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HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Posted by jennifer9906 8/9 (My Page) on
Tue, Mar 7, 06 at 8:58

Hi everyone,

Feel free to post your haves and wants list here for the Mercer area plant swap. I will be posting mine soon:) Have a great day!


Here is a link that might be useful: plantmeet website

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RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

  • Posted by allen 8-b Texas (My Page) on
    Tue, Mar 7, 06 at 17:10

I am looking for strange or unusual agaves

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

i'm bringing;
brugmansias (charles grimaldi, dr suess, unknown pink, unknown white, friendship dkd, miss anna)
david verity cuphea
variegated devil's backbone
coral carpet rose
lacy tree philodendron
pink lemonade honeysuckle

i had a pre-trade for the fall swap but was unable to attend. my 'mrs chamber's one' for yard art. i don't recall your name!

i'm looking for gunnera, variegated plants, shade loving plants.

thanks, debbie

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Dear all, please see below for my Have & Want list. I might bring more rooted roses depends on how they are. I am looking forward to seeing you all at Mercer!

Aster oblongifolius
Florence Fennel
Gold Star Esperanza
Gulfcoast Penstamon
Italian Oregano
Mum "Blizzard"
Rosemary, rrailing variety
Salvia Guaranitica "Blue and Black"
Star Jasmine
Sented Geranium "Lemon Rose"
Sented Geranium "Rose"
Sented Geranium "Peppermint"
Thai Basil
Rose "Earth Song"
Rose "Hermosa"
Rose "Louis Phillip"
Rose "Marie Daly"
Rose "Mme. Antoine Rebe"
Rose "Mme. Ernest Calvat"
Rose "Mrs. B.R. Cant"
Rose "Papa Gontier"
Rose "Penelope"
Rose "Rainbow"
Rose "Wineyard Song"

Anything fragrant
Coreopsis (especially for "Moonbeam")
Evergreen Westeria
Herb (lavender, cuban oregano, mint, thyme, etc.)
Scented Geranium

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

I plan on bringing the following, and will probably add to the list later.
Double confederate rose (one rooted)
Phillipine violet (one)
broad leaf bamboo (Indocalamus Tess.)
Mexican mint marigold
Salvia Leucantha
Verbena Bonariensis
Large White Calla Lily
La iris - yellow
rock rose (pavonia) seedlings
Check my exchange list and see if there are plants you want cuttings or divisions from.

I am looking for ground orchids, clerodendrum ugandense, bearded iris, la iris (other than yellow), named daylilies and pigeon berry

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

My have list for plants

white iris
purple iris
ice plant
mother-in-laws tounge- two different kinds
air plain plant
scarlet daylilies

My have list for crafts

Painted terra cotta pots
Hand stamped coasters
Church bird houses made of old fence wood
Painted cloth tool belt (like Daisy wears to the plant swaps)

If you want any of the crafts please let me know asap so i will have enough made up.

I have pictures if you would like to see them.

My want list
fig tree
peach tree
any flowering shrub
pink canna's
There are so many other plants I want as well .....

Here is my hubby Terrell's want list
bur oak tree
pawpaw tree
hickory tree
walnut tree
black cherry tree
bo d'arc tree
white oak tree
america elm tree
tupelo tree

See you on the 8th.....


RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

hey trish, i'd like to see those pics! thanks, debbie

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

I'll get my list together next week. I'm going to dig a bunch crinums again and I've still got a ton of rescued hymenocallis-white spider lilies. I'll try and get the oleanders in before the trade, if not, I'll bring cuttings again. Tally HO!

