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HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Posted by chargreen TX/Aus (My Page) on
Thu, Feb 12, 09 at 19:37

Hello Everyone,
The Austin/San Antonio Area Spring Plant Swap will be on Saturday, April 4 at the Buda City Park pavilion. I will post directions and a map before the swap.
We will have a potluck lunch and lots of fun!! Let me know if you have any questions. Also if you want to be added to the evite list please email me.
We welcome any plant swappers that want to join us!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


Follow-Up Postings:

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Is the Park in San Antonio or Austin?

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Buda City Park is in the city of Buda just south of Austin.
This group has been swapping in April and October for many years and has members from the San Antonio and Austin areas.
We met in San Marcos until 2006 when Buda became a more affordable alternative. By a weird coincidence the Buda park pavilion is located at the intersection of N. Austin St. and San Antonio St.
I will post more info closer to the time for the swap.
Come and join us on April 4!

Here is a link that might be useful: Map of Buda City Park

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Hey Charlotte, well I guess I'll be the first to post my list. I can't guarantee that I will still have everything by April, since I have a swap in March, too. But, if you're interested in anything, please email me directly, instead of replying here. I do not look up replies as much as I view my email.

Some things need to be dug up, so let me know as soon as possible and I'll get it potted so that it will be good in time for the swap.

Banana plants
Ghost plant succulent
Variegated vinca
Society garlic
White salvia coccinea
Hidden ginger
Salvia involucrata
Salvia madrensis
Root beer plant
Texas red columbine
White crinum seedlings
Ruby grass
Large pink rain lily
Red firecracker plant / Im looking for yellow firecracker
Callisia fragrans Old Mans pipe
Cissus quadrangularis / veldt grape
Sanseveria different varieties need to look up
Haworthia window plane plant
Salvia microphylla red
Donkey ears kalanchoe
Jingle Bells kalanchoe
White epiphyllum /night-blooming cereus
Artillery fern
Aloe vera
Panda Plant kalanchoe tomentosa
Pregnant onion / ornithogalum caudatum
Plectranthus Cuban oregano Variegated
Plectranthus Vicks plant
What looks like a Golden Rain Tree
Crassula / cannot find botanic variety
String of hearts vine
Lindheimers Senna
Dwarf bamboo
Coral bean
Century plant agave
Salvia coccinea cherry blossom
Tropical milkweed / asclepias
Air potato bulbs / dioscorea bulbifera
Ruellia squarrosa

I'm looking for daylilies (other than common orange), irises that I don't have, other lilies, salvias that I don't have, succulents and agaves, drought resistant and winter hardy plants. Open to all sorts of things I don't have yet. Flowering perennials, roses. Let me know what you have. Looking forward to seeing everyone again !


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Hey Castro Gardener - if you are referring to the Firecracker Plant which is Russelia equisetiformis, yellow flowering, I have it and willing to trade it, but don't see anything in your list that is of interest at this time.

Bob from NW Austin

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Okay, I'm in.--Feel like I'm playing poker. ;-)

If all goes as planned I will bring the following:

desert willow (1)
oxblood lilies
Texas persimmons (2) small
cestrums, orange (have to root first)
grape vine wreath
hibiscus, pink (not sure if it's a hardy one or not)
chrysanthemum, white
rose cuttings, antique, not sure which ones yet.
possible others...I may come back and update this list.

I also may bring some garden-related items that aren't plants.


RE: Want - Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

If anyone has and can divide a clump of Lions Tail (botanical name: Leonotis leonurus), I really would like to get it at the swap. Please let me know.

Bob in NW Austin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Database

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

  • Posted by naomiw31 8b, Leander (N of Au (My Page) on
    Wed, Mar 4, 09 at 13:02

Hi all - I have already responded to the evite that I'll be going, but I did want to let Charlotte know that I just sent this link and info on the swap to about five or six plant groups in Austin. I had a blast at the last swap; so much that I'm bringing friends and a bigger truck this time! I'll post my trades later...thanks again!

