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HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Posted by chargreen TX/Aus (My Page) on
Thu, Feb 4, 10 at 20:09

Hello Everyone,
The Austin/San Antonio Area Spring Plant Swap will be on Saturday, April 17 at the Buda City Park pavilion. I will post directions and a map before the swap.
We will have a potluck lunch and lots of fun!! Let me know if you have any questions. Also if you want to be added to the evite list please email me. I'm not sending out the evites until March.
We welcome any plant swappers that want to join us!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


Follow-Up Postings:

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

As of right now I plan on coming!! Please count me in Thanks Marcie

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

By the way does anyone have butterfly vine? I can bring purple passion vine for this exchange, will be looking to see what all I can bring. Thanks Marcie

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Happy Spring everyone! I sent the evites this morning. Please let me know if you did not receive one or if you want to be added or deleted from the list.

let's post our haves & wants

Hello, All ! I'm listing my HAVES and WANTS and hope you will do the same.

I would really appreciate having pre-arranged swaps so that I know exactly what to bring for everyone. And you can be guaranteed that you will get what you want from my list, instead of hoping that I'll still have some left by the time you get there.

Let me know if you are looking for something in particular, too, since I might have it. I don't put everything on the list if I don't have a lot to share.


helianthus angustifolius
hyacinth bean vine
mexican flame vine
var. ivy starts
aloe vera
katie ruellia
ruellia squarrosa
elephant ear
pink rain lily
white rain lily
caesalpinia pulcherrima
old man's pipe / callisia fragrans
donkey ears
cissus quadrangularis
clivia for special trades
vick's plant - plectranthus
purple fountain grass
bryophyllum crenatodaigremontianum
airplane plant
dwarf artillery fern
society garlic
coral bean
jingle bells kalanchoe
a few roses
mexican bird of paradise
fruit cocktail plant
night blooming cereus
salvia chirophylla
salvia coccinea red/white/dreamsicle
firecracker plant
butterfly weed

may have other things that I could post later.


daylilies that I don't have
lilies "
skullcaps "
salvias "
small perennial flowering plants
will consider many other plants !

I'm also interested in Garden Junk for the garden. Love rusty stuff, spheres, bird cages, vintage items, stepping stones, trellises, the list is endless.... but I don't really like plastic stuff. If you don't have plants to trade, I'll consider your junk !

Please email me directly, so that it's easier to talk to you. I don't come back here that often. Thank you !


RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Hi, folks,

Does anyone want some of the perennial onions I have? This is not the best time to dig them up so I won't be taking any to the swap unless someone wants some. I have plenty.

These are onions that grow into clusters. There are many where I planted one small onion plant last fall and now there is a cluster of 12 or more onions, the largest about 1 inch in diameter, all attached to the same root ball. They don't bulb up so are used like green onions all year long. Incredibly productive!

Email me directly, please, if you want some and give me an idea of how many you might like.

Belinda Willis

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

  • Posted by ocgf Z8 (My Page) on
    Sun, Mar 28, 10 at 21:56

I won't be able to make it :(. The school organized an activity for that day and I have to attend. Have a good time!


RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

I am am coming. these are my haves.
hairy false golden aster (hetertheca villosa) VERY drought hardy and blooms a long time. small mound forming collected from Wichita Mountains.
Aloe maculata pups
Cylindropuntia ( dark green)
Cylindropuntia fulgida
Clindropuntia leptaocaulus
Salvia farenacia augusta Duelberg
Salvia invulcrata
Salvia madrensis
salvia gregi pink preference
Scutelaria ovata
Cape honey suckle
Agave americana pup (very cold hardy)
coreopsis wrightii (many seedlings in a 4" pot)
standing cypress starts
walkers low nepeta
monarda fistula (?)
spring obedience plant
Nolina lindheimerii
dalea gregii
artimisia powis castle
artimisia valery finis
opuntia englemanii
opunti cacanapa elisiana (upon request)

I am looking for drought hardy things.
odd aloes (cold hardish)
wildflowers, texas perenials.