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

i also have 2 small cardamom gingers. thanks, debbie

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Have list I'm bringing. Please email me at if you see something you like that way I can save it for you.
Seeds I have
Ansie Hyssop (5pks)
Calendula mixed (5 pks)
Canna red (1 pk)
Cleome (5 pks)
Collinisa (2 pks)
Cosmos (5 pks)
Foxglove mixed ( 6 pks)
Larkspur (3 pks)
Luffa Sponge (1 pk)
Shasta Daisy (1pk)
Snapdragon mix (1pk)
Sweet peas mixed colors (3 pks)
Toadflax (4 pks)
Yarrow (7 pks)
Yellow Bells (5 pks)

Seedlings I have these are on the iffy side especially with the cold snap we just had. Plants range from 1- 1/2 to maybe 6 inches.
Lanced leave (2)
Sunny border blue (2)
Annsie Hyssop (1)
Cleome (2)
Columbine (1)
Marigold (2)
May have more seedling just depends on how they look come time for the swap.

Plants I have
Clerodendrum Bungii several
Epiphyllum 4
Cannas yellow 8
Mother of Thousands 1 or 2
Iris 3
I might have others

Plastic Nursery pots
mostly gal size then larger ones

What I would like to have
Anything already rooted, For some reason I can't make cuttings root
Any kind of Perennial,
Anything Evergreen,
Any kind of Trees/shrubs
Anything for butterflies and hummingbirds
Any kind of drought, an easy to care for plants
Any kind of ground cover that can be walked on
Any kind of evergreen vine

Thank you

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Well here we are again 2 weeks before the swap. I cant wait. I have a list of what I have now, but that can and does change as I get more into the garden .
I have:
Red stem apple mint
Variegated grapefruit mint
Chocolate mint
Hallford iris
Butterfly iris
Brugmansia White
Brugmansia Pink
Stain glass mosaic stepping stones (2)

I might have: If everything keeps growing the way it should:
Hyacinth innocence
Dutch Iris symphony

I am looking for
yesterday today and tommorrow plant
plants with white flowers

Oh Trish tell your hubby I have paw paw seeds if he is interested


RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Ok guys, finally did an inventory and this is what I have:
walking iris, african iris, aluminum plant, var pothos ivy, mother & daughter croton, serissa (green and variegated), gardenia, ornamental pepper, persian shield, white justicia, ficus tree, closet plant, parlor palm, white penta, elephant ear, dutchmans pipevine, polka dot plant, duranta, flame acanthus, purple trailing verbena, var. grass, brunfelsia, yew, african hosta, boxwood, hamelia, tomatoes. Can bring on request: orange daylilly, orange cannas, beautyberry, pavonia, ruffle fern, pink salvia, bulbine, crocosmia, banana tree, cardomon ginger, invasive bamboo.
I'm looking for variegated mondo grass, dwarf mondo, a curly leaved spider plant that I saw at Lowes, water lillies other than white, bromeliads and unusual begonias.

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Hey Debbie,
I would love a start of the white justicia. I have an angel wing begonia that grows to about 3' and is a heavy bloomer. I can take some cuttings...they root easily. If you aren't interested in this begonia, check my list for anything else you may be interested in.

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Hi All,

I'll be there and will bring some dessert.
Check my trade list to see if anthing interest you.
I'm looking for herbs/annuals/perennials that are prety, fragrant or unusual, Nursery tray, 24-cell packs and home made compost or manure.
I also would like to try some unusal begonias.


- Seiko

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Hi Everyone:

Plants I have:
Sago Palm(2)
Rooted Rose "The Fairy"
Mexican Petunia (2)Lavender Color
Cosmos Cosmic Orange(4)

Plants I would like to have:

Please check my trade list if anything interest you I could bring cuttings

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Hello everybody!!!!!!!

I am looking for Hidden Ginger (as much as my van can carry)and anything else that is interesting........

P.S. I made extra cookies this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David in Arlington

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

I have extras of these plants. I might not bring them all if I don't hear any interest. It's too much to carry them back and forth. Allen complains a bit. :-) Some of it will still need to be dug so I won't bother if I don't get a pre trade. I have my three year old granddaughter and getting things done is tricky.


