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Trading lists

Posted by Big_Orange_Vol_ Nashville ( on
Wed, Oct 5, 05 at 8:39

Since we are only 10 days away from the Fall Swap, I thought that it might not be a bad idea for everyone to post their trading lists or at least give a hint of what you are planning to bring and what you would like in return. It might even generate some interest from the lurkers and new members. After all these years, I'm still amazed at how many folks lurk and never post. I'm even more amazed that after hearing all of us rave about the Spring and Fall Swaps, there are still tons of folks that for whatever reason haven't made the minimal effort to come. You folks just don't know what absolutely incredible fun you're missing and its all FREE!!!

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Trading lists

Jeff if you can spare one put my name on one of your
crinum lilies. I don't have much for fall swap, may
have to pay you back in the spring.

RE: Trading lists

Norm you don't have to give me anything! What size do ou want?

RE: Trading lists

Any size that dosen't require a backhoe. The post on them
early this year cost me quite a lot. Fell in love with the
things. Have made a special place for them. May have plenty
to trade in the future.

RE: Trading lists

Hi Norm,
I've got a pure white crinum with your name on it that I'll be bringing you.

RE: Trading lists

Mom and I talked it over today, and WE'RE coming whether Joe comes ot not!!! The down-side is---we'll be coming in a SMALL car, so we won't be able to haul many plants. Therefore, I'd prefer to arrange some pre-trades. Anyone interested should e-mail me.

I can bring UNROOTED cuttings from the following:

Buddleia---'Black Knight', or three different, unnamed ones

Malvaviscus drumondii---also called 'Sleepy Hibiscus' or 'Turk's Cap' hibsicus. Google it---hummingbirds LOVE it!

Flowering Almond

Assorted brugs (OF COURSE!!!*grin*)

Roses---climbers: candy-pink and dark rose-pink. Shrubs: 'Hose of Meidiland' white and scarlet.

Passifloras: e-me and ASK

Potato vines: 'Margarite', 'Ace of Spades' (VERY few!), and an unusual 'Blackie'--this one BLOOMS!!!

Coleus: nameless, but pretty

Honeysuckle (Lonicera) 'Pink Lemonade'

Thunbergia grandiflora--i.e., 'Blue Sky Vine' or 'Clock Vine' I also have some rooted ones for VERY SPECIAL trades.

Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon'. These are 6-month+ seedings, yet still pretty small. Apparently these need to be in the GROUND to grow much.

Etc. and so on. LMK if you're interested in anything!!!

RE: Trading lists

Hey Judith -- I feel yer pain with the Poncirus. I've had a bunch of seedlings in pots for a couple of YEARS now, and they're still itty bitty! Oh, and I'm emailing you about passifloras. :-)

Here's my final trade list, so far as I can tell right now:

**unrooted cuttings:**
Clerodendrum ugandense (blue butterfly bush)
Coleus -- multiple named varieties
Episcias -- two unk varieties
Pelargoniums (scented geraniums) -- several named varieties
Myriophyllum spp.(dwarf red-stemmed parrot's feather)
Tradescantia 'Quadricolor' (purple wandering jew)

If anyone wants cuttings of:
Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi'
Brugmansia 'Creamsicle'
Brugmansia 'Ecuador Pink'
Brugmansia 'Melon Kisses'
Brugmansia 'Sunset' /'Maya'
Epiphyllum anguliger (moon cactus, queen of the night)
Epiphytic cactus, unk spp #1
Epiphytic cactus, unk spp #2

Speak now! I won't bring cuttings of these unless someone specifically asks for them.