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Here is my list. My salvias, Mex. oregano, lonicera albiflora(white honey suckle bush) are just now gettting started rooting. I hope they will be well on their way.
Salvia officianalis var biergarten
S. madrensis
S. hotlips
s. melisidora
S. involcrata
S. gregii pink preference, rasberry(?), purple variety
mex. oregano, crossvine cuttings
Aloe maculta, Aloe dawei
orange Bulbine
Agave green goblet
pedalanthus macrocarpus
Opontia ficus indicus (napales), O. robusto, O. santa rita, Smooth grey needless opuntia, large wavy pad opuntia
Cylindropunti Imbricata 2 varieties
pencil cactus (clindropuntia arbuscola Miniture
Cylindropuntia leptaucaulis (christmas chollo)
a type of monstrose cactus ( ???)
Bilbergia windii, red leafed billbergia species
2 5 gal. dwarf umbrella plants
black bamboo rhizomes with developing culms on them.
mexican wire grass, inland sea oats grass
Asarina scandens joan lorraine, and A scadens amethyst and Maurandya antirriniflora.
dame's rocket,
white ballooon plant seedlings
greggs dalea
blackfoot daisy and four nerve daisy (If you ask)
Phillipine violet (Baleria cristata)

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09


This is my first swap so I won't have too many plants with me this time. Nothing is potted up yet so it would help me to get a sense of how many to pot if you let me know ahead of time what you might want. Sorry, no pics. My camera is broken.

- pigeon berries (great ground cover/ they love it under my live oaks, and birds enjoy the small red berries)

- nandina

- wild garlic (to 3 ft. with lavender blooms)

- native wild plum tree (approx. 12 inches)

- white iris or lilly?(early bloomers) - The previous resident planted them so I don't know what they're called. But I've seen some around that are already blooming, though mine haven't yet. Fist-sized, delicate white blooms.

Also would appreciate any info about the potluck and what to bring.



Bring whatever you want to the potluck. We always have a good variety. Except that one year when we had a lot of mini muffins!!! If you don't want to mess with food bring a cooler of drinks. Just come and have fun!

I will post some updated what to do at the swap rules closer to the swap.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Dragon wings, I am interested in your native plum tree and your pigeon berry. I could not email you., but you can get to my email by going to my page if you are interested in anything on my list or want to find out what I don't have on my list. My list is growing too. I am going to go out and take another inventory.-- Mara

RE: WANT: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

I would like to post another want, I would like to get both the silver and green form of Sanolina. If anyone has any to spare, could you please bring some to the swap for me. Thanks,

Bob in NW Austin

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob's Plant Inventory

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Thanks for all the emails from everyone. We will be attending the Buda swap. We will bring the following plants that are already potted. We have others we can bring cuttings of if anyone wants them. Email me for an on demand plant.

creeping lantana
shrimp plant
crepe myrtle
monkey grass
heart leaf ice plant
nanda domestica

on demand plants-
virginia creeper
pyracantha cuttings
shrimp plant cuttings
ice plant cuttings(all you want!)
native wild plum
asiatic jasmine cuttings
Wish list-
society garlic
hardy banana
ginger(any variety)
cast iron plant
ornamental grasses

See Central Texas Gardener, April 11th

This is more an announcement than a swap item. My wife and I will be featured on Central Texas Gardener, PBS/KLRU, on Saturday April 11th at noon and again at 4 PM. The On-Tour segment will feature our garden and the following on-set interview with me and Tom Spencer will talk about variegated plants for central TX.

Bob Beyer, NW Austin

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Hi there swappers! I am a newbie in the world of gardening and plant swaps so I don't have much of anything but am more interested in seeing the various plants, learning as much as I can and possibly purchasing plants from people? Is this a possibility? I am sure though that I can bring some edibles for the potluck?


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

You are welcome to come to the swap and join in on the potluck. If you hang around until the end we always have plants that no one wants to take back home. Due to the park rules we are not allowed to sell anything at the park. I will be posting the updated swap rules this weekend.