Artemesia 'Lime Light'

Ficus pumila, Creeping Fig Green

Plectranthus amboinicus Variegated Cuban Oregano

Swiss Chard

Vinca major-Greater Periwinkle 'Variegata' 'Firepower'

Ajuga Green
Aristolochia fimbriata White Veined Hardy Dutchman's Pipe

Bamboo Cane Pole

Begonia 'Beatrice Haddrell' Rhizomatous

Begonia Beef Steak erythrophylla

Begonia Benigo Mallet Type

Begonia Mini Boston Cherries n Chocolate Rex

Begonia Hot Tamalie Cane

Begonia Orococo Trailing

Zephyranthes Fairy lily, Rain lily. Pink Yellow & White

Osmanthus fragrans Sweet Olive Bush Large bush that I plan to dig up.

Nandina domestica 'Firepower' Loads of Nandina

Tabernaemontana divaricata Pinwheel Jasmine special trade

Euphorbia Pencil cactus

Graptopetalum Paraguayense - Ghost Plant

Kalanchoe -Bryophyllum daigremontianum Mother of Thousands

Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi Variegata "Creamed Scallops" Special trade

Opuntia Prickly Pear

Canna Pretoria Bengal Tiger

Clerodendron bungei

EPISCIA-Blue Nile,Kee Wee,Pink Panther
Microsorium diversifolium 'Kangaroo Paw'

Nephrolepis exaltata `Bostoniensis' Boston fern.

Arundo donax 'Variegata' (Variegated giant reed)

Liriope Green

Several named Hoyas if anyone has some to trade.

Tricolor Sweet Potato Vine Tricolor and 'Margarita'

Lantana, Gold, Purple Trailing and popcorn

Musa zebrina

Cyperus alternifolius Umbrella Palm

Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa Split Leaf Philodendron

Spathiphyllum variegated 'Domino'

Basella rubra Malabar Spinach

Bignonia speciosa Violet Trumpet Vine

Lonicera sempervirens (Coral Honeysuckle)

Lonicera japonica Japanese , Purpleleaf Honeysuckle

Senecio confusus (Mexican Flame Vine)

Stigmaphyllon littorale ORCHID (BUTTERFLY VINE)

Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Angyo' Tri Color Jasmine

Vigna caracalla - Climbing Shell Plant snail vine


RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Jennifer, when is the fall trade? I need to put in a request. Tally HO!

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

My son and I plan on attending again this year. Can't wait to see everyone! Let me know if you want something so I'll make sure that I bring it.

I have:

Daylily - Orange Kwanzo
Bearded Iris - white (a couple)
Canna - (pink)
Elephant Ear- tall - Colocasia Esculentum - (bright green)**
Vinca Major -varigated - trailing - 'Wojos Gem' (groundcover)..
Texas bamboo - green, running, straight bamboo. Cold hardy to about 5-10 F. Gets anywhere from 10-20 ft tall. Poles can get anywhere from 1/4" up to 2 1/2" in Diameter. Dries to a 'bamboo' brown color. Makes good fences, fishing poles, trellis, plant support, I've even made a wind chime...LOL
Verigated canna
one Large Nadina
Fig tree cutting
Peach tree cuttings
Mondo grass
red camellia (2 rooting now)
Grape Hycinthia (small bulbs)
May have more various seedling???
I can get wood ferns.

I would like:

Lacy tree philodrendron
any vines
Roses and/or cuttings
mexican mint
ice plant
Clerodenendendrum bungin
parlor palm
Cigar plant
Fragrant plants
Fragrant tea olive
Sweet shrub
Gloriousa Lily
Easter lily vine
lily of the nile
Poker primrose
blue star sea holly
Arum italicum
naked lady/belladona lily
grecian windflower
crown imperial
ladies purse
bells of ireland
any fruits

See ya'll there! Lisa

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

Can someone clarify the date for this spring swap...I thought it was April 21st, but I keep seeing different info someone listed the the 8th and someone's email said see you in two week that would make it the second weekend in April? HELP...confirm date. Thanks Loretta

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

ya'll are posting on the 2006 list!

RE: HAVE: haves and wants list for Mercer area swap

I think we have all stepped into the twilight, do, do, do, do, do, do, do. Or, maybe we lost track of time with all of our gardening chores.

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