**Potted Plants (divisions, rooted cuttings, seedlings, etc.):**
Alocasia amazonica 'Polly' x 4
Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata' (variegated shell ginger) x 2
Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding' x 5
Begonia 'Benigo' x 3
Begonia 'Frosty' x 3
Begonia 'Ginny' x 1
Begonia 'Linda Dawn' x 1
Canna Tropicanna x 2
Clerodendrum bungei (cashmere bouquet) x 2
Coleus black ruffled x 8
Coleus 'Cantigny Royale' x 4
Coleus 'Crimson Velvet' x 4
Coleus 'Strawberry Drop' x 6
Coleus unk x 7
Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata' (variegated flax lily)
Echinacea purpurea 'Ruby Star' (purple coneflower) x 4
Echinacea tennesseensis 'Rocky Top Hybrid' (Tennessee coneflower) x 2
Euphorbia cotinifolia x 1
Euphorbia myrsinites (myrtle spurge, donkey tail) x 2
Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' (Japanese forest grass) x 1
Heuchera 'Frosted Violet' x 2
Hibiscus acetosella 'Maple Sugar' (tropical hibiscus) x 12
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna Red' (hardy hibiscus) x 2
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna White' (hardy hibiscus) x 2
Hydrangea anomala petiolaris (climbing hydrangea) x 3
Iris louisiana (dark purple, looks like 'Black Gamecock') x 2
Jasminum sambac 'Grand Duke of Tuscany' x 4
Mangifera indica (mango tree) x 5
Monstera deliciosa (cut-leaf philodendron) x 2
Penstemon unk hybrids x 8
Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian Sage) x 3
Philodendron 'Pink Princess' x 1
Platycodon grandiflorum 'Sentimental Blue' (balloon flower) x 3
Plectranthus 'Blue Yonder' x 1
Plectranthus unk silver-leaved x 5
Pleioblastus pygmaeus var. distichus (dwarf fernleaf bamboo) x 4
Poncirus trifoliata (hardy orange) x 13
Pontederia cordata (pickerel weed, tall!) x 2?
Ruellia brittoniana 'Chi Chi' (hardy petunia) x 1
Salvia guaranitica (Brazilian sage, anise sage) x 1
Salvia melissodora 'Tarahumara Indians' (grape-scented sage) x 1
Sansevieria trifasciata (mother-in-law's tongue, snake plant) x 5
Thalia dealbata (powdery thalia) x 1
Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls' (native wisteria) x 1
Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge' (variegated yucca) x 2



REMEMBER: seeds may not grow true to variety!! These are COLLECTED seeds, not commercial ones.

Aesculus parviflora (bottlebrush buckeye)
Alcea 'Creme de Cassis' (Hollyhock)
Amaranthus cruentus or (Polish amaranth)
Clematis -- unk hybrids
Clematis 'Polish Spirit'
Cleome hasslerana
Coleus -- mixed
Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower)
Echinacea purpurea 'Kim's Knee High' (dwarf purple coneflower)
Gaura biennis (native biennial gaura)
Gladiolus (hardy glads, sold as byzantinus but not)
Hibiscus moscheutos (hardy hibiscus)
Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina' (French hollyhock)
Nicotiana sylvestris (flowering tobacco)
Ocimum basilicum 'Thai' (Thai basil)
Oregano 'Herrenhausen (ornamental oregano)
Talinum paniculatum 'Variegatum' (variegated Jewels of Opar)
Thalia dealbata (powdery thalia)
Verbena bonariensis (Brazilian verbena)

RE: Trading lists

ok 1 week to go and I am on the run gather and dividing my plants.
I have lemon scented geranium, lemon grass, rose campion seeds(magenta) lirope varigated,(monkey grass) zebra grass
balloon seeds, I don't have much but I am trying, I am even borrowing from my neighbors gardens.
I will take one of everything. In a promise. That the spring swap I hope my seeds will be fruitful and I will have a truck load. I have house plants too. Moses in the cradle, german chocolate plant, donkey tail. to name a few
let me know if any of these are of any interest to anyone.
8 days and counting

RE: Trading lists

Eek, I forgot two things --

I will also have cuttings of Piper nigrum. This is the actual plant used to grow black pepper! It's a tropical vine, and does well in hanging baskets. And Brandon (Barry) gave me some plants to take to the swap for him, as well. I'll make a list of them this afternoon -- stay tuned!

RE: Trading lists

Here's my list -maybe some other stuff if I find time this week....

Shasta Daisy Becky-1
Shasta Daisy Silver Spoons-1
Phlox David-1
Helenium Moorheim Beauty-1
Potentilla Melton Fire-1
Agastache Desert Sunrise-1
Kniphofia Uvaria (red hot poker)-2
Coreopsis Early Sunrise-3
Oakleaf Hydrangea-1
Caryopteris Worcester Gold -5
Sedum Sieboldii-5
Hosta Stiletto-1
Hosta Patriot-1
Ostrich fern -4
Daylily Leprechaun's Wealth-2
Sedum Neon -1
Hydrangea Endless Summer -3
Hydrangea All Summer Beauty -3
Hydrangea Alpenglow -2
Tulip Poplar tree -1

I am especially looking for good tetraploid breeding daylilies and will reserve anything on this list for pretrading- I'm happy to send a list of the DL's I'm looking for. See you all Saturday....

RE: Trading lists

Well, I'd certainly like some 'Creamsickle' cuttings, and that Piper nigrum as well! And I've fallen in love with coleus this summer.