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

OK, I walked around my garden again and I have a lot that I could bring if someone ASKS for them especially amonst my TX wild flowers ask and I will dig be silent and they will re main in my field (egrigon, 4 nervedaisy, blackfoot daisy, agarita, Tx barbery, rus virens, mexican evening primrose)

Here are others. I will bring what I can, not all, but if you ask , I will bring it. I will bring as much as I can.
a few cuttings of yellowand pink blooming crown of thorns
cut leaf cone flower seedlings
Salvia chiquita
salvia roemeriana
lyre leaf salvia
Salvia darcyii (1)
hot lips salvia
Flowering Senna
pastel small kniphofia (seedlings)
red knphofia (seedlings)
Inland sea oats
Tx betony
ajuga repins
yellow culombine (small voulunteers)
pavonia hastata (nice 1 gallon)
dames rocket
echinacea purpuria
maurandya antirhinniflora (pink)
sedum palmerii cuttings

What do you want ?

Wow ! Is anyone else coming ? Two weeks away and it doesn't seem like there's much interest in this swap. Charlotte, what do you hear ?

In addition to what I have above, I also need to get rid of a ton of banana cannas, as well as a few other varieties.

I also have some large bulbs of crinum, which I think are the spider lily variety. We had to dig up the cannas and crinums to get to our septic tank a few weeks ago.

It seems that we somehow own two broadcast spreaders, so I'm looking for someone who might be able to use the extra one. Please email me directly if you're interested. I will not haul it with me if I don't hear from anyone.

thanks !

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

This happened last year also. The pre swap swapping was not a going thing but the showing at the swap was good.

Buda Swap - April 17

We just are not a very GardenWeb pretrade bunch we just seem to show up and have fun.
We have 18 RSVP's to the evite and about 10 more that I know are planning to come.
It's just about 12 days until the swap.
Here is the usual info and map link.
Here is the basic outline for our swap.
The swap usually starts at 9am sharp and we usually do door prizes and a potluck lunch around noon(or before if we get hungry!). It's usually all over by 1:30 depending on weather and how many people come. As for what to
bring, the options are wide open. Plants of course, either divisions of
your perennials, or cuttings you started or seeds you collected and
labeled. Sometimes people bring whole plants they decided they didn't
like anymore or didn't have room for. Also, if making new plants is not
your thing, you can bring gardening related items, books, terra cotta
pots, tools, etc... People are generally very generous and eager to
make newbies feel welcome so there are no hard and fast rules about
what you can bring. Also, most gardeners just don't want to take any of
their own stuff back home so they are often not expecting an "even
trade". Please do not take an item from someone's area without asking.
A good idea is to bring an extra box to put under your table for the plants you have swapped and are taking home.
Items under the tables are off limits.
Also, we do have a donation jar if you want to help with the pavilion rental fee.
There is also a list of things you may find useful to bring:
camp chair or stool
card table (there are no tables provided at the Buda pavilion)
extra plant labels and marker
extra plastic pots - usually someone needs these
plastic bags for transporting goodies
plastic nursery trays for transporting goodies
gardening item to donate for door prize (optional)
Your favorite food or drink for the potluck.
Drinking water
rain jacket (for some reason our swap usually causes a shower!

Here is a link that might be useful: Buda City Park

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

I am very excited to be coming to this swap this is my second one :) I have some lilies and some other plants. Will see you soon!!

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Last year I made pre-arranged trades and I found it very confusing trying to keep everything separate, so I don't choose to do it anymore. That said, here's my trade list and will probably have other things too. I think the surprise is part of the fun. Hope we have a beautiful day.