Swap next Saturday!

The swap is next Saturday!

Here is the basic outline for our swap.
The swap usually starts at 9am sharp and we usually do door
prizes and a potluck lunch around noon. It's usually all over by 1:30
or 2 depending on weather and how many people come. As for what to
bring, the options are wide open. Plants of course, either divisions of
your perennials, or cuttings you started or seeds you collected and
labeled. Sometimes people bring whole plants they decided they didn't
like anymore or didn't have room for. Also, if making new plants is not
your thing, you can bring gardening related items, books, terra cotta
pots, tools, etc... People are generally very generous and eager to
make newbies feel welcome so there are no hard and fast rules about
what you can bring. Also, most gardeners just don't want to take any of
their own stuff back home so they are often not expecting an "even
trade". Please do not take an item from someone's area without asking.
A good idea is to bring an extra box to put under your table for the plants you have swapped and are taking home.
Items under the tables are off limits.
Also, we do have a donation jar if you want to help with the pavilion rental fee.
There is also a list of things you may find useful to bring:
camp chair or stool
card table (there are no tables provided at the Buda pavilion)
extra plant labels and marker
extra plastic pots - usually someone needs these
plastic bags for transporting goodies
plastic nursery trays for transporting goodies
gardening item to donate for door prize (optional)
Your favorite food or drink for the potluck.
Drinking water
rain jacket (for some reason our swap usually causes a shower!

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Does the pavilion have a cement floor so that its easy to roll a wagon or cart around?

Since you suggest a rain jacket, does that mean the pavilion has no roof?


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Hi Belinda. I hope you come back to see this. You didn't allow your email address to show on your "My Page" so I couldn't email you directly.

I always bring a cart. There is a sidewalk from the parking lot to the pavilion, but grass between the road and pavilion in case you don't get a parking spot.

Yes, the pavilion has a roof, but you can still get wet going back and forth to your car. :-) We've had many swaps with sun, so we're hoping for the best.

p.s. I have a long list above of things I am offering for pre-arranged swaps. Please email me directly through "My Page" and let me know if you are interested in setting up a trade. I won't be bringing all these items to the swap, unless someone specifically asks for them.

thank you ! Looking forward to seeing you there !


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Second Try!
Here's my list.
I am bringing:
1 small lemon eucalyptus tree (about 4 inches tall)
1 Anacua (sandpaper tree)well rooted gallon
brugmamsias - rooted
apple mint
variegated mugwort
purple trailing lantana
lavender trumpet vine
Althea - all white "Diana" rooted
Chiquita salvia
Limelight salvia
donkey ear succulent
bromeliads - 2 kinds, unnamed
red Russellia
2 rooted Barbados cherry trees
Elizabeth Kent oregano (ornamental trailing flowers)
I can dig some pink crinum lilies if you let me know
Also, Larry, I am bringing you a variegated amarylis. Hope you are coming.
Lastly, I have my "Eternal, always blooming, never dying day lilies". They are orange with a purple throat. Very hardy and will grow everywhere under almost any conditions. Let me know if I should dig some up for anyone.
If anyone has herbs to share I would be interested, but I mainly just want to share my plants and see familiar faces from years past.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Hi Marjie,

I am wondering if you can put my name on a few things...
Would love some purple trailing lantana, applemint, limelight salvia and chiquita salvia. I hope to put my list up very soon. I believe I may have some herbs for you.

Look forward to meeting you Saturday!


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Okey Dokey, Here's my have list. If you want to make sure I put your name on something, please e-mail me at Thanks!

Mums (unknown colors)
NOID bromeliad
Veronica speedwell
Lamb's Ear
Single Pink Hollyhocks
Hollyhock nigra 'The Watchman'
Oak tree seedlings
Lemon Mint (Citriodora)
Dusty Miller
Begonia semperflorens
Old Man's Pipe
Purple fountain grass
Cardemom (?)
Kalanchoe (yellow)
Yellow hibiscus
Black eyed susan (rudbeckia fulgida)
NOID Cactus
Sea oats
China Aster 'Ostrich Feather'
Maidengrass (Zebra grass)
Mother-in-law tongue (cuttings)
Lemon Grass
Variegated Liarope
Dark Pink Oleander (4' tall)

See y'all Saturday!