RE: Trading lists

Oh, and I've love to have any elephant ears, especially 'Black Magic' or 'Hilo Beauty'.

RE: Trading lists

Where is this trade taking place at?
I am in East TN....

Thank you,

RE: Trading lists

Sondra folks come from all ends of the State to attend the Middle Tennessee Plant Swap. Check out your "Info on Trading" post. I left you with the contacts for info there. We'd love to have you come and I promise you'll have a wonderful time. UT has an off week before the Bama game so there shouldn't be any conflict with coming. I can also promise that you'll leave with a car or truck loaded with new stuff. Shoot me an email tonight so that I can get you set up for Saturday if you can make it.


RE: Trading lists

I'm too pooped from potting to type it all up, but below this message is a link to my Exchange page, which I'm updating as I get stuff done. The Davidson Co. Master Gardeners ALSO have a swap this week, but I'll still have a few things for this weekend, even so.

See y'all on Saturday. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: April's Swap Page

RE: Trading lists

I potted up some things today, but am going to wait until tomorrow to post those in case it looks like some don't perk back up in time for the swap.

I will have:

Gardenia 'August Beauty' - 3
Hydrangea 'Kikko Blue?' - 3
Hellebore seedlings -10
Caryopteris incana (Bluebeard) - 10 or more
Dwarf Burford Holly - 1
Euonymus americana - 4
Kerria japonica - 4

More to be announced.

RE: Trading lists

Wild Rose, is your Kerria single or double?

RE: Trading lists

I won't be able to make this weekend's trade/swap meet. It is too far for me to drive as I have two kids too. Also, selling a horse this weekend.
Is anyone in or near Monroe County that could do some trading afterwards? I don't have much to trade though. 4 clocks and canna seeds. Some rose bush cuttings maybe too.
Can take whatever is left over from the trade meeting too...LOL

RE: Trading lists

Judith, the Kerria is single.

List additions:

Dwarf Crested Iris - 4 (each trade ~ 5)
Mystery Iris - not bearded
Mystery Bearded Iris
Blackberry Lily - 2
Climbing Hydrangea - unrooted cuttings
Penstemon - 6
Mazus reptans - 6
Angelwing Begonia (red) - 2
Echinacea purpurea - 3
Sweet Shrub - 1
Carolina Jessamine - 1
4 O'Clock 'Broken Colors' - 4
Shasta Daisy (old fashioned, not 'Becky')

The "Mystery Iris" are from a customer's garden and I haven't seen them in bloom. She's in her 80's and has been in the house since 1946, so they're probably old fashioned favorites. The one that is not bearded has rhizomes that look like Dwarf Crested Iris - they look like crawfish - but are much larger than any Dwarf Crested I've ever seen. My customer said the flowers are small and blue, so maybe that's what they are and I just have never seen any that have not been divided in years and years!.

The Penstemon, Mazus, and Echinacea were potted up yesterday and looked fine this morning, but as the day progresses, they are wilting. They've got lots of good roots, and I'm sure they'll perk back up as soon as they get over transplant shock.

I divided Shastas this morning and haven't had time to pot up the extras, so they're stuffed in a plastic bag. They may stay that way since I need to make plant labels and cook and I'm leaving for the swap tomorrow afternoon. There's enough plants for several trades, so if I don't get the Shastas in containers, I'll bring baggies.


RE: Trading lists

Virginia I am so gonna miss seeing you and sharing that morning coffee ( hot chocolate in my case ). We'll be there this coming spring though so don't trade everything !!


RE: Trading lists

I have no intention of bringing home anything I started out with and certainly don't intend to bring home half as many as I'm bringing! Many of you know that I started a gardening service last year, so a good many of the plants I'm bringing are divisions from customers' gardens and are give-aways - I just can't stand the thought of good stuff ending up in the trash. One of these gardens was designed by Tom Pellet, a well-known Memphis designer, who uses natives and sometimes hard-to-find plants in his designs. Not long ago I was chatting with the owner of the nursery where those plants were purchased and he told me it took them two years to locate some of them. Those of us not buying wholesale but using online mailorder nurseries and attending swaps would have been able to find them much more easily.

Cheryl, I'm going to miss you too. Don't worry, there's plenty more of these plants and some different ones to bring in the spring.

RE: Trading lists

Oooooh, Penstemon! Do you know which variety they are? I'd like some of those......


Here is a link that might be useful: April's Exchange Page

RE: Trading lists

April -- I'll have several penstemons as well. Unfortunately, in my case they will be unknown hybrids!

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