus, Bai zhi,
Ban xia, Ashwagandha, Andrographis, Fo-ti, Samphire, Spilanthes, Chinese licorice, Gynura, Bacopa.

Grass- Pink muhly, Purple love, Pink paint, Bunny tails.
Foliage plants- Dark, Silver/white
Salvias-esp. Cambridge blue, Peach, Blue Queen, Fairy Queen, summer jewel pink.
Lily- any, Peruvian, spider
Agastache- no apricot sprite
Oregano- Kent beauty, zorba red
Rudbeckia green wizard
Snaps- esp- oriental lantern, bronze dragon, night and day.
Honeywort kiwi blue
Linaria licilia peach
Plants with blue flowers/ orange flowers
Blue woodruff
Night phlox " Midnight Candy"
Pkumbago "Imperial Blue"
Lemon/ orange scented
American Ginseng :)

Happy Holidays to everyone! Be safe, be merry!
Jim and Tonya

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1. Amaranth
2. Coffee
3. Cacao
4. Tobacco
5. Poppies
6. Marigolds
7. Ginger
8. Black Pepper
9. Crocosmia
10. Freesia
11. Anemone
12. Tomatoes, any, esp. Purple Smudge and Big Zac
13. Peppers, any, esp. Carolina Reaper & Chocolate Bhutlah
14. Cucumbers
15. Paw-Paw
16. Pumpkins
17. Sedum
18. Melons
19. Nuts
20. Strange Things
21. Heirloom Corn
22. Tropical plants
23. Vines
24. Fruits
25. Vegetables
26. Herbs
27. Flowers
28. Shrimp Plant
29. Chenille Plant
30. Anything Black

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My Wish List:

Acanthus, any
Aster, any large-flowered types
Calendula, any crested or bi-colored types
Carthamus (Safflower), any
Chrysanthemum, any perennial types
Cosmos, any semi-double or double types
Daphne, any
Delphinium, any green or chocolate types
Dianthus (pinks), any semi-double or double types
Fuchsia, any
(Hardy) geranium, any double types
Gesneriads, any
Helianthus (Sunflower), any crested, semi-double, and double types
Heliotrope, any
Ipomoea (Morning glory), any Japanese types
Lathyrus (Sweet pea), any bi-colored types
Lisianthus (Eustoma), any
Meconopsis, any
Mimulus, any
Osteospermum, any
Pansy, any ruffled types
Pentas, any
Primula (Primrose), any
Pulsatilla (Pasque flower), any
Saxifraga, any
Sedum, any black or variegated types
Streptocarpus, any
Verbena, any
Zinnia, any crested, spattered, or striped types
Any unusual annuals, perennials, or tropicals

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1. ANY Blue Tomatoes(Indigo Blue, Blue Beauty Tomato, Blue Berries Tomato, Indigo Apple Tomato, OSU Blue Fruit)
2. Thai Red Roselle*Hibiscus sabdariffa
3. Yurackallhua Incan Giant Corn
4. Canton Bok
5. Extra Dwarf Pak Choy
6. Purple Peacock Broccoli
7. Falstaff Brussels Sprouts
8. Henderson's - Charleston Wakefield Cabbage
9. Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
10. Nero Di Toscana Cabbage
11. Morris Heading Collards "Cabbage Collards"
12. Yellow Cabbage Collards
13. Black Crowder Cowpea
14. Blue Goose Cowpea
15. Hmong Red Cucumber
16. Jaune Dickfleischige Cucumber
17. Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber
18. Miniature White Cucumber
19. Sikkim Cucumber
20. Orange Master Pomegranate
22. Superschmelz or Giant White Kohlrabi
23. Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber
25. Kiwano - African Horned Cucumber Jelly Melon
26. Cassabanana
27. ANY BEANS esp from my want list
28. ANY Quinoa
29. Chia Seeds
30. YOUR FAVORITE EDIBLE our goal for 2014 is to raise enough food to give to our local food banks and churches which give out food. Our county has one of the highest unemployment rates. I want to do what I can to help those for whatever reason can't grow their own food.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