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

I am adding more to my list. I have another list above also
Standing cypress (ipomopsis rubra)
nepeta walkers low
Nepeta tuberosa
Salvia Augusta Duelberg,
Buhdlea lindleyana
verbena regida
Datura double yellow and Datura Lavendar
texas betony
ditany of crete
Scutelaria oblavata
sago palm

I am looking for 5 gallon or larger plastic pots, drought hardy plants, cactus, natives and anything that strikes my fancy. No water hogs.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Not sure what the evite list is (like an RSVP?)or how to get on it, but just confirming my plans to be at the swap. I've only heard from two persons regarding my 'have' list (which was very small to begin with). So beyond those promised plants, I'm not sure how many more to dig up. I just don't have any experience yet with how the swaps go so I'm wondering if there will be a number of other people who don't frequent our forum whom I should consider. So my question for experienced swappers is, how do you determine what and how many plants to bring?

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Everyone is different in how much they bring. Some bring huge plants, some small ones, some fill a giant table & others have just a few. It isn't really important, truly. You can't make a mistake. We are a relaxed group. At the end, most of us are begging others to take our plants!!!

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Dragonfly, there are those that don't put up a list then there are those like me, who put up three list . Yeppers, here comes my third list. Mostly house plants andashade and rich soil lover. I am not much of a house plant person.

Chinese blood root.
starry eyed nuerembergia
sanseveria babies
devils backbone
monster jade crassula "hobbit"

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Thank you for the response Marjie.
Just curious if there are usually many others that come besides those in this forum (to help determine numbers plants to bring and food to fix) but I guess I'll find out soon enough!
I would love a few of your eternal, never-die orange day lilies if you can spare them. I'm also intrigued by the Barbados cherry trees. I'll have to look that one up. In fact I have a feeling I'm going to learn about many plants that are not currently even on my radar.

Looking forward to meeting you!

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Mara, okay now I'm getting an inferiority complex. My little list seems to keep shrinking as yours

I have a native groundcover that might interest you and others which I'll bring. I'm hoping someone will help me to identify it. It grows almost a foot high and seems to like it around the base of my oaks (dappled shade). It's a light blue-gray color similar to dusty miller but a different kind of leaf. I love them.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Sorry about that third list. I still forgot some but i thik the rest will just appear as a surprise if at all your ground cover could be a artemisia ludoviciana. If it is, I would be interested in some. It is common but not on my land. I wouldn't mind introducing it.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Mara, this may well be in the artemesia family, but not the one you linked to. I looked through the other artemesias that they had pictures of and didn't see it.

The leaves on this one are not a single straight blade but have a few more facets and a more delicate look.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

I have only been to the swap once, but it was so much fun! I hope to be able to make it this year, but the only thing I could bring are about 15 extra small tomato plants that I grew out from seed. Is anyone interested in those? I probably won't come unless someone wants tomatoes, since I don't really NEED anything, LOL! I have the following varieties:

Black Krim
Mortgage Lifter
Amana Orange
Pink Brandywine
Purple Cherokee
German Johnson
Matt's Wild Cherry



RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Yes,I am interested in your tomatoes. The Azoychka, Amana orange, sungold and Matt's wild cherry.. I will send you an email too.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Ooh Jana! I have been looking for Black Krim and Mortgage Lifter. May I have 1 of each of those? Check out my list above and see what you would like. I'll try to e-mail you also.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Tonya and Mara: You have mail!

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Yes people will be at the swap that have not posted, such as me. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to post anything. I will be digging and organizing this afternoon. If all is well I plan to bring the following:

inland sea oats
miscanthus starts
rick rack
maybe some veggie seedlings
maybe some carolina jessamine

I will take a look and see what else I can bring, but several things took a real beating during the hail storm last week.