Yellow Butterfly Vine
Lavender Trumpet Vine
Trailing Lavender Lantana
Tall Apple Mint
Barbados Cherry
Elizabeth Kent Oregano
Native Day Lilies - heavy multiplying
Angel wing Begonia - red
Bunny Ear cactus
Chiquita Salvia
Panda Plant succulent
Variegated Bromeliad (hanging flowers)
Dalea gregii
hippeastrum amaryllis "San Antonio Rose" blooms in summer heat

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Well guys as of today count me in I almost did not get to say this but my boss found an opening for recertification this saturday instead of next saturday so I am on the clear, this is a must for my job(the certification).On the other hand I have been strugiling with my garden I lost so many many of my plants thanks to my cat and then my carelessness,actually lack of time and patience we have had a couple of set backs.Including a sudden death in the family, and just this and that, and life in general,( we have heart problems at home),so anyway I am planing on coming this next saturday I will look and see what all I can find for the swap.Lets see about 5 or so barely sprouted peppers, 4 seedlings of guava maybe 2 or 3 strawberry papaya seedlings, but they are so small. I still have the variegated century plan that I had promised some one last year at this swap, One sweet william plant, maybe 2 angel trumpet--purple on the out side white inside some ice plant pink one avocado tree-seedling, will be able to get some cuttings of red oleander, have few mountain laurel seedlings wondering jew purple small amount, I think this about does it for now hopefully I can come up with some more not sure.

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Patty you have such an interesting array of plants!cannas pink rain lilies,and oh so many others wow. see you at the swap, Wantonamara you too such an array of plants oh my what Am I to think.And how about Sowandsew your butterfly vine I would love to have some lets hope I get around to get one of those, I am sorry if I sound greedy, but is just so much fun imagining all the plants we can trade!!(sigh) I just know I will be dreaming of this swap with my eyes open!!

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

I am coming and bringing my friend Jean. I don't have too much to bring, but it always a fun day so I am coming!

Want: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Hi everybody,
I've moved from Kyle due to divorce and starting over. I don't have any plants to trade, but I am bringing my two small plant wrought iron plant tables, a pair of very large/deep wrought iron hanging baskets, a teracotta vertical plant stand, and some round pebble stepping stones if someone needs garden "stuff". Sorry I don't have plants to trade. I got permission from HOA to plant several plants.I'm hoping SOMEONE can bring me any of the following:
Bougainvillea (oh how I miss my bougies)
Purple trailing lantana or the bush kind
Yellow bells/Esperanza
Hardy Hibiscus
Blue Plumbago freeze hardy kind
Cannas or banana plant
Regular or Petite Oleanders
Roses (I've seen the draping/ fountain-shaped kind with small bloom trailing roses, but I'm not sure what kind they are).I guess the "climbers" are the same as the drapers?
Indoor/all shade plants too: dwarf cast iron, ivy, bromedliads, etc.
The only plants I own right now are 4 mother-in-law plants, and two crotons. Thanks for your help. I have pics of plant stands-just email me. Thanks for reading. See you there.

for Leeannkyle.....

Hi Lee Ann, I'm very interested in your wrought iron goodies. Since I have so many plants already I love to trade for non-plant items. I have much more than my list above and would love to help you with what you're looking for.

There is no way to email you, however, since your email was not put on your member page. Please email me directly and let's plan something. :-)


RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Hi Castro gardener PATTY, I just thought I try and reach you in here, I have trouble with my email account which I am trying to fix!!for some reson I was not able to e-mail out of there I can compose all I want but it will not let me e-mail out, so anyway I just don't want you thinking that I am ignoring you or anyone else. You posted in here a coral bean, what is that plant like? blooms? bush? tree?, you have so many plants. What a great gardener you are.I really love reading everyones list for the swap I hope I get there early!! RAIN or No RAIN I plan to come over even that I have so few plants to offer! you make me dream about all of your plants that you have listed, now I am trying to convince honey bun to invite some of his friends over for they know how to weld, and I have enough pipes to make a green house skeleton-frame, he probably will do the work himself if he could but since he can not, I am trying to convince him, to let his pals come over and do this. I might be able to win him over to my way of thinking, IF I DO; this coming fall I should have a GREENHOUSE!!!I will get off the internet for I must get me some zzzs tomorrow is a working day and starts right up at 6:30 a:m. Later Marcie

RE: HAVE: Buda Swap - April 17 - Austin/San Antonio area

Plant Swap tomorrow.
Rain or Shine!
Come join us!

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