1) Tomato, Rozovyi Myod "Siberian Pink Honey"
2) Calendula
3) Bee Balm and/or Lemon Balm
4) Lemongrass
5) Tomato, Black Prince(Chyornyi Prince)
6) Any tomato with unusual/unique coloring, striping/variation or shape
7) Pepper, Carolina Reaper
8) Pepper, Yatzy or Yatsufusa
9) Pepper, Peter(any color type besides red)
10) Borage
11) Chamomile
12) Lemon Verbena
13) Nasturtium
14) Stinging Nettle
15) Any herb/flower that works good for oil infusions to use for skin care/soapmaking
16) Any medicinal/culinary herb that I do not have
17) Any unique heirloom/open pollinated watermelon
18) Garlic
19) Citronella
20) Tomatillo(any but green)
21) Sunberry
22) Wonderberry
23) Goji berry
24) Hibiscus
25) Any prolific hot pepper
26) Quinoa
27) Your favorite unusual/unique pole bean and/or edible pod pea
28) Your favorite paste/canning tomato that has high yields(no Roma please as I always get BER)
29) Anything in the wanted area on my member page
30) Your favorite pink or purple flower, annual or perennial. This is for my 3 year old daughter who loves pink and purple. Something that is hardy and easy to grow would be great for her.

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RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My list:
1. Baptisia "Carolina Moonlight", "Solar Flare", "Twilight", or other new varieties.
2. Crambe cordifolia or maritima
3. Heuchera, Tiarella (coral bells or foamy bells)
4. Phlomis
5. Asclepias "Hellow Yellow", Gay Butterflies or Ice Ballet
6. Asclepias verticillata
7. Perennial Salvias
8. Perennial geraniums
9. Annual geraniums (pelargoniums)
10. Perennial candytuft
11. Phlomis
12.Boltonia asteroides
13.Threadleaf zinnia
14. Dwarf marigolds with large flowers such as "Mumsy"
15. Melampodium
17. Petunias
18. Impatiens (not balsam)
19. Platycodon Astra series any
20. Celosia
21. Perennia foxgloves (lutea, mertonnensis, obscura, Spanish peaks etc.)
22. Vinca
23. Pentas
24. Scabiosa "Fama" hybrids
25.Dierama (Angel's fishing wand)
26. Bergenia
27. Centranthus ruber
28. Heliopsis "Tuscan Sun"
29. Helenium (any)
30. Festuca Elijah blue or Boulder blue

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

My list:

1. Asperula Blue
2. Balsam white
3. Brachyscome 'Little Missy'
4. Browallia
5. Campanula longistyla Isabella Blue
6. Cerinthe - any blue
7. Ceratotheca triloba alba
8. Dicentra exima (white)
9. Elschscholzia california 'Wrinkled Rose'
10. Globularia any low blue
11. Linaria triornithophora ‘Rosea’
12. Lobelia any cascading blue annual or perennial blue like L x gerardia (spelling?)
13. Nasturtiums - any by color (no mixes) prefer trailing/climbing, pale/white
14. Nierembergia blue
15. Pelargonium (Scented Geranium) - any
16. Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple majesty' (Ornamental millet)
17. Penstemon speciosus
18. Plectranthus - any, especially aromatic (already have argentatus & barbatus)
19. Plectranthus amboinicus (Cuban Oregan)
20. Plumbago white
21. Salvia canescens var. daghestanica
22. Salvia chamaedryoides - would love silver leaved form
23. Salvia coccinea white
24. Salvia cyanescens - white, as well as blue
25. Salvia patens 'Patio White'; as well as 'Patio Blue'
26. Salvia rubescens - has silvery leaves/ red-orange flowers
27. Stachys albotomentosa
28. Stachys citrina
29. Thyme - any
30. Torenia Deep Blue

This post was edited by primrose1x3 on Sat, Nov 30, 13 at 18:16

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

I hope all the Elves have posted their wishes...deadline to post has passed.

Thanks to ALL that have joined !! This swap is now officially closed.

RE: new: secret santa: wish lists only

I am sneaking in a last minute list! I absolutely LOVED this swap last year, and am checking out everyone's list to see what I can prepare this week to send out.
1. calendula/ pot marigold
3. any impatiens
4. any basil, esp unusual scents
5. bells of ireland
6. any greens!
7. collards
8. greens
9. mustards
10. bok choi
11. broccolini
12. any cosmos, esp. double
13. celery
14. any marigolds
15. nicotiana
16. pansies
17. jalapeno peppers
18. any beans for drying
19. carnations
20. mums
21. geraniums
22. violas
23. johnny jump up
24. any herbs!
25. snapdragons
26. any zinnias
27. sunflowers
28. anything good for zone 4
29. your most unusual seed
30. anything immune to Japanese beetles!

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