I'm looking for starts of sweet potato vine [margarite (the lime green one) or the tri-color (sometimes called pink frost)]. I would also like to try the Cherokee Purple tomato and the red russelia.

As usual, I will bring the sausage and rice.

It will be good to see everyone!


re: have/want: spring plant swap - austin/sanantonio 4/4/09

OK, time for a final posting.
I am bringing 13 - 5 gal containers for Mara as requested in her post. Does anyone need one gallons?

Also bringing the following,
Agave lopantha 'variegata'
Agave sisalana 'medio picta'
A nice variegated sanseveria
Ardesia longifolia (large leafed)
Plenty of variegated Toad Lily
A variegated large leafed tropical philodendron
For Barbara Fox: variegated aspidistra, canna nirvana, and Hedychium Dr Moy (trade for Hibiscus Moy Grande)
4 large plastic hanging baskets (new)
Variegated Philippine Violet (Barleria cristata)
Variegated tricolored Draceana (tropical)
Two different non-hardy cacti (ID unknown)
plus other miscellaneous plants

Would like: Canna tropicanna if anyone has and can divide.

Bob Beyer, Austin

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Where is the map to the pavilion??? Did I miss it? I don't know where to go.



It's going to be a perfect day for the swap.
Here is the map link again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buda Park

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Another fun plant swap on a beautiful day. Thanks so much, Charlotte, for keeping us organized and taking responsibility for all the details. It was great meeting new swappers and seeing new plants. I enjoyed it alot.

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Yes , it was SO worth the time and effort to get me and my plants there. Every plant That i NEEDED to have people take got taken. I am sure they are all off to good homes. If any of the salvias that I gave in cuttings don't make it because it was a still a little early to take the cuttings. Please email me and I will start some cuttings for the fall swap for you from soft wood..I know some got the S. regla and that was done with hard wood cuttings because the soft wood wasn't out yet. God, look at me, I am already planning for the next one. Have a great summer , guys and gals.-- mara

RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

I had a great time at the swap. Thank you, Charlotte (and son Curtis) for all of your hard work. I hope to see everyone in the fall!


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

I had a wonderful (albeit brief) time yesterday, meeting new fellow gardeners and swappin'. Everyone is so generous. I hope to see y'all again in the fall and maybe I'll be able to stay longer and actually do some visitin'!
Thanks to all for the wonderful plants!


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

Well I was wondering where the follow up comments for the Buda swap were! So glad I revisited this thread. I really enjoyed meeting you all and putting a face to some of the forum participants, learning about new plants and being on the receiving end of warm and generous swappers. I spent much of the afternoon after the swap finding a new home in my garden for all the plants although I will admit that I forgot what some are! And then I went online to google information about some of them and their care.

Thank you so much Charlotte and swappers for making my first swap experience such a pleasant one and I hope to be much better prepared and knowledgable when I come to the next one. While I got to talk a bit with some of you, I feel there are many more who I'd like to get to know.

Patty has been sharing some swap etiquette information with me and I hope you all will provide me a bit of slack if I overstepped, as I'm still a bit fuzzy about rules/etiquette and expectations. And I invite you to contact me if you have any advice or comments about our interaction as that will be a big help and an opportunity to get to know you.

Already plotting in preparation for the next swap and might like to also bring some nonplant garden items to share with you.


RE: HAVE: Spring Plant Swap - Austin/SanAntonio 4/4/09

  • Posted by ebw78745 Zone 8 - Central Tex (My Page) on
    Mon, Apr 6, 09 at 14:26

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful first swap experience!

I'm new to gardening in the Austin area so am still learning the native plants, their water requirements, etc. I was delighted to see so many of the swappers had a major focus on the natives I'm familiar with plus I learned about more. It was sooooo much fun.

I've gotta figure out how to put more garden beds in my yard in prep for the October swap. Geeze, I can't wait! Is it too early to start potting up cutting??


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